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From Palm Reading To Profits

By Baeth Davis, Your "Love & Money On Purpose" Mentor
(Business Niche, Business How-To Tips)

When people first heard what I did for a living, they laughed. When they heard how much money I made doing what I do (scientific hand analysis, commonly known as ‘palm reading’), they stopped laughing. They either turned away in a daze or started asking me, “Baeth, how did you do this?”When I tell people how I created my business, some don’t believe I get paid to do what I love. Then many more are stunned to discover the focus, determination and work having a business requires. They want a magic pill. Oh well, I can’t give you that, but I can share my experience.It all started in the 7th grade when I did a report on palmistry. My dad, Robert Davis, encouraged me as he had read a palmistry book by the palmist, Cheiro, and he did little palm readings for his friends at parties! You can see the poster board above that I created for my presentation and still have my possession today. My desire was there when I was a mere 11 years old. It hasn’t gone away. (Thanks, Dad, for sparking it awake in me!)

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