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Tania Gabrielle

Baeth Davis

Baeth Davis is a healer with extraordinary gifts. What I mean is that she is able to create a sacred space where you can shift into your highest power - and do so in an instant. I had my hand prints analyzed by Baeth, and within minutes of my reading with her, I was brought to tears. Her gift is being able to reach to the core of your being, revealing the extraordinary beauty of your Purpose (and the reasons you may have been held back up until now) and give you a clear picture of HOW to manifest it.

What sets Baeth apart from other healers is that she is able to combine her uncanny intuitive ability with her brilliant knowledge about manifesting prosperity. She does so by showing you where your power really lies. In your gifts, in your penalties, in your life lesson and in your life school. All is revealed in your fingerprints and hands. Then she shows you how you to generate abundance by using your gifts to help others.

Baeth literally hands you the building blocks of your life.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to hear from a most extraordinary person. On this call I will introduce Baeth to you. We will discover the powerful wisdom revealed in your hands and particularly focus on your gift markings - of which there are as many as 17! That number in itself shows why hand analysis has endured as one of the most ancient spiritual sciences on this planet.

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Call Date: Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
Call Time: 10 AM PST/ 11 AM MST / 12 PM CST / 1 PM EST

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