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Your Purpose

We help innovative leaders confused about “what’s next” to wrap their business around their core purpose and experience the soul  satisfaction that comes from serving others, making an impact and leaving a legacy.

Because YOUR PURPOSE is the KEY to leading your business by design! Let’s go, Genius!
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A Simple, 3-Step Plan for Experiencing a Business Wrapped Around Your Core Purpose

About You!

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Ready to know your specific, bio-metric Life Purpose?
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Baeth Davis is known as "Doctor Purpose." Baeth has been published in numerous publications including Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World and the Los Angeles Times.




Biology of Business

Chakra System • Business Best Seller
Biology of Business

Using the Chakra System in Your Hands to Design a Business That Works for You in 90 Days or Less.

Welcome to an approach to your business unlike most others you’ve taken. This is an opportunity to shape your business from the inside out, from your own biological design.

Human Design

What You Are Made Of  • By Design

Heart Lines

The way you give and receive love...


  • “Baeth’s work is groundbreaking, life- changing, and has been a turning point for many leaders I know (including myself) to gain clarity when navigating into their true life’s work.”

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    Ali Brown

    Entrepreneur + Mentor
  • “Baeth is truly in an extraordinary league of her own at seeing inside of you and pulling out exactly what your genius is and how to leverage it into revenue streams that spring from your talents and gifts.

    If you’ve felt overwhelmed or frustrated, knowing you were meant for more yet not quite able to put your finger on what 'more' can be, I would not walk, but run, to get Baeth's insights. She will pinpoint for you a clear, focused path to your greatest work and legacy, in a way that is fun, highly monetized and soulfully fulfilling.”

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    Kendall SummerHawk

    Creator of the Leading Coach Training School Where Women Become Certified Business & Money Coaches
  • “The experience I got to have working with Baeth was transformational. Baeth shared some things with me that I was aware of, but maybe not in the language or direction I would have used. Baeth’s presentation of these ideas allowed me to see them in a new way.

    When I walked away, I implemented some her guidance immediately. Eventually, I’ll implement all of it over a period of time. My business tripled since our work together.”

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    Suzanne Evans

    Founder and Owner of Driven, Inc. Suzanne's company was Inc 500/5000 for five straight years in a row and she achieved #5 on the NY Times Bestseller List.

Your Greatest Work

The first step on the path is like the last step, but bigger.


August 16, 2019
#1 Via Lascivia: The Road to Lust

In my work as a scientific hand analyst and business mentor, one of the most powerful groups of markings in the hands are the “heart lesson” markings. Discovering which of these markings you have and then engaging with the lessons they wish to impart can be truly life changing because even one of these markings, if ignored, […]

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August 18, 2019
The Boredom Emergency

There is a crisis of boredom in the western world. Gallup reports that nearly 70% of you are unhappy in your work. Could it be you are working to “pay the bills” rather than fulfilling your soul? What if you could do both – be paid AND do the work you love? When we are […]

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August 19, 2019
The 3 Top Reasons Entrepreneurs Struggle Financially

In order to succeed in business – you need to make a profit. This seems obvious. However, many entrepreneurs, at one point or another, fail to generate the revenue necessary to make their business flourish. Why is this? I’ve come across three main reasons and they are not the ones most often addressed – and yet, […]

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