Hello Life Purpose Seekers

Please join our FREE Masterclass, “The 5 Key Shifts to Align to Your Design: Move Out of a Spiritual Crisis of Meaning into a Life On Purpose

Hello Life Purpose Seekers

Please join our FREE Masterclass, “The 5 Key Shifts to Align to Your Design and Create the Business of Your Dreams”

Have You Known Since You Were Young,

That You Have A Unique Destiny

A Destiny ONLY YOU Can Fulfill?

When you decide to devote your life to your soul's truth and foster greater awareness of the present moment, you may feel the turmoil of the world around you and wonder if there is a point to your existence.

Are you really fulfilling your potential? Really making a difference? Does anything you do matter in the end? What is your life purpose anyway? 

We are in a profound epoch of change. The changes occurring are happening at a rate that most of us are not trained to handle. Modern life has sped up our daily input to the point where we receive more stimulation in one day than we used to in an entire year. 

SO if you're feeling overwhelmed, behind the "8-ball", confused, frustrated, bitter, angry, disappointed or simply wondering if you're doing the most with the potential you've been gifted, it's completely normal and there is a way out of the conditioning and chaos of modern society.

At YourPurpose.com, we reveal your precise, genetic Life Purpose and then provide you with the insight, strategy and plan to wrap your life around your purpose so you goals are aligned to you. 

This level of soul alignment creates fulfillment in your personal life (alone time, intimate relationships, pets, hobbies, etc.) as well as congruence in your career, so that YOU are the best marketing for whatever you do. Your work makes your heart full and your bank account nourished.

We want to be your preferred source for life purpose guidance and breakthroughs, so you really and truly KNOW WHO YOU ARE… rather than living out who you “think you are.”.

Our Promise to You

When we work with you, we consider your purpose “our purpose.”

We have worked with thousands of clients around the world and they have told us that beyond providing purpose-based life guidance, they feel seen, heard and supported throughout the process.

We are known for providing you with CLARITY and PERMISSION to be, do and have a life on your terms.

We know how hard it is to find a mentor who “gets” you and your unique challenges, often making the investment process feel uncertain. At YourPurpose.com, we remove the doubt and the fear by helping you identify, unleash and experience your purpose for prosperity in all areas of your life.

Our clients are spiritual, creative, ambitious, healing-artist women with an entrepreneurial bent who are going through a spiritual crisis of meaning. Think lawyer with a tarot deck in her briefcase or ex-corporate financial officer who now dreams of filling her days with painting, writing and dancing (when she can make the time) or yoga studio owner who wants to hire more team and scale her business for a higher profit margin.

I invite you to pause for a moment here and think about who YOU are and what you are becoming…

A spiritual crisis of meaning typically occurs when we are transitioning between life roles. The change in role creates a change in our identity and this often leads to a “crisis.”

For example, you may have recently retired from your corporate job, excited about having some down time, when suddenly one or both of your parents require far more care and support. Your free time is now filled with phone calls, errands, doctors appointments and a lot of emotionally-charged decisions.

The crisis can unlock an onslaught of pent-up emotions or an emotional wave coupled with health, relationship, financial or work challenges as well as new, and very often, unexpected opportunities.

Your biggest need in these types of crises is to be able to navigate them successfully without losing your mind, emptying your bank account or blowing up important relationships.

Our greatest triumph is in helping you transition from your “old” identity into your “new” identity by eliminating the resistance that comes from not knowing your specific life purpose.

We help you identify, unleash and profit from your purpose so that you gain more confidence, more revenue and more fulfillment (without leaving a mess in your wake or, conversely, hiding out and giving up on your purpose altogether).

We consistently deliver
your specific purpose and life plan so that you can finally experience the fulfillment and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

We consistently deliver your specific purpose and business life plan so that you can finally experience the fulfillment and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

  • We Help You Find Your Specific Life Purpose and Work Path - Guaranteed
  • We Stand by the Data We Provide with Near 100% Accuracy
  • We Care and are Committed to Your Success
  • We Provide Consistent Accountability and Support

You can also choose to study with us and learn the systems we use with our clients – human design and/or hand analysis. To find out more about our training programs:

About Baeth Davis, 
Owner of YourPurpose.com

Affectionately known as “Dr. Purpose” by clients and colleagues, Baeth has over 23 years of experience in life purpose identification and business coaching. She’s been featured in Women’s World and Los Angeles Times as well as heard on NPR, BBC-5 and RadioFree Europe.

Baeth has guided top business coaches including Ali Brown, Kendall SummerHawk and Suzanne Evans, Hollywood celebrities and well-known motivational speakers, writers, artists and a variety of entrepreneurs in many industries as well as stay-at-home parents, retirees and students to bring MORE of their purpose into ALL they do!

Her greatest happiness is seeing clients achieve their life-long goals and experience the fulfillment that comes with living aligned to your design.

Baeth lives in New Jersey and loves dancing, hiking, walking by the ocean, reading, painting, writing and traveling.