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“If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s because you *think* you know who you are.”


AYD 34 | Projector 4/6

Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, Projector 4/6

  With so much chaos happening, people are becoming desperate looking forward

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AYD 33 | Emotional Eating

Tricia Nelson, Generator 6/3

  The health and fitness trend is a good thing, but are

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AYD 32 | New Career

Terry Wildemann, Manifestor 3/5

What do you do when you want to start a new career?

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AYD 31 Stephen | Healing Experience

Dr. Stephen Bizal, Generator 1/4

  Healing is always easier said than done. For most people, it

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AYD 30 Barry Selby | Masculinity

Barry Selby, Manifesting Generator 6/2: Emasculation Is An Indication There Was No Masculinity In The First Place

Masculinity and femininity are present in all of us, regardless of gender.

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AYD 29 Elizabeth Barbour | Rituals

Elizabeth Barbour, Generator 5/1: Celebrate Life

  Embrace life transitions instead of running away from them. Learn how

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AYD 28 Dr. Valerie Rein | Share Your Gift

Dr. Valerie Rein, Generator 4/1: Patriarchy Stress Disorder

The only way to share your gift with the world is if

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AYD 26 | How To Manifest

Dan Hanneman, Manifesting Generator 2/5: How You Have Been Conditioned Vs. How You Should Manifest

Are we manifesting the wrong things? Is there a right way to

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AYD 25 | Goddess Energy

Patty Alfonso, 5/2 Generator: Releasing Your Goddess Energy

  Many people feel disconnected from their lives, without any energy. So

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AYD 24 | Right Timing

Lisa Garcia, Generator 2/4: Learn To Wait For the Right Timing

Does your chart indicate that you’re a slow burn? Then you need

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AYD 22 | Develop Intuition

Why Developing Your Intuition Makes You Powerful In Life And Business With Lisa LaJoie

How do you develop your intuition for life and business? Baeth Davis

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AYD 21 | Financial Planning

Christine Lapidus: Your Money, Your Dreams

What’s stopping people from reaching their dreams and earning the money they

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AYD 19 | Future of Business

Ali Brown, Manifesting Generator: Hope For The Future Of Business

  As someone who’s been in the industry for so long, internationally

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AYD 20 | Intuition

Heather Alice Shea, Manifestor 5/1: Myths And Truths About Your Intuition

Many people reject their intuition, either by denying it or calling it

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AYD 18 | I-Ching Method

Key Secrets Of The I-Ching And How It Impacts Your Human Design With Projector Mindy Mayhew

If you are at a loss in the direction your life is

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