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“If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s because you *think* you know who you are.”



AYD 13 | Creating Success

Is Your Physical Space Blocking You Or Creating Success For You? With Manifesting Generator Tandy Pryor

  Transforming your life can be a tall order, but change can

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AYD 12 | Visibility Issues

Solving Your Visibility Issues (Especially For Projectors!) With Generator Siddiqi Ray

Most people think that you need to be thin and have perfect

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AYD 11 | Wayfinding The Cosmos

Wayfinding The Cosmos With Manifesting Generator Margi Haas

Our lives have purpose. Self-discovery helps us find that purpose. Join Baeth

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AYD 10 | Soul Language

Discover Your Soul Language With Generator Jennifer Urezzio

A conscious connection can be established to enable crystal clear decisions for

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AYD 9 | Creativity For Practical People

Creativity For Practical People With Projector Vivian Geffen

Creativity isn’t just music, literature, or the arts. It extends to improvisation

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AYD 8 | Soulful Leader

The CHI Sales Method With Manifesting Generator Maura Barclay

Learn how to prioritize yourself first with the Soulfuleader program by Maura Barclay. Where you

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AYD 7 | Digital Experience

Your Digital Presence Vs. Your Digital EXPERIENCE With Generator Brandi Bernoskie

Back in the day everyone who had a website had a “digital

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Double Or Triple Your Revenue With The Right Team With Manifesting Generator Kim Kaase

Are you at the peak of your frustration in your business? Don’t

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AYD 5 | Manifesting Artist

The Manifesting Artist: How Human Design Shapes Clara Berta’s Large-Scale Art

Some people just seem to attract others through their actions, works or

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AYD 4 | Energetic Mastery

Energetic Mastery For Creating The Life You Desire With Manifesting Generator Cory Michelle

You may have been told that if you want something, you need

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