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With so much chaos happening, people are becoming desperate looking forward to something. The true question remains to be, “how do you navigate through this chaos and not get thrown off by the news cycle?” Projector 4/6 personalities are opportunist role models who have the ability to show up powerfully and move lyrically through the rhythm of chaos. Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, a projector 4/6 type herself, is a Spiritual Intuitive Style Expert and Motivator whose work has helped clients renew relationships, expand confidence in new directions, and become client magnets. In today’s episode, she joins Baeth Davis to share how she created a wondrous future by simply disengaging from unruly information. Listen in and learn more as Bobbie discusses how you can be in control of your life and become a master manifester.

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Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, Projector 4/6

This is the show where I interview people who are living their purpose. They’re aligned to their design and they’re at that place in their life wherein sharing their gifts they’re awakening to the magic available here on Mother Earth when you’re connected to yourself, the Earth, and divinity. We are going to talk about three keys to navigate chaos and create your wondrous future because there is a lot of chaos going on now.

I’m a dancer, trained in the 5Rhythms method. If you don’t know what it is, you can look it up. It was created by Gabrielle Roth. It deals with the five rhythms of the ocean. There are five rhythms. They go in a circle like a wave or spiral dynamics. There’s the flow when the water comes in and then it gets a little choppy, that’s staccato and then there’s chaos as the wave is cresting, lyrical dance back and then the pause known as stillness. You’re pausing. You may not be totally still when you pause but that’s the flow of life. There’s a flow, turbulent water, chaos, dancing like a ballerina, and take a break. It starts all over again.

Chaos is right in the middle. It’s the middle between the binary because there’s always something between opposites. You have two opposites, flow and pause. They’re right next to each other but they’re apart because of this that connects them. You pause and then another flow starts. Do you see how that works? They’re right next to each other but what happens in between is the rainbow of experience.

You’re going to have staccato, conflict, arguments, and then chaos. You’re going to hang on to chaos. Put your seatbelt on, ride the energy, spin with the music, don’t resist it, flip that head, move that hair, move those arms, move that body, spin like a dervish. You’re in your body from the chaos and then you can have ballerina hands, rounded elbows, and look good in your pointe shoes or fly through the air like Mikhail Baryshnikov, whatever you prefer. You then need to take a break to recover. It’s called self-care. Take a nap. Get an Epsom salt bath. Go to get a massage. Drink some green juice. Take another nap. Make some money. Go paint a painting.

You’ve rested and then new flow, idea, conflict through the washing machine, spit out and now I can dance because lyrical is the hardest, it’s mastery. Most people never get through the chaos, which is right now. What did they do? They die. They leave the planet. They get some stupid disease and they die. If that triggers you, good. It should. I’ve been subject to many stupid diseases because they come from the collective. They’re total overlays of nonsense that hold us back from our purpose but if we don’t know that we can’t get through the chaos.

My guest and I are going to look at her process of moving through that rhythm of chaos because she’s in lyrical. She lives in lyrical. I live in chaos. I spin but you have to be in control when you spin or you fall down or you bump into someone and break their jaw. It’s controlled chaos. It’s an art form. Movement requires practice.

The real movement through life and you want to flow? You need to know how to rest. Do you want lyrical? Do you want to be like my guest? Elegant in control in the right way and not trying to control other people. She’s in control of her mastery. You have to know how to navigate the chaos and not get thrown off by the news cycle or the price of gas, it’s more nonsense.

Honestly, unless you’re going to go to the front lines of a battle, why are you indulging yourself in that information anyway? Help a family. Get involved with a charity. Do a fundraiser. Adopt an orphan. Do something that you can do that doesn’t get you shot because there’s no need for that. This is the time we’re living in.

AYD 34 | Projector 4/6
Projector 4/6: Chaos lies right in the middle of binary because there’s always something between opposites.


I’ll tell you about our incredible guest and we’re going to dive in. At the end of the interview, we are going to look at our guest’s human design chart. Her chart is very special. You’re going to see. She’s very unique in many aspects of her design, statistically. She’s a rare bird on the planet. There are a lot of generators like me. We’re the most common type. There are 37% of us. I have emotional authority, which means I make decisions through the clarity of my feelings. My life journey as a lesson is emotional mastery. Bobbie didn’t have that in her chart. Fifty percent of humanity are emotional types. Bobbie is not an emotional type. She’s a mental type who reshapes environments to create more beauty, life and lyricism. That’s how I see her. She brings out the elegance, beauty, and power that beauty elicits. Beauty and truth are the highest frequencies.

When we start judging somebody’s Maybach vehicle or their Prada shoes as superficial, you’re missing the point. There’s such a high vibration in quality goods. If the quality goods are made by slaves, they’re not high vibration. If the quality goods are being acquired by people who are impressed by labels and want to show off to their friends, that’s not the deepest motive. I don’t have a problem with it though. I don’t care if you do that. Go ahead and show it off and be proud of yourself. They’ll be jealous. I suggest be careful with that but nevertheless, do what you feel.

We’re going to look at two rhythms out of the five rhythms. We’re going to look at the chaos and how to navigate it because we get 100 years of these, folks. We’re not even into it yet. In 2027, it kicks in hard in a good way. There’s so much goodness and abundance for the people who are ready for it. What my guest and I are going to get into is how do you navigate the swirling, toppling waves and then move into a lyrical, elegant, graceful way of being and knowing I can navigate whatever life throws at me. I can ride those waves. I am a master surfer of life. Once you learn how to be a master surfer, you become a master manifester.

Our guest is Bobbie Casalino-Lewis. She is a Spiritual Intuitive Style Expert and Motivator who is hired by confident leaders who need to show up powerfully in the world. Her work has helped clients renew relationships, expand confidence in new directions and become client magnets. This is totally true. If you’ve seen any of my photos where I look like myself, she had a huge part in what I’m wearing. She’s a prolific columnist, author of a soon-to-be-released book So That’s What 70 Looks Like: The Essence of Aging Gracefully. She’s going to show you grace and lyricism.

She is a sought-after podcast guest, TEDx speaker and stylist. She’s the go-to stylist for Keri Murphy’s IT Factor. Check out Bobbie Casalino-Lewis and Keri Murphy. Keri Murphy is a beloved mutual friend of ours as well. We do business with Keri. She’s an Earth angel like Bobbie. The Earth angels are getting together to bring some angelic, loving, and healing to the planet. That’s what we’re here to do.

Bobbie is also a community leader and a Boomer bridging the gap with Millennials. We love Millennials. We’re going to talk about Millennials and why we love them because they get a lot of stuff thrown at them that isn’t fair. She is fun, chic and smart in equal measure and so are you and so can you be. With that, let’s bring the inevitable, the gorgeous, the never stopping to amaze me with her creativity, Bobbie Casalino-Lewis. Welcome to the show. I am so excited to have her on the show. Tell me what are you feeling now after hearing you be reflected to you.

I’m so appreciative.

It’s always a pleasure to interact with you. Let’s dive right into our topic. I want to reverse engineer this. We want to live in grace. We want joy, ease, lyricism and beauty but we got to deal with all the rhythms. When you say, “Create your wondrous future,” let’s start with the vision. What to you is the wondrous future? Let’s talk about the future first because that’s where we’re going and that creates the carrot of what’s possible then look at three ways to navigate the crisis because there are so much chaos and crisis right now. People are needing something to look forward to. They need that. They need a vision. Tell us what you think.

This is such a hot topic for me. I live and breathe it all day long lately. I look at all the situations in the world, the local dramas and stuff and I’m like, “This is such a stupid waste of time.” It’s boring. It’s like the same bullies on the same playground for centuries.

Unless you're going to go to the front lines of a battle, you shouldn’t be indulging yourself in chaotic information. Share on X

We haven’t learned anything like when they hit the girl in fourth grade, that’s when you stop them. Not when they’re leading millions of people to their doom. It’s absurd. We put them in power instead of saying, “You need to go to a special home for mentally disturbed people. I’m sorry but that’s where you’re going. Hopefully, they can help you.” That’s the truth. We literally let psychotic and psychopathic people lead us.

I know, because the drum I’ve been banging a lot lately looking back over history and my own DNA lineage. I’m a Holocaust survivor, my very close family. I’ve always felt that. I look at the Holocaust and different times in history. Everybody says to me, “How do you come up with your ideas and things?” I said, “I follow the money.” If you follow the money, you’ll find the impetus. I go back to Moses and the Atlanteans, anywhere you want to go in the mildly or unconsciously recorded history, there are always more oppressed than oppressors. Climb out of the mud pits. Pick up your stones and take back your power.

This is my prediction. The Russians are also on Ukraine’s side because of what’s going through their head like any woman in an abusive relationship or about to be in one, “If he treats her like that, what’s he going to do to me, his home country?” Everybody’s worst to the people close to them than strangers. The Russians feel like he’s not going to stop until he burns everything down because he’s psychopathic. He’s a scorched Earth, no empathy, brain-damaged individual who will stop at nothing. People cannot underestimate this guy. He will stop at nothing unless millions of people rise up and go, “No.”

When you’re talking about energy, he incarnated at 550, which is high. He’s now down to 100. He’s a fallen angel. He has no place to go. His henchmen all registered 20 and below. They need to be eliminated. I’m sorry.

We all know that. They’re totally infected. They’re not even human at this point.

Zelenskyy is the David.

He’s fighting Goliath.

He will be successful.

AYD 34 | Projector 4/6
Projector 4/6: The biggest bravery of all is listening and finding yourself, doing the inward journey.


He will because we’re on his side. We’re on the side of the individual who has a voice that’s 5D. 5D is you’re willing to risk death to speak your truth. Do you want to go 5D everyone and manifest in the 3D, the world of things? Do you think he can be an instant manifester? Stop lying to yourself. That’s where you start. We’ve talked a lot about what’s going on now, which is chaos. What do you see in this wondrous future? Let’s paint that picture and then look at how to navigate it. We’ve established the chaos. What is the wondrous future according to you?

The wondrous future according to me is the same way I navigate the chaos. For me, the wondrous future is a triangle. Triangles are the strongest. No matter how you push, they’re the strongest structure. My personal triangle evolved for me after the intervention that four of you helped me with early in March of 2020 when I saw people banging on my door to give me shots. I reached out to you guys and I said, “You have to help me. I see this way too clearly,” and I needed a witness.

What I came up with out of that and I’m sure with all of your input and you, Joanne, Bamboo, Michelle, was I came up with the three pillars of my triangle that will help me keep life clean and simple for me and show me my right from my wrong, my in from my out. It’s very simple. It’s three words, kindness, bravery, and integrity. With those, it makes everything incredibly clear as to what is discard eligible.

Do I have control over it? Is it truthful? Do I stay in my integrity if I participate or I don’t participate? Have that conversation, say that, be with that person, go someplace or join an organization, does it feel like it’s integrity for me? I take silence because silence is very powerful. I take my time. I pause for as long as I need to, to be sure that it’s inside my triangle. I will not tolerate people who are unkind and will not tolerate it. If you want my respect, you better be brave. That’s the future. I see a world where people are kind, brave, and living in their integrity with purpose. That’s what integrity is, you know your purpose and stay true to it.

It’s very possible. There are so many people that are close to understanding. Some people are wanting to understand. It’s going to take a little bit more time if they stay with it and they align themselves with the right people, thoughts, and behaviors. I haven’t done much more research. I don’t know what the percentages are of people that are going to rise up and people that are going to ascend and all that stuff because I don’t have any control over that. I only know that I am only putting goodness out into the world.

That’s my goal too. It’s so funny, have you been watching my classes? I feel like we’re on the same mind-meld. I’ve been making this shape. I’m like, “Upper triangle, lower triangle,” for two weeks. I was raised Catholic and Protestant but Christian basically. The upper triangle is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, which scientifically the Sun is the star. The Father is infinite time and space. The Holy Ghost is all the other dimensions before the 3D. Up to the 11D, matter can still do things. Consciousness can exist without a body, good, bad, and ugly as we know.

We’re very enamored of the 3D and then we deny what God is, which I find fascinating. I’m like, “That’s God but you don’t believe in this God.” All of that gets stripped out of our culture. The lower triangle I describe as The Mother, The Daughter, and The High Priestess. You have Father God, trinity, qualities, kindness, integrity, and bravery. You can apply that to the whole thing. Kindness is a consciousness that wants to evolve. The integrity is manifesting through you. The bravery is pulling the energy up from Mother Earth. The kindness is coming from divine love. The bravery is coming from the Earth and then the integrity is you. It’s you in the middle of honoring you.

You can play with that. I’ve been doing a lot of spiritual retreats. I don’t know if you’ve read someone by the name of Caroline Myss.

There's so much goodness and abundance coming for people who are ready for it. Share on X

I’m here because of Caroline Myss. If one day she’ll let me kiss her boot, I will kiss her boot. I read her book, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contracts, and all her amazing books. I read in my twenties and I went, “Symbolic sight.” It changed everything. I then found hand analysis and my purpose all because of her. Tell me your experience with Caroline Myss.

Have you ever listened to any of her lectures?

I’ve been following her since I was 25.

It’s new for me.

She’ll kick your ass right into the truth.

I really thank Cathy Alessandra. She’s brought me on a spiritual journey. Once I get onto something then things come to me. Now, we’re exploring Mary Magdalene, who was one of the original disciples and the most trusted of all confidence. Six gospels of hers were removed. Imagine those nasty boys back then. My dear friend, HighChi, Deborah Stuart, I’m wearing some of her stuff.

Everyone, check out HighChi Jewelry. It’s freaking gorgeous.

Deborah and I do a lot together. I adore her from the first minute I laid eyes on her.

AYD 34 | Projector 4/6
Projector 4/6: You become so close to finding your purpose when you align yourself with the right people, thoughts, and behaviors.


She’s an angel.

Now, I commanded her to make a Mary Magdalene art and all of the fairies. Those are my two shoutouts because it’s all linked together.

What did you learn from Caroline Myss? What stands out?

It’s a different type of bravery is probably my first takeaway.

What is that to you? What does that mean?

The biggest bravery of all is listening and finding yourself, doing the inward journey. To understand and accept how blooming and powerful we are and how capable of living that future with kindness, integrity and bravery. Bring others along with us. Enter the castle because I’ve been mesmerized for many years and read and saw as much as I could about English history. The Mary, Queen of Scots and Elizabeth. When I was sick, I went through the entire series and kept it playing. I don’t watch television but my son showed me how to put Netflix on my iPad. I laid in bed and kept pressing the next episode of Reign.

I’ll watch it. It sounds great. I saw the ads. I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll check that out.

That one was amazing. That was after about a few years ago someone suggested and I went and did the same thing, watch the women and how all of this starts. Where I was going was, you were talking about the Trinity, divinity and all that stuff. These two series and then Carolyn Myss explained how it started. The conditioning, maneuvers, corruption, and racketeering that took place way back then is what is going on because we don’t learn but it’s coming to an end.

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We’re learning the hard way which is watching the transit destroy what doesn’t fit anymore. People aren’t in charge of this. People think we’re in charge which is ludicrous. One thing that you’re in charge of is your own decision-making, that’s it. When you were a little girl, what was your relationship to clothes? You’re an amazing stylist. You’ve made me look gorgeous. I even said I dress casually for this because I knew you would be shining. I was like, “I want to be neutral because Bobbie’s going to be radiant.” What was it like when you were a little girl when you encountered fashion?

I like to say that it was in the fabric of my life.

Please explain the purpose.

My Uncle Jack, who survived the Holocaust with numbers on his arm. My family from my father’s side comes from Białystok. They called it White Russia because, on any given day of the week, it was either Poland or Russia. My Uncle Jack had a coat factory. When he came to the United States through Ellis Island as did my grandmother, my father’s mother and the rest of the aunts and uncles, they came through very traumatically as young children as their heads were shaved. They settled in Paterson, New Jersey, which by the way was the silk capital of the United States.

There were silk factories along the Paterson River. I grew up in Fair Lawn which was the next town over. My grandfather is not related other than through marriage. My father’s father was a Patersonian and my father was a Patersonian. My mother came from Clifton and Passaic County. I grew up in Bergen County.

I remember clearly my uncle providing me with snow jackets because we had snow jackets. His former wife Sonya was a beautiful woman. She taught me how to hand stitch things. I’m the oldest of four children. It was before most of the rest of them came along. We had those little braided rugs. A couple of the women neighbors were sitting at the dining room table and I was giving a spin in my brand new beautiful tweeted snow jacket. This was probably 1955. I was five years old. It was something out of a 1940s movie, fitted a little bit but it had pink leather on the flaps of the pockets.

I came in and did a spin on one of the rugs, went down on my chin, cracking my chin open for the first time. There were two times after that I cracked my chin. You could not hold me down to give me stitches. It wasn’t happening. From a very young age, I had a real affinity for quality and what felt good and looked good.

I was a dancer. My grandmother now my Uncle Jack’s sister was an alterationist. She was the head alterationist in a store in Paterson, New Jersey when Patterson was the it place called The Mart. She made all of my costumes. All my costumes were handmade beautifully. I had those to dance on stage in. Fast forward a little bit, I’m not much older. I wanted to start sewing. My mother had a Singer sewing machine. She didn’t use it but I couldn’t use it.

AYD 34 | Projector 4/6
Projector 4/6: The actual story of your life does far more in enrolling people in the consciousness of what you’re trying to create rather than having them read your bio.


My father came up with a treadle sewing machine for me. No electricity, in a beautiful wooden swing away door to bring the whole thing up. I started making little dirndl skirts, where you pull the waistline, for myself and my sister in the basement of our home in Fair Lawn on a treadle sewing machine. It evolved. I made suits and my own clothes because we were hand-me-down kids. We didn’t have a lot of money. There’s probably a reason why my mother didn’t care about dressing. We’d get some nice hand-me-downs because we had some wealthy cousins. My next-door neighbors were two girls. Their family was wealthy too so I’d get stuff from them.

I used to salivate and wait like, “What am I going to get from them this time?” It was probably elementary school when we had a wonderful woman named Beatrice Coleman who was a shared cleaning lady and babysitter between myself and my dear friend, Harvey who lived across the street. Bea, on Saturday nights when she’d babysit for us, taught me how to iron.

It’s one of the things I hate doing.

I would iron pillowcases and my clothes. I’d use spray starch on the shirts because we were still wearing button-down shirts and that stuff. I would iron everything and arrange my outfits for the entire week of school to come into the closet. It seems to have always been a natural-born instinct for me. My parents were in the auction business. There’s a lot of stuff in our house all the time. It grew for them into full-on hoarding. They’ll bring a load of jewelry and they’ve put it on the table. They call me Barbara. They’d say, “Let Barbara look through it,” because somehow or other, I could find the platinum.

It’s because it has a frequency. You can feel and see it.

It seemed to keep evolving. I can find things on sale and I could find new stores. I sniff them out. When Bolton’s first started, it was a designer sample store and then it grew into something else but somehow or other, I was in the second week they were open. That kind of stuff still continues to this day. When I go through people’s closets, I find the gems there too even if we’re on Zoom to somebody in Australia.

To me, people’s actual story of their life does far more to enroll people in the consciousness of what you’re trying to create than me reading your bio or going over your program. Everyone reading this can read energy. It’s the energy you bring in. You get that angel over you. I’m going to bring up your chart.

I want to talk about something in your chart called the Incarnation Cross. You are the right-angle cross of explanation, which you demonstrated. I can ask you any question and you can pull out a story from either your experience, a made-up story, a client story or whatever. You’ve got the stories. You’ve got this incredible channel here connecting, the head crown down to the neocortex so it’s connected.

Learn from the past and bring that information forward into the future. Share on X

Your neocortex is connected right down to your throat through the genius channel. As I was listening to you, I was like, “She must have the genius channel,” which you do right over here and her design earth. The same place, I have it. We both have it, just different lines. I’m line one, research and solitude. You’re line six.

The genius channel is 43-23. You got 43 in designer, 23 in design sun and then personality is Gate 4 and personality earth is Gate 49. The personality, sun and earth and the design sun and earth, that’s what makes up someone’s incarnation cross. The first number to the left of the decimals, the gate, the number after is the line. Your profile is a 4, 4-6. You’re right-angle cross of explanation 4-49-23-43.

The 4-49 are what you give to the other. What gate 4 line 4 says is, “Let’s build a community where we’re willing to be fools and go in a new direction,” because this is the energy of abstraction. It’s like learning from the past to bring that information forward into the future. When you tell stories especially about the past, it’s very relevant to now. That’s the first piece.

The 49-4 is you need to make sure that everyone in the community has what they need especially food because that stops a violent revolution. Gate 49 is the gate of revolution. This is no joke. These energies in our charts are real. Now, you’re seeing it in the world. Your deepest healing transformation for you is creating a community to prevent bloody revolution.

Fundraising because the four energy is charity. Being involved with charities that help refugees, it’s a good use of your energy. It bumps your career and exposure even higher when you’re in a charity helping role. You’re all here for charity and philanthropy. It’s not about money for you. You make money but it’s like all the money comes the bigger your mission.

On the design side, you got 23-43. It’s the genius channel. What keeps you healthy is explaining things from a line 6 systems approach. It’s up on the roof. You’re up on the mount and you’re sharing how the system works. It’s the frequency of light. You’re showing people, “Look at the light over your head.” Shining the light on the situation, explaining what it is so we can navigate the chaos. Navigate it with kindness, bravery, and integrity. The Trinity, that triangle.

You’re here to explain what that means. Your whole chart is about different ways to explain things. Sometimes it’s a story, structural, how-to, or deep research. You’re a good researcher. There’s a lot of research in this chart, a good leader. Essentially, you’re here to be famous for helping people live the abundance of their own spirit and show up, dressed, feeling and speaking as their true selves. That’s what I see about your life purpose.

No more argument.

It’s your design. You picked it. I’m just reading it.

Remember when we first met and I didn’t know very much about this that I said, “As a child when I saw the movie that Hayley Mills was in Pollyanna and she was helping the older man see things in a different light by the crystal hanging in the window that I knew that I wanted to walk through my life being Pollyanna.”

That’s who you are. You’re helping people get their needs met. Florence Nightingale in Prada shoes. Everyone, thank you so much. This has been another amazing episode. We’ll have Bobbie back. Thank you all so much. Tune in next time.


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