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Thumbs and Fingerprint I.D., revealing your Life School, Life Lesson and Life Purpose

Welcome to Level I ONLINE: “Discover Your Purpose” We will explore your thumb and your fingerprints in order to discover your manifestation style and your Life School(s),  Life Lesson and Life Purpose.

Please take the course in order. The course is segmented into Topic Modules and each Topic Module is segmented into Lessons. You must complete each lesson in order to move on to the next lesson. We recommend obtaining a new paper journal to track additional notes for this course. There are also spaces here to make notes. Each Module in the course has a quiz. Successful completion of the quiz allows you to move to the next Module.

COURSE COMPLETION: When you finish this course, you will receive a completion badge. Completion badges can help you work towards hand analysis certification as we release those courses and additional benefits and discounts when offered.

Level I ONLINE: “Discover Your Purpose”