Embrace life transitions instead of running away from them. Learn how to navigate your life most peacefully through rituals. Elizabeth Barbour is an intuitive life and business coach, speaker, and retreat leader. She is an expert on work/life balance and celebrating! She’s passionate about teaching busy professionals about the value of celebration and ritual, the importance of cultivating smart self-care, and the necessity of building a thriving network of caring and authentic people around you! Her newest venture, Sacred Celebrations Gifts, is a company that offers unique gift boxes to help create rituals to celebrate life’s milestone transitions.

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Elizabeth Barbour, Generator 5/1: Celebrate Life

This is the show where I bring on guests who are out in the world doing their purpose because they are aligned to their design. Our guest, Elizabeth Barbour, specializes in creating rituals for people who are going through a major life transition. This life transition can be positive or negative. Positive life transitions could be your son or daughter is graduating from college or getting married, you are getting married or a baby is born, etc. There can be more negative events where you lose a pet, a beloved family member, a friend, a spouse partner passes away, you might be dealing with a chronic illness or some other shock in your own personal life.

Our guest thinks it is very important to mark these events and to create special ceremonies around these events because one of the things it does is help us navigate through these events. It also says to our subconscious, “I am changing. This is important and matters to me. This matters to the people around me.” With that, I’m going to share a little bit about our guest, we are going to dive right into our interview, and then we will look at our guest human design chart towards the end of our interview.

Elizabeth Barbour is an intuitive life and business coach speaker and retreat leader. She is an expert on work-life balance and what she loves most of all is to celebrate. Elizabeth is passionate about teaching busy professionals the value of celebration and ritual, the importance of cultivating smart self-care, and the necessity of building a thriving network of caring, authentic people around you. She is a professional coach for many years. Elizabeth is the author of Smart Self-Care For Busy Women: 20 Lessons To Help Create The “Me Time” You Keep Putting Off.

Her second book, Sacred Celebrations: Designing Rituals For Life’s Milestone Events is due to be published later in 2022 by GracePoint Publishing. Her newest venture, Sacred Celebration Gifts is a company that offers unique gift boxes to help create rituals to celebrate life’s milestone traditions. I received one of those unique gift boxes from Joanne, who is the Head Coach on my team. I was deeply touched. In fact, I have the crystal in the other room and the room spray, which I have been using.

I must have been preparing for this interview. You can find out more at SacredCelebrations.com and ElizabethBarbour.com. Elizabeth is a 5/1 profile generator with Sacral Authority and she did spend a year with me in our signature Life Purpose Mastery program. Please help me in welcoming Elizabeth Barbour to the show. Here she comes.

How are you?

Thank you so much for having me. I’m so happy to be here.

I’m so happy to have you. Share with us why Sacred Celebrations?

Sacred Celebrations came about many years ago. It first popped into my awareness of, “This is an important thing I need to be doing and teaching in the world.” In the last years, it popped in after my mom passed away. I created a very unique white rose ceremony with my friends and colleagues to celebrate her life. It was a very unique and different experience from a traditional funeral. Very soon after that, within about a month or so, I started writing a book, which would end up becoming the book, which is finally coming out five years later, and ultimately, a product line.

It is all about that we are disconnected. You and I have talked about this over the time that we have worked together. We are disconnected from ourselves, from others, and our spirit. Ritual is a way to bring us back in connection with ourselves. It helps us to be back in integrity with ourselves, be more aligned, whole, and complete.

What is it about the ritual that speaks to you personally?

For me, ritual is a timeout from our everyday life. It is time out from the mundane. It is giving ourselves space to step into the sacred. That does not necessarily have to be big, fancy, and dramatic. It could be as simple as making your morning cup of tea, sitting on your back deck, and listening to the birds as you are savoring your tea and enjoying that. It could be an evening walk underneath the stars with your sweetie for fifteen minutes at the end of the day as you are transitioning into the evening time. It does not necessarily have to be something big and grand to still be meaningful.

When did you first realize you were into ritual or into celebrating things? Do you remember?

Ritual is sort of a timeout from our everyday lives.

I do. It was one of my very first coaching clients. I probably have been doing it for years before that but my conscious awareness was one of my very first coaching clients. That would have been back in 2000 or 2001. She was a woman who had been trying to have a baby for many years and it was not happening for them. They had discussed adoption and they finally landed on, “We think we are going to move forward with living a child-free life. That feels like the right decision for us.”

As we were coaching together, I very distinctly remember saying to her, “What if you did a ritual to honor and acknowledge this important decision in this transition in your life?” She said, “That is a brilliant idea.” That was the first ritual that I started co-creating. Soon after that, I’ve got divorced and I had a friend who said to me, “Aren’t you going to do a divorce ritual?” I was like, “I guess I should do that.” I ended up doing three different ones. That is when I started. Years ago, I had to go conscious awareness and now it is part of my everyday life.

Tell us about the first book you wrote.

My work as a coach for the last decades has been about work-life balance for busy women, professionals, entrepreneurs but the juggling act that we all do, whether we are raising kids, caring for aging parents, we are partnered, running a business, are involved in the community or volunteering, doing many different things, and so often, forget to take care of ourselves. My first book is twenty simple lessons to remind you how to pour back into yourself.

We tend to give so much to other people. That is the natural way we operate in the world. We want to give and help others but we have got to make sure we refill our own cup. That book has some stories and tips on how to do that in little bite-sized pieces, so you do not feel like, “I have to go take a whole week of vacation to recharge.” No. Sometimes just taking fifteen minutes or an hour a day can make a world of difference.

One thing I did when I moved from California to the East Coast is I start my day no earlier than 11:00 AM Eastern. I did not change my Pacific schedule. I was thinking how that ritual has been a godsend because I’m naturally a night owl. Now I can sleep until 8:00 or 9:00. I get up. I still have time to get all sorted for my day and then I finish by 6:00.

It is a dream for me. I get a lot of work done in preparation. It is great. It came about because I had not changed my schedule when I moved and then I decided to keep it. I do think that, whether the ritual is something seemingly small like a schedule change or taking that fifteen minutes leads to a huge movement.

In that case, you are talking about going with your natural rhythms. One of the challenges we run into in this life, especially in Western society if you are working a 9:00 to 5:00 job, that does not fit everybody and their personality, energy cycles or what their responsibilities are at home. As a working mom, I have to now work around my daughter’s schedule and I’m lucky that I am an entrepreneur. I can set my own schedule and plan to work while she is at school. When she comes home, I have time with her.

You have another book coming out about the sacred celebrations themselves and you seem very excited about this. Will you share about the genesis for this book? My next question is how is the writing process? Finally, why are you so excited about it?

My mom passed away on September 11, 2016. She had been sick for three and a half years. I had been her primary caregiver, taking care of her then, and my daughter who was only five at the time when she died. I was that true sandwich generation where I was feeling stretched in both directions. Fortunately, I had help and support. My husband was great. We had lots of friends and others who were helping but it was an exhausting time. When I did the white rose ceremony for mom five days after her death, and I was going to be doing a traditional funeral in Florida, where my dad was buried, we were going to bury her there and I had family there.

After that white rose ceremony, there was something magical and transcendent that happened that day. It was at my home and then we walked down the creek. I was living in Houston at that time. We had a little creek by our house and it was a bridge. I had given everybody white roses and we all carried our roses down there.

I talked about my mom and shared her life but then we talked about moms and women in general, the relationships and connections that we have, and how do we learn from one another. It was not all like sunshine and unicorns either. My mom and I had a hard relationship. She was critical, controlling, and challenging in so many ways. I’m sure I pressed her buttons, too.

We talked about how do we learn from these relationships, the good, bad, and other stuff. We all throw our roses in the water. It was this beautiful day of celebration and honoring all of the things in our lives. After that experience, I went and did her more traditional funeral a few weeks later, and I realized that we need more intentional, meaningful, magical sacred spaces in our lives when we are going through these big transitions. When you lose a loved one, change a job, move, get married, get divorced, have a baby, send your kid off to college or whatever it is. These are major milestones in our lives.

AYD 29 Elizabeth Barbour | Rituals
Rituals: We are so disconnected from ourselves, from others, and from spirit. And ritual is a way to bring us back in connection with ourselves.

Often in our society, we do not give the space that we need to process and integrate. Think about it when someone you love dies in the traditional corporate world, you might get 1, 2 or 3, and then that is it. You are expected to go back to work. Who can do that if you lose a spouse, a parent or a child? That is not humanly possible. We need more space and time to process.

The Sacred Celebration book came after I did that ceremony for my mom, as I started looking back on my life, realizing all the big events that I had created a ritual for, and had helped others do it, whether it was birthdays, baptisms, getting divorced, getting married, all of it. Also, realizing that I wanted to share the stories and inspire other people to do it. My book is not cookie-cutter. It is not prescriptive. It is not, “This is how you should do it.” It is, “Here are some ideas. Here are some things you could do, and then go create your own.”

You are giving the reader inspiration and some guidelines but leaving it open for their own creativity to come through.

The ritual that would work best for you is going to be different from me and somebody else. It is all based on our life experiences.

What is one of the most memorable celebrations that you can think of that you have been a part of?

It was my daughter’s baby blessing. We adopted Riley when we were living in Tallahassee, Florida many years ago. We were from Asheville, North Carolina. We had a huge group of friends there. When she was about six months old, we drove up to North Carolina to visit friends, introduce and say, “Here is our new daughter.” One of my dear friends, Barbara Brady, who you know, through your Human Design training, is a minister and she said, “Eric and Elizabeth, I would love to do a baby blessing for Riley.”

What we did was we invited another dear friend of mine, Eileen and Lars. They hosted it at their home. We had about 25 friends. We all were in the front yard on these big, beautiful Oak trees. Barbara had bought little river rocks and she passed out the river rocks to each person who came in attendance. We stood in a circle. She had Eric, Riley, and me in the middle. She invited people to go around one by one and share their prayers and blessings for Riley, for us, and our little family.

As people spoke, they said whatever it was that they said, “We love you. We wish you well. We hope you have a life filled with joy, adventure,” and they blew it into the rock. Barbara had a little heart-shaped bowl and everybody put their rocks into the bowl. Riley has those rocks still and she calls them her love rocks.

What has been one of the most memorable ceremonies you have done for yourself that you want to share on a public show?

I had a hysterectomy in January 2021. Anyone who has gone through a major surgery knows that it is a big deal to lose an organ. Particularly one that defines who you are as a woman, femininity, and all the associations that we have. About two weeks before the surgery, I took myself down to the beach for a couple of nights. I made myself a beautiful altar at the place I was staying and I brought all my food. It was during COVID, so we run out. All in the world has run out, my own food.

I made a little alter for myself, bought some flowers, and I went down to the beach multiple times but one particular time I remember. I went and released some flowers into the ocean and was thinking my uterus for all it had done for me all the years and was ready to release it. I felt a sense of peace at the end of that weekend.

When I went in, I was nervous, anxious and I do not know how I’m feeling about the surgery. By the time I had written in my journal, I had full goddess cards and done the work with the flowers of the ocean, and I felt this sense of peace like, “I can do this. I’m ready to do this.” My surgery went smoothly and was successful. It was good. I was in a good space for it.

It seems to me that these rituals create a tone for the event that is being celebrated and also a beautiful memory for people, which in some way, I would think, anchors the significance of the ceremony and support future intentions. Have you found that to be true that there is less resistance and more go-with-the-flow ease in the unfolding of the future event?

Having time and space to honor and recognize our losses helps us with transitions.

Your reflection is accurate that when we can be intentional about ritual, whether it is before or during an event, it helps us with the integration of life before and after this event. It is a universal thing for us to have a loss like the loss of a pet, a loved one, a job or like in surgery, the loss of a body part. There is life before when my Uncle Johnny was alive, and then there is life after Uncle Johnny and when he is no longer here. Having time and space to honor and recognize helps us with that transition. It gives us keys.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know about Sacred Celebrations that seems important to share?

The reminder for that celebration is such a critical component. Think of a happy, healthy life, and it does not always necessarily have to be a happy thing. I love celebrating the good stuff, birthdays, holidays, weddings, and getting a new client like, “Let’s celebrate. Let’s do something to mark the occasion.” We can also celebrate those hard and difficult things, the losses, grief, transitions because we learned something from that experience. The more we can honor and recognize, whether it is joyful or filled with grief, that is going to help us be more whole and complete.

What are you working on future-wise?

Partly, thanks to you and for being part of the Life Purpose Mastery program. I have developed a product line that goes with the book. I never in one million years would have thought that would have happened. I remember my very first one-on-one with you. This would have been March of 2020. I was telling you about this Sacred Celebrations idea, and at that point, I was working on the book but it still was not fully formed. Somewhere along the way, the idea of a product line came up. I can’t remember if I said it or you said it but we went, “That is it.” Each chapter in the book will ultimately have a product associated with it but I do not have them all developed quite yet. For example, I have a house blessing. In fact, that is the first.

When I moved into my new place, Joanne came over and said, “I have a gift for you.” It was the house blessing kit. It is wonderful.

These ideas behind the products are giving people the tools to create a ritual for themselves. It is not prescriptive. It is just saying, “You have house blessings play. You could walk around and do that while you are saying prayers in each room. You have a candle that you can light. Say prayers and intention.” It is giving them some of the tools but then they can bring in other things that they want to create that more sacred experience and personalize it. The first thing I have is the ritual boxes. The other I have are my dragonfly collection of Sacred Celebrations bracelets. I have other designs as well but these are the ones that are on the Sacred Celebrations’ website.

Dragonfly has been my totem animal for decades, probably since I was a kid. Dragonflies represent resilience, transformation, change, light, love, joy, playfulness, and all of that. When I had my hysterectomy in 2021, I was in recovery, and I did not work for almost about six weeks, my good friend, Sarah Winn, sent me two little dragonfly discs. She said, “I thought about you. I know you love dragonflies. I thought you might want these.”

While I was in recovery and my brain was not firing that well in terms of doing coaching clients and stuff, I pulled out my old jewelry kit and said, “Let me see what I can make with this.” I made my first bracelet and went, “This is cool. Let me see what else I can do.” I started ordering bees, and then an entire jewelry line developed.

What is interesting about this, and it is the exact desired intent that I was hoping, is that when people buy them, they are buying them for special occasions, “My best friend from high school is getting remarried. There is a couple of us that are going to be at the wedding party. I want to buy bracelets for everybody. My best girlfriend from college turned 50 and I’m taking her away on a 50th birthday weekend. I want to buy bracelets for both of us so we have it as a memory of our time together.”

I facilitated a retirement ritual in Asheville, North Carolina in the mountains for a friend who was retiring. She hired me to make six bracelets for all the women who attended. They did not know that was my intention when I started making jewelry but this is all about helping people have a talisman to remember a special occasion or experience in their life.

Should we look at your human design chart?

I would love to because you have helped me so much with this over the years.

AYD 29 Elizabeth Barbour | Rituals
Rituals: We need more intentional, meaningful, magical, sacred spaces in our lives when we’re going through big transitions.

What I like to ask all our guests is, what is one thing you are curious about in your life now if we will look at it through the lens of human design?

We could talk a little bit about the open throat. I still struggled with that a little bit because I am a natural communicator. Sometimes I feel like I’m like, “Maybe the open throat can help me understand.”

My sleep has been so off. We have that Leo full Snow Moon that happens. It is weird energy. What are you going to do? This is your chart. Left ankle cross of cycles and you do have a completely open throat. Before I talk about the throat, I want to talk about your incarnation cross because of the cross of cycles, you have got the 53/42 energy in your incarnation cross, which is about your life purpose.

This channel here connects the root of the body to the sex organs and it is about completing things. That is why I think it is interesting that you are focusing on Sacred Celebrations, creating books, instructions, classes, jewelry, and all these different ways for people to complete cycles such that they can move into the next cycle as joyfully, peacefully, etc. as possible. That is part of your purpose. It is something. It is so wonderful when people are aligned.

This throat of yours, there were no gates. There is nothing activated here. It is totally open. You also have an open will. Let’s talk about these two open centers. When a center is totally open, it gives you tremendous flexibility in terms of what that center represents in your physical body, and therefore in your life. The will represents our ability to commit to things, be devoted to things, and essentially keep our promises.

The throat fundamentally is about manifestation for something to occur in the world that we need to communicate. We ask a question, sign an agreement, publish a book. There is some form of throat chakra or throat center communication. With this center, when it is totally open, it gives you great flexibility in choosing the right way to speak based on the situation.

A podcast is a great example because when someone asks you questions, you are prompted in which direction to take your messaging. It depends on the situation. Because you are a sacral generator, it is best for people to ask you questions before you speak anyways. Simply wait until somebody asks you. When they ask you, then you will be able to formulate an answer but if someone turns to you and says, “Go talk,” probably it is a deer in headlights, “We will talk about what? What do you want me to talk about?”

The other person might say, “Think a manifestor. Think of something,” and you say, “I’m not a manifestor. You are informing me to think about something that is not helping. Can you ask me a question?” That is why you need a projector. Projectors and generators have a thing because generators need questions, and projectors’ best form of communication is a question.

Whereas the manifestors are more of the lone wolf. It is not that they do not work with others but they have got their own thing going on. If others are working with them or for them, they are more being informed by the boss. You, as a generator, are so well-served having an advisor or several advisors that are projectors because they ask the most extraordinary questions.

I have two coaches that are projectors and they will give me homework. It is usually in the form of a question. They will say something along the lines of, “I want you to think about X, Y, Z topic. I want you to journal about what is going on in your life every time this topic pops in your head.” I think to myself, “Okay.”

I start doing the exercise every time the topic pops into my head. I reached for my journal, write down what I’m doing, and then started to connect the dots, “This thought pops into my head when I’m feeling this way, I’m worried about that or whatever it might be.” I started to see the connection. I thought to myself, “Smart projector asking me questions, giving me good homework.”

For you, you need that counsel of questions for that undefined throat because otherwise, you can end up being mute and not saying boo or you end up talking too much. If someone asks you a personal question and you go too much information, you might overshare and get into the weeds with details and the other. A person is thinking, “Why is she telling me all this? I’m not sure I need to know all this.” It is much better if they ask you questions and it also frees you from feeling pressured to speak because you have got a defined mind. It is very interesting.

There is no way for what is coming through the 64/47 channel to get down to the throat. You need other people that could even get your ideas out into the world. I would not recommend that you are in charge of marketing. You are here to speak but more in this context as a 5/1 profile. You are here to universalize a new consciousness, which you are doing with the Sacred Celebrations, an older tradition something common to the human experience and you put a new spin on it. In a sense, reeducating people about the value of marking life’s transitions.

The only fight that matters is the fight for your life’s purpose.

You will be visible doing that but your best time is spent using your creativity to fuel your ambition by creating content, which is what you are doing, writing books, having products. You need a midsize team when I look at your design, maybe 3 to 15 people. One of the other things you’ve got going that is great is this 57/34 channel right into the sacral. It is pure, intuitive power. It is not verbal. It is an energy that moves you in the direction of things. It’s because you are sacral, you can move pretty quickly, as long as you check-in for the yes or no sound.

For all the readers who have sacral authority in their human design chart, you need someone to ask you yes or no questions, or worst-case scenario. Record the yes or no questions into your phone and listen back because it is always very depressing to me when a sacral person is not having a good time with it. I find out where their head is and I think, “They are making decisions from their mind.” Your mind is very strong but notice that it does not have any idea what is going on down in the body.

One of the biggest things I learned from you in Life Purpose Mastery was understanding that our mind is for gathering information and that our bodies are for decision-making.

Your body is instinctive. You are designed to move on the impulse of sound. It is very acoustic and also there is a component of dealing in the abstract. You have a nice balance when I look at this chart. There is a bit of tribal energy. There is a fair amount of individual energy, which is empowering yourself and others. There is a bit of the collective abstract, which is about creating experiences. In many ways, you are here to move on this impulse to build a legacy and an empire but do it through a very nurturing approach. You have Gate 22. I call this the hostess with the mostess.

It is such beautiful energy, very gracious, and it is important because your North node in your design, which is where you are moving in your life, is in Gate 22. This is about creating events. It is being an event, ritual or celebration planner. That is a correct use of your energy. You are moving away from mental oppression and feeling like you have to coach people through their mental blocks, which is what you did in the past.

People were drawn to in the past over on the personality side, they were drawn to this 64-Gate and 64 line 2 where you were going to help them overcome confusion because they are having difficulty in making decisions. Now you are interested in people that have already made decisions but have a doubt about their future.

They have made a decision, let’s say, to have awake for Uncle O’Brien or to have the surgery because they have got a serious problem we need to deal with. They have made that decision but now they have doubt and they want to feel good about their decision, similar to your description of going to the ocean a few times, preparing yourself for this surgery, and dealing with your fears, anxieties, hopes, and dreams about a good outcome, which you invariably had.

You are moving on the personality side. What people see is that you are available to help people stay congruent with their powerful decision during the transition and not allow doubt to derail them or, in a sense, poison the outcome. In many ways, what you are doing is a preventative measure against future problems and toxicity.

It is operating on several levels in this chart. You are helping the person on an individual level to feel empowered, that 57/34, the 54/32, this is entrepreneurial. This is part of the ego circuit. It is tribal and it is about creating a legacy for the tribe and your immediate family but also for your team, employees, and clients that everybody profits from these ventures. It is very important to you. You also have Gate 14, which has a similar frequency of wanting to develop your skills, such that you always are prosperous.

When people have Gate 14, it allows for a very nimble and quick adjustment to what life throws at you in terms of pivoting towards new skills you need to learn. When people have this ability, they tend to make a lot of money because they should not have real rigid rules about how the manifestation occurs.

Especially as a sacral person, you do not know what your future is going to look like. Did you anticipate years ago your life would look the way it does now? No. Part of this surrender, particularly for generators and manifesting generators, comes about from lining up with your design, making good decisions from your sacral, and then surrendering the outcome because you do not have the privilege of knowing what it is going to look like.

You are not even supposed to know. The universe has it set up this way because if we knew, we might almost jinx it or the anticipation of it gets in the way energetically. It can be difficult if you are around people who can see into the future, as some people can, and they tell you things. I often say to those people, “Please, do not tell them.” I do not want to know because then it plants a seed of expectation.

If you are excited about it, it does not happen. You are disappointed or you are scared about it, and it does happen and you are disappointed. It is much better to do our best to surrender to the no. Particularly in your design, it is a very present design. You are in the now. You are quite jovial and committed to being this bright light for people.

AYD 29 Elizabeth Barbour | Rituals
Rituals: The ritual that would work best for you is going to be different from others. It’s going to be different from somebody else. It’s all based on our life experiences.

It’s because of Gate 27, you have multiple times, which is very nurturing. Gate 6, wants harmony. Gate 22 is the gracious hostess. You do a 49, which is revolution. You have 28, which is the discovery of life purpose and living that purpose, then Gate 18, you have multiple times, which is about correcting things, not people but situations.

Often I find people with Gate 18 are designers of some sort. They might be interior designers, Feng Shui specialists, jewelry, designers, makeup designers or clothing designers. It is to beautify things. To me, Gate 18 is seeing what is spoiled and then bringing beauty to it. Not criticism or complaint saying, “This is how it is. How can we make it beautiful? How can we make it joyful? How can we just make it better for everyone without tearing people down, attacking or criticizing?”

Your mother was a great gift to you for being controlling because Gate 18 is very controlling in the shadow and you have it multiple times. One of the manifestations of Gate 18 in an individual’s personality can be this edge of control, being controlling, critical of others, and nitpicky. You get an A on the test and someone says to you, usually your parent, “Why did not you get an A-plus?” You are thinking, “Could we celebrate that I’ve got an A, please?”

Sometimes we are given difficult parents because we have such a big destiny in the world as you do. You have the most transpersonal profile with the 5/1, meaning you are here to universalize these concepts we have been discussing around cycles and celebrations. You are here to bring this information to the masses. Often the difficult people from our past, if we have a transpersonal, this is particular to transpersonal, they are coming to dump karma on us. Our job is to not accept the karma but to learn the lesson that they are bringing. This is particular to 5/1s, 5/2s, 6/2s, and 6/3s, the four transpersonal profiles.

People come and dump their karma or try to, and the trans personnel’s job is to say, “I’m handing your toxic crap back to you because it is yours to deal with and I’m going to give you some space. The door is always open when you are ready to talk with me about it in a rational and loving manner or else, we are not talking about it.”

The difficult people for transpersonals are often crying to do their creation of karma pattern that they have been doing lifetime after lifetime, relationship after relationship. They are playing the controlling one, dominating one, or the victim, being the manipulator, liar, deceiver, or whatever it might be, being passive or being passive-aggressive.

Your incarnation or purpose is about helping cycles beginning, middle, and end. It is the whole cycle, soup to nuts, how you finish things, as the saying goes is, “How you start things.” You are here to help people finish things so they can start things correctly, work through that process and celebrate their completion. When a difficult person comes in and they are trying to dump their karma, as a 5/1 profile, your job is to very gently say no to the dumping like, “Not for me. I’m looking for some a-ha satisfaction and this is not bringing it.”

You filter things through this sound frequency. It is shocking to me that sacral people do not get in the habit of this. Part of it is they want to hang on to the toxicity and negative patterns. The problem is when they come in contact with you, there is no way. They can’t be in your presence and keep up their nonsense. 1 of 2 things will happen. They will either transform for the sake of the relationship.

They will say to you, “Elizabeth, you are worth it. This is dysfunctional. I’m going to clean this up because I value our relationship,” or they need to go away from you because either their cycle is something they need to complete far away from you because it is not helpful to you or they need to go away from you because they are being toxic, difficult, running interference, and you need them away. You are pretty good at heading these things off in the past.

The last thing I would offer to you with this undefined heart, and this is another interesting thing is you can never make promises with this. I have told people with an open heart, “Have a clause in your contracts that says, ‘I can cancel even in a 24-hour period if I do not feel like it.’” With Gate 22, you have to feel like it anyways.

This is a chart of do not do things when you do not feel like it because you will pay the price. A lot of the conditioning in the world is to work hard, be disciplined, and be consistent. Those things are true if they jive with your design but your chart is not about discipline. Your chart is about easy-breezy prosperity by spreading love and letting your mind do the research.

Your mind is there to watch. It is to observe life as it passes by. It is the bobblehead passenger, “Look at all this cool stuff going by.” That is what the mind is but it is totally disconnected from the rest of your body, so you can’t trust it at all. You are like, “Thanks for sharing. I will sit on the shelf. Go find me some clients, vendors, and more supplies. Stop talking. Leave me alone,” because your body is like, “hmm, uh-uh.” It is that simple for you but you are not here to make promises, dig in, and force yourself to be disciplined.

The thing is you do have Gate 9 where you can be very focused and you have Gate 60 where you have to wait anyway. You are forced to wait on things. You can’t move past the sacral, “Hmm, uh-uh.” It will tell you all the time, “Should I start now? How about now? Next week?” “Yes.” If you keep pushing Gate 60, you will know because you will get a pulse. You say, “Now?” You get this feeling in your body of almost like moving forward a little bit. Have you never experienced that?

I have.

Going through a year of the life-purpose master program is life-changing. 

It is leaning towards the thing you want to create. Let’s stop here. Before we wrap up, any a-ha’s from this?

One of the biggest things you said to me around the business piece is, “You should not be in charge of marketing.” I thought, “That is such a relief,” because I have done all my own marketing for all these years because I have been a solopreneur but as I’m growing the Sacred Celebrations business and the brand, I will be bringing different people onto the team. I needed to hire a marketing person.

That will be a great hire. That is your next step.

That is my next hire.

You could get the book launch in place now. You can get everything in place. The publisher you are working with is terrific. In my experience, they are very amenable to collaborating on launches. You might want to brainstorm about, “If I brought in a launch specialist to help me market this thing, how would that free you up? How could we use those resources in a different way that maybe they have planned to use?” You then get a double whammy.

If you are paying for support to work on the launch then they can allocate the book resources to some other marketing things. You have a lot of options here in terms of how big you want this book to go. This is the book that gets you on CNN and the major networks. This is the book that builds your YouTube following. That is my intuitive hit. As a 5/1, you have got to be out there and teaching about this. You need to set things up, so you have got a projector around you to ask you questions.

That was a good reminder. I have two friends in particular who are projectors, who are good with that. I will be on the lookout for who is projector coming into my list.

Any words of wisdom you want to leave our community with before we wrap up?

Spend as much time with Baeth and the Align To Your Design folks as you can. I went through a year of the Life Purpose Master program with her and it has been life-changing business-wise, relationship-wise, and energy-wise, all of it. In fact, I have a lot of people looking at me and going like, “You are all glowy. What is going on?”

It is because I have gotten in touch with my life purpose. It is one thing to know it. Baeth, something that you are gifted with is you help us embody, live, breathe, feel, sleep and dream it. It becomes a part of our whole experience because a lot of times, people are like, “I find out what my life purpose is,” then they just go off and do whatever. By studying with you and digging into the human design, it allows you to integrate it into your whole experience.

It is part of our DNA to have a purpose. The ignorance of the purpose, not knowing the purpose, not embracing the purpose is very toxic to a person’s life. As I’m fond of saying, the only fight that matters is the fight for your life purpose. All these fights in the world are every single fight I defy anyone to tell me otherwise.

Every single fight and down to the individual level where couples are fighting, trying to change each other is because people are not focused on their purpose. All those fights are a distraction because when you are living your purpose, first of all, you do not want to get into it with people. Also, you are not unwilling to confront situations but you do it with grace and with heart. You respect the other person even if the other person is very difficult, manipulative or toxic and you need to set boundaries.

Respect for that person is where they are at on their journey. They are in that place and we have all been in dark places and the shadow of our design. It is wonderful to see you fully embody that you do indeed help people learn about the cycles of their life, start to take them seriously, and bring consciousness to the cycle so that one cycle ends and a new cycle can begin without all that emotional, spiritual, psychological baggage from the past. What a remarkable gift. Thank you so much for being here.

AYD 29 Elizabeth Barbour | Rituals
Rituals: We can also celebrate those really hard and difficult things. The losses, grief, and transitions because we learned something from that experience.

Thanks so much for all you do for our community and for helping us all to be more fully actualized. That is why we are here.

Everyone, this has been another episode. If you want to find out more about Elizabeth, go to ElizabethBarbour.com or SacredCelebrations.com. Pick up a copy of her book, a pre-order, and immerse yourself in Elizabeth’s offering. Get one of those braces. They are beautiful. Elizabeth, thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much. It has been a joy.

You are welcome. Bye for now.

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