Embody Your Alchemy: 

A One-Day ONLINE Discovery Into Owning Your Healing Powers for Correct Love, Health & Money

I used to be addicted to pain and dis-ease.

Not consciously. I wasn't seeking it out like a drug high or a bad romance. No.

It was the fall out of not fully addressing my childhood abuse - nor knowing how.

It was also a way to escape my self-created overwhelm and "take a break" because I lacked the skills to enforce the boundaries my body requires and truly ask for what I  needed and wanted. The dis-ease did the talking for me.

The "illness" even gave me a social life of sorts during the visits to the clinic. Sad, I know.

It all turned when a therapist said to me, "This illness is the longest intimate relationship you've had."

Uggghhh. All right. Time to feel the pain and divorce the "dis-ease."

Which meant dismantling many coping mechanisms and ways of thinking, acting and feeling that had become habitual.

I was going to have to work with myself, rather than against myself.

"Dis-ease" is the result of a part of one's self (or multiple parts) that have gone rogue - like cancer cells do. Our body, mind and soul are ONE UNIT and most work cohesively for there to be cohesiveness in our lives.

Illness was also a PART of my destiny, my own learning. In deciding to fully heal, I clearly heard the message: “Baeth, you must help others do the same.”

For the problems and pain we experience are deeply woven into what we are here to learn, heal and teach others.

Humanity is going through a vast mutation and one of the side effects is depression. This  depression can cause you to question everything and feel hopeless.

However, this spiritual reckoning is actually the doorway home to yourself, because you’ve likely been out of sorts for a long time – and now you are ready to do something about something that isn't a quick fix but an internal rewiring.

Your current state of emotional, physical and financial affairs are all connected.

Maybe you have lots of money but your body is failing you?

Maybe you struggle with money but are healthy and fit?

Maybe it’s all a “mess” – your feelings, your relationships, your finances, your health?

Guess what?

It’s okay.

You’re not broken. Even if you are broken.

If you are ALIVE – you have A LIFE to LIVE.

Your “mess” is the messenger… and taking control of your messes is the KEY to your  liberation. The main source of DIS-EASE is the MIS-USE of your MIND.

You are having to overcome thousands of YEARS of conditioning to live in your mind and to live in “survival mode.”

Living in survival mode for more than a few hours or at most, days, is the source of all imbalance.

We are NOT designed to live in a constant adrenaline and cortisol flood. It deteriorates everything in our bodies and if it is not halted, the damage is either permanent or fatal.

Are you ready to live in the FLOW and escape the torture prison of your mind?

Maybe you often find yourself stuck in your head, constantly trying to figure out the "how" of your life's journey, asking your self over and over, “What  should I be doing?”

If you tired of feeling overwhelmed, stagnant, and unsure of your next steps, I’d like to invite you to a one-day training and discovery event called "Embody Your Alchemy" happening on April 1, 2023, from 2 pm-8 pm Eastern Standard Time on Zoom.

This online event is designed to help you discover simple processes to stay out of your head and allow your body's natural intelligence to guide you into the right places and opportunities, so your messes begin to resolve and you reclaim the JOY of being alive in a physical body.

Through a combination of breathing, movement, and human design techniques, you'll see yourself in a fresh way and come closer to what truly feels good to you.

We’ll explore your relationships with yourself, other people, health and money and you will leave with the next few steps to steer yourself home to YOUR SELF.

You'll experience more courage to show up in devotion to your gifts so you can bring your greatest work to the world without burning out, overextending yourself or building  something you don’t like.

The event will be a combination of breathing and embodiment practices, coupled with planning and mentoring from me, an experienced practitioner in these techniques. You can attend from the comfort of your own home, making it a convenient and accessible way to invest in your personal growth and development.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to shine with radiant health, embody your core gifts and show up in the world correctly by living as your self.

Are you ready to embody your gifts, your alchemy, and truly trust your body to live out your correct soul-led life?

Join us for "Embody Your Alchemy" and experience the joy of being YOU without  compromise, overwhelm, stagnation, or stuckness.

To Your Purpose!

Who is Baeth Davis?

Baeth Davis is known as Doctor Purpose and "The Intuitive Purpose Catalyst ™" to global leaders, especially the ambitious healing-artist entrepreneurs.

Using her intuition, extensive sales and content-creation experience, 24 years in business and expertise in scientific hand analysis and human design, she helps you discover and unleash your life purpose and then design your life around your purpose so you can experience maximum fulfillment.

She is a supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation, Just Like My Child and the Pachamama Alliance and is committed to bringing the Life Purpose Mastery to creative entrepreneurs globally.

As featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan and the LA Times, as well as heard on NPR, KPFK-Los Angeles, Radio Europe and the BBC 5, Baeth is devoted to helping you unleash your life purpose and uncover the #1 thing that has been holding you back from achieving it.

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