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Join Baeth Davis and Amanda Karlstad as they discuss the fears, hopes, and desires of the business owner who is also juggling a family and inner self-worth questions. Even when you think you can’t do it – can you find a way to just take one step in the direction of your dream?

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Family Enterprise & Its Hurdles With 3/5 Generator Amanda Karlstad

With 3/5 Generator, Amanda Karlstad


It  is so good to be back. It’s been quite some time. I’ve been away and I’m thrilled to be back. I’m excited about our guests. She is an extraordinary person and I’m very excited that she’s the person helping us kick things off again. Many of you have been personally asking me, you’ve been writing in, “When are you going to start doing your podcast again?” We’re doing it again, myself and the team. We’ve been listening.

We’re going to talk about what it takes to have a successful family enterprise, aka a family business. Specifically, we’re going to be speaking with my guest, Amanda Karlstad, about what it takes to be a working mom, to be that woman who is juggling the attempt at being an excellent parent, good listener, super supportive of one’s progeny, and at the same time putting one’s gifts out in the world and making a nice profit so that the whole family can thrive.

It’s my belief, and I’m not the only one, that the family, and particularly family enterprise, is the foundational unit of a thriving society. Societies begin to collapse when it’s individuals all have to fend for themselves, which is somewhat the situation we’re in now. If you’ve been around me for a while, I’ve been banging my drum and stamping my cane saying, “We’ve got to find our tribe for real.” We’ve got to bring together the people in our community that we feel good with so we can grow with them.

I’m going to take a moment now, introduce our guest Amanda, and bring her on. We’re going to have a very interesting conversation, I can feel it, about what it takes to build a successful family enterprise. Then as we do on Align to Your Design, we’re going to have a look at Amanda’s human design chart so that you can look at the mechanics and circuitry of Amanda. You have an actual face and voice and being Amanda to link to those mechanics. This show has become a real hit, especially with students of human design.

As many of you may know, a lot of the big tech companies now use human design. Municipal governments are starting to use human design and many corporations are using it. Of course, on the individual level, it teaches you how to make decisions as yourself so that you can be the leader of your own life and no longer be giving your power away to external conditioning, which may or may not be in your best interest.

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Let me tell you a bit about Amanda. Amanda Carlstad is a high-level master business coach and mentor, top-rated podcast host, and business scaling expert who helps coaches grow and scale to six, multiple six, and seven figures and beyond. Amanda’s teachings on success mindset, emotional intelligence, energetics, and cutting-edge business strategy.

She empowers and equips her clients to fully step into their innate power, break through their limitations, and create real and lasting transformations, both personally and professionally, that enable them to step fully into their highest potential while building the business and life of their dreams. Amanda is truly a modern-day thought leader. You’re going to see that in just a moment in the coaching and entrepreneurial space. She helps her clients reach their full potential and build millions of dollars and beyond coaching brands.

She’s passionate about helping others harness their true potential and transformation by using entrepreneurship as the vehicle to contribute at their highest level, build true wealth in their lives, and create a powerful ripple effect by creating positive change in the world. And with that, let us welcome Amanda Karlstad to Align to Your Design. Welcome Amanda.

Thank you so much, Baeth. I’m so excited to be here. Thank you so much.

Motivations For Starting A Business

It’s so good to have you here. What stirring in you made you want to have your own business?

Such a great question. When I think back to when I launched my practice back in probably 2016. I was in a place in my life where I thought quite honestly I had arrived. I had the title. I had the team, I had the parking space, I had the office, I had it all, and I had a toddler at home. I knew that what I was doing was not going to be sustainable for me in the way that I wanted to live. Through several events, industry changes, and regulations that came through, I decided to leave not knowing what I was going to do.

Fast forward about six or seven months later, it was interesting. Even though I didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do, there was something inside of me telling me I had faith that it would all work out. I didn’t need to worry. One day, I can remember very clearly because I had taken some time off. I called it my personal sabbatical. I just wanted to be a mom for a little while to my young daughter. I remember about six or seven months in. It was clear to me that staying at home wasn’t my calling.

I started going out and doing these interviews and thinking, well, I’ll just go back and do the same thing that I was doing, which was higher ed, administrative, sales, marketing, all sorts of stuff. I can remember so vividly one day going out on an interview and it went fantastic and walking through the office on the way out. I just remember hearing, “This isn’t it anymore. This is not the thing.”

It was at that moment that I decided that I was going to do something different. I don’t know what that is. I’m not worried. I have faith it’s all going to work out. A little bit after that, one day, I was sitting here thinking about what is it that I wanted to do. How do I want to contribute? I stumbled upon the website of a woman whom I had met years prior who happened to be offering a certification program.

I read through the website and one thing led to another and all of a sudden I found myself in this program, launching my own business when really when I look back all of the things I had done leading up to that had prepared me to do what I’m doing today. When you asked that question, what came to me was that experience, what I felt, and what I heard during that time as I was going through that transition. That’s where I started.

Challenges For Women In Business

That’s beautiful. Now that you coach women, many of whom have families. What would you say is their biggest holdback in going for what they want to create?

You and I were talking before we hit record and you said something that resonated and I think is true for many women. It’s an internal battle. It’s that war within when we’re not maybe in alignment, when we’re not clear on the mission, or maybe we even have the clarity of the mission but we’re afraid to step into that. We’re afraid to take on the responsibility of what that mission is.

Align To Your Design | Amanda Karlstad | Family Enterprise
Family Enterprise: For many women, it’s the internal battle. It’s that war within when we’re not in alignment, when we’re not clear on the mission, or maybe we even have the clarity of the mission but we’re afraid to step into that. We’re afraid to take on the responsibility of what that mission is.


That’s what I see predominantly when I look at clients that I’ve worked with. When I look at coaches in general, I think it’s the responsibility of being willing to take that on and to stand in that mission that they’re here to do and what they’re here to create. I think our mind plays a lot of games with us. If we don’t know how to respond to that, I think we can get very stuck.

What if anything do they tell you specifically is their fear if they do create it?

I think there are so many there. It manifests in so many different ways. I think we’re all very unique in how it presents for us, but at the end of the day, it comes back to we’re afraid that we’re not going to be liked. We’re afraid to be rejected. We’re afraid that we’re going to be humiliated or looked at as if we’re incompetent.

It’s fascinating because the women I coach are phenomenal, are so amazing in who they are and what they have done in their lives. Yet, when it comes to business and being on a mission and stepping into this purpose, it’s a battle of not being good enough. It’s a battle of worthiness. It’s a battle of, I don’t have what it takes.

What’s interesting is I was thinking as you were saying that in many ways we have to be willing to be rejected, ridiculed, and we have to be willing to fail. The thing is we probably will. How do you prepare people for the inevitable fall down? Do you let them know that this isn’t all going to just play out like you imagine it will?

All the time. It’s interesting because it’s not what anybody wants to hear but it’s also the truth and it’s what’s needed. I was just recently having a conversation with a group of my clients on this exact point that we spend so much time battling ourselves, having that internal dialogue about not wanting to be rejected or not being good enough or people aren’t going to me, whatever the story is that we’re bringing to the table.

Yet if we look back at when we’ve done anything significant in our life, what did we do? We decided to do it, we took action. We did step one, then we did step two and even though it might not have felt pleasant, it might not have felt wonderful along the way, we kept going and we did the thing because we were focused, we decided and we committed.

I think sometimes when we come into this business realm after going through med school or going through law school or whatever it is, we’re not willing to feel those feelings again. Yet if we look back in our lives was not a big deal. It was just part of the process. So it’s almost like the willingness to be able to go back and feel as if you’re a beginner again, or feel inadequacy, feel whatever that is, is a superpower. The quicker we can do that, the faster we can do that, the more willing we are to just step into it and allow it, the faster the business grows.

The willingness to feel like a beginner again or inadequate is like a superpower. The faster we can do that and the more willing we are to step into it and allow it, the faster the business grows. Share on X

What was the most surprising turnaround you’ve seen with a client? You’ve had a client who was just fumbling along and then one day something clicked for them.

I see it every day, honestly, when I look at my clients. I will say one example that’s coming to me is I work with, a lot of really intelligent, I mean, well-educated women. There’s one in particular that’s coming to me that has struggled to step into her purpose to step into her mission and to just own who she is. We were having a conversation recently actually about feelings and about being willing to feel inadequacy.

For her, it was inadequacy. That conversation, that new level of awareness around, “I did go through med school. I did do all of these things in my life. I felt inadequate going into that but through that process, I built the competence and the confidence.” When we could normalize that in the business in the same way that it had been years ago, it was like we just flipped the switch. I see that being the case with every client in different ways. It’s finding out what is that thing. That’s like that switch that we can just flip it on and they can step into it. They can own it. They can embody and stop fighting it.

Reward Of Coaching

What’s the payoff for you when this happens with a client? What do you feel?

I feel a lot. It is joy, happiness, pride, and fulfillment. It feels aligned for me to do that. I had a client recently who crossed the million-dollar mark in her business.  Huge account.

It’s great. Good for her. Good for her.

I can still see so clearly when we started our work together, she was selling coaching packages for $300  and was doubting whether or not she could even make this a viable business. To see and to have the front seat of that growth, that evolution, the process that she’s gone through, what she’s created to now where she’s crossed the million dollar mark in her business and she has this great podcast and she’s got all of these opportunities coming her way. I feel a great sense of pride in seeing her be so willing to step into the mission, feel all of the things, and do all of the inner work so that she can lead her business in this way.

This is out of left field, but your voice is so mesmerizing. Do you ever make meditation audio for your clients?

I don’t, but everybody tells me that they love my voice.

Yes, I’m listening to you and you have one of those voices where you could read me the phone book and I’m like, “Mm-hmm, yes, mm-hmm.” You’re talking about really deep things. The reason I’m mentioning this is that one of the things about success and being a successful coach is the quality of authenticity because mutation happens through sound and your voice naturally communicates authority and integrity. I would imagine a lot of the transmission with your clients, the frequency of your voice is very supportive and encouraging to the client. Am I right?

It’s interesting you say that. I think so. I can’t speak for them, but what’s flashing on me is just yesterday, I was in a coaching session with a client and I was just coaching her and kind of riffing on the thing. What she’ll do is she will actually close her eyes and just hear and take in the words and just allow it to sink in.

Vision For The Future

That’s it because I can feel myself a bit hypnotized by the sound of your voice and in a good way, in a good way. I hear the words, but what I hear more is the frequency. I just want to reflect to you that your frequency is very powerful. It’s wonderful that you’ve created a business where you can have these intimate communications with people. They can experience listening to your voice. Is there some vision you have about helping lots of women with entrepreneurial business? What is your fantasy dream if more and more women were fulfilling their vocational dreams?

I just think the work that my clients do, that so many of us do, is some of the most important work in the world, truly. To truly do that work, we also have to have the business working to support that work. To get that workout, to make an impact. I look at what I do as it’s just the vehicle to creating that massive ripple effect, to creating that true impact.

We all do it in our own way. I have coaches, or I have clients that are coaches, all different types of coaches, all different types of niches, doing all sorts of different types of work, all very important, all very healing, and very impactful in their way. To me, it’s so important to be able to facilitate somebody being able to grow it sustainably.

Where it allows them to truly step into their full potential, and make a lot of money with it, so that they can become the real thought leaders in their way, in their areas of expertise. I guess my vision is to create that community. I feel I’ve already done that to a degree, but continuing to create that community of real leaders in this industry who are masters at what they do and have the business success to go alongside it. That can be the mission.

Align To Your Design | Amanda Karlstad | Family Enterprise
Family Enterprise: The most important aspect of facilitation is enabling someone to achieve sustainable growth. This empowers them to unlock their full potential, achieve financial success, and establish themselves as true thought leaders in their field.


Their ego is nicely gratified and they’re making a difference. It’s been occurring to me lately that if people can embrace their ego and desire and couple it with service, that’s a winning combo for many people because it seems to me that I know for myself. Even I sometimes had shame or embarrassment about how much I wanted to create and how much I wanted to achieve. The more I’ve been able to admit it, the more I’m able to just let that be and bring my gifts out into the world. Do you find that with your clients?  That they sometimes have some hold back from really acknowledging what they want?

We talk about that all of the time. I see that all the time. I think part of that is, it’s our conditioning, of course. We don’t mean to talk about money, you don’t talk about money. I think for most of us who have gone through the traditional education system, It’s like, here’s the end game here. That’s the goal. Anything beyond that is not even real.

We’re living in a world right now in a time where we can create that. We can decide what that is. I think that’s an honor that we have to have the ability to have the technology. Just the pure technology, I think about this all of the time, that we have at our fingertips to reach people anywhere in the world is incredible. We have incredible technology. We have incredible resources around us to do this work. I was going to say, it is being willing to get over ourselves and get to it. There’s never been a better time. You and I have talked there might not be more time at the same time.

That we have at our fingertips to reach people anywhere in the world is incredible. We have incredible technology and resources around us to do this work. Share on X

You never know how long something’s going to last. We need to bank on everything ending that we’ve counted on. Just have an awareness of that. Create an alternate plan at the same time, trusting the process. What would you say to someone who’s thinking about branching out and building their own business to inspire them if they’re feeling scared?

Number one, it’s normal. If you’re feeling scared, totally, totally normal, I don’t think any of us got to where we are without feeling a lot. Feeling scared is completely normal. I think the sooner you start taking action and doing the things that are in service of your mission, in service of your purpose, the more clarity you will create or you will experience. It’s going to be an ongoing process. I know we talk all the time about, “Yes, it’s about the process.” Nobody wants to hear that, but truly that’s what it is. That’s what it’s about. It’s the journey. It’s the evolution. It’s who we get to become.

Align To Your Design | Amanda Karlstad | Family Enterprise
Family Enterprise: The sooner you start taking action and doing the things that are in service of your mission and purpose, the more clarity you will create or experience.


Should we look at your chart?

Yes, let’s do it.

Is there something that you’re wondering about for your own business? This is a big maze and I’ll take a moment to explain what we’re looking at here, but I want to ask you that question first.

Like with anybody, I think when you’re looking at human design, it’s, “What is my mission? What is it that I’m here to do? What is my purpose?” You and I have been through this process, so I have a sense of that, but I think it’d be good to maybe just go through what that is.

Your mission is to essentially draw on your experience and your past knowledge and even beyond that. To draw upon historical knowledge. I have an issue with the word history, because it’s his story and women have been pretty much erased from his story. The first writer who developed Cuneiform was a woman. It goes on and on. Women are very well represented in history, but you know that. Part of this is you draw on historical, herstorical, humanstorical memory and bring that forward as well as your life history.

You have a very good memory for the past and that memory from the past helps you select the things that worked in the past to bring them forward. Now, this is the chart of someone who is a wizard at business particularly entrepreneurial support or tribal support. The reason is just for anyone reading to whom human design is new and you’re thinking, “What the heck is this?” What we see in the middle is a nine-centered body graph.

According to human design, in 1781, we shifted or transitioned from being seven centers or seven chakras like in the Indian system of the seven chakras to nine-centered beings. The nine-centered being is not here to be concerned with survival. The nine-centered being is here to develop individual autonomy, to have higher awareness, to be aware, and then to share that awareness with other people.

You are here to share from that historical memory, your awareness of what it takes to have a successful family enterprise. Part of this is because when we look at your design, it’s quite extraordinary. You have this channel, which connects your solar plexus to your physical heart. It’s called the Tribal Channel. I also have the tribal channel.

People with the tribal channel are tribal and this particular channel is about the tribe. It is about creating resources for your tribe, as well as teaching others the purpose and necessity of the tribal structure because the tribal structure is the heart of entrepreneurship. I feel that in our current time, we lost a bit of our awareness that the point of business isn’t so everyone can become a hedge fund owner or a tech billionaire. That is not what it’s about.

The purpose of entrepreneurial business is so that everyone in the tribe is resourced and not only survives but thrives. Get the education they need, find the contacts they need, and develop their skills. This is inherent in your design. The other thing that you’ve got going for you is this channel, the 4426 that connects the spleen, and the spleen is the house of intuition. The spleen is the most fear-based part of our body. It is wired to sense what’s dangerous, and the spleen, therefore, is the home of our intuition.

Gate 44 is the sense of smell, and it is about sniffing out who’s good and who is a rat. This means that you’re very discerning about which people will allow for success, both as part of your company’s team, but also the clients that you choose to work with, the people you allow into your company. It’s a way to be very discerning. You have the whole channel, which connects to gate 26. Gate 26 is called the Taming Power of the Great. This is that historical memory that can pull on the past.

What you know works and use that to manipulate but I don’t mean manipulate in a negative sense. I mean being able to communicate in such a way that the other person hears you and can benefit from your teaching. For example, here’s a manipulation. The way I teach a four-year-old human design is going to be quite different than if I were teaching it to you because you have a much larger vocabulary for starters. You also have a brain that can conceptualize at a level a four-year-old can’t.

That’s what this manipulation is about, it is to know your audience. Who am I speaking to? Which is one of the first questions you asked me before we hit record is, “Who am I speaking to?” That’s in your design. You have a very sensitive awareness of who’s the audience because that’s going to shift the words that you choose. The manipulation is about how can I get this message across so it’s of the greatest benefit to you and your clients.

It’s got to be a win-win. The thing about the tribal circuitry of which you have a lot, tribal circuitry has to be win-win. People that don’t have a lot of tribal circuitry, they’re sometimes confused by us because we’re always trying to balance the scales. if somebody does a lot for me, I will pay them money, even friends. I’m like, “I’m sending you Venmo.” They respond, “You don’t have to do that.” “Yes, I do.”

I even say this. “Yes, I do. I don’t want this relationship to get lopsided. I don’t want you to feel taken advantage of. You’re crossing the line, I need to pay you some money or take you to dinner or something.” They’re like,” I get it.” Not everyone’s wired that way. You instinctively have fairness built into the equation. This channel, 4426, connects the spleen to the heart, and you can see how it connects right into this tribal channel, which is the entrepreneur channel. You have the whole channel.

It’s called the transmitter because when you are going to a group of people or even if you’re interacting one-on-one, you have a sense of what to transmit and what to hold back. It’s a really strong awareness of, “They’re not ready for that.” Or, “Now’s the time to bring this idea concept question forward.” Also, the entrepreneurial channel naturally is instinctive about products and product design.

There’s a natural affinity with beautiful packaging, using the right colors and fonts, understanding design,  and understanding language. The other thing that you benefit your clients with is a really solid sense of what branding is going to help them be elevated and who their tribe is, all of it. You help your clients with all that.

The truth is, is when I meet somebody, and you and I have talked about this, but immediately, and part of this is that strong intuition, I can see very clearly immediately what the highest version of their business, the highest version of their brand, the highest version of them is. I also have the strategies, and the architecture to help them build that.

One of the things in human design is this thing called the incarnation cross and yours is the right-angle cross of the four ways. Everybody’s cross is a cross. It’s where the sun and earth are positioned. I won’t go into a whole long description about it, but on a wheel, it makes the shape of a cross. The four ways is about the tribal team, assembling the right people. It’s way one way too, is what’s the conceptual framework or the innovation that this team is going to bring forth. That’s the second way.

The third way is drawing on historical memory and also being willing to put boundaries in place, put space in place to let the business owner know that they also have to make space for themselves in this process. That’s a very strong principle for you. Then finally, it’s about sensitivity, being sensitive to the needs of your client and also showing them where they need to be sensitive to the needs of their clients.

That’s the four ways. The four ways are the team, the innovative plan, the space for reassessment, and sensitivity. All of that in your design is about being a master of entrepreneurial business. That’s what you incarnated for. That’s your mission. My mission is to listen to people’s roles because I know there’s a role for every human being on the planet, and then use this mind of mine to guide that person most fully into their role, just as I’m doing right now. I’m affirming your role.

You’re already doing it, which puts you way ahead of the majority of humans, unfortunately. Ultimately, everyone would be living out their mission and not fighting it. The first thing is the incarnation cross is the internal purpose. Then it gets lived out in what’s known as the nodes of the moon and the nodes of your moon on both the design side, which is your body architecture and your mental architecture are the tribal channel that I started with.

You have it on both the inner and the outer. Your soul is about the tribe and your personality is about the tribe. Tribe, tribe, tribe, and family, family, family. That is the essence of your life, your family, and being a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. Imagine you’re probably involved in the community. That’s the right role for you to be very involved with making sure that families have the resources they need to thrive. Your persona then will attract people who have families.

It’s interesting because we had talked about a good percentage or the majority of my clients do have families. Not all of them, but not all of them.

Even the ones without kids, they’re likely to be teachers and trainers, or they’re very involved in rescuing animals. There’s some way that your clients want to give back to the community and make sure that the community that they inhabit is vibrant. The more you get involved in the community, the more your power expands.

I love that Thank you for affirming that.

You’re welcome and here’s the interesting thing that I love about human design. Some people might think it’s a restriction, but I think it’s a relief because in life there are so many options. What do we do? For many of us in the modern world, In certain cultures, there aren’t so many options, but most of us in the modern world, have a lot of options. There are so many choices. People are almost in decision fatigue. They get analysis paralysis because there are so many choices.

When we accept our storyline, when we accept that through line, it removes a lot of resistance. For example, if you had said, “I’m not getting married. I’m not having kids. I’m going to be a hippie and I’m just going to travel around and have 15 husbands and just do whatever I want.” You could do that, but it might not be so satisfying for you. You’re very likely to keep getting knocked back into your storyline, which is you’re here to help people have successful family businesses. You can run away from that as much as you want. What’s beautiful is you said yes to it.

I did and it’s been a journey.

The thing is, you’re just going to keep succeeding because you’re correct. The key to success is being correct. I’ve had people come to me and they want to be coaches or whatever, and then I look at their design and I said, “You’re not a coach.” They ask, “What do you mean?” I replied, “You need to run a corporation.”

Closing Advice

They’re so conditioned to think of themselves in a certain way or they come to me and they’re running a corporation and I look at their design and I say, “You should go talk to Amanda.” You need to be a coach and have a family business. Thank you for this time. If you were to give our readers one piece of advice, to take whatever their enterprise is to the next level, what’s the thing they could do right now that will elevate?

There’s so much I could say, but what I would say is what we’ve talked about here today is just getting in alignment first with what is your movie. I’m going to call it the movie. If you need support in figuring out what that is, get your human design, go talk to Baeth, and get that taken care of. Also, I think it’s important once that is to then get support on how to bring this to life. I don’t think anybody that I have met has been able to truly step into their potential without getting real support on these things. I think that that’s important now more than ever. Those would be my steps.

I love that. Get support. In human design, there are three circuitries. There’s the individual, the tribal, and the collective. The individual circuitry is about finding your unique style, flavor, and way of being. The tribal is about support and the collective is about sharing your gifts. You’re very much here to support others so they can support themselves and support their families. You incarnated in a sense to be a supportive agent.

I feel that. Thank you, Baeth. It has been a pleasure.

It’s great speaking with you and let’s stay in touch. Hopefully, we’ll get to speak again.

We will. Thank you so much.

Thank you. Bye for now.



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