“Who Else Wants to Discover a Step-By-Step MONEY MAP for EACH of Your Gift Markings in Your Hands?

Your Life Purpose is the Goal, Your Gift Markings are the HOW!
Discover How to Achieve Your Purpose with Meaning AND Money By Using Your Gifts!”

Listen to Christine Kolenda, one of Baeth’s VIP Clients, as she explains
the value of HER Money Map for her gifts in her business:

“Want to find out what ALL the rave is with your Gift Markings? Well now you can – from the comfort of your own home! Watch the video above for a short preview of what we have in store for you!”

From the Desk of Baeth Davis,
Thursday, October 16th

Hi Spiritual Seeker of Purpose, Passion and Profits!

Have you ever looked at the palms of your hands and thought to yourself: “I wonder what all these markings mean?”

Have you ever wanted to put your hands in front of an expert who knows how to ‘read’ hands and have them tell you ‘everything’ about yourself? Perhaps you hoped they would reveal the answers to questions you’ve had forever and give you guidance to your most pressing concerns, fears and dreams?

I have good news for you. These answers do exist within your hands.

Thanks to a self-discovery system known as “scientific hand analysis,” the data in your hands – those special markings -- can be ‘decoded,’ translated and spelled out to you in simple terms, revealing your gifts, talents, challenges and opportunities.

Imagine what having this kind of ‘map’ or ‘blueprint’ literally in the palms of your hands could do for the future of your personal and professional life?

When I talk with our clients about what it is they are searching for and why it is that they found me, these are some of their responses – maybe you can relate to some of them:

  • “I’m unclear about my spiritual mission on the planet and would do anything to know exactly why I am here and what my gifts are.”
  • “I would love to discover my special gifts (such as writer, speaker, healer, leader, artist in the spotlight, and more!) so I can express them effectively in my business.”
  • “I crave a way to use my gifts in my business right now so that another year doesn’t pass before I write my book, launch that new web site, build my speaking business or fulfill any other burning desire I have―the thought of which almost feels too good to be true!”
  • “I would give anything to eliminate the fear, frustration, procrastination and excuses that get in the way of using my gifts, full-out, no excuses!”
  • “I wish I knew how to identify my self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors – the ones that stop me dead in my tracks -- before I spoil my day so I can stay focused, on-purpose and motivated to fulfill my gifts.”
  • “I want an expert to guide me who has been where I’m at and understands my struggles and challenges.”
  • “I want to find a mentor who uses the same techniques, strategies and spiritual wisdom in her own life that she teaches to others―in order to help me claim my gifts and organize and focus my life goals to manifest these gifts. When I experience all of my gifts, then I can stand fully in my life’s purpose!”

Maybe you can relate to what I just shared with you?

Who doesn’t want to discover and express all of their gifts?

My Story

Before I get into more reasons why you will want to discover your specific gift markings, I want to personally share my story with you and how I came to do this life-changing work.

You’re not alone if you’re experiencing challenges in finding your direction.

Before discovering hand analysis, I was frustrated by the lack of satisfaction, both financial and spiritual, in my work. I was slipping into a deep depression and my prospects looked bleak. My personal relationships were in shambles and my health was so bad that I was walking around with chronic bronchitis and thought it was simply due to the Los Angeles smog.

I was experiencing what I now understand to be a ‘spiritual crisis of meaning.’ I even endured suicidal thoughts. Many empowerment experts now recognize that suicidal thinking is sometimes an indication of not having a vision, a mission, a purpose for one’s life.

I had taken many workshops and studied with many healers, shamans and spiritual teachers. Some were talented and offered me some insights, yet most of what I encountered was simply someone’s own personal philosophy, leaving major gaps in my self-understanding. I wasn’t finding a clear vision about myself or my career path.

After a desperate late-night call to a friend during the latest bout of anxiety, she encouraged me to surrender and pray.

This was my prayer:

“God, Great Spirit, Universe, please hear my prayer. If you will show me my Life’s Purpose, I promise you I will be your humble servant. I will go where you ask me to go and do what you ask me to do. Thank you.”

A while later, another friend called and said, “Baeth, I know you’ve been having a hard time. I just had a hand reading and it was amazing! You’ve got to get your hands read.” I resisted her for a while but finally relented so she would stop bugging me about it.

It turns out her advice was one the greatest gifts of my life.

The ‘hand analyst’ who arrived at my door to read my hands promptly told me I was not living my “Life’s Purpose” (oh, I thought, there’s that phrase from my recent prayer!) and she then proceeded to reveal my purpose and how to express this purpose through my Gift Markings. (I have 9 of the possible 18 gift markings!).

This transformative experience changed my life forever.

After I had my hands read, I set out to discover everything I could about this amazing system called “scientific hand analysis.” From the map in my very own palms, I learned that I’m here on the planet to be an inspiration to others, helping them through my own gifts (speaking, writing, intuition, leadership and more) to express their gifts fully.

My work now takes me around the globe, meeting with entrepreneurs and social visionaries dedicated to bringing stability, education, economic opportunity and higher awareness worldwide. I have worked with thousands of clients and have hundreds of success stories from my mentoring clients, home-study program users and program participants.

One of my business inspirations, Richard Branson, on Necker Island, May 2011.

I still have to pinch myself that this has all unfolded as it has!

I have 9 gift markings which means I have to deal with 9 penalties! Just like you, I’m NOT immune from the impact of these penalties.

The qualities I formerly thought were liabilities have become my strongest allies. For example, I have found ways to use my cluster of “Intuition” Gifts to guide my choices and as a tool to support my family, friends and clients. (There are four categories of gift markings – more on that in a bit!)

A Brief History of Hand Analysis

At this point, you may be thinking… isn’t “hand analysis” just another term for fortune-telling palmistry?

Would you believe me if I told you that palmistry is an ancient art, at least 5,000 years old and possibly as old as 10,000 years, an art that was practiced by wise philosophers such as Aristotle and Carl Jung?

Did you know that science has discovered that the markings in your hands are a map of your major brain wave activity? And as a result, your unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns are laid out for your naked eye to see―right in the palms of your hands! No fortune-telling, no fluff, no nonsense. Just the essence of who you are.

What Are Gift Markings?

One of the fastest ways to express your essence in the world is to discover what gift markings you possess, how not using them can hold you back, and then having a plan to actually use them!

Your gifts help you express the essence of who you are.

You can think of it this way: your purpose is the goal you are seeking to achieve (your big why) and your gifts are the stepping stones that help get you to your goal (your map or your “how”).

There are actually 18 possible gift markings in the hands. Most people have at least two and the majority of clients we see here at the Your Purpose community have many more.

While each of these 18 gift markings gives you special abilities that must be used to unleash your Life Purpose, each one of them also exacts a PENALTY if you CHOOSE NOT TO USE THE GIFT!

It is vital to use these gifts as they are the HOW, the MAP to your authentic mission. If you do not use these gifts, you may hit a wall of frustration with your purpose and fall backwards.

Take a look at this list.

Do any of these Gift Marking PENALTIES apply to you?

#1 Power Struggles – Perhaps you hide out behind the person you perceive as more powerful than you, which could be your boss, your husband, your boyfriend, your partner, your best friend… leading to an arm-wrestling power struggle?

#2 Forgetting to Pay Your Self – Perhaps you give away most of what you have financially and don’t leave enough for yourself? This also shows up as making good money yet not being able to save and invest much of it. Remember, philanthropists are wealthy, not broke!

#3 “Rotten Tomato Fear” – Maybe you shun the spotlight or crave it rather than being IN it because you fear rejection – and being pelted with rotten tomatoes?

#4 Love-Life Woes – Perhaps there is a brick wall between you and your partner that you can’t seem to bridge, no matter what you seem to try?

#5 Getting Your Message Out to a Larger Audience – Perhaps you are chasing your tail and you never get around to finishing that book or practicing and delivering that speech?

#6 You Are Clueless About Your Own Brilliance – Maybe you come up with sharp, witty ideas for others while failing to see your own brilliance or appreciating the value you bring to others?

#7 Spiritual Crisis of Meaning – Perhaps you feel apathetic and are wondering, “What is the meaning of it all? What is a life without meaning?”

#8 Stagnation and Alienation – Do you listen to your intuition and act upon it? If not, it can cause you to feel stuck in the mud. You may look around you wondering, “Where are my people, my tribe? Where is my spiritual home?”

#9 Tangled Webs of Confusion – Are you caught in catch-22’s? You need to pay your taxes… and your kids’ college tuitions. How will you find money for both? However, that’s not the real issue. The issue is: Are you using your incredible intelligence to solve real-world challenges? If not, you better believe your mind will give you a problem to solve—in your personal life!

#10 Drowning In Other’s Emotions – Do you feel a capacity to hold the space for the enormous wordless emotions of others due to your profound empathy? Are you able to separate your own feelings from those of others?

#11 Lost Joy – You used to be the life of the party. Sometimes, even a clown. What happened? When was the last time you played? Took a vacation?

#12 Rage at the World’s Injustices – Do you ever feel rage at the perceived injustices in the world? Have you found a cause or a person to advocate for?

#13 Can’t See The Forest For The Trees – You sometimes see future possibilities for others in crystal clear, color detail in your mind’s eye. But when it comes to yourself, do you feel blinded by the light?

#14 Destruction Around You Instead of Transformation – Do you recognize your ability to be a profound transformational catalyst in the lives of others yet sometimes find yourself mired in negative, even destructive, situations in your own life?

#15 Overwhelmed By Your Day-To-Day Tasks – You are able to find the profound and the poetic in every day life situations and yet, do you sometimes wonder why it all feels so heavy and hard? Do others not understand your depth?

#16 How Can They Be So Insensitive – Are you ever overcome with a rush of unconditional love for others and, yet, also overcome by tremendous sadness and disbelief at the insensitivity you sometimes witness?

#17 Deeply Misunderstood – Maybe you are like the black box of science? Your mind dumps a lot into the box and great solutions emerge, but nobody knows how you do it! You may struggle to communicate your emotions and thought processes and end up feeling misunderstood.

#18 Get Results for Others, Rather Than For Yourself – If somebody wants something done and they want it done right, they give it to you to do, right? But what about your projects? Your goals? When will it be your time to shine?

Overcoming Your Penalties

Overcoming Your Penalties

While these penalties can stop you dead in your tracks and cause your gifts to flounder, here are a few client success stories that reveal what can happen when you move out of the ‘penalty box:’

She Found Her Gifts– and She’s Been Able to Get Laser‑Focused!

“Before I'd ever heard of Baeth Davis, my tag line for my business was "Helping Newly Single Women Find Their Purpose and Passion in Life." However, I struggled with how to actually help them find their gifts.

Then I met Baeth.

After Baeth read my hands and helped me find my gifts, I decided to attend Baeth’s annual live event. That's when I knew this was the piece I'd been looking for to use with my clients!

Since then, I've been able to get laser-focused on my message because I know that I'm using my gifts. I'm now designing programs that help women find their path in life―this is a huge boost for newly single women who are often afraid and confused after a divorce.

If you are considering Baeth’s “Gifted” Gift Marking Home-Study Course, my best advice is: DO IT NOW! Don't wait. Not only will it help your business, it will also help you personally because you will have a whole new awareness of yourself and your own special gifts. I cannot tell you how much working with Baeth has completely transformed all areas of my life.”

Lori Latimer, Atlanta, Georgia

She Turned Her Business Around and Made More Money in the First Quarter of 2011 Than She Did in All of 2010!

“2011 was the year of my ‘business turn around.’

I had been struggling to build a business doing what I love―inspiring people with guidance from many spiritual dimensions to live their richest life―but I was not sure of my message, my core story, my gifts, nor how to get the word out to the people I could help.

At Baeth’s recent live event, I discovered my gifts.

But I was stuck in the ‘penalty zone’ of my gifts! Baeth’s amazing insights and business knowledge really impressed me and she gave me confidence as well as practical tips that turned my thinking around!

And I’m so glad I signed up for additional programs with Baeth because I have developed my signature talk and fine-tuned my message to take out into the world in a big way. I’ve made more money in the first quarter of 2011 than in all of 2010 because of knowing what I offer to the world and because I stepped into my gifts in a big way! Thank you, Beautiful Baeth!”

Rosemary Bredeson, Colorado Springs, CO, Intuitive Medium

They Have a Business Model That Works!

“We attended one of Baeth’s live events. At that time, we had a so-called business. I say so-called because we had a business name, yet we had no direction, no idea who our target market was, or what to do to actually ‘do the business.’ Worst of all, we didn’t really know what each of our roles was in the business, that is, who is good at doing what. In short, we were like a rudderless ocean liner heading for future icebergs; we were floundering and getting more and more frustrated because we were very motivated and working very hard, yet not really seeing any results.

The transformation for both ourselves and our business after Baeth’s event was nothing short of amazing.

We now know:

  1. That what we are doing is indeed our purpose on the planet;
  2. What each of our strengths are, so our collaboration roles are well-defined;
  3. We know what each of us has to work on individually, that is, what our gift marking penalties are that would hold us and our business back (not going to happen however!);
  4. Why we have the repeated disempowering behaviors that only cause frustration, procrastination, guilt, etcetera. We know our penalties and now know what to work on and recognize when they rear their ugly heads.
  5. What our business model is!

We have attended a myriad of courses and have had mentors before, however nothing and no one can compare with what we have gained by having Baeth as our mentor. Since her event, we have a business that will help people in the way we want to help them which is to make massive changes so that they will also transform their lives and the lives of their clients.

Baeth, thank you so much from the depths of our hearts and souls. Your authenticity and genuine love and caring are rare gems today.”

Gloria Hamilten and Alpha Murgev, Australia

Are You Ready to Discover and Use Your Gifts to Live
Your Purpose?

If you’d like to get unstuck and discover how to unleash your purpose by using your gifts, we have a solution for you.

Are you ready to find out more about what you will take away from investing in our “Gifted” Home-Study Gift Marking Course?

Read on…

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: This incredible home-study course, exploring YOUR Gift Markings, is the result of a ONE-TIME ONLY EVENT that I recently hosted. This event will NOT be offered LIVE again. If you want to gain access to this rich, deep content, presented in an exclusive format that has never been presented in this way before or since, where I walk you through your gifts step-by-step and show you HOW to monetize them for more purpose, passion and profit, you will not want to pass this up.

Imagine living your purpose by getting paid for using your gifts! When you say ‘yes’ to this opportunity you transform your life and business for MORE purpose, passion and profits. You gain INSTANT ACCESS to relief from your stuck-ness, frustration and confusion when you choose to join me for this EXCLUSIVE opportunity. Instant. When would NOW be a good time to transform your fears into freedom? If your intuition is say “YES” even just a little bit – please stay with me for a bit on this page as I share this revolutionary self-discovery solution with you!

Not every pair of hands has gift markers; however, for whatever reason, the majority of people that we attract at YourPurpose.com are highly gifted.

In most cases, they have at least one gift marker; MOST have many more than one gift marker.

Interesting, right?

The 18 possible gift markings include:

  • Leadership / The Super Achiever You are here to lead others towards a great vision. Are you still being a ‘back seat driver?’
  • The Midas Touch / The Wealth Generator You make money seemingly out of thin air. Do you remember to save any for yourself?
  • Fame and Fortune in the Spotlight What are you waiting for? Your audience is wanting to shower you with applause!
  • The Gifted Healer You inspire others to be all they can be and see their inner greatness. Do you have this same intimacy in your love life? Or is it ‘love on the rocks?’
  • Gifted Author and Speaker You possess a special message for a large audience. Any chance we’ll get to ‘read the book’ before the year is out?
  • Star of Brilliance = Eureka! You’ve discovered another phenomenal, out-of-the-box innovation. That’s great – so how come you can’t see how GREAT you actually are?
  • Line of Clairvoyance: The Spiritual Teacher You see. Do you listen?
  • Profound Intuition You listen. Do you act?
  • Master of Deep Emotions (with an interest in archetypes and mythology) You feel intensely; however, do you transmute this emotional power into spiritual insight?
  • Gift for Joy and Delight You are often brilliant working with children and animals. You crave play. Can you stop working once and a while and nurture yourself?
  • Courage to Fight for the Underdog: “The Advocate” Anger is useful – when you USE it!
  • Psychic Vision Can’t see the forest for the trees? That’s unfortunate, since you see new worlds in your imagination.
  • Pure Heart Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus yet don’t cry too hard when others want to crush your dreams.
  • Intensity of Focus Okay, so you’ve solved poverty! When was the last time you simply listened to and enjoyed a conversation about something you knew nothing about?
  • World-Scale Problem Solver Ahem, you could solve world poverty if you could stop re-arranging your tax papers.
  • Emotions Expert/Spiritual Guide That’s nice you are a such a deep poetic person – do you think we could open the curtains and air out the house? It’s a little musky in here.
  • Transformation of Deep Darkness into Light The underworld is hypnotic, intriguing and dangerous. Remember that it’s only a place to visit, not a place to build condos.
  • Intention and Manifestation You are a genius at getting stuff done. However, do the projects of others take priority over your own?

Your hands reveal these special talents. These gifts act as a support team to your Life Purpose. Your Life Purpose is the destination, your gifts get you there!

If you have gift markings, you also have penalties. People don’t usually like the word ‘penalty’. This is actually a POSITIVE thing. The penalty ensures that you use your gift! If you don’t use your gift, you go into the penalty box.

If you have a gift―you’ve got to use the gift. Why? Because the use of your gifts is necessary and essential to actualize your Life Purpose.

Let’s say you have two gift markings. This means you might consider using both gifts on a regular basis or you’ll end up with two penalties. If you have eight gift markings, it means that you ought to be using all eight on a regular basis. And so on… with up to 18 gifts, there are 18 possible penalties.

For example, if you possess the gift of Leadership and don’t exercise your vision, you end up playing the senator’s wife or the backstage floor sweeper; basically, you end up being someone behind the scenes when you need to be the visionary and up-front person for the project. This penalty ensures that you step into your Leadership abilities – provided you even know about your leadership abilities!

If you don’t know what your gifts are, you’re probably tied up in knots from all those penalties.

Are You Ready to Discover YOUR Gifts (and get relief and gain ease)?

With our “Gifted” Gift Marking Home-Study Course, you will discover:

#1 The SPECIFIC Gifts In Your Hands

You will create a PERSONALIZED “Gift Marking Blueprint” that details every gift you possess, including:

  • The positive qualities of the gift (‘Master Path’)
  • The obstacles to your gifts (‘Student Path’)
  • The penalties of your gifts
  • The mythology associated with each gift marking
  • Songs and film characters associated with each gift marking to help you understand how the gift shows up in your every day life

#2 How to USE These Gifts to MAXIMIZE Your Life Purpose

Each gift provides a clearer pathway to the expression of Your Purpose. However, most people don’t even know that this special pathway exists! Because of that, you may waste weeks, months, even years, chasing the wrong goals and going nowhere fast!

#3 The EXACT Penalties of Your Gifts―and how to AVOID them!

These penalties cause you great difficulty and pain. Most people set up their entire lives to AVOID the penalties and instead, end up living out these painful experiences every day. Once you know your gifts and your penalties, you can end your suffering.

#4 How to Use Your Gifts to Feel Fulfilled,Prosperous, At Peace and of Service―to yourself and others

We will show you not only what the gift provides for you in terms of successful outcomes, but how it can make you feel profoundly fulfilled on a deep and lasting level.

#5 A “MONEY MAP” Template for EACH Gift

Your money map includes:

  • Your Vision for each of your gift markings
  • Your Plan for each of your gift markings
  • Your SMART Goals for each of your gift markings
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time-Bound
  • Follow Up Reviews to determine how you are using your gift markings
    • Evaluate your outcomes
    • Re-Evaluate your outcomes

You will discover:

  • Where you effectively used your gifts in the past (there are 3 special charts to explore this concept included in the program)
  • How to move forward using these gifts now and into the future
  • What goals to set for these gifts
  • HOW to achieve these goals
  • How to make MONEY and PROFIT from your gifts

Special Note:
Public Visibility, Intuition, Heart & Head and Personal Gift Markings

As a side note, the 18 gift markings are divided into 4 categories:

  • Public Visibility You need to be in the spotlight, in front of an audience regularly.
  • Intuition You are highly intuitive and just ‘know’ things.
  • Heart & Head Your thinking and emotional styles offer you special abilities.
  • Personal These rare gifts bring an added dimension to every area of your life.

There is a chart in the program that breaks all 18 gift markings into their appropriate category for additional detail about the gift markings in your hands.

Okay, by now you’re probably wanting to know even more about what is included in our “Gifted” Gift Marking Home-Study Course, right?

What You Can Expect from the “Gifted” Gift Marking Home-Study Course

#1 Complete Workbook (DIGITAL ONLY)

This Downloadable PDF workbook contains the information on all 18 gift markings, including:

  • The Location of each gift marking in your hands so you can identify your gifts quickly
  • The Master Path Qualities of each gift marking
  • The Mythology of each gift marking
  • The Student Path Obstacles of each gift marking
  • The Penalties of each gift marking
  • Movie Characters related to each gift marking
  • Songs related to each gift marking
  • Money Map exercises
  • Charts to further explore your gifts

#2 Complete Video Tutorials On Each Gift Marking (ONLINE Viewing Links)

Watch as I walk you through the entire workbook for each gift in high-definition video. My co-leader, Pamelah Landers, also shares on the mythology of each gift.

#3 Transcripts (DOWNLOADABLE PDFs)

If you prefer to read through this rich content, you have that option!

Why This Course May Be Perfect For YOU!

What could be better than knowing and living your Life Purpose with all of your Gifts working together, rather than suffering and struggling with penalties you may not even know you have?!

Well, maybe relaxing on the beach with a pina colada is better―once and a while. However, you eventually have to get off the beach and make a living.

So again, what could be better than living your Life Purpose? Nothing.

Do any of these apply to you right now?

  • “I want to know my Gift Markings (and understand them at a new level of Self-Realization and Consciousness!)” The “Gifted” Gift Marking Home-Study Course will shift your consciousness in profound and uplifting ways.
  • “I want to live out my passions in life.”
  • “I want to be able to get paid to do what I love to do.”
  • “I want to find out about my special Gift Markings, how to escape the penalties and make a MONEY MAP to monetize these gifts for pleasure, passion, profit and purpose!”

If you said ‘YES’ to any of these, the “Gifted” Gift Marking Home-Study Course is for you!

So instead of going on and on repeating myself, I am removing obstacles for you to over-think this. If you know right now that this is what you want, then go ahead and invest in this program. How can you regret a decision you made when you were crystal clear on what you are feeling now?

Can you regret a decision?

A regret is usually caused by doubt. Doubt is caused by not trusting yourself. Do you trust yourself to know what you want? What is really good for you? If you do, you won’t have any regrets after you invest in yourself with this program. Why? Because you listened to your intuition and trusted yourself.

If this doesn’t resonate with you than don’t invest in yourself. YOU are the only one who can make this decision. Don’t listen to anyone else except YOU.

You don’t have ANYTHING to lose. In fact, you have everything to GAIN!

With this program, I guarantee you will discover your GIFTS and a MONEY MAP for your gifts “in hand.”

Whether or not you choose to seize this opportunity is UP TO YOU.

Will YOU take the leap?

Program was $997!.
SAVE $900!!!

Full Pay of $97 for Digital Program


Please NOTE: Due to possible (and illegal) sharing of digital products, they are non-refundable for any reason.

To Your Purpose, Your Passion and Your Profits, Guaranteed!

P.S. We can’t wait for you to discover how GIFTED you are!

If you have ANY questions, please email us at support@yourpurpose.com.

She Found Her Life Purpose

“Business had been going down, down, down. I was thinking, “What is it all about? Why am I here?” Talk about the doldrums.

Then my friend convinced me (not an easy thing to do) to attend Baeth’s live event in Phoenix. I fought hard not to go. ‘Networking was not my thing...’ ‘I don't have the money...’ blah, blah, blah. Emails back and forth, then she called and said "Nancy! You've got to step out of your comfort zone. It's not what you think it's going to be." So, I surrendered.

What a gift that was! I decided to be open minded about everything and even try and hand out some business cards for potential clients. That's what I thought I was going for.

That’s not what I received. I received what I needed, not what I wanted!

On the third day, well, that’s when it happened! When I saw Baeth on stage coaching someone; I started to see colors all around them: Bright Reds, Oranges and Yellows! My friend tells me I’m seeing auras!!! I was so inspired and excited, something I hadn't felt in years. I had been an art major in college and not picked up a paintbrush since 1979. I'd found myself in commercial art, on the computer, designing print ads and websites (that’s the business that was suffering).

As soon as I got home, I bought myself a set of watercolors, brushes and paper. I started painting and haven't stopped since. I don't know what inspired me to go for watercolors, never used them before, I suspect the softness of the aura’s I was seeing. Now, I'm painting watercolor portraits. Who knew!!!

I am using my gifts, and am focusing on the art community. I’ve claimed out loud that I am the "The Artist's Artist" providing websites for artists to communicate their full expression to the world. I, finally, feel my place in the world and know it's only just begun.

I owe everything to Baeth, the environment she creates at her events and the opportunity to find my purpose and place in the world! Baeth’s “Gifted” live event truly changed my life.”

Nancy Lee Bennett
leebennett.com, USA

Program was $997!.
SAVE $900!!!

Full Pay of $97 for Digital Program


P.P.S. Who doesn’t want to continue discovering more about themselves? I know I do. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting to know more so I can be, do and have more. I am here on Earth to squeeze the last juice from the lemon and be the zest!

If you are interested in finding out your Gifts it is because you have finally chosen to take your life to the next level of self-realization—you are ready to experience and achieve your full potential. Maybe you are finally ready to start living the life you know and believe you could always have.

Imagine living the life you have always wanted to live!

If you are reading this letter right now, I want you to imagine how close you are to discovering your Gift Markings and unblocking what’s been holding you back from their full expression. Are you ready to stop putting yourself last? Opportunities come as often as you are ready to take them.

She Gained Clarity and Inspiration

“Before Baeth, I was stuck.

I knew I had gifts and I knew how to use them―or so I thought. What I didn’t know was what how to use my gifts to serve my highest purpose―mainly because I had no idea what my highest purpose was!

Working with Baeth has given me clarity and inspiration. It’s helping me to move toward manifesting the life of my dreams. Now I know where I’m going and I know how to get there―with Baeth to guide me when I need her.”

Karen Bayly, Sydney, Australia

She’s Added Another $80,000 To Her Income In One Year!

“Before I started working with Baeth, I was struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually.

In just a few short months of working with Baeth, I have built a steady flow of clients from around the globe and am enjoying the freedom of working from home (or anywhere I choose for that matter), which is especially great for me since I have five children that need me around.

Baeth's insight, support and encouragement helped me to step out in the world in a big way. I faced that part of me that was hiding out and afraid of what my life’s vision actually meant. I now claim my work as a spiritual entrepreneur and leader.

The best part? I have recently been presented with an awesome opportunity, because of my unique gifts and abilities, that is bringing me an extra $80,000-plus a year in income. This wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't trusted my intuition and taken the first step.

I can't thank Baeth enough for living her purpose and expressing her gifts as it has opened the door for me to step up and live my life fully. Love ya, Baeth!”

JoAnn Manzella, New Jersey
CEO, Chief Enlightenment Officer

Bigger Leaps in a Shorter Amount of Time Plus a List of 20,000 Subscribers in Less Than A Year!

"Working with Baeth helped me make a major breakthrough in what has held me back from success in the past. Together, we solidified a product structure and began to develop a marketing plan.

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Kirsten Sparks, Tucson, AZ

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