Presenting Human Design Training with
Melissa Kirk & Baeth Davis

"Do ALL of the Relationships in
Your Life Make You HAPPY?

If Not, Why Not?

You’ve Been Fed a Pack of Lies About
Relationships Being ‘Hard Work.’

When YOU are Correct in Your Human Design,
You Become CORRECT in Your Relationships…
… And Then, Your Relationships are Happy,

What Could Be Simpler?”

"Do ALL of the Relationships in
Your Life Make You HAPPY?

If Not, Why Not?

You’ve Been Fed a Pack of Lies About
Relationships Being ‘Hard Work.’

When YOU are Correct in Your Human Design,
You Become CORRECT in Your Relationships…
… And Then, Your Relationships are Happy,

What Could Be Simpler?”

Unlock the Secrets to HAPPY Relationships
Using Human Design*…

…Secrets So Powerful and Life-Changing,
The Relationships You’ve Always Dreamed Of
in Your Ability to Easily Maintain These Relationships
Over the Long Term, Happy and Conflict-Free!

*Human Design is a user’s manual aligned with your real self.

It is an inner guidance system that actualizes your talents and skills

while lowering your vulnerability to external influences (“conditioning”) and

guiding you to make the correct decisions for your life.

If You Don’t Take This Opportunity to Discover and Understand Your Human Design, You’ll Continue to Wonder Why What
You're Doing Isn’t Working When It Comes to Your Most Important Relationships.

Without this Self-Knowledge, It’s Like Trying to Do a Jigsaw Puzzle Without the Picture on the Box.
Isn’t it Time to Experience Love and Happiness
in ALL of Your Relationships – Without the Frequent Confusion, Conflict and Hurt?
(Pain and Suffering are OPTIONAL!)

Without the dramatically life-changing TOOL that is human design, you may continue to:

  • Work HARD AT LOVE for the REST of Your LIFE (!) without FULFILLING HAPPINESS unless you find another way;
  • Waste time and energy carpet-sweeping your discouragement and disappointment about your failed relationships – WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE TO;
  • Stay on the wrong track in your relationships – when the “CORRECT TRACK” is just a skip and a jump away – that is, closer than your own nose on your face!

Choose the Right Relationships for You

Without Feeling Guilt, Shame and Fear About 

What Others May Think of You

Most people recognize that having happy relationships takes courage and determination in today’s world. The forces that want you to conform and choose relationships, whether for friendship, work or love, that satisfy the demands and wishes of others rather than yourself are enormous.

The current state of humanity has made money more important than love.
However, putting profits before people leads to societal breakdown and human misery, where feelings are considered a waste of time and unimportant. FEELINGS, as it turns out, are the REASON people want intimacy – so you can FEEL LOVE and GIVE LOVE in return.

LOVE is what holds the human body together, keeping it healthy and vital. For example, if you don’t love and take care of your automobile, it will fall apart sooner or later. Your body, your mind, your spirit and your relationships are no exception to this principle. What you LOVE thrives; what you ignore DIES.

Exacerbating this problem of love-avoidance is that so many people labor under the heavy load of a lack of confidence, low self-worth…even self-hatred.

Sadly, these inaccurate self-concepts hold back countless relationship dreams from becoming realities.

Additionally, many people are unaware of how their unresolved childhood pain, wounds, trauma and bitterness keep them in a cycle of procrastination, over-giving, under-sharing, hiding and many other distorted and dysfunctional behaviors that operate as BARRIERS to loving, healthy relationships.

The real “reason” so many people struggle to manifest HAPPY RELATIONSHIPS is they are being prevented internally by their inner critic and have no clear process for unwinding their wounds and healing into their full potential.

Human design lays these patterns bare and makes healing not only possible, but easy!
Yes, You CAN have Happy, Fulfilling Relationships – provided you are ready to be honest, real and open to a new approach.

What Would It Be Like to Have The Opportunity To Go

To The Next Level in Your Life

(and Have All Your Dreams Come True)?!

What Would It Be Like to Have the Relationships of Your Dreams

(and Have All Your Relationships Be HAPPY and Fulfilling?!)

Not later, but NOW.

By uncovering the secrets of your Human Design, you’ll have your RELATIONSHIP ROADMAP, an in-depth, customized Life Plan from the perspective of your
LIFE PURPOSE along with the most harmonious ways to create the relationships you desire.

No more PUSHING TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Studying the Human Design System will put you in THE ZONE where everything works out the way it is supposed to…easily and effortlessly.

You’ll have PEACE AND SUCCESS. (When was the last time you saw both those words in the same sentence?)

Maybe you’ve had success, maybe you’ve had peace… but not both simultaneously!!

PICTURED: Baeth teaching a mini-workshop on using your human design for happier relationships – with your self and others!

I thought chasing success was the pinnacle – but it cost me my inner peace, health and marriage. Now that I have both success and peace, I know there is nothing more valuable than approaching everything in your life in a peacefully confident way, with faith, because you know how the Universe designed YOU.

“Around 6 PM tonight, I was thinking about you, reflecting on what I’ve learned we have in common and on how I’m grateful I am for your gifts, thinking, ‘I need to email her to let her know…nah, maybe I’ll wait’ - and at that very moment your email, ‘Tips & strategies for staying aligned to your design,’ popped into my inbox, so I took that as a sign to send this email now!
My good friend Brian Biro, who is a Breakthrough Coach says,
‘The love we fail to share is the only pain we live with.’
I feel called to share what I love and appreciate about you.

I feel very inspired and energized by you.

I’m 60 years old, and you’re 53 (I think), and we were both raised as Catholics in
upper middle-class families in Massachusetts. (I’m from Framingham.) and both told not to be so sensitive and or express certain emotions.

We’re both 5/1 Emotional [Authority] Generators and I noticed we have three electromagnetic channels together: the 64-47 Channel, the 61-24 Channel, and the 21-45 Channel. I think this contributes to me feeling
energized on calls with you.

I really appreciate how you show up on the [human design course] calls. I experience you as very articulate in how you express yourself. Your energy feels very clear to me. I love your humor (You are fun!) and how you are totally yourself – unapologetically. This is inspiring me to be even more that way myself. I’m making progress.

I felt inspired when you said you only need about five (5) hours of sleep a night
and that you love your alone time. I also love and need time with myself and have always had a rich inner life since I was a kid.

I also really appreciated the love, support and care I felt you and Melissa [Kirk] exhibited on our last HD training call with another student. I love that you’re a stand for people shedding all their conditioning bullshit and truly knowing and loving themselves.

And I don’t have you on a pedestal and so you can’t fall off – ha!

I wanted you to know the impact you’ve had on me.

Thank you!”
With love and gratitude, Barbara Brady,

Barbara Brady

What is Human Design?
There are several elements to the Human Design system.

Your chart is the combination of:

  • Western astrology
  • Kabbalah/Tree of Life
  • Indian chakra system
  • 64 codons of DNA
  • 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching
  • I have studied all these and more:

    • Myers-Briggs and DISC assessments
    • The Enneagram
    • Numerology
    • Tarot, and, of course
    • Scientific Hand Analysis

    As amazing as these systems are…they’ve all given me great  insight, but I TRULY believe Human Design is the most cutting-edge, self-discovery system currently in existence on the planet today.

    -Baeth Davis

    No matter what systems you have studied before, Human Design brings your learning together in an elegant and cohesive fashion.

    Aligning with your Human Design will allow you to enter into experiences and relationships in the correct way for YOU, allowing you to find a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.  You’ll align with your authentic self-expression and eliminate approaches that simply don’t work for you.

    When you obtain your Human Design chart (easily found on any search engine – just type in “free human design report”), you will see your chart. What is colored in is YOUR map – and what is white is your “not self.”.

    Your Human Design Chart reveals your soul’s path for you.

    I’ve coached hundreds of clients in this work and they’re all doing so much better in their lives. Most of them use Human Design to understand themselves and make decisions that create more ease and flow in their life.

    When you make correct decisions based on your design, you ELIMINATE RESISTANCE.

    You’re not meant to be sick, broke, lonely or unhappy. You’re meant to feel fulfilled by making good decisions. Human Design reveals how you make the right decisions that lead to more FULFILLMENT rather than feeling frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed (these four negative emotional states are the “NOT SELF” themes of Human Design).

    And Now for Some Great News!
    Please Join Human Design Master Teacher,
    Melissa Kirk and Baeth Davis for
    OUR BRAND-NEW Human Design COURSE:
    “Relationships, Connections & Reading
    Combined Charts”
    November 2022 through March 2023

    “Only boldness can deliver from fear. And if the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is somehow violated, and the whole future is condemned to hopeless staleness.”~ Carl Jung, Symbols of Transformation

    ** Course includes workbooks and homework with answer keys
    PLUS Private Facebook group and
    and three live webinars per month on Zoom.

    November 2022 - March 2023

    Our Human Design Training

    will empower you to:

    • Accept yourself exactly as you are (Yay!!!)
    • Tap into your core gifts
    • Live from the unique blueprint of who you are
    • Be in harmony with the flow of life
    • Expect and achieve only the best of everything you desire
    • Enjoy HAPPY relationships in EVERY area of your life: home, work and with friends and relatives
      Share this life-changing information with your family, friends and clients so they, too, can experience
      relationships that are “aligned to their designs!”

    Baeth davis

    Affectionately known as “Dr. Purpose” by clients and colleagues, Baeth has over 24 years of experience in life purpose identification and business coaching.

    Seven years ago, she began incorporating Human Design in her work with clients.

    Baeth has been featured in Women’s World and Los Angeles Times as well as heard on NPR, BBC-5 and RadioFree Europe. Her greatest happiness is seeing clients achieve their life-long goals and experience the fulfillment that comes with living aligned to your design.

    Some of her clients are top business coaches including Ali Brown, Kendall SummerHawk and Suzanne Evans and Hollywood celebrities and well-known motivational speakers. Baeth also works with many other coaches, writers, artists and a variety of business owners in many industries, as well as stay-at-home parents, retirees and students.

    Her greatest joy is in helping you eliminate the resistance that comes from not knowing your purpose. She helps you identify, unleash and profit from your purpose so that you gain more confidence, more ideal clients and more revenue.  She consistently delivers your specific purpose and business plan so that you can finally experience the fulfillment and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

    Baeth lives in New Jersey and loves hiking, walking by the ocean, reading and traveling. She finds restoration and nourishment in painting, ecstatic dance and writing. Her happiest moments are when she helps clients reach their goals.

    Melissa Kirk

    Melissa helps people create the life they want. According to the Law of Attraction, if you want something different you have to BE something different. She helps others create more money, their ideal transformation, their perfect mate and helps them with self-discovery. Melissa has a business degree, psychology degree, has run several businesses, and is also an NLP Practitioner, Theta Healing Instructor, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and a Certified Money Coach.

    Melissa is a Scientific Hand Analyst Instructor (certified by Baeth Davis!), Human Design Instructor, and does astrology readings. She combines all these tools to help her clients align their business with who they naturally are.

    Melissa has three children, a girl and two boys. She loves to travel and always continues to learn.

    Melissa Kirk, the Brilliant Master Teacher of Human Design and I will be co-instructors of this Human Design Training Course. 

    We are both crazy-busy, but we finally managed to align our calendars to make this work (yep, everything’s about aligning!)  We don’t know if we’ll be able to do this again LIVE so we really hope you’ll take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to learn this brilliant system with both of us.

    This will be a supportive group training, co-led by Melissa and me. Melissa will be your mentor for the course and she is extraordinary. She’s the sharpest , most insightful and intuitive Human Design instructors that I know with seven years of Human Design training and  25+ years of healing arts experience. Plus she has real-world experience. Melissa doesn’t just teach human design…she lives it!

    Why Take This Course

    Everything You’ve Always Wanted

    Will be ATTAINABLE …

    • Attract a Truly Compatible Mate
    • Harmonious Relationship with Peers and Colleagues
    • Experience Your Dream Career
    • Accomplish Financial Success Doing What You Love to Do
    • Make the Right Choices in Love and Business
    • Help Your Peers, Clients & Children Align with Their Designs
    • Live Your Ideal Lifestyle with Ease
    • Live From Your Spiritual and Authentic Truth


    • If you work with people, if you live with people, and if you interact with people , then taking this Human Design Training course will be a game-changer for your life, like having a crystal ball. Knowing exactly how to relate to each of the people in your life, including your mate, your family, friends, and colleagues.
    • You’ll know how to inspire people – whether they’re your employees or clients.
    • You may want to add this knowledge to your current profession in the healing arts, as a coach, entrepreneur, lawyer, engineer, health care professional. Especially if you’re burnt out or bored and crave the ability to share your intuitive and creative gifts and make even more of an impact while enjoying a fulfilling career
    • Add an additional revenue stream to your business
    • Create a brand new revenue stream
    • And unlock the key mysteries of what makes your life work in every way

    Why Would I Take a Human Design Course

     When I Can Just Have a Human Design Session?

    While it’s invaluable to have your chart read, understanding the Human Design System will give you in-depth access to your OWN OPERATING SYSTEM. FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! As you’ll be studying over a period of many months, you’ll become EXPERT at reading your own charts and those of others.

    I never could have imagined that a system existed where you could pursue your goals and achieve success and the goals and success of your clients…all the while, feeling CALM and RELAXED. It’s as if there’s no transition necessary from the way you feel when you have time off and when you’re working, as you feel peaceful and confident doing both. This makes me think of that saying, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I can testify to that.

    Human Design Is Not Just for Coaches

    (and doesn’t have to be a new revenue stream)

    Human Design can help healing artists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, educators, engineers, MBAs, health care professionals or any other line of work you’re in. You can use it to be successful in your work, whatever you do. It’s like having the Wisdom of the Universe at your fingertips.

    We’re not meant to struggle to have the things we want….

    We’re here for the creative adventure of a wild love affair with our own soul.

    We’re here to experience the ecstasy of being unique and sharing our gifts with others.

    We’re here to live in gratitude, abundance and joy.

    If you learn the wisdom of Human Design, Your life is going to be so much easier

    The explanation I owe you…

    As some of you who’ve had Human Design sessions with me may know, Human Design has been the primary focus of my business for the past several years. 

    Human Design has been so life-changing for me IN EVERY AREA OF MY PERSONAL AND BUSINESS LIFE that it’s time I share it with you so you too can experience the joy of CALMLY and SUCCESSFULLY operating your personal life and business with clear directions.

    You’ll also share the deliriously happy “Aha!” moment of others when they learn how they’ve been SUPPOSED TO FUNCTION IN THE WORLD all along. (See Baeth’s Story below).

    You won’t find this personalized self-knowledge in any mainstream one-size-fits-all business or self-help book. Human Design gives you essential directions for your recipe to live the life you want based on your birth date.

    Just as it did for me, discovering and studying Human Design will uncover your soul blueprint (that’s existed since the moment of your birth), and experience the deep shift in your awareness that will feel like…

    • Exhaling after a deep, comforting sigh of relief when you realize WHY WHAT YOU’VE BEEN DOING HASN’T BEEN WORKING
    • Drinking a cool, refreshing glass of iced water in what’s felt like a desert of resistance.
    • The deep knowledge of yourself (and then others) you’ll achieve from studying Human Design will feel like you’ve finally COME HOME TO YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF…and unlocked the door to EVERYTHING YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED.”
    How Aligning With My Human Design
    Revolutionized My Life    

    Many of you have known me as the “palm lady” or “hand analyst.” Over 22 years ago, I had my palms read and discovered “scientific hand analysis.” The reading was such a cataclysmic event that I decided to make hand analysis my primary pursuit and within two and a half years, it became my full-time profession. In 2001, I began teaching hand analysis classes and offering business mentoring, using the client’s hand prints as a guide.

    Scientific hand analysis is the result of the life’s work of Richard Unger who discovered that our Life Purpose (among other data points) is contained in our fingerprint patterns. I’ve studied with Richard, his wife, Alana, and their protégé, Terri-Lynn Snider.

    Hand analysis was the primary “go to” in my business for identifying key traits to someone’s personality and life mission.

    A Fateful Encounter

    Then, something happened that would be another watershed moment in my personal journey and my ambition to bring the consciousness of life purpose to the masses.

    After an ecstatic dance class in Los Angeles one Saturday in 2014, I was eating lunch with my dear friend, Christina. She said to me, apropos of nothing, “Hey, do you know what TYPE you are in human design?”

    “Hmmm,” I said. “About 10 years ago someone ran a chart for me and told me I was a Generator… but I blew it off. Why do you ask?”

    “Well, I’m a Generator, too. I’ve really started to connect with it. There’s this thing about ‘waiting to respond,’ meaning you have to wait to be asked about something – an opportunity, a relationship, etc. - and then to stop and listen to your inner guidance to see how the request feels for you. You aren’t meant to initiate your ideas… or you’ll meet resistance.”

    The Beginning of the End of Resistance

    That’s about all she said and I felt something beautiful and colorful expand in my brain like a lotus flower opening up in a time-lapse movie.

    My memory flooded with instances of resistance, trying to make things work – pursuing relationships, opportunities, goals, only to be frustrated, disappointed and upset with myself for failing yet again to find satisfaction.

    “Wait to respond, huh?” I replied. “This ought to be interesting.”

    After that fateful lunch, I dove into studying all things Human Design. In 2017, after trying out the material for about three years on myself, I brought the knowledge to my clients who were studying hand analysis with me.

    Together, we discovered that combining the wisdom of both systems makes for an unbeatable combination for understanding both your personality and your unconscious drivers.

    On the personal side, some truly miraculous things have occurred from learning how to ‘wait to respond.’

    Human Design for Inner Guidance…a Revolutionary Approach to a Happier Life

    Discovering and studying Human Design revolutionized how I approach my life.

    The Reward of Patience is Patience

    ~ St Francis of Assisi

    Firstly, I don’t rush anymore. I’m learning to fall in love with waiting.

    As Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design, said, “Everyone is in a hurry to wait.”

    I realize that this may not sound revolutionary, but let me assure you, IT IS.

    Pre-Human Design, I ran on adrenaline, stress and anxiety… always worrying about meeting the next deadline, ensuring that my clients were happy and satisfied, all the while, trying to carve out the time to market my business regularly.

    I’ve always loved my work and achieving my goals, but discovering and studying Human Design helped me to ask a crucial question I’d never thought to ask myself before.

    “But, at what cost?”

    Often running on fumes, feeling depleted, exhausted, overwhelmed, constantly tired. Going through under-eye concealer at a ridiculous pace.

    Back then, I saw this as the price you have to pay to have a successful business. After all, whoever heard of a relaxed, successful entrepreneur who didn’t work 24/7? Unless they’d retired .

    Learning to savor waiting and allowing the right timing for decisions has been the difference between unrelenting frustration (the “not self” experience of the Generator – and I’m a Generator) and the sweet taste of satisfaction…my “signature” of fulfillment.

    Easily Making Major Decisions

    For example, in mid-March 2020, when the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, I knew it was time for my partner and I to leave Los Angeles.  I “responded” to this news. I felt a clear, steady pressure in my solar plexus saying, “Pack and go.” As I live my life based on my Human Design, there was no indecisiveness, weighing the pros and cons.

    I just “knew.”

    Within five weeks, we had moved back East to Maryland to help his parents. It was a lovely time of togetherness for all of us.  Ironically, my partner’s issues came to a head that he knew he had to handle within himself and his family that I couldn’t help with. I knew I needed to end the relationship and leave. 

    Synchronistically, a friend invited me to stay with her in New Jersey for a couple of weeks. I did and fell in love with her town.

    Making the Right Move

    In September 2020, I officially made New Jersey my home. I’ve never been happier living anywhere. (You’ve probably heard plenty of bad press about New Jersey – don’t believe it! It was created by very smart people to make sure the state doesn’t get overrun! It’s gorgeous here and there is everything a person like me could want – close to nature, NYC and Philadelphia are just a train ride away, and my family is just a short drive up the coast.)

    Though I continue to be teased about moving from my penthouse apartment by the water in Venice Beach to New Jersey, and am often asked, in a disbelieving tone, “Why New Jersey?”  (Their unspoken meaning? “Why on earth would you move New Jersey?”)

    My answer is: “Because it’s correct and I’m satisfied.”

    That’s the bottom line now: “Am I satisfied?”

    Your Fulfillment is a Priority

    I am convinced of the power of Human Design to help you make excellent, authentic and fulfilling decisions. Because nothing matters if you aren’t fulfilled. You must come first in your life for your life to work FOR YOU.

    Trusting my Human Design has nearly eradicated anxiety from my life, and brought to me the right team members, clients and associates to my business and made my personal life happy and fulfilling, even during these unusual times of change.

    Let me tell you one more story about why you don’t want to wait a moment longer to live your Human Design…

    Back in 2011, I got divorced. It was an expensive divorce – for me! I ended up paying out over $350,000 to my ex. And in the process, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. The stress of the divorce certainly wasn’t helping my health.

    What I know for sure is that had I listened to that first friend who tried to get me to understand my design, I would NOT HAVE AGREED TO THE DIVORCE TERMS. I would have fought for what was in our pre-nup. I would have ‘waited to respond’ rather than allowing myself to be pressured into complying with terms that I didn’t agree with out of fear and the desire to “be a good person” and just “get it over with.”

    I don’t operate that way any longer. My health is improving, but as the maxim goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Oh don’t I know it. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands recovering my health – in addition to insurance premiums. I strongly believe had I stood up for myself in my marriage and during the divorce, I would have either not gotten cancer or dealt with it much more consciously and proactively.

    Of course, we can’t do much with the past except learn from it and move forward. I share this story only to show you the the COST OF NOT KNOWING HOW TO MAKE CORRECT DECISIONS FROM YOUR TRUE SELF.

    It took me seven years to complete the divorce decree stipulations. In human design, seven years is the cycle to complete inappropriate decisions of a lasting nature – marriage, divorce, etc.

    Do you want to spend the next seven years of your life recovering from a bad decision? No, me either!

    This was a hard-won lesson I won’t soon forget…If you don’t advocate for yourself, no one else will. And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re selfish…you’re not. Or push you into making a decision that’s not right for you.

    You’re here on Earth for YOU. You aren’t here for anyone else. When you start living for yourself in a way that is correct and fulfilling, you naturally express your gifts and become of service to those around you. It can’t be otherwise. The greatest gift we give others is our joy, love and gratitude. These emotional states flow from being fulfilled personally and our ability to maximize our potential.

    A gratifying comment I hear regularly from clients is:

    Baeth, I finally realize I’m okay doing things
    the way I do things. It’s who I am –

    and who I am is okay.”

     The RELIEF I hear in my clients’ voices makes me want to do a happy dance!  Helping to relieve the burdens they’ve been carrying is such a blessing, I want to share it with you so you can help others be true to themselves.  To learn more:


    Erin Parsely - EMODIMENT COACH

    She Stopped Playing It Small and Safe and Her Dreams Came True (In Less Than a Year!)

    It was mid-September 2020. Erin looked out her window to see dark skies. Smoke from nearby wildfires had blocked out the sun.

    She thought to herself, “I have to get out of here.” Erin is a Manifesting Generator in human design. As an MG, she is built to be in response to her environment.

    Her body gave her the signal it was time to move with a nudge deep in her sacral center. A friend invited her to Mexico and she seized the chance. Once in Mexico, she decided to extend her trip.

    And then she extended it again. Now Erin is living in a beautiful home in Mexico. This home has all the amenities she has ever wanted, including a heated swimming pool and gourmet kitchen. But the best part? It had a room Erin turned into a dance studio. Erin is a professionally trained ballerina and competitive dancer who went on to be a dance instructor when she dialed back the competitions. She is now an embodiment coach who teaches people how to get out of their heads and into their bodies so they can FEEL and ENJOY their lives. The pandemic forced her to take her business online and with the help of Baeth and understanding her human design, Erin started charging $5000 for her online mentoring packages and enrolling her ideal clients in her work. She is now conducting her online movement work from her studio in Mexico. She wrote me this beautiful note:

    "Hey Baeth,
    I just want to say I’m so freaking excited to be me right now. I’ve super duper turned a corner in this last year – and totally rocking myself and my business and my life. Everything is starting for me – I can feel it. It’s amazing. I’m feeling the abundance of my offerings and everything I’m going to create and all the goodness I’m going to receive in return. I’m starting to really drop into my life. And it’s super duper amazing and I’m so grateful. Because I’ve been through such a long, hard journey to get here. I’ve turned this corner now and I’m so grateful. Thank you for everything you’ve done to educate and inspire me to understand how to get here also. You’re awesome. I appreciate you. Ah Baeth Davis, I love you, I love you. I knew a decade ago when I met you, 'I’m going to be connected to that lady and it’s going to change my life.' You know, I don’t look up to many people -- I really don’t. I’ve got all this defined G/Identity Center and Heart Center [in my Human Design]. I’ve got a lot of powerful channels and I do not look up to most people, but I do look up to you. And I’m so grateful for you.” ~ 

    Kimberly Kaase - BUSINESS COACH

    She Dramatically Increased Her Revenue Over the Previous Year

    Kimberley’s work had dried up in the first four months of 2020 and she saw herself staring down an
    empty calendar and a trickle of cash flow. After nine years as a coach and feeling she might be missing an important piece of the puzzle, she hired Baeth and her team to understand her human design and began applying the information to her personal and professional lives. Within two months of joining Baeth’s training, (and after never having sold anything online) she did her very first online training and made five figures in sales. Two months later, her second online training two months later netted nearly $50k in sales.Stunned, she decided to raise her rates and enrolled not one, but two clients, into her signature one-to-one support program at $60,000/year. By October of 2020, she’d made more money in four months than she had made in all of 2019.

    Kimberley said, “Understanding my design at a deep level allowed me to adjust the language of my offerings as well as direct them towards prospective clients more able to take advantage of my unique skill set as a business strategist. As their business profits soared, so did mine. The more I discover and implement from my human design, the more amazing my life becomes. I’m now married to my soul mate, we are running multiple profitable businesses together and I’m feeling more on fire than I ever have. I attribute this directly to Baeth, her team the teachings of human design.

    Just ask a question about yourself and your human design chart will have insight for you!

    This Program is MORE Than Just a Reading!

    While it is invaluable to have your chart read and we encourage you to book a private human design reading with one of our team, understanding the system gives you access to your own operating system – for the rest of your life! Additionally, you can use this system to guide your clients and as an additional revenue stream if you so choose.

    Are You READY to Live As Your True Self?!

    “Relationships, Connections & Reading Combined Charts”
    It’s just $1497  for the course.
    Or you can make three payments.