“How The I-Ching Meets Human Design: A 3-Part Course”

with Mindy Mayhew and Baeth Davis

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When you join us for this fun, short, chock-full course, you will discover:

Session #1:
How Does the I-Ching Show Up in Your Human Design Chart

In our initial session, we’ll review how to use the I-Ching (pronounced “E-Jing”) to gain insight on your questions and intentions as well as I-Ching basic terminology.

We’ll then look at how the I-Ching appears in your human design chart and how it impacts your chart.

For example, each of the 64 gates in the human design system has a hexagram from the I-Ching associated with it. Depending on which gates and lines appear in your chart, your chart reveals the major themes, challenges and gifts in your life.

In Your chart, what is colored in is YOU – and what is white is your “not self.”

By learning what is YOU – you can eliminate resistance and save yourself
a lot of needless suffering trying to figure out life through what is not you.

“You do You, Boo!” That’s our motto around here!

Session #2:
Creating Sacred Space, Balancing Masculine and Feminine,
Meeting the Ascended Masters and Embracing the Human Design ‘RAVE Mandala’

In our second session, we’ll dive into the following:

  • Creating Sacred Space ~ You’ll create a special altar area for using the I-Ching in your everyday life so that your interactions with the I-Ching are useful and focused. We’ll show you how to incorporate sacred symbols such as the lotus flower and your human design mandala so you can activate the energies in your design.

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies ~ This polarity of energy exists throughout nature. Being able to access both energies at will
    gives you power.
    The I-Ching incorporates this understanding as “yang” (masculine energy) and “yin” (feminine energy). “Yang” energy is essentially the invisible realm – consciousness. “Yin” energy is all of material existence – you, the world around you and everything in the cosmos that is matter – planets, stars, etc.
    When consciousness (masculine/yang) energy is brought into situations, the material world (feminine/yin) can shape itself for the most beneficial circumstances for all concerned.
    Imagine a person watching another person dancing. The person watching, provided they are fully aware of the dancer, is embodying consciousness or yang energy.
    The person dancing and being observed is the active yin energy engaged with the creative process. The more masculine attention and intention is brought to the material process/material world (feminine energy), the easier the creative  output and the more beneficial the outcomes.
    When you develop greater and greater situational awareness, the more powerful your energy to create the life you desire.

  • Meeting the Ascended Masters ~ Buddha, Gandhi and Osho are famed for their profound consciousness (masculine energy). The Goddesses embody the ascended feminine energy.
    Understanding how these figures, archetypal and historical, embraced the knowledge of yin and yang energies can help you in manifesting more effectively in your life.

  • Embracing The Rave Mandala ~ Your human design bodygraph sits inside a ring that contains astrological symbols plus the I-Ching with its corresponding gates and hexagrams. These pieces of data taken together create a beautiful mandala representing how yin and yang energy moves  through you. The more you study this gorgeous, artful map of your circuit board, the more your DNA – what is YOU – is activated. We recommend you print out your mandala in bright color and post it where you can see it and reflect on it every day.

Session #3:

In our third session, we’ll dive into the following:

  • I-Ching Divination ~ We’ll explore how to further implement these teachings. You’ll discover how to take action on the counsel of the I-Ching – even if it is leading you in a new or unexpected direction.
  • Human Design ~ We’ll explore how to use your human design as a guide to live your design, especially your strategy and authority, so you can eliminate resistance, “de-condition” and live as your true self in all areas of your life.
  • Your Connection to the Divine ~ Using the I-Ching and Human Design, you can  strengthen your connection with the divine and universal intelligence. We’ll also touch on other methods you can explore, such as astrology, tarot cards  and using pendulums, to gain clarity so you make good, clear decisions DAILY.
    You’ll complete this 3-part course with new tools and the desire and devotion to make your purpose your priority.

Join us for this 3-part training enrolling now.
(Please allow 75 minutes for each class)


If you are not fully satisfied within 24 hours after the FIRST session,
please email support@yourpurpose.com and we will grant you a full refund.

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