Module 7 : Chakra 7 (Purpose)

Biology of Business

Module 7: Chakra 7 (Purpose)

Chakra 7

The top of your head (where your crown sits) is the gateway to the world outside of your skin. This infinite expanse of space and matter is taking cues from you and giving information to you every day through your experiences. Your experiences continually reflect your relationship to yourself. The more you are aligned with yourself, the more your experiences empower, expand and enliven you.

Remember that the purpose of your body is to experience more and more ALIVENESS. Anything that brings you more aliveness brings you to your purpose and anything that deadens you takes you away from your purpose.

Step 1 - Watch this short introduction video to Module 7.

Step 2 - Review this chart to see the location of Chakra 7 in your hands.

CLICK HERE to open 7th Chakra in the Hands

Step 3 - Watch this video on Chakra 7 in your hands.

Step 4 - Review this chart.

CLICK HERE to open chart

Step 5 - Complete this worksheet to review the status of your purpose.

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