Module 8 : Chakra 8 (Prosperity)

Biology of Business

Module 8: Chakra 8 (Prosperity)

Chakra 8

Chakra 8 is the energy ring around your body, created by the aliveness of your body. The MORE alive your body, the stronger this ring of energy.

The aura carries the energy of your other seven chakras. Your prosperity therefore is in the total energy that others feel when they interact with you. For example, if you are grumpy about a task, that will produce different results than being committed and resolute in your objectives.

The more we recognize the energy we communicate in the way we walk, talk, dress, speak and interact, the more powerful we become in creating the life we desire. This is real prosperity because prosperity includes money but is much more than money.

Prosperity is ultimately the amount of energy or aliveness that we can harness and direct that allows you to create and experience a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Step 1 - Review this chart to follow along with the video in Step 2.

CLICK HERE to open 8th Chakra pyramid

Step 2 - Watch this short intro video about Chakra 8: Your Aura.

Step 3 - Determine your Human Design “type” for your aura type.

GO HERE to determine your Human Design type.

Simply click on the home page link and put in your birth info to determine your human design type. Download your chart from the site so you have it for future reference.

Step 4 - Note your aura type:

a) Manifestor = repelling aura
b) Generator = attracting/magnetic aura
c) Manifesting Generator = alternately repelling and attracting aura
d) Projector = penetrating aura
e) Reflector = sampling the environment, people, experiences

Step 5 - We will discuss the implications of your Human Design findings and your aura on the upcoming Q&A call.

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