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Life Purpose Mastery?

The only program on the planet designed to help you wrap your biz (and your biz model) around your core genius so you can bring your greatest work to the world!

Life Purpose Mastery

A program focused on helping you create a successful business built around your soul's purpose and design with experienced business mentoring, results-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, training on-demand, and a community of driven, focused business owners.
If you are:
- A 6+ figure service-based business owner or professional (lawyer, doctor, engineer) who needs to implement online and offline solutions to free up time and give your business the ability to reach more of your ideal clients, no matter what the technological future may hold in store.

- Stuck on wondering "What's next?" and just KNOW that if you had a customized plan designed for your personality, you could take consistent action and generate exceptional results.

- Spending a lot of time on social media but not seeing consistent results.

- Wondering WHICH media path to choose, so you could stick with two or three marketing tools and use them consistently.

- An innovative visionary who knows you are here to share your genius and bring your greatest work to the world for impact, success, surprise and satisfaction!
Join Life Purpose Mastery
What You Receive In

Life Purpose Mastery


  • Coach with Baeth directly 2x per week on our group laser session webinars.
  • Introductory one-hour hand analysis session with one of our trained analysts.
  • Introductory 90-minute human design session with one of our trained analysts.
  • Weekly checkpoints with your very own Life Purpose Mastery Mentor who is your accountability buddy and progress monitor.
  • 1 monthly 1-to-1 session with your assigned accountability mentor.
  • Marketing, Mindset, Sales, Embodiment and Human Design Training Webinars MULTIPLE TIMES PER MONTH!
  • Specific milestones and metrics are checked on weekly and monthly with your mentor.
  • 3 LIVE In-Person Implementation Meetings
    (locations announced about two months before each meeting)
  • ONLINE June 18 & 19 (Thursday & Friday)
    9 am to 5 pm each day from your own home or office
    Oct. 15 & 16 (Thursday & Friday)
    Jan. 28 & 29, 2021 (Thursday & Friday)
    Bring your lap top, roll up your sleeves and get ready to put more into action. Our full team will be there to support you every step of the way.
  • Everything is recorded so you can always watch the replays of anything you miss!


Your Life Purpose Mastery Mentor will set you up with your CEO Schedule so you can fit the program into your life. Your mentors will set you up with weekly and monthly lead generation and sales goals.

They will check weekly on your progress.


Log in and there you will find: Templates-Swipe Files-

Scripts-Audio Tutorials-Video How To’s-

Printables and Downloadables PLUS all the webinar recordings.


Join our supportive and knowledgeable Members’ Only Facebook “Life Purpose Mastery” community.

Participate in our Business Exchanges and build referral partnerships.

Participate in our Trip to Hawaii competition! We're sending two clients on an all-expenses-paid getaway in 2020!

Post questions and wins in between your mentoring calls each week for support from our staff and your other Life Purpose Mastery colleagues.


Online AND offline strategies to help you build a business that will thrive regardless of algorithm changes or other social media updates. Thrive even if social media went away!

Clients Rave About Baeth

"Baeth once said to me, ‘Kendall, it’s easy to make money.

Just get 100 people to pay you $10,000/each for your program.’

I looked at her in disbelief but I took in what she was saying and I felt a switch flipped inside me.

Soon after, I grabbed hold of her insight, moved through my fears and finished the year breaking  through to 7-figures, which was a dream come true.

Baeth is truly in an extraordinary league of her own at seeing inside of you and pulling out exactly what your genius is and how to leverage it into revenue streams that spring from your talents and gifts.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed or frustrated, knowing you were meant for more  yet not quite able to put your finger on what 'more' can be,  I would not walk, but run, to get Baeth's insights.

She will pinpoint for you a clear, focused path to your greatest work and legacy, in a way that is fun, highly monetized and soulfully fulfilling."

~ Kendall SummerHawk
Creator of the Leading Coach Training School Where Women Become Certified Business & Money Coaches

"Baeth’s work is groundbreaking, life-changing, and has been a turning point for many leaders I know (including myself) to gain clarity when navigating into their true life’s work."

~ Ali Brown
Entrepreneur + Mentor
Life Purpose Mastery provides mentoring + training coupled with accountability and support through the full action-taking process.

What We Stand For:

  •  A supportive, results-based approach that works WITH you on your custom plan.
  • ​Long-term sustainable growth, NOT the online tactic of the hour.
  • A business model wrapped around your design and genius. In other words, a business based upon YOU.
  • ​Principles “aligned to your design” that give you back your time and peace of mind while helping you achieve your most important goals.
  • ​A continuous support system to guide you through the strategy, mindset, and action-taking that creates a Life Purpose Master!
We WILL help you create immediate results when the strategies we teach are implemented by you with swift, courageous and bold action.
Investment in

Life Purpose Mastery

$1300/month for 12 months

    • Two Weekly Business Hot Seat Laser Sessions (with 1:1 laser sessions on as many webinars as you need that week).
    • 3 LIVE In Person Meetings (May 14 & 15, October 15 & 16, and Jan. 28 & 29, 2021).
    • One Weekly Online Marketing Group Session (to help you either get set up or scale and grow further).
    • One Weekly Online Mindset & Sales Group Session (to help you raise your rates, feel good about what you charge, ask for the sale and receive it!).
    • One Weekly Embodiment and Limiting Belief Removal Group Session (to help you remove barriers to your forward progress and to truly get your wins into your physical body – so it’s like riding a bike – you never forget HOW to be you and keep moving forward in a positive way).
    • 3 Human Design Training Sessions every month (with 1:1 laser sessions on as many calls as you need to understand your design and align to your design).
    • Personal Human Design Session (discover your specific design and then bring questions to the human design Q&As!).
    • Personal Hand Analysis Session (discover the success map in your hands!).
    • Weekly message check-in with your Life Purpose Mastery Mentor (They will be sure you stay up on your lead generation, sales and overall progress!).
    • Monthly 30-minute call with your Life Purpose Mastery Mentor (Create a 30-day plan each and every month for long-term success).
    • Private Facebook forum (where every question is answered by the team, along with insight from your fellow members).
    • ​​Audios, Videos, Templates, Swipe Files, and More (how-to’s on everything you need).
    • Membership Portal – Log in and there you will find:
      Templates-Swipe Files-Scripts-Audio Tutorials-Video How To’s-Printables
      and Downloadables PLUS all the webinar recordings.

You can also pay-in-full and receive a $1800 discount!

Who is Baeth Davis?

Baeth Davis is known as Doctor Purpose and
"The Intuitive Business Catalyst ™."
Baeth is the secret sage to global leaders, spiritual teachers, healers, artists, engineers, design creatives, celebrities, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Using her intuition, extensive sales and content-creation experience, 22 years in business and expertise in scientific hand analysis and human design, she helps you discover and unleash your life purpose and then design a business around your core purpose so you can profit and serve.

She is a supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation, Just Like My Child and the Pachamama Alliance and is committed to bringing the Life Purpose Mastery to creative entrepreneurs globally.

As featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan and the LA Times, as well as heard on NPR, KPFK-Los Angeles, Radio Europe and the BBC 5, Baeth is devoted to helping you unleash your life purpose and uncover the #1 thing that has been holding you back from achieving it.

More Client Raves 

“Hi Baeth,

I hope you are well. I wanted to just let you know the magic that has happened in the last 24 hours.

I watched the replay of our mentoring session and it was just as powerful as yesterday (and I did not have internet interruptions!)
First of all, I loved the fact that I can give myself a break with the hustling side of things and waiting for things to come to me so to relax. The universe has flowed today and it is so much nicer!

Also, just the simple decision that all will be okay and stop worrying!!
Oh and the knowledge that I am an observer and can be a hermit and not getting into the drama of life – understanding that is me is great and allows more self-love and not to beat myself up that I should be out there ‘getting involved.’

The biggest impact has been the creation and art thing – I made a call today which was following up an idea I have toyed with but it is basically to write a movie script. That will be my healing – it is a really exciting project and I love writing and I pretty good at it!

So, I just wanted to say thanks and the universe bought you into my life at the right time, so I can feel unstuck, move forward and be part of my healing journey.”

~ Sophie Sherwin, Author of the just completed “There’s Always a Hitch:
A Comedy Memoir of A Daughter’s Journey Through Her Mother’s Footsteps”
(Being published December 2019)

“Years ago, you told me my purpose was ‘Author/Speaker in the Spotlight’ - and I desired that more than anything.
It’s what I’d dreamed of doing as a kid, but....(and here come the stories)...I don’t have natural writing talent.

I used to get stress asthma attacks when writing assignments were given. I had to learn the skill. (And there’s a choice.)
I eventually worked as a writer - and still, I didn’t pursue the book writing.

You also told me not pursuing it would carry penalties with it (some kind of severe)...and it has. Another run-in with cancer. More tumors (not cancerous), eye surgeries (hmmmm, an unwillingness to see, perhaps), and another serious staph infection... and there have been financial consequences. Not pursuing your purpose and your joy is deadly... literally and financially.

You also said: When you follow your purpose, life will ‘work,’ and the change will happen rapidly.

Then... I made a decision. Realized that all that’s required for a decision is... desire. DO YOU WANT IT?

My answer was YES - and I made a decision to live my life inside the YES! (And THAT is how you beat cancer... you don’t beat cancer by getting rid of it, you beat cancer by learning to live! By choosing your YES - and by decided to live your life inside - and from - that eternal YES!)

I am tired of apologizing for my successes. I’m tired of hiding my power and dimming my light. And I’m done letting
people waste my time with their alibis, excuses, and stories.

Most of all, I’m done with all my own stories, lies, excuses. I am done denying my desires. (Hmmm - me thinks they were simply reflecting my own bullshit of myself!)


Thank you for being you - and for pursuing your calling! And thank you for speaking a Truth into my life that has been a lighthouse guiding me safely for years.  And thank you for the model of speaking the Truth about how (and with whom) you’re willing to work
and doing so in fierce love. I will be doing the same today.”

Grazie! E Buona Giornata!



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