Life Purpose Mastery

Are You Called?

A unique program designed to help you
wrap your soul around your life purpose
so you can bring your greatest gifts to the world!



A transformative, nourishing and immersive shamanic program focused on helping you create a fulfilling life built around your soul's purpose and human design chart with experienced spiritual mentoring, results-driven accountability, personalized coaching support, training on-demand, and a community of spiritual explorers who want to be the leaders of their own lives.

If you feel called to work with us, you are likely on a SPIRITUAL MISSION this lifetime and seek both private and group support with other spiritual leaders and teachers who trust the process of transformation.

(Curious? Feel free to book a strategy session HERE to find out if Life Purpose Mastery can support your transformational process.)

A spiritual crisis of meaning happens at various times in our lives. As we move from one way of being to another, it shakes everything up. A job change, relationship change, health issues, and many other life transitions can cause us to question EVERYTHING to figure out the right path to take next.

If you are:

  • Stuck on wondering "What's next?" and just KNOW that if you had a customized plan designed for your soul, you could take consistent action and generate exceptional results on what matters to YOU?
  • Spending a lot of time on what you’ve been “told to do” by other coaches but not seeing consistent results?
  • Wondering WHICH path to choose, and if you just KNEW the path, you could stick with two or three main goals and see them come to fruition?
  • Feeling deep down that you have a lot of potential that wants to manifest THROUGH YOU so you can share your wisdom and bring your greatest gifts to the world for Satisfaction, Success, Peace or Surprise and Delight?

What you receive when you join
Life Purpose Mastery

  • 3 2-Day Retreats over the course of 12 months  (These events are held online and offline, depending on current events, the needs of the majority group members and how many people can attend at any given time.)
  • 1 1-Day “Find Your Message” Training
  • 1 1-Day “Free Your Mind” Training
  • MONTHLY 4-Hour Human Design & Life Purpose Trainings with Baeth (12 trainings over the course of your membership) 
  • 1 monthly 30-minute one-to-one mentoring session - currently still with Baeth 
  • ”Discover Your Core Message (POV)” Training with Baeth 
  • Your “Hot Talk” with presentation slides, formatted for 3-minute, 10-minute, 25- minute and 50-minute stage talks with Baeth 
  • “Share Your Offer” at one of our retreats (3-minute presentation) 

PLUS all of our regularly scheduled Life Purpose Mastery programming:

  • 3X MONTHLY 90-minute HOT SEAT sessions with Baeth. You can bring ANY topic to these sessions for one-to-one mentoring with group witnessing and support. We can use your hand analysis information and human design at will upon your request for these hot seat sessions.
  • 2X MONTHLY 90-minute group Spiritual Journey (Gene Keys Training) with Baeth 

NOTE: You are not expected or likely to make “every” session. We’ve designed this program so ALL sessions are recorded and will be available by web page and our private Facebook group which you can access at ANY time. We encourage you to take your time with this program and move into it as you feel called and able.

Membership Dues:
$15,000 Pay in Full
$1297/month for 12 months

ADDITIONAL Life Purpose Mastery

  • Exclusive Access to the Life Purpose Mastery Membership Content
    Log in and you will find:

  • Templates
  • Swipe Files
  • Scripts
  • Audio Tutorials
  • Video How To’s
  • PLUS all the webinar recordings.
  • Private Facebook Community

- Join our supportive and knowledgeable Members’ Only Facebook “Life Purpose Mastery Members” community.

- Participate in our Collaboration Exchanges and build referral partnerships.

- Post questions and wins in between your mentoring calls each week for support from our staff and your other Life Purpose Mastery colleagues.

---- And everything is recorded so you can always watch the replays of anything you miss!

  • As we head toward 2027, humanity will move from the Right Angle Cross of Planning (Years 1615--2026) into the Right Angle Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (Years 2027--2438). This change is already showing itself as tribal structures shift and all things “BIG” (banks, mega-churches, governments, infrastructure, etc.) begin to disintegrate.
  • The future belongs to the innovative individuals who make their own full emotional and creative expression and prosperity their priority.

This REQUIRES knowing how to live as yourself and truly make decisions as yourself without requiring “big leaders” to tell you what to do or make things work for you. You’ll be much more self-reliant and self-rewarded.

    Clients Rave about Baeth and Life Purpose Mastery

    “For years, my coaching practice has been satisfying, steady, and small. After only two months in Life Purpose Mastery, I am profoundly reinvigorated, inspired, and being expertly guided step-by-step on how to refocus my brand, build a team, and dramatically increase my exposure, internet presence, and income in a way that precisely matches and supports my personality and how I function best.

    I thank myself every day that I signed on to be coached by Baeth Davis and her team for this uplifting and life-changing program. I can't imagine anything better!

    And oh by the way, I am now enrolling clients at my new fee of $25,000 for four (4) months of mentoring!"

    Leslie Austin, Ph.D.

    Life Purpose Mastery member, Maura Barclay, sent in these results:

    “I held a 90-minute Masterclass in my Facebook group with 15 students. From those 15 attendees, I had five enrollment calls.

    SATURDAY after the class: two bought without a phone call - $3,000/each
    TODAY: one bought 1:1 coaching - $7500/per package
    TOMORROW: two calls pending (fingers crossed)

    Subtotal so far: $13,500

    One smart cookie (that's me) for choosing Baeth to teach me how to  integrate my process and systems so they work with my Design:
    Manifesting Generator 4/6. 

    One brilliant coach (that's Baeth Davis and her spleen) to feel much appreciation for. Thanks to Baeth and her wonderful team for providing spot-on coaching in my areas of greatest need.

    For those of you feeling demoralized, there are so many people at a crossroads right now that have money and need help--YOUR special kind of magic.

    Do things every day that feed your confidence and heart because those are very powerful magnets.

    Keep going. I started with nothing, dead group, no email list, not even a website. The one thing I did have was an eagerness to see what my biz would do now I understand how I work.

    Keep trying things, experiment, have fun – and join Life Purpose Mastery. Much Love!”

    ~ Maura Barclay

    “My photo shoot last week speaks volumes to the results I am receiving in Life Purpose Mastery as a powerful 3/5 Manifestor who has been tormented by my "closed repellent " aura my whole life.

    There is not a price that can be assigned to finally being seen for who I am -- way past skin and bones or wardrobe and hairstyle. To truly be validated, understood and celebrated both as a completely unique individual, yet interconnected with the collective.

    How Baeth Davis has aligned business with human design, plus the insights and intuition delivered in a human design chart reading and the masterful way my hand analysis was interpreted by Baeth’s team hand analysis have completely realigned me to who I am, who I serve and how I am seen.”

    ~ Cami Baker

    Life Purpose Mastery provides mentoring + training coupled with
    accountability + support so you can understand, unleash and live your design, creating a life “on purpose” while navigating this time of immense change from your inner guidance and wisdom.

    What We Aim to Provide You:

    • A supportive, results-based approach that works WITH you on your custom plan from your own genetic information – hands, human design and our unique teaching processes.
    • Long-term sustainable growth, NOT the latest tactic of the hour.
    • A fulfilling life wrapped around your design and gifts. In other words, a life based upon YOU.
    • Principles “aligned to your design” that give you back your time and peace of mind while helping you achieve your most important goals.
    • A continuous support system to guide you through the strategy, mindset, and action-taking that creates a Life Purpose Master!

    We WILL help you create immediate results when the
    strategies we teach are implemented by you with
    swift, courageous and bold action.

    Invest in Yourself, Invest in Life Purpose Mastery

    Client Success Story

    “A few years ago I had a one-to-one session with Baeth. She told me I was a fear guide so i created… a fear guide! As a freebie. And it has a 100% conversion rate so - it worked.

    After being ill in bed for five weeks and recovering, I felt even more fired up than ever to be living 100% on Purpose. So, I stepped up and stepped into Life Purpose Mastery.

    In the very first month of joining, I made £17,500 ($18,600 US Dollars) -- which is more than I’ve ever created in a month before. I joined on a Sunday and Baeth sent me a message saying ‘watch this, this, then this’. I followed what she said, implemented the learnings, designed my next offer based on what I’d learnt and seven of the 10 people I offered it to said “yes” immediately.

    I also learnt about being a line 2 in Design Mars which is all about helping people become Mesmerising. I created an offer called ‘Mesmerise’ and sold it immediately.

    I feel like I’m now able to name what’s in me; to make the unconscious conscious. Knowing that my Purpose is to turn what is spoilt into joy makes me a better coach, a better marketer and a better human. It gives me a place to stand. I really trust all the messages that come through now - I know that when I speak with someone, I see what’s possible for them, I hear their Life Purpose, and I feel what’s in the way.

    I feel so resourced. Everything is clearer. I’m clearer. And as a result, I’m being invited to speak to other people’s communities so much more. I'm so glad I stepped up and am excited to continue to grow. I know I'm here to bring a new way of doing things, and I'm already doing that, and I know that there's even more to come.”

    ~ Kate Wolf
    Founder of Spirited Business,, UK

    “Years ago, you told me my purpose was ‘Author/Speaker in the Spotlight’ - and I desired that more than anything. It’s what I’d dreamed of doing as a kid, but....(and here come the stories)...I don’t have natural writing talent.

    I used to get stress asthma attacks when writing assignments were given. I had to learn the skill. (And there’s a choice.) I eventually worked as a writer - and still, I didn’t pursue the book writing.

    You also told me not pursuing it would carry penalties with it (some kind of severe)...and it has. Another run-in with cancer. More tumors (not cancerous), eye surgeries (hmmmm, an unwillingness to see, perhaps), and another serious staph infection... and there have been financial consequences. Not pursuing your purpose and your joy is deadly... literally and financially.

    You also said: When you follow your purpose, life will ‘work,’ and the change will happen rapidly.

    Then... I made a decision. Realized that all that’s required for a decision is... desire. DO YOU WANT IT?

    My answer was YES - and I made a decision to live my life inside the YES! (And THAT is how you beat cancer... you don’t beat cancer by getting rid of it, you beat cancer by learning to live! By choosing your YES - and by decided to live your life inside - and from - that eternal YES!)

    I am tired of apologizing for my successes. I’m tired of hiding my power and dimming my light. And I’m done letting people waste my time with their alibis, excuses, and stories.

    Most of all, I’m done with all my own stories, lies, excuses. I am done denying my desires. (Hmmm - me thinks they were simply reflecting my own bullshit of myself!)

    So, THANK YOU!

    Thank you for being you - and for pursuing your calling! And thank you for speaking a Truth into my life that has been a lighthouse guiding me safely for years.  And thank you for the model of speaking the Truth about how (and with whom) you’re willing to work and doing so in fierce love. I will be doing the same today.”


    Who is Baeth Davis?

    Baeth Davis is known as “Doctor Purpose.” She shocks you with a wee bit of heresy from her life-long research and investigations and initiates you into trusting your power, talent and trajectory through life.

    Baeth is the secret sage to professionals and entrepreneurs.

    Using her intuition, extensive sales/marketing and content-creation experience, 25 years in shamanic practices, conscious dance, business and expertise in scientific hand analysis and human design, she helps you discover and unleash your life purpose and then design a life around your gifts so you can experience a life of soul fulfillment.

    She is a supporter of the Unstoppable Foundation, Just Like My Child and the Pachamama Alliance and is committed to bringing the Life Purpose Mastery to creative spiritual seekers globally.

    As featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan and the LA Times, as well as heard on NPR, KPFK-Los Angeles, Radio Europe and the BBC 5, Baeth is devoted to helping you unleash your life purpose and uncover the #1 thing that has been holding you back from achieving it.