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The Life Purpose Activation Program: 
A 12-Week Magical Journey Into the Heart of Your Purpose

Each week, an hour pre-recorded training module create by Baeth and a worksheet to follow along (similar to the Life Purpose Lab) will be sent to you and then you’ll receive a schedule for LIVE Q&A Zoom sessions. All of this will be posted for your review both in the private Life Purpose Mastery Facebook group and on our members’ portal.
  • ALL of the SILVER Program benefits for 4 months from joining Start Here!

Module One

Incarnation Cross

What is my Life Purpose from my human design?

Why should you care about your Life Purpose? Well, in your DNA, it is the ONLY fight that matters. The other “fights” are a waste of time. Knowing your genetic purpose allows you to transcend a lot of the drama and nonsense humanity distracts itself with. When you know why you incarnated, you have a laser focus on your life… AND you understand why people are drawn to you and what they want/expect/need from you – and vice versa. In your first month, we will go deep into your Incarnation Cross (Life Purpose) in your human design.

  • Week 1 Your Life’s Work and Brand: Discover your overall Incarnation Cross and then we’ll focus in on your specific life’s work and how this impacts your business/life “brand.”
  • Week 2 Your Evolution (Life Lesson) and How It Supports Your Life’s Work (Hint: Your Life Lesson is the “secret sauce.”)
  • Week 3 Your Inner Glow and Health: How do you stay healthy and radiant? Let’s find out!
  • Week 4 Your Core Genius/Magic: People are drawn to you for a very specific GIFT.

Once you see this gift, you will be able to accentuate it everywhere in your life.

You will discover language/terminology to describe your purpose to other people, especially prospective clients. This module will also include guided journaling exercises, meditations and Q&A to help you be crystal clear on why you were born and your mission here on Earth. NOTHING is more important! It is the ONLY fight worth fighting!

Module Two

life lesson

Your Life Lesson is a vital piece of your healing. We will explore how it shows up in every area of your life and how to turn it around to an asset and strength.

We will take guided journeys to the heart of your self-love and how to foster it in all your relationships.

  • Week 1 Your Lesson and How it Operates
  • Week 2 How your Life Lesson Impacts Your Health
  • Week 3 How Your Life Lesson Impacts Your Money
  • Week 4 How Your Life Lesson Impacts Your Self-Love and Relationships.



“I re-upped for Life Purpose Mastery because I knew I needed another year after year one to imbed in year two. That was my thinking. I didn’t think of it as a 12-month quick fix.”
-- Olive Amoh, London, UK


“Using Baeth’s approach, I’m regularly making mid-five-figures with my program offers!” 
-- Kim Kaase, Texas, USA

Module Three

The Shadows Thwarting Your Purpose

Each of the Gates in your Human Design has a fear or shadow attached to it. By understanding your unique fears – in our customized “fear chart,” you’ll start to spot them before they get out of hand and make you anxious, stressed or tired.

  • Week 1 – Mind vs. Body. The human design chart shows the interaction between your mind and your body. Your BODY runs your life – it is your vehicle. Your MIND is meant to be a “passenger” watching life pass by, while your G-Center is the DRIVER of the vehicle (BODY). Understanding this bio-chemical operation will lessen your mental strain and help you stop trying to figure out your life with your mind. YOUR MIND CANNOT FIGURE OUT YOUR LIFE. We will also cover each of the main fears present in your human design chart.
  • Week 2 – Soul vs. Ego. You need BOTH a soul and an ego. Discover how they work together or against one another. By honoring the observation skills of the soul, the ego can make commitments to what is nourishing, challenging, exciting, enlivening!
  • Week 3 – How you make decisions ~ Strategy and Authority. You may or may not be familiar with your Strategy and Authority. It is the KEY to using your human design information correctly and joyfully. As you get adept at using your Strategy and Authority, you’ll notice your life is more fulfilling and there is LESS resistance. Hallelujah!
  • Week 4 – Motivation and Transference, View, Sense (Making Sense)
    We’ll wrap up our Quick Start with an in-depth training on how your mind works best and how to stay out of your “not self” experience of frustration, bitterness, anger or disappointment.

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