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I’m going to tell you something that’s radically different from what you’ve believed your entire life.
And I can assure you that it’s TRUE.
Here it is…Ta Da!

It’s a HUGE MISTAKE to make
decisions from your MIND.
(Even Einstein agrees with me!)

During three joyful days of alchemical adventure, you will re-discover how to make CORRECT DECISIONS from your Human Design*, never have to second-guess yourself again, and manifest whatever you desire, gracefully and effortlessly, at our

“Manifestation by Design” 
In Person Celebration Event
September 27 - 29, 2022


*Human Design is a customized “user’s manual” --aligned with your real self. It is an inner guidance system that actualizes your talents and skills while lowering your vulnerability to external influences and guiding you to make the correct decisions for your life.

The following people made decisions

Here’s what happens when you are “incorrect” in your decisions…

Making a risky decision
Did you know that the Chernobyl disaster was caused by an UNNECESSARY TEST that simulated a power-failure at the nuclear power plant? Ironically, the disaster was exactly what the test sought to avoid: the reactor exploded. There was no urgent need to run that test but someone made the TERRIBLE DECISION to do so anyway. The risk was way too great.

We can be easily manipulated
The way we are presented with a situation, and the way we present it to ourselves, affects our decisions. When some cancer patients were told that the survival rate one year after a surgery was 68%, a significant percentage opted for that surgery. Meanwhile, when others were told that 32% of patients die within a year of the operation, no one elected to undergo it. The same information was presented in a different way.

Following the herd
We’re all familiar with the parent sarcastically asking their teen (who’s acting like a sheep following the herd), “Would you jump off a cliff because everyone else did?”  Of course, they were right. Back in the day, people who knew little about the dotcom companies decided to invest in them BIG-TIME. Big mistake that led to big losses. They should have called their parents first.

Basing a decision on a hunch
An astrologer once told a friend of mine that she was PSYCHIC, BUT ONLY SOMETIMES, and that she was either completely right, or completely wrong! Super-unhelpful, right? But also turned out to be completely true for her. So she can’t always trust her intuition. In the 1990s, Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee decided to get into automobile manufacturing because he "sensed" the market would take off in Asia. The project resulted in a loss of $2 billion and 50,000 layoffs.

Deciding that we’re right…no matter what
The supersonic jet airliner, Concorde, that was never profitable, was grounded in 2003. It should have been grounded permanently much sooner but some decision-maker’s ego was too fragile to acknowledge its failure. It took a terrible accident with over 100 passengers dead to put it out of commission permanently. 

Not considering the consequences
To silence critics who claimed the Titanic would be slow moving, those in charge of the massive, doomed ship wanted to arrive at their destination 24 hours ahead of schedule. So they decided to ignore warnings about icebergs, warnings that should have slowed them down for safety's sake.

The mind is not for making decisions!!!
(I knowNo one told you this.)

 “The intellect is a wonderful servant,
but a horrible master.”

       -Albert Einstein

That Einstein guy really was smart…☺

The mind is not meant for making decisions.

Before you start manifesting anything, you must make a correct decision from the Strategy and Authority of your Human Design. 

The issue with making decisions from your mind is that this approach creates disharmony, disorder and chaos in your everyday life.

The danger of manifesting from your mind is that what you visually want may not be in tune with your Higher Self. That’s why you could be having trouble manifesting.  

Most of the world’s problems are created by the mind.

When your mind is an OBSERVER and RESEARCHER, rather than a DECISION-MAKER, things can really flow for you and manifesting will be easier and CORRECT.

In our society, the mind is revered. 

People with Ph.D.’s and Master’s degrees are automatically considered more intelligent than those without them.

But then there’s Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Rachael Ray, and others who didn’t attend college and who are obviously brilliant.

And haven’t you met people with Ph.D.’s who can quote from text books but are dumb as a post when it comes to living from their Higher Self. (Not all Ph.D.’s of course...)  

I have!

Personally, I feel understanding the mysteries of how to create the life you want is far more important. 

That’s why I do what I do and share my secrets with you. Real secrets… that aren’t hidden, but you can’t see until you possess the eyes of one who loves themselves fully, completely and with total compassion.

READY to Manifest Your Desires with
Ease, Joy and Bliss?

It is TIME for Heaven On Earth.

I Can Show You How to Make MANIFESTING
so much EASIER and ELIMINATE any
CHALLENGES you may have had
towards your DREAMS.






SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2022

Listed here below are the 8 Authorities. Which one are YOU?

 Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus)

Feelings, not thoughts inform your decisions. The emotional wave must run its course, from pain to joy to pain again. In those moments of still clarity, a decision can be made. It’s best to take time with decisions on important projects and relationships – to “play hard to get.” This allows the emotional wave to help you feel the nuances of the person or opportunity over time. Do NOT make decisions in the moment. Even simple ones. Check in with your feelings. This is not a logical process. It can’t be explained. You KNOW from how things FEEL. They either feel correct or they don’t. You are not designed to make decisions spontaneously. You must ride the emotional wave!

Splenic Authority

The spleen gives information through the body that is about health and protection. The spleen speaks through your physical senses – taste, touch, smell, sound, sight, and intuitive knowing. The spleen speaks once and doesn’t repeat itself so you may say “yes” at one point in a situation and then have to quickly say “no.” The splenic authority can have a strong sense of smell and/or taste – trust this. You might walk into a restaurant, smell the air and walk right back out, knowing that something isn’t fresh in the kitchen.

Heart Center (Ego) Projected Authority

If you have this authority, your Heart (Ego) Center connects to your G-Center via the 51-25 Channel. This is a rare form of Projector and the ONLY thing you can trust is waiting for the invitation. With so much openness in your design, you must wait, wait, wait for the correct invitations. When the invitations do come, be selfish and ask: “What do I want? What’s in it for me?” You also must determine if you have the energy for the invitation to be completed.  With a defined Heart Center you MUST keep your promises.

No Authority – Rely on Environment (ONLY Mental Projectors)

You receive sensory information from your environment to make decisions. The most important question to ask is, “Is this environment correct for me?” You receive energy from the correct environments. Avoid turning to your mind’s interference. When discussing decisions with others, do NOT seek advice or you will go astray. Simply ask people to be sounding boards so you can hear what you think.

Sacral Authority

You make decisions in the moment from your sacral sounds. It helps if someone else asks you questions that have a “yes” or “no” answer so you can respond with sound (“uh-huh” or “un-uh”) in the moment. Be sure the questions are related to something that has come into your auric field and NOT questions from the desires of your mind. There are three basic responses: uh-huh (yes); un-uh (no) and hmmmm (neutral/no energy on it right now). They might sound different in different languages of course. You may find you make the sounds as things come into your field. With practice, you can live a life of flow and ease as you can make decisions quickly in the now.

Heart Center (Ego) Manifested Authority

Your voice is your truth. Listen to what you SAY and you will know your truth. It’s good to record yourself asking yourself a question and then answering it. Then play it back! When you do this before the mind interferes, you get to your truth. When you articulate, you can manifest. With a defined Heart Center you MUST keep your promises so listen closely to what you say.

Self-Projected Authority

With this authority, you must wait for invitations and then hear your own voice speak about the invitation on offer. It can help to have others reflect to you the quality they hear in your voice so you can learn what “sounds right” and what doesn’t for you. The listener can tell you if you seem in sync with your voice and able to hear it or if they can’t follow your train of thought. For example, as you speak, is your voice flowing with an ease in your words or is your voice becoming halting, stilted or stuck? As you speak about an invitation, ask yourself, “Will this make me happy? Will this give me self-expression?  Am I heading in the right direction?” You have to hear your direction as you say it so you can bypass the mind’s interference.

Lunar Authority

This is the authority of Reflectors only.  You must wait a full moon cycle - 28 days (the Moon transits each of the 64 Gates around the Mandala every 28 days for as long as you live) before making a decision. Use at least one lunar cycle to contemplate and discuss the situation. It can be useful to get a lunar chart for each month and begin to track how you feel and what you notice each day. You will begin to see you have a pattern through each moon cycle for making decisions. It is a learned skill. You can find a lunar chart online. In tracking your lunar cycles, see if you notice a pattern over the next several months. Also tune into your environment and the people in it – these must feel good to you. As you continue to contemplate and discuss your decisions with your advisors over time, you will achieve clarity and the delight and surprise that comes with good decisions.

Do you doubt your ability to manifest because you…

  • Share your goals with party poopers and lose faith when they poop on your dreams? 
  • Find it hard to maintain your belief? You start out with a positive mindset but, over time, you begin doubting yourself and, eventually, you give up?
  • Sabotage yourself by trying to manifest something that you don’t truly believe is possible for you?
  • Don’t have a concrete plan for manifesting?

When you use this extraordinary system, positive experiences will override the “old stories” you’ve been telling yourself, such as…

“This isn’t going to work for me.”
“Other people get what they want…not me.”
“I’ve tried to make this happen and it hasn’t. Why would this time be any different?”
“I don’t want to get my hopes up and be disappointed again.”
“I’m just going to give up and accept what life’s given me, even though I want so much more.”
“I don’t believe I can have what I want.” 

The list goes on and on. After using my Manifestation by Design system, this negative self-talk will no longer have a hold on you. You’ll look back on that person who limited herself and barely recognize that was you. This is what we want for you!

“Are You Ready to Stop Putting Off Your  
Dreams and Start Living Your REAL LIFE… 

You may find it challenging to leave your comfort zone and to go for your goals and dreams because you RESIST USING YOUR GIFTS.

Going for what you really want when you‘re accustomed to playing it safe can be scary.

The fear of success and fulfillment can be caused by stage fright, self-image problems, appearance concerns, childhood trauma (when being noticed was dangerous), or even frustration and discomfort with the skills and/or technology required.

“How Aligning with My Human Design

Showed Me How To Make CORRECT DECISIONS AND Revolutionized

My Life”

~ Baeth Davis 

Many of you have known me as the “palm lady” or “hand analyst.” 

Over 23 years ago, I had my palms read and discovered “scientific hand analysis.” The reading was such a cataclysmic event that I decided to make hand analysis my primary pursuit and within two and a half years, it became my full-time profession. In 2001, I began teaching hand analysis classes and offering business mentoring, using the client’s hand prints as a guide.

Scientific hand analysis is the result of the life’s work of Richard Unger who discovered that our Life Purpose (among other data points) is contained in our fingerprint patterns. I’ve studied with Richard, his wife Alana, and their protégé, Terri-Lynn Snider. Hand analysis was the primary “go to” in my business for identifying key traits to someone’s personality and life mission.

A Fateful Encounter

Then, something happened that would be another watershed moment in my personal journey and my ambition to bring the consciousness of life purpose to the masses.

After an ecstatic dance class in Los Angeles one Saturday in 2014, I was eating lunch with my dear friend, Christina. She said to me, apropos of nothing, “Hey, do you know what TYPE you are in human design?”

“Hmmm,” I said. “About 10 years ago someone ran a chart for me and told me I was a Generator… but I blew it off. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I’m a Generator, too. I’ve really started to connect with it. There’s this thing about ‘waiting to respond,’ meaning you have to wait to be asked about something – an opportunity, a relationship, etc. - and then to stop and listen to your inner guidance to see how the request feels for you. You aren’t meant to initiate your ideas… or you’ll meet resistance.”

The Beginning of the End of Resistance
That’s about all she said and I felt something beautiful and colorful expand in my brain like a lotus flower opening up in a time-lapse movie.

My memory flooded with instances of resistance, trying to make things work – pursuing relationships, opportunities, and goals, only to be frustrated, disappointed and upset with myself for failing yet again to find satisfaction.

“Wait to respond, huh?” I replied. “This ought to be interesting.”

After that fateful lunch, I dove into studying all things Human Design. In 2017, after trying out the material for about three years on myself, I brought the knowledge to my clients who were studying hand analysis with me.

Together, we discovered that combining the wisdom of both systems makes for an unbeatable combination for understanding both your personality and your unconscious drivers.

On the personal side, some truly miraculous things have occurred from learning how to ‘wait to respond.’

Human Design for Inner Guidance… a Revolutionary Approach to a Happier Life
Discovering and studying Human Design revolutionized how I approach my life.

Easily Making Major Decisions
For example, in mid-March 2020, when the World Health Organization declared a pandemic, I knew it was time for my partner and I to leave Los Angeles.  I “responded” to this news. I felt a clear, steady pressure in my solar plexus saying, “Pack and go.” As I live my life based on my Human Design, there was no indecisiveness, weighing the pros and cons.

I just “knew.”

Within five weeks, we had moved back East to Maryland to help his parents. It was a lovely time of togetherness for all of us. Ironically, my partner’s issues came to a head that he knew he had to handle within himself and his family that I couldn’t help with. I knew I needed to end the relationship and leave. I was heartbroken but not for one moment did I wonder if I was doing the right thing.

Synchronistically, a friend invited me to stay with her in New Jersey for a couple of weeks. I did and fell in love with her town.

Making the Right Move
In September 2020, I officially made New Jersey my home. I’ve never been happier living anywhere. (You’ve probably heard plenty of bad press about New Jersey – don’t believe it! It was created by very smart people to make sure the state doesn’t get overrun! It’s gorgeous here and there is everything a person like me could want – close to nature, NYC and Philadelphia are just a train ride away, and my family is just a short drive up the coast.)

Though I continue to be teased about moving from my penthouse apartment by the water in Venice Beach to New Jersey, and am often asked, in a disbelieving tone, “Why New Jersey?”  (Their unspoken meaning? “Why on earth would you move to New Jersey?”)

My answer is: “Because it’s correct and I’m satisfied.”

That’s the bottom line now: “Am I satisfied?”

Your Fulfillment is a Priority

I am convinced of the power of Human Design to help you make excellent, authentic and fulfilling decisions. Because nothing matters if you aren’t fulfilled. You must come first in your life for your life to work FOR YOU.

Trusting my Human Design has nearly eradicated anxiety from my life, and brought to me the right team members, clients and associates to my business, and made my personal life happy and fulfilling, even during these unusual times of change.


Let me tell you one more story about why you don’t want to wait a moment longer to live your Human Design…

Back in 2011, I got divorced. It was an expensive divorce – for me! I ended up paying out over $350,000 to my ex. And in the process, was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. The stress of the divorce certainly wasn’t helping my health.

What I know for sure is that had I listened to that first friend who tried to get me to understand my design, I would NOT HAVE AGREED TO THE DIVORCE TERMS. I would have fought for what was in our pre-nup. I would have ‘WAITED TO RESPOND’ rather than allowing myself to be pressured into complying with terms that I didn’t agree with out of fear and the desire to “be a good person” and just “to get it over with.”

I don’t operate that way any longer. My health is improving, but as the maxim goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Don’t I know it!

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars recovering my health – in addition to insurance premiums. I strongly believe had I stood up for myself in my marriage and during the divorce, I would have either not gotten cancer or dealt with it much more consciously and proactively.

Of course, we can’t do much with the past except learn from it and move forward. I share this story only to show you the COST OF NOT KNOWING HOW TO MAKE CORRECT DECISIONS FROM YOUR TRUE SELF.

It took me seven years to complete the divorce decree stipulations. In human design, seven years is the cycle required to complete inappropriate decisions of a lasting nature – marriage, divorce, etc.

Do you want to spend the next seven years of your life recovering from a bad decision? No, me either!

This was a hard-won lesson I won’t soon forget…If you don’t advocate for yourself, no one else will. And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re selfish…you’re not. Or PUSH YOU INTO MAKING A DECISION THAT’S NOT RIGHT FOR YOU.

You’re here on Earth for YOU. You aren’t here for anyone else. When you start living for yourself in a way that is correct and fulfilling, you naturally express your gifts and become of service to those around you. It can’t be otherwise. The greatest gift we give others is our joy, love and gratitude. These emotional states flow from being fulfilled personally and accessing our ability to maximize our potential.

What is Human Design?

There are several elements to the

Human Design system.

Your chart is the combination of:

  •   Western astrology
  •   Kabbalah/Tree of Life
  •   Indian chakra system
  •   64 codons of DNA
  •   64 hexagrams of the I-Ching

I have studied all these and more:

  • Myers-Briggs and DISC assessments
  • The Enneagram
  • Numerology
  • Tarot, and, of course
  • Scientific Hand Analysis

Aligning with your Human Design will allow you to MAKE DECISIONS in the correct way for YOU, allowing you to find a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment.  You’ll align with your authentic self-expression and eliminate approaches that simply don’t work for you.

I’ve coached thousands of clients in this work and they’re all doing so much better in their lives. Most of them use Human Design to understand themselves and MAKE DECISIONS THAT CREATE MORE EASE AND FLOW IN THEIR LIFE.

When you make CORRECT DECISIONS based on your design, you ELIMINATE RESISTANCE.

You’re not meant to be sick, broke, lonely or unhappy.

You’re meant to feel FULFILLED BY MAKING GOOD DECISIONS. Human Design reveals how you make the right decisions that lead to more FULFILLMENT rather than feeling frustrated, bitter, angry or disappointed ~ the “not self” states in our human design.

Spiritual Manifestation
Supersedes So-Called Reality…

If your dream is to have a successful business, maybe you don’t believe it’s possible as there are likely other amazing people far more experienced than you are, possibly with more degrees and credentials, already doing what you’re doing…or want to do.

But that just means you’re on to something! It’s an ABUNDANT UNIVERSE and there’s always room for more. And spiritual (vs. mental) MANIFESTATION transcends the worldly idea of “competition.”

If you dream of finally meeting your life partner, and become discouraged about it ever happening, especially when you read the statistics about how many more women there are than men – and couple that with the belief that there aren’t any quality men out there, it’s easy to think it’s not worth even worth trying. (Remember, you only need one man.)

You can manifest whatever you want… but ONLY IF YOU’RE COMMITTED TO doing the work to CHANGE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM, which isn’t serving you.

Here Are The 3 Main Elements
You Require In Order to Get
What You Want

Essentially…to achieve your most cherished dreams, there are three main elements that you require in order to get what you want.

These elements are:

#1) Finding and implementing a SIMPLE manifestation process that is reliable and that you can use again and again for ANY goal you have;

 #2) Combining this process with the data in your Human Design chart to create your “Custom Manifestation Blend;”


#3) Getting out of your head, releasing the outcome to your Higher Self, and enjoying the manifestation process.

Great News! 

You Don’t Have to
Figure This Out
By Yourself! 

We Invite You to Join Us 
For an Important  
3-Day Event:


A 10-Step Formula to Manifest ANYTHING You Desire.

September 27 - 29, 2022

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Our INTENTIONS for the Manifestation by Design event are…

To help you manifest something important to you.
To help you identify and manifest your deepest life goals.
To develop a personalized “Manifestation Map” to take with you.

Please Join Us for
“Manifestation By Design,”
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This pristine property will be the home to our Manifestation by Design event, happening September 27th through the 29th, 2022, in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The Embassy Suites is less than a mile from Old Town Scottsdale, home to the Arts District, Entertainment District, the Waterfront, and Fashion Square.

In addition to being able to take an elevator to the meeting location each day, you'll be able to enjoy the hotel restaurant, two heated outdoor pools, and a fitness center.  


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Interested in Being a Sponsor at the “Manifestation by Design”

The best part of being a sponsor at the “Manifestation by Design” event is the quality of attendee you will interact with and do business with.
Our attendees are discerning and selective decision-makers who enjoy shopping for better quality health and beauty products, as well as organic, sugar-free and/or gluten-free food items, hand-made, designer clothing, jewelry, and so much more!

If you feel your company’s offerings would be an elegant and gracious compliment to our “trade show alley,” we would like to discuss doing business with YOU!

Please contact JoAnn Manzella here joann@yourpurpose.com or (732) 241-9187 for our Sponsorship Opportunities booklet and to set up a quick to chat to see if sponsoring at “Manifestation by Design” would benefit your business’s marketing and sales goals.

I have a confession to make…

For a while now, I’ve been integrating my HUMAN DESIGN DNA into a genius, step-by-step MANIFESTATION PROCESS that I found in a booklet that’s been out of print for a long time.

When I began using this system, everything I desired was manifesting so much faster than before.

I decided to share it with my coaching clients who had the same successful experience as I did.

By correctly living your design, you…

  • Lose any RESISTANCE
  • Discover how to make correct decisions from your Human Design

“This Is What SHE Said!”

Here are a couple of my clients’ stories that demonstrate how this simple manifestation process led to a tremendous release of interference and resistance and the introduction of a lifestyle of pleasant synchronicities, gentle lessons and compassionate experiences – mingled with a continuous feeling of gratitude, appreciation, bliss, even ecstasy.

Lana’s Story

Lana grew up in poverty in rural Missouri, USA. Playing in the mud, she dreamed of being a painter and a sculptor who had a cool apartment in New York City, a sexy boyfriend named Zac and seven cats from the rescue.

As Lana matured, she tried different mediums for her art. She experimented with watercolor, finger paints, pastels, charcoal, ink, acrylic, oil… well, alright, just about any medium you can think of -- Lana had tried it. She is inventive, a bit wild yet was frightened of her own power when we first connected.

When she would show her latest creation to her parents or teachers, they were dismissive and suggested she start using her talents to prepare for a “real” career – “real” meaning “well paying.”

When I asked Lana who in her life DID encourage her art, she said, “One – my gran, but she’s dead now.”

One person! This incredibly talented, remarkably humble and jaw-droppingly accomplished woman gave up on her art because she lacked the support required by EVERY child everywhere – the support of YOUR DREAMS.

Psychological studies have demonstrated repeatedly that it means more to tell a child you believe in them than to tell them that you love them. Faith in their humanity is MORE important even than love. Wow.

Lana’s Sacral Sounds Lead the Way

Lana and I talked it over and she agreed that the first place to start in changing her relationship to her creativity was to start trusting her Sacral inner authority as a Manifesting Generator.

So I would ask Lana “yes” and “no” questions such as:

* Is your name “Lana?”

* Is your name “Bill?”

* Is this business opportunity for your highest good?

* Is oil the best medium for you to be painting with right now?

And Lana would answer with either an “uh-uh” for “no” or a “uh-huh” for “yes” or a “mmmhmmm” which usually means “Ask me a different question please.” A “maybe” sound is still a ”no” or a “not right now.”

Lana agreed she would begin to be more mindful of her sacral sounds and start using that for her decision making going forward.

Lana had also reported she had rather extreme anxiety. She thought it was due to money worries and anxiety issues in other family members. She hoped that this new approach might make her feel more relaxed and satisfied with her life.

After a couple of weeks practicing her sacral sounds for decision making, we met for an online conversation.

The person who appeared on the screen looked about 10 years younger than the woman I had seen only two weeks before. She was radiant and smiling and dialing in from Fiji!

There she stood, holding her new iPad on the deck of a $5,000/night suite in Fiji. Her hair and sarong skirt billowed in the soft breeze as birds soared by and gentle waves massaged the shore.

I was silent for a bit. Lana just smiled. She was already a few steps ahead of me.

“Lana, what happened?”

“Well, Baeth, I’ve just been doing what you suggested. I ask my sacral “yes” and “no” questions or have someone else do it for me if they are around and then I listen for the “yes” or “no” sound and boom, there you go! Easy decision making.

So you know how one thing leads to another and all, well, this guy I was seeing calls me up and says, “Hey, Lana, you up for a trip to Fiji?”

And I’m like, “Fuck yeah. When?”

And he says, “In two days. I’m working on a movie there and I can bring a guest and you’re awesome, so do you want to come? I need to know right now.”

So I say, “Mike, will you ask me again to go with you?”


“Please, just do it. I’ll explain after.”

“Alright. Lana, would you like to go with me to Fiji in two days for a two-week, all expense paid trip where you can be a total bum and do nothing and be treated like a Queen for such laziness.”

Lana says, “Uh-huuuuuuh.” YES!!!

She then feels queasy and sick in her belly. Her mind starts chattering: “I just said what?! I am insane. This makes no sense. I am completely losing my mind. I barely know Mike, never mind Fiji.”

Lana’s inner dialogue continues:

“But, hey, I feel calm deep inside. My sacral said “yes” so “yes” it is… if I’m really going to trust in my life and my manifesting ability, I have to go the distance. I have to surrender to my INNER GUIDANCE, my INNER TRUTH. That HAS to become more important than my need for approval, my need to feel safe or any other need I might make up.

NOTHING matters more than my freedom, truth and happiness. So be it. Praise God and Mother Earth.”

As it turned out, Lana did indeed travel with Mike to Fiji. After about three days, they respectfully went their own ways and Lana found her way to a women’s retreat where she was able to meditate, dance and journal in complete privacy and take silence at her leisure.

Lana also fell in love with her Self. Looking into the mirror before bed on her last night at the retreat, she saw the tenderness in her eyes where terror had been and she saw light where flickering flames dared not tread. She saw what Mike had seen and her mother, at times, would offer a compliment for. She saw, what Mike had called, “Radiance.”

“Lana, you are radiant like the sun. Your radiance warms my bones and touches my heart. You are the goddess incarnate.”

Now, even if he was completely full of shit, who cares?! (Meaning he didn’t necessarily feel it. Lana is obviously a goddess!)

Every woman should feel that special. Every man should feel that in love. Just imagine a world where everyone is able to love who they want to love, the way they want to love and NO ONE can tell them otherwise. Yes, I dream of that world. And so does Lana!

When Lana returned home, she realized she wanted to set up an import/export business with some friends she’d made in Fiji… and one of those friends turned into her now-lover.

You really can’t make this up!

As the saying goes, “How can it get better than this?!”

Tarot Cards and Tribesmen

Melody lives in Australia. She is part Scotch-Irish and part Aborigine. Melody is a very successful lawyer. She has lost only two cases in her 20-year career and one of those cases was sabotaged by her opponent who was later exposed and de-barred. She has guardian angels every step of the way.

Where she’s been challenged is with – can you guess? – yes, LOVE. She makes more money than she knows what to do with, she’s on good terms with her ex-husband, and her children spend a good deal of their time with her by choice because she’s calm, playful, and kind.

She throws tarot cards but the meanings always seem inconclusive when it comes to her love life.

Melody has had a therapist for 15 years and at this point, isn’t sure why she keeps going. She does yoga. She’s vegan. She meditates. Smoked pot once. Loves to hike, dance and read novels. Yeah, she’s “THAT GIRL.” The magical, mystical renaissance woman.

But her choices in men? Oh no. Ouch. Just no.

Queue Nicki Minaj saying something like, “Gurrrlllll, you be trippin’. Youse gots to take off those rose colored glasses and get a mother-fucking grip on RE-AL-ITY. Your choice in men is not only pitiful, it is pathetic. And that is crazy, because I think those two words mean the same thing! You need new glasses.”

There was the ex-con, then the con-artist and who could forget the serial bank robber?

But one day, after the latest heartbreak, she decided to trust her emotional (solar plexus) authority; she allowed herself to really and truly feel her rage. She had no memory of ever allowing herself this rage. She got in her car and screamed until she had to jump out and puke in the bushes.

She then laid face down in the wood chip pile in someone’s front yard and cried for 15 minutes. People kept trying to offer help but she kept telling them, “Fuck off. Leave me alone. I’m just processing.”

She wanted to be more polite, but she didn’t care at that moment – she was still too angry.

She instantly understood why she feared her anger and why others feared their own anger and the anger of others.

Anger is fierce, anger is fire. Anger is sharp. Anger burns and cuts. Anger catalyzes. Anger uncovers. Anger removes all that is unnecessary. Anger is the fuel for transformation.

No wonder we want to anesthetize this emotion with smoking, drinking, porn, workaholism, lying.

Melody had accepted a broken model of masculinity from her father and her grandfather. They had been broken and so continued to break one another and everyone around them. Melody had no positive male role model to show her how to trust her instincts, protect herself and learn discernment when selecting someone to be intimate with. Over time, this filled her with rage and resentment. Also, anxiety, doubt, confusion and low self-worth.

She had learned good manners and business skills from her parents, but her family put money before love every time. And thus, so did Melody.

You’d think with a voice like “Melody,” she could sing. We may never know as Melody doesn’t like to sing. Or so she says.

But her sister once told me at a conference in Sydney that Melody had a magnificent, opera-trained voice but that once people heard it, they wanted things from her endlessly and the manipulation and pressure was too much. Melody is wise and legitimately paranoid of hangers-on.

That night, there was a wonderful roof-top party at the city hotel where the conference was being held. Melody, her sister, Melinda, and I agreed to meet at the party.

We all showed up in pink, without planning it. We all looked very radiant. We started laughing.

I said, “We should all marry ourselves tonight.”

Melinda said, “Oh, hun, I already did that, but I’d renew my vows.”

We all laughed again.

I felt this energy moving up and down my spine and a feeling that can only be described as other worldly descended over me.

Melody looked at me. “Baeth, is it the energy?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yeah,” said Melody. “Get ready. It’s all changing. You are being initiated into the flow. You helped me find it and now I’m passing it back to you. Thank You.”

I wasn’t sure why she was thanking me. Gratitude flooded my heart. I KNEW Melody was about to meet the love of her life.

In fact, she knew him from before, but the timing hadn’t been right. They both had a lot of growing up to do and family matters to untangle and settle.

As the past settled into his/herstory, Melody and her man fell deeply in love, again. They took the best from their past and improved upon it. Melody is now engaged to be married to her beloved, Noah, who is Maori from New Zealand.

And PS… that night at the roof top party, Melody had a wee bit of champagne and ended up singing “Moon River” with the band – and Noah asked her for her number!

If you can relate to Lana’s and Melody’s, stories -- we can help you too.

Introducing a NEW Way of Manifesting ~  
Without Struggle…

One of the biggest challenges for coaches, consultants, writers, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs and other creatives… as well as people who want to find their romantic life partner, make more money, get promoted with a large pay raise, and ANY OTHER DREAM … is manifesting without struggle, resistance and lack of clarity.

Knowing how to manifest with grace and ease means you’re on your way to having a super-successful business, career, relationship, financial prosperity, and anything else you desire.

When you can easily hit your income, client, creativity, and relationship goals, you feel on top of the world and THE SUCCESS YOU RADIATE INHERENTLY ATTRACTS EVEN MORE SUCCESS.

This method of Manifesting changes EVERYTHING!

Do you want to…

  • Stop making decisions that create disharmony, disorder and chaos in your life because you’re using your mind incorrectly to decide? (This is what is getting you into trouble, right? ALL TROUBLE begins in the mind.)
  • Use your Human Design Strategy and Authority to be sure that you’re making the correct decisions for you and that you’re on the right track? Your Human Design helps you to manifest from the wisdom of your Higher Self.
  • Have a concrete process for manifesting what you desire?

  • Take an idea, speak it into existence, and watch it develop into 3D in your life?

Easily Manifest Your Deepest Desires…

  • Inspire and motivate you to keep believing in your dreams… allowing you to make your treasured goals a reality with ease and grace.
  • Your dreams will manifest in the Universe’s time…not yours…but they WILL MANIFEST if you use our unique techniques! Also, you’ll learn the gift of having PATIENCE WITH FAITH, and UNLEARNING DOUBTFUL IMPATIENCE, which prevents your goals from materializing.
  • And, if you’ve achieved your goal(s), we’ll show you how to sustain your success, maximize your potential, and believe that you can reach SOARING HEIGHTS that… before taking this course… may have seemed impossible.

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397

Together, We’ll Get Clear On:

Your “next level” goals and why these goals must be structured in a certain way so that they come toward you, rather than becoming another “should” on your to-do list.

The 10 steps to achieve ANYTHING YOU DESIRE. Following this process each and every time you seek a specific goal will revolutionize how you live. Your ability to maximize your skills and talents will sky-rocket.

How to combine this 10-step process with your Human Design for your “Custom Blend” Manifestation Formula (We promise you – YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS ANYWHERE, EXCEPT HERE!)

 It may be so reassuring for you to connect with like-minded people… realizing that you’re not alone and many others are in the same boat.

When you manifest from your design, it’s as if your very essence and life force is magically LIT UP and others will be drawn to you like the proverbial bees to honey.

 When we’re aligned and doing what is TRUE for us, we are full of HIGH FREQUENCY ENERGY filled with spirit and enthusiasm.

 This level of energy is CONTAGIOUS.  This is what will DRAW PEOPLE IN…They’ll feel GOOD being around a person showing up this way.

If they are the right FIT for whatever you desire, there will be an instant YES or CLICK that will occur ENERGETICALLY… like a KEY in a LOCK… releasing THEIR resistance or doubts which might include negative beliefs such as…

  • I can’t afford it.
  • I don’t need anyone – I can do this on my own.
  • How do I know if she’s even any good?
  • What if I waste my money and nothing changes?
  • Hiring her would be too much of a luxury.
  • I don’t have the time to commit to this.

Once You Know Your Inner Authority 
for Decision Making...

You Can Use This Incredible
10-Step Manifestation Process!

Despite being out-of-print and the few copies out there costing up to $133.00!…
I’m going to gift you a special manifestation booklet as a bonus if you


How This Manifestation
Process Works

Your soul consciousness is an individualized energy bundle, a nugget of concentrated spiritual energy – technically, it’s akin to a “crystal” in your forehead. Your “soul” lives in your forehead or neo-cortex. This “crystal of consciousness” locks in 88 days before you are born and returns to the field of consciousness about three days after you die.

If you are not enjoying an abundant life, it simply means that you are trying to make decisions through your mind, rather than allowing your soul to be the observer THROUGH the mind. The soul goes for a ride this lifetime.

Maybe try to think of it this way while looking at your own human design chart:

  1. 1
    Your Soul Crystal plants into your forehead 88 days before your birth. This crystal informs your body how to build itself – this is your “Design.”
  2. 2
    At birth, the solar system imprints your “Personality” upon you.
  3. 3
    Your soul watches life through the mind. Your mind is the “passenger” in your body – hence, it brings “passenger consciousness.”
  4. 4
    Your body is the vehicle, the “car” taking you through life.
  5. 5
    Your G-Center (also known as the Self-Center) directs you through life – it is the “driver.”

When your soul, mind, body and G-Center are all cooperating together, your body’s frequency is raised to the proper tone and pitch (some refer to this as the “Christ mind” or “Buddha consciousness”) and your consciousness becomes harmonically balanced, and wholeness and well-being are OUT-PICTURED (aka “MANIFESTED!”) in your life and affairs.

The 10-Step Manifestation Process

Each of the following 10 steps expands on the previous step(s) until you feel so SOLID and have such FAITH in your manifestation that you feel it in the 3D world even before you see it!

PRO TIP: One of the KEYS to manifesting is that you must feel as if you already HAVE the thing or experience you desire before it manifests in the 3D. So, if you desire wealth, you must FEEL wealthy. Desire LOVE? Well, how is your Self-Love these days? Do you love yourself fully with compassion and forgiveness and respect? Desire creative expression? How much do you honor and use your creative gifts? And so on…

As you focus on each step, your BELIEF and FAITH STRENGTHENS and you come to a belief in your manifestation in a way that YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE.

This time it feels REAL and that it’s INEVITABLY going to work. Plus, once you start using this process, it gets in your “muscle memory” and you automatically incorporate it into the way you live your life.

The first seven (7) steps build momentum for you toward your goals and the last three (3) steps help you to let go, surrender your attachment to the outcome, and give it to God to do the final work.

In each of the steps, here’s what you can hope to uncover and experience:


Why were you put on this Earth? And even if you know your Life Purpose, what is your fulfillment level in manifesting this purpose? In this step, we’ll set the foundation for the fulfillment of your most important goals.


Discover how to overcome the insistence of the mind on its own beliefs, superstitions and “explanations.” Discover how to BYPASS your mind so you move forward in the right direction. 


With this step, you’ll finally understand what has been in the way in the past. Without step 3, no other progress can be made. I probably consider this step the hardest step, but once you achieve it, the world really is YOURS to explore, experience and relish in!


Here we look at WHY you have failed to achieve your goals in the past and WHAT to do about this to avoid unnecessary failure going forward. You will build on the confidence you have started creating in Steps 1 through 3. When you arrive at Step 4, you are already further along on a LIFE SCALE in terms of understanding how things are created and why, even though we are all given the same hours in a day, some people sweep floors and others build empires and magical worlds. The reason can be found in this step. (Hint: It’s less about birth and experience and more about proper application of specific knowledge that is kept hidden intentionally from many people. Well, not anymore!)


You will discover how to hold your dreams and goals lightly as you go about your day. With this step, you’ll be pleasantly reminded of all you are creating as your soul and mind take the magic carpet ride and observe your joyful life.


This step is one of the primary keys to a happy and healthy life. It also wins you all the friends, money and free time you can handle. Really. Many people FAKE this step. It will work for a while if you FAKE IT and you can achieve some amazing things, but it WILL catch up to you with disastrous consequences. Discover HOW to put this step to use for the rest of your life and discover what the greatest, most giving manifesting influencers of our time already know and authentically live on a daily basis.


You may be hearing a lot about “5D” (NOT “5G” – different 5s). The fifth dimension (5D) is acoustic. 5D is sound. Humans mutate or differentiate individually through SOUND – which includes hearing your own voice, the voices of others, music, sounds in nature, human-made sounds of all kinds. Discover how to use SOUND (5D) effectively to manifest quickly on multiple levels. (We promise you -- you likely haven’t studied this step in this way anywhere else! Bold claim, but I’ve been around for a long, long time. Hundreds of years in internet time at least, lol!)


Skipping this step is the MAIN REASON people FAIL with love, money, relationships and creative projects. It is the source of unnecessary conflict and confusion when this step is avoided. Step 8 has the power to bring success to ALL of your interactions, once you know how to do it!


Once you begin to embody the previous eight steps, Step 9 accelerates your conscious creation by building your SPIRIT and your capacity for FAITH. Step 9 helps you increase your faith as you increase your fulfillment, all the while, bringing fulfillment and joy to those around you. This step keeps you in close connection with your Self, Father God and Mother Earth/Nature.


Here, it all comes together. Without the previous nine steps, this step will bring mixed results. Without this step, nothing of consequence can be built or sustained.

Discover WHY your correct decisions make this final step in the 10-step process so pivotal and how to keep your momentum going, even when you have setbacks, disappointments or people tell you that you are “nuts” for going for what you truly desire. (They’re just jealous, FYI, every time!)

Manifestation by Design.

“Baeth, why are you holding this event?”

“The reason I’m holding this event is to make it as easy
and effortless as possible for you to create what you
most desire and what is most correct for you.”

- Baeth Davis

“Baeth, how long will it take before I start seeing results?”

Depending on the goal you’re seeking, what you’ll learn at the Manifestation by Design
event will typically, with practice, make results appear in real life much faster and in
MAGICAL AND COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED WAYS than you’ve ever experienced before.
The “speed” of the manifestation is always perfectly timed with how much you need to learn,
discover and prepare to bring in the desired result.

You’re Invited to Join Us for Our
Manifestation by Design Event

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 

Unlock the Secrets of Your DNA and Discover Exactly
Based on Your Unique Human Design…
followed by a 10-Step Manifestation Process that’s
broken out into steps to ensure that your manifestations are solid and INEVITABLE!


One Day Prior to the Event ~ Monday, Sept. 26th

**Please arrive on this day.**

**NOTE: If flying, please fly in/out of Phoenix International Airport (Symbol: PHX).
If driving in (for your total travel or with a rental car), the hotel has FREE parking.
Hotel info provided upon your ticket purchase on this web page.

Registration will be open from 4 pm to 6 pm in the foyer in front of the conference room, along with our wonderful “trade show alley” created by our creative, empowering, and innovative sponsors!

Be sure to visit our sponsors and get to know them. You’ll make great connections – some for life as previous event attendees of ours have done!

Please come and check in with us at registration (Online OR Live), receive your event workbook and other goodies, visit the sponsor booths, network and head over to the complimentary evening cocktails and appetizers reception held EVERY night by the hotel.

Please get a good night’s sleep and show up Tuesday morning (9 AM SHARP time – I do NOT wait around -- so come EARLY or you’ll miss out – and I don’t like to repeat myself, lol!), ready to roll with your tablet or notepad and pen, layered clothing and your INTENTION for MANIFESTATION. What is the #1 dream you want to call forth in the coming year?

Day One ~ Tuesday, Sept. 27th

We'll explore your unique decision-making style and the initial steps of the Manifestation Process.

Breakfast: Provided complimentary at hotel breakfast buffet
7:45 AM – 8:45 AM -- Registration ~ Mohave foyer in front of conference room OR Online at web page
8:45 AM -- Doors Open
9 AM -- Session
9:50 AM -- BREAK
10 AM – Session
10:50 AM – BREAK
11 AM – Session
11:50 AM – BREAK
NOON  -- Session
1 PM – 2 PM – Lunch, provided by the Manifestation By Design Event
2:10 PM – Session
3:15 PM – Session
4:15 PM – Session
5:30 PM – Dinner Break
7:30 PM – 9 PM – Networking, Client Awards Ceremony & Dancing

Day Two ~ Wednesday, Sept. 28th

You’ll uncover the final steps of the Manifestation Process and begin using them in real time.

Breakfast: Provided complimentary at hotel breakfast buffet
8:45 AM -- Doors Open
9 AM -- Session
9:50 AM -- BREAK
10 AM – Session
10:50 AM – BREAK
11 AM – Session
11:50 AM – BREAK
NOON  -- Session
1 PM – 2 PM – Lunch, provided by the Manifestation By Design Event
2:10 PM – Session
3:15 PM – Session
4:15 PM – Session
5:30 PM – Dinner Break
7:30 PM – 9 PM – HOT SEAT in the conference room with Baeth, JoAnn and other team members.

Day Three ~ Thursday, Sept. 29th

We’ll take all you’ve learned during the previous two days and plug it into your “Manifestation Map” so you understand, now and forever, how to make decisions using your Self, Father God and Mother Earth and never again allowing anyone or anything to interfere with your path toward your destiny.

Breakfast: Provided complimentary at hotel breakfast buffet
8:15 AM -- Doors Open
8:30 AM -- Session
9:50 AM -- BREAK
10 AM – Session
10:50 AM – BREAK
11 AM – Session
11:50 AM – BREAK
12 PM – 1 PM – Lunch, provided by the Manifestation By Design Event 
12 PM – 1:30 PM – VIP Lunch with Baeth & JoAnn
2:10 PM – Session
3:15 PM – Session
4:15 PM – Session
5:30 PM – Closing Ceremony
6:00 PM – Dinner Break and catch the hotel’s evening cocktail reception
7:30 PM – VIP Party (Tickets Available HERE.)

The “Follow Up” Manifestation Report ~ ONLINE ~
Monday, October 3rd, 4 pm to 6 pm EST**

**Note: Zoom link will be emailed to you and is also listed in your event workbook.

This is where you’ll see how quickly you are integrating all you are discovering about how YOU make decisions and how YOU manifest in your own way in the 3D world.

There will be prizes for your manifestations and hot seats to answer any questions that come up as you experiment with making your desires a living, breathing REGULAR REALITY!

Don’t miss this session, okay? It may be one of the most important online meetings of your life… and I mean that!

We intentionally planned the event to run over the course of three meaningful and
well-planned days. You’ll have ample time to take notes, go on a break and connect
with the other attendees.

This is an INTENSIVE AND EFFICIENT workshop where you’ll discover exactly how to make the correct decisions from your Human Design’s Strategy and Authority plus the 10-Step Manifestation Process.

This WON’T BE A SPEAKER PITCH-FEST or all-day/all-night marathon. We know you have a lot to do so we designed this event to be respectful of this and to maximize the use of your time and energy.

TIME ZONE ISSUES Due to Where You Live?
We’ve got you covered!

Here’s our plan – once the LIVE Event Tickets are SOLD OUT, we’ll offer an ONLINE streaming version of the event, as some prefer not to travel, some cannot travel and so forth.

If you’re like me, you LOVE LIVE events, so you move heaven and earth to be in person. AND we realize that’s not always possible or practical, so stay tuned for later in the summer when we’ll roll out our online streaming option.

If you can AT ALL COME LIVE, however, it is a 100 times more effective than doing it online because you can’t be in people’s auras online – and being in the physical energy of others is essential to sustained transformation and fulfillment.

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 




SAVE $100 If You Sign Up on or before Monday 9/26!


1) Manifestation Process Booklet – Now out of print, this handy dandy little booklet will be provided as a PDF as our gift to you. (It is still sold on the internet for well over $100!) (Value: $133.00)

2) Manifestation Hot Seat Session and Q&A with Baeth AFTER the Event. Join us POST-EVENT on Monday, October 3rd from 4 pm to 6 pm Eastern to hear people’s wins, lessons and up your manifestation game! (Value: $250.00)



Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 

In Just 3 SHORT DAYS...

  • You’ll begin to make decisions from your design, and you’ll likely experience far less resistance in your life, which is KEY to experiencing flow.
  • The 10-Step Manifestation Process will have a solid foundation because your decisions will be aligned with your Strategy and Authority.
  • After three short days together, you’ll leave with a deeper understanding of how to make correct decisions and to go through each of the 10 steps to manifest your dreams.

Imagine All Your Dreams Coming True?


Imagine what it would feel like if you always felt confident that you could manifest your dreams, despite what any naysayers in your life may tell you. 

Each time you’ve manifested what you want, you’ll gain more confidence in yourself about the process and about doing it again.

You’ll learn that manifesting is a gift from the Universe… That we’re all SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY and HAVE WHAT WE WANT. (Yes, really. It’s possible you’ve been told the opposite by very many different sources. Hmmm… what’s the gain for them and loss for you to think you are here to serve someone OTHER than your Self?!)

No longer will you feel discouraged and disappointed when you think about your dream (from the point-of-view of not having it) because you’ll KNOW that YOU’RE A POWERFUL BEING and that YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN and that it’s INEVITABLE that it will.

(If you choose to discuss your dream, make sure you only do so with people who are “safe” and supportive vs. anyone, including close friends and family members, who seem to enjoy pouring cold water on your fiery joy. Your dreams are sacred.)

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 

About Baeth Davis

Affectionately known as “Dr. Purpose” by clients and colleagues, Baeth has over 23 years of experience in life purpose identification and business coaching.

Six years ago, she began incorporating Human Design in her work with clients.

Baeth has been featured in Women’s World and Los Angeles Times as well as heard on NPR, BBC-5 and Radio Free Europe. Her greatest happiness is seeing clients achieve their life-long goals and experience the fulfillment that comes with living aligned to your design.

Some of her clients are top business coaches including Ali Brown, Kendall SummerHawk and Suzanne Evans, Hollywood celebrities and well-known motivational speakers, writers, artists and a variety of entrepreneurs in many industries, as well as stay-at-home parents, retirees and students.

Her greatest joy is in helping you eliminate the resistance that comes from not knowing your purpose. She helps you identify, unleash and profit from your purpose so that you gain more confidence, more ideal clients and more revenue. 

She consistently delivers your specific purpose, spiritual and business plan so that you can finally experience the fulfillment and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Baeth lives in New Jersey and loves hiking, walking by the ocean, reading and traveling. She finds restoration and nourishment in painting, ecstatic dance and writing.

After implementing what you’ve learned at the Manifestation by Design Workshop…

  • You’ll be ready to go for the career or business pursuits that are correct for you with certainty that you’re on the right track.
  • Your flow of money will be steady and reliable -- replacing worry with profound relief.
  • When you look at your life, you’ll feel warm inside and SO GRATEFUL.
  • You’ll organize and design your life so that it’s true to who you are without any need to compromise.
  • You’ll want to share your many wins with others so that they can achieve happiness and fulfillment, too.
  • “Your people” will be drawn to you because of your positivity and openness.
  • Your ability to manifest will make you realize that your life is not based on the whim of outside forces at all, but because of how empowered you are to control your life.

Kim Kaase

Business Coach, Texas

“Using Baeth’s approach, I’m regularly making mid-five-figures with my program offers!”
Tandy Pryor

Business Mentor, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Thanks to understanding my human design, I decided to claim my Feng Shui expertise and subsequently created my ‘Monetize Your Office Method’ for entrepreneurs to create spaces that generate wealth and joy. I highly recommend Baeth and her programs for claiming who you REALLY are in business.”


Professional Dancer and Embodiment Coach, Mexico

“While mentoring with Baeth, I enrolled my first private client online for nearly $5000 – and my work previously had been off-line!”

If You Aren’t Attracting Your IDEAL CLIENTS,




Please Join Us for this
Very Special Event


You’ll Be So Glad You Did!

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 


Day One

We’ll explore your unique decision-making style and Steps 1 through 4 of the Manifestation Process.

Day Two

You’ll uncover Steps 5 through 10 of the Manifestation Process and begin using them in real time.

Day Three

We’ll take all you’ve learned during the previous two days and plug it into your “Manifestation Map” so you understand, now and forever, how to make decisions using your Self, Father God and Mother Earth and never again allowing anyone or anything to interfere with your path toward your destiny.

You can’t afford NOT to take this workshop. (And we priced it so you CAN INVEST IN YOUR SELF and scheduled it so you can maximize your discoveries!)



1) Manifestation Process Booklet – Now out of print, this handy dandy little booklet will be provided as a PDF as our gift to you. (It is still sold on the internet for well over $100!) (Value: $133.00)

2) Manifestation Hot Seat Session and Q&A with Baeth AFTER the Event. Join us POST-EVENT on Monday, October 3rd from 4 pm to 6 pm Eastern to hear people’s wins, lessons and up your manifestation game! (Value: $250.00)


Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 

This is an irresistible offer so don’t put it off. Suddenly it will be it will be TOO LATE to get Your Bonuses!

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 

The Manifestation by Design event is

Essential for Your Success and

Will Pay for Itself in No Time!

Or Click Here to Purchase online ticket for $397 

Can you really afford to miss out on a 3-Day Event that will teach you how to MANIFEST ANYTHING YOU WANT for a mere $197?!

The cost of this LIFE-CHANGING 3-Day Event is only $197. That’s ridiculously inexpensive!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
If you aren’t satisfied by the end of the first day, just quietly let our team know, agree to not use the materials in the future, and we’ll refund your ticket.

 Look at what Darryl Stewart, client, has to say:

“After working with Baeth, I created branding for my business that feels complete and who I am deep down. I had huge clarity on the three pillars and focuses I will be bringing forth in my business.

I have Intuitively released buckets full of shame, blame and guilt about being "Projector different.” Priceless.

I also:

Stopped being an attention whore – huge.
See where attention-seeking over-rode everything in my life and business in the past. It is nice to take a HUGE step back from that.
Let go off an additional level of my traumatic childhood and I feel at peace with it.
Can stop beating myself up and release this inner critic and limiting beliefs at a deep, deep level.
Can say, “I am a Projector, I am different and that is WHY I was treated the way I was.”
Got the “F’d up” nonsense out my life. No longer needed.
Released myself from these "side dish" relationships I have had where the other person really didn’t see me. I am a delicious side tasty treat when they remember that I am there. I am done. I let them go and I am moving on. What a relief that is. I wish them well. Bye bye. :) I want to be the full meal deal.
I am now also honouring my skills and genius around finding the exact patterns that are holding your life and business back in seven (7) questions or less.
I have nothing to prove to ANYONE. I think that has been priceless too because I can settle into my Human design genius and be purposeful in moving forward to help as many people in the world who see my value.
If people do not see me and my value, bye bye. They are not my people and now that is OK.
I have hired EIGHT (8) new people to be part of my personal and professional support teams.
This is so liberating for a Projector to do this and for me not doing things I dislike doing. Priceless.

I have HIRED:

  • A house cleaner
  • Two tennis coaches
  • A new Virtual Assistant (VA)
  • A new Online Business Manager (OBM)
  • A new bookkeeper
  • A new flexibility and cardio coach - to be better for tennis season
  • A new FB ads manager - focusing on two key things for my business

I’m also in the process of hiring a content creator. I want a team around me - so much more fun!!!! Additionally, I am attracting new clients to my deepening Human Design purpose and how clear I am when I am showing up. Because I am owning my Human Design, one Projector client increased her revenue 25% in the last month. Three (3) old clients have come back for more sessions with me because they feel the shift in me. My results, changes and outcomes for my clients feel richer, deeper and more meaningful.

Sent my biggest invoice EVER in my business and it felt energetically good. Even felt it could have been higher. I have had the best 30 days in over two and a half years.

Being an elite tennis player, it is important to be constantly improving. I feel an energy of "JUST BE" in my fitness. I do not need to compete against other people nor do I feel I need to show them I am a good tennis player. Releasing a subconscious need to be recognized as a good player has lifted something from my tennis game. My hitting partners and tennis friends have seen an improvement in hitting, consistency and having fun while competing. Priceless.

Baeth, I think it is very important that you see how deeply you have helped me.

I am very very very grateful to have met you and excited to see wonderful things happening this coming year because I am releasing everything that does not serve me any longer.

Focusing on my Human Design feels right and gives me peace of mind. I can rest."

-- Darryl Stewart,
Redesign Your Life
Montreal, Canada

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