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Dive deep into the energetic ocean of creation with my guest, Alara Sage, the “Womb Shaman.”  Forget what you think you know about anatomy – Alara uses it as a map to navigate the hidden currents of energy that guide us toward pure, unadulterated bliss. Imagine “hell yes” moments rippling through your core, and Alara will show you how to tune into that frequency! A former scuba instructor who swapped coral reefs for energy fields, Alara discovered her unique ability to move energy while working with animals. It wasn’t always smooth sailing – mastering this gift took some serious diving into her own depths, but now, she’s on a mission to empower you to unlock the same power within yourself.


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Meet The “Womb Shaman” Alara Sage, 1/3 Manifesting Generator

Master Your Reality & Create A “Hell YES” Life

Welcome back to the show. I am so happy to be doing these interviews again. It’s been a moment. What prompted me to come back to doing the show and bringing these amazing people to your awareness is that many of you in the community said, “I listen to all the episodes. I want more.” Enough people said to me that I started interviews again.

You’re going to enjoy this interview with a beautiful soul named Alara Sage. She is the womb shaman. In our interview, I hope to speak to a little bit of the healing she did with me. She is an incredible healer. I’m going to share with you now her bio. Alara Sage is an incredible being. She is the founder and creator of Creator Consciousness™, a trinity teaching of embodiment, manifestation, and creative genius. It is an in-depth yet simple and precise system to masterfully create your life.

Alara is an intuitively gifted healer who coaches provocatively and soulfully. You’re going to get to experience her energy in a moment. Alara has over fifteen years of experience helping others reignite and transform their lives. She works with leaders, visionaries, and creatives who desire to master their reality and create a hell-yes life.

We’re going to look at that. We’re going to look at creating a hell-yes life, how you can connect to your genius, the difference between manifesting and creation, and whatever else comes up. We’re going to look at a chart. With that, I am going to bring the beautiful, the divine, the illuminating, Ms. Alara Sage to the show. How are you?

I feel so honored by that introduction. Thank you.

You’re welcome. Let’s dive right into it. First of all, I have two questions. The first is what is a womb shaman? The second question is how do you guide people to create a hell-yes life?

A Womb Shaman

The womb shaman was a title that my higher self gave me. There are several aspects to it. First and foremost, we are able to enter into the cosmic womb. This is a space of nothing and a quantum field of interdimensional travel. When I’m working with clients, I am inhibiting multiple dimensions at once and simultaneously nothing at all, which is very powerful for accessing multiple layers and fields of information for them.

Another part of the womb shaman is in the process. Our wombs are both the death and rebirth energy of the divine, sacred primordial fem. Meaning it consumes and transmutes. The womb is a black hole. If you think about a black hole pulling in energy to transmute that energy and “spitting” it out the other side into light. This is very much of what the womb shaman is. I transmute a lot of energy through my body.

It’s been happening for many years of my life. Honestly, for a long time, I didn’t even completely understand what was happening. I would say the third and foremost is I help women to embody their wombs, to understand the wisdom and the esoteric knowledge that is in the energetics of their womb, their cervix, their G-spot, and their pussy. I help women to be their own version of their shaman, their own version of their wise woman, and embody that ancient energy that has been missing from our planet for over 5,000 years. Let’s bring her back.

Tell us what is a hell-yes life to you? How do you help other people find theirs?

A “Hell Yes” Life

A hell-yes life to me is the bliss hits, I call them. I live my life this way where everything I do, I feel into when I’m given, choices when I’m given opportunities. I feel into them. I look for a shot of bliss and a shot of ecstatic energy that I feel in my body. That tells me, “Hell yes.” I say yes to that. Conversely, when it’s a no, it’s much more of a contracted, dropped-in, and closed-down vibration in my body. That’s where I learned to say no to.

This has been a practice for me, as it is for everybody, of learning and trusting my body’s wisdom. Trusting that bliss hit, as well as trusting the know because sometimes it doesn’t line up with our logical mind. We have to have that deep trust and conviction to go against perhaps logic but what we know to be true in ourselves.

We have to have that deep trust and conviction to go against, perhaps logic, but what we know to be true in ourselves. Share on X

When did you start noticing you could move energy the way you do?

Honestly, I consciously became aware of it when I worked with horses. I’ve been around horses my whole life. It’s been one of my greatest teachers. After being a scuba diver and scuba diving instructor for many years traveling the world, I came back to the US into Hawaii. I went back to working with horses, which was so tremendous for me.

The horses started to teach me. I had learned physical therapy for horses. That’s doing physical therapy to the body of the horse. Sometimes it’s confused with doing physical therapy to people on horseback. I was doing it to the horses. The horses showed me and taught me. They were very precise. I started to learn how I could bring their energy into my body and transmute it to them.

What did that feel like inside of your body?

At first, not very good. One of the things I’ve learned through this process is it takes a great deal of surrender, relaxation, and non-identification with the energies that I am “consuming.” When energies come in and I feel them, I have learned to open, love, and cherish those energies as they come in through my body.

Now, I get bliss hits when I transmute energy for other people and myself. I used to identify with it and not know how to move it through my body. It would weigh me down. Oftentimes, I would work on a horse and go into my car and pass out for twenty minutes so that my body could be like, “You go unconscious. Let us move the energy through your body. Now you can come back online.” I would come back on and I would feel great. I would carry onward but it was a very steep learning curve for me.

When you’re working with a client, is there a way that you tune into their energy to help them touch into their own unique abilities? You’re talking about an ability that in human history is a pretty new development from the standpoint of it becoming more known by more people and more accessible to more people. It used to be in the sacred knowledge area where only the high priest has access it seems like. It’s almost as if these skills are coming online in mass in humanity. How do you help someone tune into this energy in their own body?

This is part of what I would call myself as the womb shaman. I teach women how to connect to their physical bodies, emotional bodies, and mental bodies, and feel their bodies and their wombs. Feel these aspects of themselves. I teach them the same methods that I use to transmute the energy. As my clients move through my containers, I am doing less for them and more holding space as they are learning more profoundly for themselves. My intention is to always empower others rather than hold the power for myself. My intention is always that my clients no longer need me or anybody else by the time they’re complete.

You mentioned the word genius and activating that in people or helping them recognize it. Will you describe what genius means to you? How does that arise in your work?

The Unique Fractal Of Consciousness

Genius, to me, is our unique fractal consciousness. Our genius is very much aligned with our heart’s desires, which also can be correlated to soul information, our soul’s blueprint like what we are here on this planet to experience and to create. That is unique to each and every single one of us. Within that blueprint, you can imagine a blueprint. You unravel a blueprint and there’s all of these structures and formulations.

It’s very geometric in how I see it. There is all this information about the unique person’s gifts and talents and what only they can do that is unique to them. Through that process, how they bring those gifts and talents into their reality to bring forth their life’s work and life’s purpose. There’s always an exchange. We bring forth our gifts and talents. Simultaneously, we learn through the reflection of that.

That makes sense. Tell me about maybe a transformation you’ve seen where someone came to you and they maybe weren’t deeply in touch with their feeling body or maybe their feelings were a little shutdown. They worked with you and they realized, “I am unique and therefore, I have my unique self to offer.” Can you share an example of that?

Multi-Dimensional Orgasm

One more thing I want to say about the genius. Women in our cervix, the cervix is this portal. It’s a stargate because it has the opening closing to our womb. The cervix is this stargate into infinite potential, the creation point, and ultimately the cosmic womb. It also is a portal into the heart center. The womb and the heart are so beautifully interwoven energetically. It’s simply delicious. In that cervix, there’s tremendous ancestral coding that is very specific to women, the sacred feminine, and the information of wisdom and the sacred codings of who they are in their wise woman in their sacred feminine.

A lot of that genius also comes through the opening up and the revealing of those codes in the cervix, which I do a lot of with my clients. This is something that came into my space. This goes into the person that I want to tell you the story about because she came to me. She has been in corporate life pretty much her whole. She has been doing jobs that she’s good at but do not light her up and never feels fulfilled there.

Also, having a lot of people put stuff on her. She had two children given to her when she was in her early twenties that weren’t hers like, “Here, take care of these children.” She raised them. These are the kinds of experiences that she keeps having where people kept placing responsibility on her because they knew that she would take it, receive it, and handle it. Simultaneously, she had a lot of trouble sexually.

She hadn’t ever orgasmed. She didn’t experience a lot of pleasure. Although, she enjoyed sex on some context. She knew that there was so much more. She found herself often desiring much more in sexual interaction and feeling frustrated by not getting it and feeling like, “What the F is wrong with my body? Why am I not experiencing the fundamental orgasm?” Only the basic orgasm. Not even like full body orgasm or multi-dimensional orgasm or fundamental or physical in your pussy orgasm. She didn’t even have that.

Through our process, there have been so many vast transformations for her. For one, she’s moved out of corporate and she’s starting to connect. She’s a medicine woman inherently. This came about very organically through our process of working together where she is connecting to the plants and the intelligence of the plants and how this is all coming together for her, and desiring to move forward in that context for herself.

It lights up her body. It lights up her womb. It’s very precious, so moving through that entire process with herself. She has established boundaries where she is turning into her body and to her wisdom of what lights her up and learning how to say no to circumstances that do not serve her and do not light her up. Things have been placed on her obligations, which has shifted her entire reality where her reality, she’s starting to receive that reflection of beautiful support from others rather than that seeming missing.

She always felt like nobody was supporting her. She didn’t have support from her partner and her family. That is all radically shifting as she is now standing in her power and saying yes to her yes and no to her noes. Her relationship has radically shifted. Her man is not “conscious” and he is shifted into waking up. She has reached orgasm. Most importantly, her cervix and her pelvis and all of that have relaxed profoundly and she’s starting to breathe in her body and breathe into the sexual experience.

That always equates to the full-body orgasm and the multi-dimensional orgasm. It’s the relaxation and being able to breathe into every single moment and experience through sex. She started to reach those. She’s starting to feel turned on in her body as she’s feeling into her opportunities and choices and feeling this buzz of aliveness. That bliss that I speak about. Those are the primary massive shifts for her.

She changed houses and created this whole environmental space that is deeply nourishing for her. I would say, that would be another context of being able to receive and receive through her universe through what I call the reflection nourishment. Having nourishment through her partner, her house, and her environment. Having nourishment now coming in through her life’s work, her parents, and all of the ways that life is now switching around to nourish her.

That’s beautiful. Thank you for that. What would you say to women who no longer have their cervix like me? Can we still access the codes or we should have a look?

I was so excited when I met you because I was like, “I never thought about speaking about it.” There are energetic signatures. It doesn’t matter whether you have the organ or not. The energy is there. You are still very connected to the ancestral lineages and all of the information that exists. It’s all still in your body. You can access it. You can still access your power, sacred feminine power, and those codes and wisdom that come along with it.

That’s interesting. At some point, it might be fun to have another conversation and go down the rabbit hole with that because I was concerned that I would lose all the progress I’ve made. The interesting thing is it has put me even more in touch with my body and awareness wish I’d had prior. That would have impacted my health to say, to have met someone like you in the late 1980s or whatever. This consciousness is arriving when it’s arriving. It is what it is. Thank you for that. There’s another thing you talk about that I find intriguing about the difference between manifestation and creation. Will you share what each of those is? How do you perceive the differences?

The Difference Between Manifestation And Creation

Manifestation is beautiful and we’re doing it constantly. Generally, the teaching of manifestation is the understanding of the Law of Attraction and the vibration that you are in and you’re putting out. You are attracting that reflection back to you. That’s the fundamental of manifestation and that is true. The Law of Attraction, from my perspective and my belief structure, is true.

The thing about manifestation that doesn’t get talked about is, for one, embodiment. You can think of it as you know bringing down your higher self, your higher mind into your body. It’s an unraveling. It’s a revealing of your divinity within. In creation, what we are doing is we are working with what’s called our Shakti. Kundalini Shakti is often referred to as Kundalini. Shakti is the representation of the Goddess energy because Shakti is our primordial femme. It is our sacred feminine energy. It is creative life force energy.

Shakti is our primordial femme. It is our sacred feminine energy. Share on X

Shakti is in everything. Shakti is in the wind, the ground, the earth, the tree, and in our breath. Shakti is the creative life force energy in everything. We have this energy within ourselves. In tantric practices and tantric teachings, when we awaken the Shakti, she moves through our body. She journeys through us and ultimately, moves out of our crown to engage in divine union with Shiva, with the God, with our beloved.

I had a spontaneous Kundalini Shakti awakening of my own. I had no idea what Shakti was when it happened to me. It triggered a process of understanding Shakti, working with my own Shakti, and helping other women work with their Shakti. Creating versus manifest is about understanding Shakti energy, understanding the creative life force energy in you. Is she awake? Where is she on her journey? She doesn’t just plow all the way up to the crown.

I had that happen. I went into full or full body orgasm and ecstatic bliss in a matter of a second but that’s not her usual journey. She usually takes several years to journey through a being. What she does is she pauses in various chakras. She also moves out of the body into chakras that exist outside of our body and our Merkabah and pauses there and transforms, consumes, and transmutes energy that no longer serves us.

Even for instance, after my Kundalini awakening, she started the journey again. She would pause in certain chakras. I would have to move with her and learn where she was and learn how to move through that part of my body. What is she trying to teach me? What doors is she opening? What is she trying to transmute within me? As we learn her process, is she activated? That’s one thing I do for women, I activate and facilitate the movement of Shakti. Where is she? How do we utilize her? Our own creative life force energy, because let’s be real. Women have the power to create life on Earth.

Why is that not spoken about more than it is? We are deeply connected. One foot in the physical and one foot in the ethereal. Men have Shakti in their bodies as well but there is a depth. There is a reservoir. There is a connection that the woman has, that women have. That is the relationship with our Shakti and as I said, the creation point, the cosmic womb, and the great goddess, the great mother.

Understanding the Shakti in our bodies, working with her, breathing into her, feeling her, and knowing how to utilize her to connect. As I mentioned before, womb to heart because your heart has all of your soul’s blueprint. Your heart’s desire is what you desire so deeply in this life to create. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have these deep heart desires. Your womb, when you’re connected to her and your heart’s desires, is the magnet. She draws in.

She creates the energy of longing. She longs to fill that desire so she draws that energy in. When we understand the womb-heart connection, our Shakti, our G-spot, and all these beautiful esoteric energies that we hold as women. It is so beautiful. The magic that we can create with incredible ease and grace. It’s not nearly as mental as some manifestations. It’s very body-orientated.

You have such a big aura. I can see auras. I have all these wild skills that I don’t normally talk about but yours. I see it like you’re sitting there. It’s huge, the light coming off of you. I do notice that the people who practice with awareness to energy the way you do. Your own energy, the energy around you, and being in harmony with all those different energies as much as you can be moving through you tends to make the aura bright because the energy is clean in a way. It’s like a cleansing of the energy by being aware of the energy. It’s that whole of saying what we put our attention on expands. It’s beautiful to see your uniqueness as a being.

Thank you so much. That’s another part of creation versus manifestation. It’s naturally aligning and becoming in coherence with the rhythms, the rhythm of Gaia, and the rhythm of our creative life force energy, because there’s a rhythm to it. There’s an ebb and a flow. Gaia has her rhythms and so we align with those rhythms. There are the rhythms of our sun, moon, and planets, then of the universe. We align and what that does is that we get to draw from more depth of resource because we’re drawing on all of that. This is so good.

It is so good. I love watching you in your energy. It’s so cool. I’m going to bring up your chart and before I do, was there anything else you wanted to share or feel important to share?

I feel like we covered it all.

We’ll have a look at your design. Be thinking about something you’re curious about in your design and then we’ll see what the design has to say about it. What is something you’re curious about? Ask me anything.

I’m curious about if there are any hidden gifts or hidden information that maybe I am not aware of.

1/3 Manifesting Generator

When I think of hidden, what comes to mind are the planets that are far out in our solar system. Far out distance-wise. What I want to do is I want to look at them from the personality perspective first. We’ve got Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. We have these planets. Briefly, in terms of design. I recognize some people don’t believe in design but there’s usually not the people tuning in to the show.

I tend to look at this as a circuit board that is an experiment. Having been using it myself for many years, it’s borne out as true. Most people who work with this information find if anything, it’s an ally to what you already know about yourself. It helps you align even more to the depth of oneself. You were talking about the depth of the womb, and that makes sense with your chart. I want to tie in what you shared and show you where it lives in your body because there’s a reason that energetically, you’re drawn to the work that you’re drawn to.

In my chart, there’s a reason I’ve had problems in my reproductive area because it’s right there in my body graph. I didn’t know how to deal with it so it wouldn’t become a problem until recently. That’s the thing. Understanding how our energy flows is important. When we look at the body graph in the middle, it’s showing me how your energy moves. You have a very potent design with energy that runs in some very interesting ways.

I’m going to come back to that but let’s talk about the design and personality. In design, there are thirteen positions. Design is the introduction of the development of the body in the womb. Eighty-eight days before birth are when the design consciousness enters the body. That will determine when you’re born, which gives us our Western astrology chart. There is Vedic astrology. That will give a different angle on this, but most people find if they overlay different systems, they tend to give the same message wherever you go there you are.

Design is the introduction of the development of the body in the womb. So, 88 days before birth is when the design consciousness enters the body Share on X

We’re looking at the design side. You can think of that as the body. The personality is who you think you are and who others may think you are. The personality is the persona for interacting with the other. There’s you interacting with me now and me interacting with you. There’s also that design over there. That’s your body.

In terms of these hidden aspects of personality, let’s start with Pluto on the personality side because Pluto is about depth of truth. It’s also about the transformation of things that have been buried into the light. Hence is about power. This power could be the power of the mafia. It could be the power of spiritual truth. It’s all those things that become hidden and need to be transmuted in our day-to-day lives. It also represents death itself like transforming from one phase into another.

Our deepest truth lives in Pluto and you have Gate 32 line one. The gates in black are from the personality side. If you see a striped gate or channel, it means you have that gate on both sides. Anything in red will be marked in red in terms of the gates and channels. Anything black comes from the personality. We’re looking at 32 off the spleen. Your personality, Pluto energy is in your spleen. Let’s tie all this together.

Spleenic energy deals with survival fears and survival fear is addressed through intuition. The purpose of intuition is to stay alive. Gate 32 is our intuitive knowing of what should continue and what should die. A simple example of this would be, let’s say, you’re in your garden. You’re trimming the rose bushes. You’re cutting away so that in the spring, They will grow more vigorously and will have more blooms. The cutting away, ideally, is to release that which hinders healthy growth. It isn’t about endless expansion either. We also know that that’s very dangerous.

Life is about expanding and contracting. If people could get that, we’d solve most of the world’s problems because most of the world’s problems now are based on a lie, which is that you can have constant quarterly growth and profit. There can be constant expansion. If we learned how to live in contraction expansion like a cervix like most things, we would be very healthy. Your deepest truth with the other is line 1, 32.

You’re teaching people the fundamentals of regeneration. The fundamentals of continuity or the tribe because it’s in the tribal circuitry gate 32. For the tribe to be healthy and flourish, it needs to know what it has to let die. It also needs to know what it needs to maintain and where expansion is asked for. Those three things have to be going on all the time. Think about your day-to-day life or a week. Take a week out of life. There’s a trash day. The trash gets carried away, then there’s like recycle day, and the regeneration day. There’s the “I got to go shopping and replenish the food” day.

In the way we live a basic week out of our life, we’re constantly in these cycles even if we’re not paying attention to them. What you’re able to do is from this depth of foundational knowledge show people how important it is to recognize their own cycles within their tribal structures. Let’s say you’re working with a mother and she says, “Alara, I have no time for myself.” You say, “Let’s look at how your time is being used. Let’s look at how that affects your energy. Now let’s look at what boundaries you may need to better use that energy. Let me show you some breathing techniques that will help you tune into your own inner knowing,” and so on and so forth.

I’m just making that up. From the bit you’ve shared with me and the work that I’ve had the joy to do with you, you have this great capacity to lead someone through that continuity process. That’s the depth of your work with the other. Pluto is always the depth with the other on the personality side. On your side, you’re 57, also in the spleen. This is very interesting to me that you have two gates in the spleen and Pluto.

The spleen is about intuition and health. Our health is from listening to our intuition like, “Don’t eat that. Don’t hang out with that person. Leave that job. Quit smoking. Get out of that marriage. It’s giving you cancer.” Whatever the case. The spleen is always trying to guide us to health. The thing is the spleen tells us once and that’s it. It doesn’t repeat itself because it’s an in-the-moment awareness mechanism. It doesn’t have memory. Only this has memory.

They say the body has memory but it’s different. It’s different than mental memory. The body’s memory is going to be locked up in nerves and tissues. It will be released usually as a biochemical response known as an emotion. The spleen is once gone. Your spleenic knowing for you is in gate 57, which is the intuitive gate. Its big fear is the fear of the future.

One of the things with this gate and you have it in line 5 is you are teaching people how to use their intuition to create a better future. This is an interesting situation with your Pluto. When you’re talking to the other, in many ways, it’s a deep conversation about what needs to go and what needs to be created and habits, and 57 over is this magic you have. You’ve got the up arrow, so it’s an extra plus attribution or positive trait, which means that you know things but you don’t necessarily know how to explain that you know that. You just know.

What you know about is how someone needs to change or not change, as the case may be, because it’s not always about change, in order to thrive. There’s a deep healing component to what you do. That’s part of what’s hidden. We then move up into Neptune. Neptune is sometimes linked with deep emotions. It can also be tied in with illusion and the depth of feeling. I think of Neptune, the God of the sea, and how we still are discovering things in the ocean.

We’d need millions of years more. We still wouldn’t discover everything in the ocean type of thing. Neptune is this mysterious part of us. What’s interesting is your Neptune is in gate 26 on both sides. Gate 26 comes off the heart. The physical heart is our ego. This is not often understood. People say, “Get rid of your ego.” I’m like, “No.” Ego keeps you alive. Too much ego is my heart’s better than your heart. That’s where it gets into a problem. We all have an ego and it’s our beating heart.

Gate 26 is this ability to manipulate what you say to get the result. You have a huge capacity, in a sense, to lead people to something they may not even know that they need or want. As long as that’s done for good, it’s a breakthrough for humanity. It’s a very transformational energy. You’re very good at sales, at deal-making, and at figuring out the most efficient way to do things, and yet, this is hidden from you and it’s hidden from the other but know that it’s there. It’s there.

You have a way of presenting and speaking that can lead people to deeper truths. In many ways, that’s what your manipulation is for because manipulation, like all words, can be good or bad. It’s typically both. Uranus can deal with technology. Uranus can deal with what’s weird and out there. What’s interesting is Uranus for you is in gate 43, which we happen to be in this week, as we do this interview in the sun transits. The sun is moving through gate 43.

Gate 43 is the inner ear of the brain, the neocortex. It’s that individual knowing that has the a-ha. You’re a-ha is in the esoteric, the strange, and the technological. In many ways, you’re blending ancient knowledge with tech and with the body to present a very new pathway for people to move down. You’re very innovative and your individual knowing. Part of the struggle of your life is having people understand you.

You may find you have to repeat things a lot and that’s okay because you have such a unique perspective with where gate 43 is that you’re going to have to repeat yourself. You’ve got gate 43 on Mars as well. The root of action for you isn’t always to take an action. It’s simply to be aware of the breakthrough and know that someone will come along to pull it out of you. They will come along to pull it out of you.

The root of action for you isn't always to take an action. It's simply to be aware of the breakthrough and know that someone will come along to pull it out of you. Share on X

It’s very interesting. You’ve got the symmetry in Neptune and Uranus. Pluto is working on behalf of using your intuition so that there can be a continuation of our species. If we want to get deep about it, part of your right angle cross attention is you are here as a talented business owner provoking people to fight for their purpose. That’s what your incarnation is.

You’re very much in the struggle and the fight for what matters. As I like to say, the only fight worth fighting is the fight for your purpose. In fact, in the human design chart, you have the whole fight channel, which is the fight for purpose. The reason people fear death is they haven’t lived. I don’t fear death. I’ve been to hell and back but I’ve already lived like fifteen lifetimes. I don’t have regrets. I’ve done all the things. Now, I’m still here. It’s clearly, let’s serve now.

That’s all I want to do because I did all the things. Nothing is as fulfilling as doing what we’re designed to do. You’re right angle cross attention. If we want to get into what you represent, you represent talent to be shared with the collective through the frame of the business you own. That’s on your personality side. People see you as a business leader whether you realize it or not. That’s your charm. You’re a business leader. You’re out there on the edge when it comes to the status quo but in fact, you’re out on the edge of where we need to go.

You’re just going there. That’s the tension. You’re moving through all the nonsense energetically. You’re not even getting involved in the noise. You’re just like, “No, there’s nothing there for me or you.” You know that. I don’t know how you know that but I feel that you know that. You know that, don’t you?


Part of why I set these show up this way, Alara, for a very important reason, just listening to you. The audience will listen to you. We look at your chart so we can anchor in the sound frequency and the visual, which is light and sound is a podcast these days. The person takes in the light and sound of you, essentially your avatar because they’re not sitting with you in person. They’re taking in a signature of you, an aspect of you.

We look at this body graph. For me, it’s like, “Wow,” because I can sit here and tie together that being I met speaking with the being receiving an acknowledgment of things you already feel. I’m putting some words to them. It has another purpose, which is that people who resonate with you can find you and they can recognize these pieces in themselves and then be more awake. I thank you for being here because what we’re doing together, what we’re co-creating is an empowerment field for those ready to step away from the violent video game consciousness of patriarchy gone off the rails.

Step into a new earth, an Eden of Synarchy, where the masculine and feminine energies are balanced within the individual. Thus, they can be balanced externally. That’s the simplest way I can put it. You provoke the shit out of people. You provoke the shit out of them. They come into your field and there’s no room for the toxin because there’s no place for it to go inside of you.

You won’t take it on. Good on you. That says something. Gate 39 and line 3 in your design sun. What keeps you healthy is provoking in the 3D. Being provoked for that matter. It’s an individual frequency. What’s getting provoked, your spirit. You disturb people’s spirits. Why do you disturb them? It’s because of your genius. Your genius is to awaken people to the fuel to fight for their purpose in 3D to fight for a healthy cervix. To fight but not fight necessarily with weapons but the internal fight against degeneracy, decadence, and laziness.


Yes, mediocrity. You are a presence that provokes people because with you, the ego in you is strong but it’s not arrogant. That’s maturity. You come in and your energy field pokes people. If they aren’t ready to be awakened, they may have very strong reactions to you. The challenge for you is to walk away. The good news is you don’t get too much projection. People do see what you’re about. The good news about that is they can see you coming. If they’re not ready for your force field to provoke into their aura, they’re going to move away like, “Oh no, that’s not for me.”

They may not know why but you are truly here for the revolution. We’re in it already. Human design isn’t a joke. It speaks in very clear language. We are in a revolution. We’re already in the world war. Multiple wars are happening. There are the skirmishes and the fights people are playing in that violent video game then there’s the actual fight for sovereignty as an individual.

Human design isn't a joke. It speaks in a very clear language. Share on X

Everything in your design is about teaching people to forgive themselves for their mistakes and have a revolutionary awakening with themselves. It’s like you’re a catalyst for the awakening of the sovereign individual who is now ready to step fully into their purpose through the body. I say this because you have the entire tantra channel of the body, 29 connects to 46. You have the whole channel.

The Abysmal Bottom

That’s why I want to come back to that. You being a womb shaman is correct. Your sacred being gate 29 is about devotion. It’s about saying yes to whatever life brings you. That’s why you have to be so careful and curating of what you say yes to because you can’t get out of it. You’re in it for the whole thing, even if it kills you. You know this. I know you’ve made some bad decisions where you’re like, “Oh boy.” Right to the abysmal bottom. It’s called the abysmal in the Yixing.

When you say yes, you’re going to go all the way through, even if it’s bad and unpleasant. However, when you choose correctly, what you do is activate this 46, which is the love of the body. You are here to teach people how to love their bodies. You have it in Saturn in line 4. Saturn is about structure, rules, and the maintenance of things.

In many ways, the deepest truth is that what continues is you’re creating a community where people are devoted to loving their bodies. Remember, I mentioned before that I wish I had the knowledge sooner. I have gate 29 but I don’t have gate 46. In looking for that love of the body from the other, I damaged my own body by extending my energy too much, by over-committing, and by saying yes too much, thinking that would bring me the love of the body.

When I worked with you, I got to forgive myself. Remember, I mentioned that forgiveness piece for the ways in which I didn’t even know what I didn’t know in terms of managing my energy. It’s almost like your unique message to humanity to those who are interested, it won’t be everybody because you’re doing very high-level work. You know this. Your audience is provocative trailblazing women entrepreneurs. That’s who you can help.

First of all, they’re ready to talk about their bodies and get over the shame of having a body and having a feminine body. Let’s be real, the most oppressed group on the planet is still women. It’s still half the human population. It’s even more oppressed than the other half of the population. I wasn’t the first person that said that.

I first heard that from several men who said that. -Let’s be real about what’s going on the planet. The liberation of the feminine in all of its forms is part of what you’re here to do. Someone has to do it. Before I say anything else, we’re just about at the time. We can take about ten more minutes. Did you have anything that you wanted to share based on what I shared?

A couple of things. For one, the Pluto, the intuition, and the various aspects of that. Interestingly enough, that might also be my Uranus. I receive prophecy. This has only happened in the last five years of my life that I’m aware of. There are always very strong and clear messages that are shared with the world.

It always has to do with very much what you said like, what needs to go so that we can bring in new. What’s ready to dissolve or transform so we can bring in new? The last prophecy I received was in August of 2021 and I haven’t received a prophecy. I was like, “It’s pretty interesting. I haven’t received prophecy.” Suddenly, this morning, it hit me super clear. I would bring it forward, although I’m not ready to reveal it just yet

That’s what stood out to me because it’s happened several times. Prophecies always come completely true. They’re very potent medicine of information of what is coming in the next stage. I never know that time frame and quite frankly, I don’t know exactly when these prophecies are landing but they’re the next cycle of our process as humans. That stood out.

Interesting and you’re not going to tell us.

I can’t just yet.

I know. You’re going to keep us in suspense. I do want to say, that’s very clever of you, whether you realize it or not, because you just demonstrated gate 26. I love it because I don’t have gate 26. You planted a seed for our audience who are now like, “When is she going to share the prophecy?” That’s it.

I will share it. I’m happy to share it with your audience but what I’ve learned through these processes is there’s a way to share it that will have more impact than if I just blurt it out. That’s what this time I’m doing it, I would say, in my most masterful way of presenting the information.

I also love that you did that because it reinforces what’s in the chart. We need all these different ways of communicating, bringing insight, planting seeds, and creating a foundation for people to open to what you’re bringing them. Someone has to be ready to open to receive what you bring. You do create tension. What’s interesting is your whole life is about helping people create tension and release tension, which is the nature of what creates orgasm. It’s the proper use of friction, essentially. Whether it’s energetic friction or touch or from a hand or a feather.

The tension is that contraction and expansion. The great mother has shown me. Many times, she’s brought her energy into my space. She’s in this constant state of ecstasy. It’s like immediate. It’s an instant contract and expansion at the same time. It’s pure ecstasy. It’s so tremendous that my body can’t even hold it when she brings it into my space. It’s beautiful.

Thank you for that. Everyone, we will put the links so you can reach out to Alara. If you enjoyed this interview, please go find out more about her. Join her community and get in line for when she shares that prophecy. I can’t wait. Any final words of wisdom before we wrap up?

I have to say, with the body, remember that your body is always in the present moment. Your body is always here now. When you want to be in the present moment when you want to be aware of this moment here now, breathe into the body.

Thank you as always. Keep doing what you’re doing. I’m so happy you’re alive in the world. May many beings wake up to their purpose should they choose to. I send you a lot of love.

Thank you so much. It’s such a treasure as always to be with you and share space with you. I adore you.

Thank you. The feeling is mutual.


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