Work with Baeth

“Are you ready to bring your cosmic consciousness into your everyday life? 
Good. We offer practical strategies for other-worldly individuals and organizations.”

Work with Baeth

“Are you ready to bring your cosmic consciousness into your everyday life? 
Good. We offer practical strategies for other-worldly individuals and organizations.”

Work with Baeth

“Are you ready to bring your cosmic consciousness into your everyday life? 
Good. We offer practical strategies for other-worldly individuals and organizations.”


Would you like to discover the meaning of your human design chart and/or discover what is in the palms of your hands? Maybe you'd like to discover both?

Both human design and scientific hand analysis reveal key biometric data about you and your soul's mission.  During our time together, we can explore your soul's design, purpose, mission, money structure, relationship preferences and health optimization as well as your talents and challenges. I also possess deep knowledge about business, healing, the occult and psychology, so you are welcome to bring ANY issue to our time together.

We will uncover the patterns helping you move forward and face the patterns holding you back and what to do about them so you can eliminate resistance and become the sole authority over you own life. I am a stand for your sovereignty.

For a limited time, you can book a ONE HOUR SESSION with Baeth for only $497. We encourage all interested clients to start here. BOOK NOW and our team will be in touch to schedule.

Want more time with Baeth?
Book a BUNDLE session for $1300. This bundle includes a 90-minute human design session and 90-minute hand reading session. (You SAVE $200 versus booking three one-hour sessions with Baeth.)

MENTOR with Baeth

If, after your initial work with Baeth, you realize you'd like additional and regular support, you can mentor with Baeth for 3, 6 or 9 months. Pricing varies and will be shared with you directly when you speak with Baeth. If you know you'd like to mentor with Baeth now, please email and our team will set up a quick chat with you and Baeth to see what you wish to alchemize in your life and experience as part of your soul's journey.

NOTE: To qualify for mentoring, you have to have a sincere desire to encounter your gifts and your shadows as well as be willing to develop and maximize your gifts so you are the walking, living, breathing embodiment of what YOU came to Earth to experience and share. If this is just to feed your mind more information that you aren't going to take action on, please do us both a favor and don't book. BUT if YOU ARE COMMITTED to YOUR SOUL'S FULFILLMENT and if you know you are part of the positive changes sweeping the planet and want to be a part of a society that celebrates everyone's uniqueness while also creating social structures that are clean, safe, nourishing and edifying, let's talk!

VIP Day with Baeth

If you'd like to spend a day together in person, where you bring your desires and depart with deep permission, clarity and a plan to live life more fully as your Self, let's chat. Please email to set up a strategy session and see if and how we might work together.

STUDY with Baeth

Upcoming hand analysis and human design trainings to begin Fall of 2023 both online and IN PERSON! Please email to be put on the interest list. Thank You!

NOTE: If you'd like to host a hand analysis or human design training at your home, you can attend the training at no charge as my thank you for being our host. Please email with "host a training" in the subject line and my team will set up a time for us to discuss.

When you discover your purpose with human design and hand analysis and then apply it to your everyday life… you can Eliminate Resistance.

Resistance is that yucky feeling when things don’t flow. Lack of flow is usually experienced as disappointment, anger, frustration or bitterness.

When you know and live your purpose – your true design – you begin to eliminate resistance and live life as your true self – that self that may have eluded you until now.

In the Life Purpose Lab, we dive into your human design chart, revealing your genetic life purpose, your pathways to cash and your special gifts. Hundreds have taken the training since it was introduced and experienced breakthroughs in their business and personal lives far beyond any other previous methods.

You are invited to begin your purpose journey with our regular free trainings in our Align To Your Design Facebook group.

Client Testimonials...

"Baeth once said to me, ‘Kendall, it’s easy to make money. Just get 100 people to pay you $10,000/each for your program.’

I looked at her in disbelief but I took in what she was saying and I felt a switch flipped inside me.

Soon after, I grabbed hold of her insight, moved through my fears and finished the year breaking through to 7-figures, which was a dream come true.

Baeth is truly in an extraordinary league of her own at seeing inside of you and pulling out exactly what your genius is and how to leverage it into revenue streams that spring from your talents and gifts.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed or frustrated, knowing you were meant for more yet not quite able to put your finger on what 'more' can be, I would not walk, but run, to get Baeth's insights.

She will pinpoint for you a clear, focused path to your greatest work and legacy, in a way that is fun, highly monetized and soulfully fulfilling."

Kendall SummerHawk
Creator of the Leading Coach Training School Where Women
Become Certified Business & Money Coaches

"Baeth's work is groundbreaking, life-changing and has been a turning point for many leaders I know (including myself) to gain clarity when navigating into their true life's work."

Ali Brown
Entrepreneur + Mentor

"I'm a straightforward kind of gal. I was thinking, ‘We’re going to see what this purpose work with Baeth tells me.' I didn’t come with my guard up because I wanted to be open. I thought, ‘What is this really about?’

The experience I got to have working with Baeth was transformational. Baeth shared some things with me that I was aware of, but maybe not in the language or direction I would have used. Baeth’s presentation of these ideas allowed me to see them in a new way.

Then there were some brand-new insights that showed me that I needed to pause and think about the direction my business was going in. I also needed to operate in a different way than the way I was handling some things. When I walked away, I implemented some her guidance immediately. Eventually, I’ll implement all of it over a period of time. My business tripled since our work together.”

Suzanne Evans
Founder and Owner of Driven, Inc.
Suzanne's company was Inc 500/5000 for five straight years in a row and she achieved #5 on the NY Times Bestseller List