AYD 16 | Five Figure Sales

How do you consistently achieve five-figure sales in your business every month without burning out? Find out what the secret sauce to success is in this episode! Join Baeth Davis as she sits down to speak with entrepreneur and business coach Angela Henderson. Angela talks about attracting clients, avoiding burnout and achieving consistency. A great conversation with a bonus reading on human design to boot at the end. Angela Henderson is an international award-winning women’s business coach who helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent 5 figure months and then on to 6/7 figure years without burning out in the process, through her business coaching for entrepreneurs or her women’s mastermind group.

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Creating Consistent Five-Figure Months In Your Business With Projector Angela Henderson

Welcome to the show, where I bring you guests who I feel are living their purpose, being of service to others and having a good time doing it. Every show pretty much follows the same format. You’ll meet our guests. We’ll have an interesting conversation and towards the end of our time together, we’ll have a look at our guest’s human design. For some of our guests, they’re well versed in human design and for some of our guests, not so much. This show can be their first introduction to their design. Most of our guests have told us that they have never looked back after discovering their design and continue to use that tool to guide their life and to guide the lives of their clients, children, coworkers, spouses and partners.

There is no technology like it that I know of. It has changed my life. If you are learning your design, you are in the deconditioning process. You are shedding the conditioning that is holding you back from doing what you came here to do. One of the things that get in the way of living our design and being in our purpose is wearing ourselves out, doing too much, getting into the infamous burnout. Our guest now originally hails from Canada. She now lives in Brisbane, Australia. Her name is Angela Henderson. She is what I would describe as a live wire, spark plug and very energetic accomplished person. She’s also an international award-winning business coach for women, international keynote speaker and podcaster. She helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent five-figure months so they can move up to six and seven-figure years without burning out in the process.

She has a very interesting background in a number of different industries and is also an award-winning speaker. I may have mentioned that, but she’s won some pretty significant awards for being the audience’s favorite where she has spoken. You’re going to enjoy our conversation. Please share this show. If you like it, please leave us a review, go get your human design chart and learn that design and start living your purpose. With that, I’m going to bring on our wonderful guest, Angela Henderson. Let us welcome her to the show. How are you?

I’m good. I’m super excited to be here now.

I’m happy to have you. I have a bunch of questions for you. You’re now a business coach and you primarily help women entrepreneurs’ transition into making more money with less stress and burnout. How did you become a coach? What led you to become a coach?

Several years ago, I was playing on the floor with my son, Finlee. I remember looking at these toys that we had been given, which were great but they are battery-operated toys. Everything around me was battery operated and I was like, “He’s only nine months old. Surely there’s got to be other toys that we can utilize here to spark his imagination, creativity, etc.” As an ex-mental health clinician, I’m all about gross motor, fine motor skills, etc. That got me thinking about different elements in different toys and so I started researching. From that, I was very interested in opening up an online educational toy shop called Finlee and Me. We started with obviously zero products. At the time of closing the store, we had over 1,400 different products and we’re one of Australia’s leading educational and toy stores.

When stress starts eating away at you like a rotten apple all day long, that’s when you’re leading to burnout.

That’s where it started. Through the toy store, I started blogging for other mothers who obviously were buying the items for their children for birthdays, Christmases, etc. I started talking about the loneliness of motherhood, depression in women, what it was like to almost grieve the loss of who they were and where they were going in. From writing all the time in that blog, I also became one of Australia’s leading parenting influencers. I signed with Netflix as one of their top 30 influencers here in Australia and New Zealand. Bigger brands that look like what you guys would have back in the US and Canada, Whole Foods, your Targets, Hiltons, Club Meds and things like that. That was great.

All of a sudden, people start wanting to pick my brain and are taking me for coffee dates and I don’t even drink coffee. I was naive to what picking your brain was. I’m a bit of a connector and a giver. I was like, “Sure, I’ll meet you for coffee.” After about driving home on around the fourteenth coffee date over two months, I was like, “Hold on a minute, I’m driving 30 minutes one way, 30 minutes back, sitting with these people. I love good company that I’m paying for my own stuff. This is counterproductive. If I would have charged those people for my expertise, I could open up a secondary business.”

That’s where Angela Henderson Consulting came about was by default. It was never on the playing cards. I wasn’t looking to switch up businesses. Now, I work with amazing humans from around the world. As you said, get all those pieces in place for consistent 4 and 5-figure months, and then onto the 6 and 7-plus figure years, but without burning them because you can do business elegantly with ease and without burning out.

What do you see as the signs of burnout in your clients? What are some classic signs that they’re reaching that point?

The interesting thing is it can appear so differently in so many different humans. There’s not a set standard, but some of the common things that I would say is they start to get a little bit nippy. Everything feels heavy. Everything feels like it’s a burden or it’s a chore. They’ve lost that joy of why they even started. They also start to lose momentum. They also can get caddy and to start bitching and moaning about X, Y, and Z. You’re like, “Hold on. That’s not like you. You got a good growth mindset what’s going on.” We can also notice different like sleep patterns. Sometimes I’ll ask my clients, “How are you sleeping?” They might say like, “It’s easy for me to fall asleep, but then I’m up 5 or 6 times in the middle of the night,” and then I’ll ask, “How long has that been going for?”

Even though I don’t use my mental health clinician and I’m not diagnosing someone, my skills from my previous job come into play quite well. If I can start picking up that sleep disruption, also some people can almost sit like on a hypomanic state where they start talking quickly, or all of a sudden, they’re starting to work with these random erratic hours. It’s out of character. I also see eating patterns can change for some individuals. They either reduce their eating or they can be eating too much. You can also see like things like they’re spending money. They might be really like frugal about it and not want to make any business decisions because they’re like whatever they’re in the dumps or they could be spending too much money.

AYD 16 | Five Figure Sales
Five Figure Sales: If you have a “mental break,” your brain from a physiological perspective will never bounce back the way it was at its original state prior to the breakdown.

It can vary about what I see. Typically, it’s normally more the flatter persona that I start to see. They start to also withdraw from their social media presence. They’ll withdraw to want to do their podcast. They’ll want to withdraw from doing discovery calls or sales calls. There’s literally not a lot that they want to do. Those are some of the signs that I see. I normally look at things as it starts with a little bit of stress. I could have been stressed from recording at 6:45 AM. I might’ve been like, “I need to make sure I’m there and the audio is good,” but that will go away.

It’s when the stress starts to continue to eat away at you like a rotten apple all day long. That’s when you’re leading to that burnout. We want to avoid, where possible a full-blown diagnosis. If you have a “mental break” your brain from a physiological perspective will never bounce back the way it was at its original state prior to the breakdown. We want to protect not only yourself from a physical element and emotional element, reducing the harm to your overall mental state.

You were a mental health clinician before being a mom or were you doing it simultaneous with being mom?

I’m actually from Canada, but I did my high school and undergrad in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I then flew to Australia where I did my Masters of Social Work and then I did my clinical practice over in North Carolina. Now, I live in Australia. Before kids were imply, I was a mental health clinician working with predominantly adults in this space of looking at depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar. I also did some work too with kids on the spectrum. That’s what I did prior.

Your toy business, did you sell that? Did get absorbed by a larger toy company? What happened with that?

What we did is we still have the Finlee and Me website, but all the toys are off. We still have our Finlee and Me active Facebook community of about 70,000 members from around the world. I’m working with lawyers that I’ll be able to use that audience for my foundation that I’m creating, which will be my legacy piece.


Your true worth is determined by how much were you given value than you take in payment.

There’s still a little bit of work to do. It’s not easy cause in Australia in order to get registered for tax write-off, but not as a tax write off, but tax deductions, that people are able to donate to the foundation to get the tax deduction. There’s a lot of paperwork and application process that has to go through. We’re in that process at the moment.

What made you stop dealing in toys and move into helping people with their business challenges?

People told me early on in the piece, “Do you think you’ll do this gig forever?” I’m like, “If it continues to bring me joy, I will continue to do anything.” My podcast hit its anniversary, releasing one episode every week for the last few years. That was the same type of question, “Will you keep podcasting?” Yes, if it brings me joy. I found that as my kids were getting older and I’d been doing it for so long that going into the toy fairs because I was in from like baby to seven and once my kids caught it to get past that seven-year-old age, I wasn’t as interested because those toys were no longer relevant to me. I believe that Finlee and Me served its purpose. It helped me get to where I am now and that it’s okay to pivot.

It’s okay to close things down. It’s still active, but we’re not selling. I was approached by a couple of people to buy Finlee and Me because it’s a fairly lucrative asset also with our email lists, our social media audience, etc. I infused so much of me as that brand and also my children in that brand that ethically, I couldn’t lay my head on my pillow, selling that to someone else because I knew how much people were there because of me and that’s not being conceited. It was just about how I had built that community. If they would have taken it, they maybe they could have, but people would stop me in the shopping centers, movie theaters, birthday parties, etc. They knew who I was. I didn’t think that it would do what it needed to do. I did not sell that particular business.

I love doing these interviews. I learn such interesting things. Now that you’re a coach, what do you do to help your clients basically unpack and overcome their inner challenges, roadblocks? How do you go about that?

When I first started, I’m very much about strategy. I think without a plan, things are going to fall the shambles and who’s steering the ship? I think that there’s so much chaos in our heads on any given day that you’ve got to get that into strategy. As I’ve evolved as a business consultant and as a human, I also think there are other elements in that. As I was saying before, mindset is imperative and working on the internal dialogue. Spirituality is also an important aspect. For me as a consultant, what I like to do first of all, is just understand that human being for who they are, what makes them tick? What makes them not tick? I also then like to go, “What’s working or what isn’t working?” I like to reverse engineer.

AYD 16 | Five Figure Sales
Five Figure Sales: There’s so much chaos in our heads on any given day that you’ve got to get that into strategy, but as you evolve as a business consultant and as a human, you also think there are other elements in that.

We start to come up with a plan. Each client I work with is so different. I work with one of Australia’s leading plastic surgeons and he makes millions of dollars a year. For where he started in the surgical side of things to where he’s going because of retirement, so he doesn’t want to keep being in the theater all the time are in operation. I pretty much stripped this whole business back in that. What I will do with any business, I’m about building the foundational elements you need to build a sustainable and profitable business.

The story I talk about is like that of the three little pigs. Most businesses come to me and they’ve got a business made out of hay or a business made out of sticks. It’s structurally there, but it wouldn’t take much like COVID, marital breakdown, a loss of part-time job and the business would go. When I come in, I strip it back and I start looking at product, messaging, website and funnels little bit by little bit. I then lay a brick for each of those. When you work with bricks to build a house or a business, they cost a little bit more.

They’re heavier, so it takes longer to do, but it’s going to be sustainable. That’s what I’m big about is looking at not only strategy, spiritual and mindset, but building a business of bricks so that it doesn’t matter. You might have a bad month or COVID may come and it sucks. You’ve got to clean things up or you might have a slight loss of income, but you don’t have to go belly up and forfeit what you’ve worked so hard to create. Sustainability is key.

What are some of the things you do to help a client get back on track? Let’s say they’ve hit burnout. They’ve lost interest in doing their podcasts. Maybe they had that number one client that was 50% of their revenue and that client left for whatever reason. What do you do in those situations?

In those situations, I go back to saying is do we need to step back, first of all? Do we need to have two weeks off of a holiday? Do you need to go and get lost in the Australian Outback? Do you need to go to the beach? Where can we somewhat ground you again and get you to a place where you can start to receive and then take action. If they’re in an elevated state or that state is too low, it’s very hard to make change because you don’t want to make change. That’s one of the things I always say is what do we need to do to rest your body, mind, soul, etc., so that we can then start building up.

I like to then chunk things for people. If it’s to sit at a podcast, I might say, “Let’s start with a podcast out of anything else right now.” I don’t want you to worry about being on Instagram. I don’t want you to worry about anything else, but the podcast we know you love doing, it’s easy for you to do it. It doesn’t feel heavy. It’s not hard for them to do in the state they’re in. We drive traffic from the podcast to your website and from there, we know that it’s easy for you to continue to make money. What happened is we choose one thing. They get back in the saddle and then I can start layering additional things as I feel.

I also consider myself more of a consultant than a coach. In my opinion, you’ve got mentors, coaches, and consultants. My thing is, as a mentor, typically might be someone else saying human design and you might mentor them on a particular element of human design. It’s not normally formal. You might catch up for coffee. You still help, but it’s nothing serious how I define it. If you think about the true essence of coaching is about being able to listen and then being able to reframe and put back to the client what they’ve just said, but in a way that have those a-ha moments.

You need to lead with value. You need to lead with giving.

Consulting, in my opinion, is when people come to me and they’re like, “I need a strategy. I need you to get me from here to here. I need you to tell me what to do.” I still will bring in coaching. I consider myself 75% consultant, 25% coach. Because of that consultant role, I feel when I’m looking at people who are burning out or whatever is that it’s my responsibility to understand when to push the gas pedal down and when to ease up on the gas pedal to help guide them and navigate what they’re going through.

When new clients come to me, I started with a dentist. She came to me and January 28, 2021 was our first session. She’s been with me now for a few months. She had no website, branding, messaging, this idea, but she still wanted to work with me one-on-one because she’s like, “I’d rather just get these pillars set up correctly.” She came on board and she’s infused being a dentist. She’s a child entertainer also. She does a lot of singing events. She then wanted to be able to go to daycare centers to be able to educate preventative care for dental, but also make it fun and interactive. We’re already hitting five-figure months.

The website, the messaging and the branding was complete. It was an awesome product and that’s no ad spend, email list and funnel. It was literally cold outreach. We drafted this thing that needed to speak the language to the daycare centers. That’s an example where someone’s come to me going, “I think I’ve got an idea, not too sure if it’s going to be viable, but let’s give it all we got,” and she’s killing it after a few months. That’s an example versus someone not being in a burnout state, but starting from scratch.

How do you teach your clients to attract more clients and keep the good clients they have while they’re bringing in new clients?

The word authenticity gets thrown around on a regular basis, but I do think there’s an element of, “You have to be authentic in this space.” There’s also a great book by Bob Burg. He’s a co-author of the book called The Go-Giver. It’s my favorite book. He was on my podcast. It was one of those moments that you’re like, “I can’t believe this is happening.” I also talk about if you want to surround yourself with great clients, you need to be authentic, but you need to be living with value. Bob talks about the five laws of stratospheric success. He talked about these laws. If you’re not leading with value and if you’re not giving first and the type of people, you’re going to be attracting is going to demean hindered you.

I think it’s important that the audience understands this because if you are in this space about looking at how you attract these ideal clients. The first law is the Law of Value, “Your true worth is determined by how much were you given value than you take in payment.” He talks about the Law of Compensation. Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. He talks about the Law of Influence. Your influence is determined by how abundantly place other people’s interests first. He talks about the Law of Authenticity. The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. The last law that they’d talked about in the Go-Giver is the Law of Receptivity, “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.”

AYD 16 | Five Figure Sales
Five Figure Sales: When you work with bricks to build a house or a business, they cost a little bit more. They’re heavier so it takes longer to do, but it’s going to be sustainable.

You need to lead with value. You need to leave with giving. Often businesses will try. They’re only looking for the next transaction. I understand when you’re in the startup and bootstrapping phase, that it is important to be making money. I’m not minimizing that, but you might have to get a part-time job in order to still lead with value and give. If you’re always chasing the dollar, the type of people you’re going to be chasing, aren’t going to be in alignment with you. I always say go back to what is important to you? What are your core values? What are you bringing to the table and how are you leading with value?

Why don’t we take a look at your human design now, shall we?

This is my first time looking at it, so I’m excited.

I always ask guests before the show, what do you have a question about? Your question was, “How do I go to the next level in your own business with the financial piece?” I’m going to bring up your chart. You are what’s known as a projector and projectors make up 21% of the population. You were definitely in the right work because projectors are truly the guides, the leaders, the consultants of humanity. The job of the projector is to use their profound penetrative vision to guide the energy of other people towards a goal. You naturally know how to do that as a projector. One way to understand how the projector is different from other types of human design is if I draw this stick figure.

Your aura comes out like a nose, and then it’s very shallow of the back of the body so that your energy field moves forward and it penetrates right into whatever it’s bumping into you, other people’s auras. The benefit of this is that you can see the truth of things, but the challenge for you can be waiting to be invited, which I think you’ve also gotten the hang of. When you were sharing about, after the fourteenth coffee date, driving home and thinking, “They’re not even paying for my lunch.” What’s wrong with this picture? You were invited fourteen times and that invitation is an invitation. You saying yes to it gave you the data to figure out that next step. This is often what I’m encouraging my projector clients to get a hang of is look for those invitations.

Be open to the invitations. That’s a little bit about the projector, but your whole approach is to wait for the invitation and then use your inner to make the decision. For you, it’s splenic authority and splenic authority is knowing. You’re going to know things. You’ll know them instantly. You might have a mental thought where you know. You might have the hair stand up on the back of your neck. It’s any different ways that you get information. The spleen only tells you once and then it doesn’t repeat itself. It’s a survival part of us. It’s the home of our intuition. You have Gate 57, which is the intuition gate. You are very intuitive.

Now what we’re looking at here is basically a circuit board of you. What’s colored in is your DNA map. What is in white is not you it’s the not self. We’ve got the design on the left, which essentially represents the knowledge of your body. It’s your body intelligence. The personality is your mind. The whole point of your mind is to do with it what you’re doing, which is to communicate with other people and share your gifts with other people.

If you’re not creating experiences and interactions, you’re doing yourself a disservice and you’re going to get left behind.

To your question about money, there are a couple of places I look. First, I look to see if you have any of the money indicators and you do. You have Gate 14, which is known as power skills. Typically, people with Gate 14 are always learning new skills, which makes them very resourceful. In addition, it’s an energetic thing you have. You always draw resources to you. A family that has someone with the Gate 14, if they leave that family and no one else in the family has Gate 14 that people could fall on hard times.

The family could actually suffer a setback and not know why, because Johnny went off to college with his Gate 14. Wherever you go, you’re going to draw resources to you, Angela. You’ll naturally draw in the support, the money that you need. I say to people with Gate 14, you never need to worry about money. The key to this whole process of Human Design is essentially making correct decisions so you can eliminate resistance and then experience your signature. Each type has a signature. The signature for projector is worldly success, which you’re experiencing. The question for you in any invitation scenario is, “Does this make me feel successful?” Whereas the other types have a different signature, “Do I feel successful?” As long as that’s a, “yes,” these resources keep coming. If it’s in red, it’s coming from your design sun, which is essentially what keeps you healthy.

What keeps you healthy is to build a community where the focus is prosperity, to be in a community of prosperous people, but to also help people become prosperous. When I was looking at your website, you mentioned you’re on a mission over the next several years to help over 2,000 business owners become prosperous. That’s such a correct use of your energy. You’re on the right track with that. The other thing you’ve got going is this wonderful 44 connecting with the 26. The spleen is genetically in your design, connected over here to your physical heart. That channel is a channel that, in shorthand, we call the entrepreneur channel. It’s a channel that transforms things, but also understands how things need to be presented, designed, marketed so that your audience is interested.

You have the whole entrepreneur channel as well, which gives you a great advantage. A 26 is a deal maker. It’s a deal-making energy and you’ve got it in red and black. It comes from both sides. We’ve got Neptune in 26. We’ve got your personal mercury and design Neptune. You have 26 showing up 3 times. This doesn’t always happen. Sometimes people will have whatever gates they have one time. Whenever a gate shows up multiple times, the emphasis is that much stronger. A 26 is about deal-making. It is knowing how to negotiate, what questions to ask, right place, right time. You can sniff people out. You have a tremendous sense about people.

That being said, you ought not to do any big business deals with anyone you haven’t met in person. It’s important. To shake their hand and get a whiff of them if you can without being too obvious about it because you can smell their energy. You can smell the cleanliness or toxicity of their soul and that enables you to do good deals. Now what’s cool about this and what I like about this it’d be having it be in Neptune is Neptune is about those parts of us that are unknown, mysterious, behind the veil. This is an ability you have that’s a bit like magic, probably even to you. You know what to say and how to say it. You have it in mercury, which is about how you personally communicate.

It’s also about how you communicate with yourself. One of the best ways to increase your prosperity is to speak to yourself about the strategies you’re using to do deals. It’s in your design to be masterful at the strategy of doing deals and teaching other people how to do deals. There’s that. I have this class I teach called the Life Purpose Lab and I do it every couple of months. One of the things that happens in the Life Purpose Lab is we look at our designs from a business perspective. One of the key things in business is Mars on the design side. We’re talking about the design. It’s what your body automatically and unconsciously knows how to do much like your reptile brain and your body knows how to do these things without you having to think about it.

AYD 16 | Five Figure Sales
The Go-Giver, Expanded Edition: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea

Your design Mars is what I call desk work. For anyone reading this, if you look at your chart, your design Mars is your desk work. It may not be the same desk work here as Angela, but you have desk work. Your desk work, Angela is Gate 5 Line 3. Gate 5 is about discipline, having a fixed rhythm, being able to be consistent. I don’t have that. I don’t do two days the same way ever. I don’t eat the same each day. I don’t wake up the same time. I don’t have that gate, so it doesn’t matter. To you having a regular routine, having a rhythm, any of your clients who have gate five, they need that to feel good. You need this regular routine. One of the things you’re doing and it’s Line 3, don’t worry about this other number.

That’s a whole other conversation, but essentially there are only the numbers after the decimal to the right of the decimal, they never go higher than six. There are six different frequencies. Your Line 3 is strategy and it also has to do with money. Wherever you see a third line and one of your threes is in the realm of business, it is about providing strategy. The main thing you’re helping people do is get into a healthy rhythm, which you spoke to. Your business structure is Gate 33, which is about retreat. One thing that’s super profitable for you is to take people on retreat, to go away from one’s regular routine into a different immersive environment and connect with that environment to create transformation.

I run Australia’s Leading Women in Business Retreat. It’s a sold-out event every single year. I do regular VIP retreats regularly. When other coaches of mine say, “Ange, you’re exchanging time because it does take my time to go and do these retreats, but it’s what lights me up. It’s also where I can see the most transformation in individuals because I’m able to sit with them, know them in and out, and give them what they need in a very short amount of time to move them along quicker.” I can only take on five or six people on any given VIP retreat. They’re like, “Yeah, but you’re going to cap your money.” I’m like, “Yeah, but that feels like the right thing to do for me. I’m not driven by five to about 5,000 person-launch or a 4,000-person launch. I’m driven by connection.” For me, the retreats sell out every time, the big and the small one. I do it all the time.

To wrap up our show, I want to touch on that point with you about what you raised because I think it’s so important. It’s so apropos to the whole concept of Human Design and the concept of living our purpose, which is most of what we’re taught about money in business comes from what’s happening in the solar system, in the transits, which are changing. The trends that we’ve been living under for 400 plus years is bigger is better. Let’s organize it and make it big. Most of us, especially in the west, we’re conditioned into, “I want to be a millionaire. I’m going to be a billionaire.” The fact is that’s in no one’s chart. No one needs $1 million a month for that matter either, unless they’re creating something with it, then you get the money and then you can create with it.

My point being, most of us are designed to interact with other humans as our work and this whole concept of getting away from having to do the actual work, that’s fine if you’re making hamburgers. You’re not a hamburger. I’m not a hamburger. I’m not here to be consumed. I’m a person. I do the consuming, but I am here to have a full life experience, which requires human interaction. Your design is about intimacy because you’re a projector. You are at your best in one-to-one conversations or leading intimate groups of 12 to 15 people. For example, let’s say you’re doing a retreat, ideally for you, you would meet with all of those people prior, maybe a couple of times and work with them. They meet a group and then you meet with them individually after that type of thing. I’m glad you brought it up because it is one of the things that I think leads to the burnout. I wonder what your thoughts are about that because I too hear so much about, “You could leverage that.” It’s like, “I have software. I have as much leveraged as I want to leverage.” I personally am not interested in being cut off from this connection with people. I can’t wait until we can start having live meetings again. It’s where I’m happiest. It’s going to conferences and leading conferences. That’s what I like to do. That’s my joy.

There’s only a small percentage of people who are millionaires. Even in fairness, I will say, “Do you want to get to 4 and 5-figure months and on at 6 and 7 figures because there are some people who do want that for like, ‘I do want to be a millionaire so that I can leave a bigger legacy and do whatever.’” However, I don’t want to be a millionaire at the compromise. When I go and I’m dead, I want people at my funeral going, “She was a giver. She was a connector. She took time to understand.” That’s who I am, what I do, etc. Even in my mastermind and my accelerator, there are about 60 people in one, I know who’s on those calls and who isn’t and I’m taking notes.

The law of authenticity: The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

My team and I reach out to them and go, “We haven’t seen you on the calls for the last couple of weeks. Are you and your family okay?” People are not just a number to me. I wouldn’t be able to do that with an intake of 5,000 people, but there’s this push to make the 6 and 7 figures. Not even bro marketing. I think females are doing it too. Be the millionaire, be the millionaire, but what if people are happy with making $100,000 a year? They’re content and it brings them joy. Why is there always this push that there has to be more? I do think that’s where it’s leading to burnout because people are consuming content. They’re consuming Facebook ads. They’re consuming. I work with people who are making way more money than me, millions of dollars.

People have said, “But you haven’t cracked it for yourself in this particular business.” I’m like, “Because I’m going at a slower pace.” It doesn’t mean I don’t have the skills. A client of mine sent me a message. She started working with me. She’s making about $65,000 to $70,000 a month. She said, “Angela, I want to crack $1 million in 2021.” She’s got bigger plans. I said, “Okay, what do we need to look at?” She screenshotted at me and said, “Ange, not only did we do $83,000,” because we need about $83,000 a month to make $1 million mark. She’s like, “We’ve got seven days left in the month and we’ve hit $117,000.” What has she done? She has worked on her internal stuff.

She’s worked on money blocks. She’s worked on a variety of other things that is now allowing more abundance to in. Because of what she wants to do with it, I’m assuming the world is giving her the resource, AKA, the money, the gateway to be able to go and do those things. She’s also put it out to the universe that, “I’m ready to do this now and to receive.” That’s another conversation we could have, but everything is intertwined. I do think to go back to wrap that loop hole back because I do think people are burning out because there’s this notion that you have to be a millionaire or else, you’re not successful. In my opinion, success needs to be defined by you and that’s why I go back to my clients. What is it that you want? Not, what is it, what people are telling you, you want, what do you genuinely want to live the life that you want? We come up with the number and then I can reverse engineer, what type of programs or what type of offerings do we need to make that number? It isn’t just a seven-figure number.

I’m not in any way opposed to people making 7, 8, 9 figures, whatever they want to make. We’re in agreement that the goal is to feel fulfilled. If that’s missing, all the money in the world isn’t going to give you more time with your children. If you’ve squandered that or get your health back to the way it was before you destroyed it from overworking. That’s one thing human design has shown me is that the majority of us are here to intimately interact with other people and be very attentive to those details of the interaction as you described.

There’s B2B, B2C marketing and then there’s this one that I love and I didn’t make it up. It’s been around for a while, but it’s not talked about. It’s human to human marketing. It’s about creating the experience and interaction one faces with a particular brand. I talk about this regularly on podcast. I call it the lost art of human-to-human marketing. I believe people are losing the ability to connect with audience and therefore, like, “Why am I not making more?” You’ve lost that skill. You’re trying to automate too much. You need to be able to have an experience and an interaction with a brand in order for them.

In my opinion, and again, I could talk about this forever is if you’re not creating experiences and interactions, you’re doing yourself a disservice and you’re going to start to get left behind for those businesses who are. I believe like the old will be the new again. I’m not necessarily saying phone books will come back but what I’m saying is that ability for independent individuals buy because they feel “heard.” They need to feel seen is what it needs. The word feel is there. They need to feel that someone is seeing them and hearing them. It’s not just about know, like, and trust. People are forgetting that element in their business significantly. It will start to backfire in the upcoming years if it’s already starting, but even more so, especially with COVID.

AYD 16 | Five Figure Sales
Five Figure Sales: What is it that you want? Not what people are telling you that you want, what do you genuinely want to live the life that you want?

Any final thoughts before we wrap up?

For me is to go back to what brings you joy. You truly need to assess. When people say to me, “I want to make more money. I want to have more freedom.” I say, “What would having more money and freedom allow to have in your world that you don’t have?” That other stuff is the external stuff. When I asked the question, “What would it have in your life that you don’t have?” They talk about creating memories with my kids, going on holiday, not being on my phone. That’s what they truly want. Go back and peel those layers off and truly ask yourself whatever you want, X, Y, and Z allow you to have in your life that you don’t have. That’s what you want to be gauging and guiding what you’re doing and not doing.

Thank you, Angela.

Thank you so much for having me.

You’re welcome. Everyone, this has been another episode. If you like the show, please share it. Leave a review, spread the word about what Angela is doing. If you resonate with her, reach out to her, reach out to her team and find out how she can support you in overcoming your own money blocks and going to that next level. Thank you again, Angela.

Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

You too.

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