AYD 26 | How To Manifest

Are we manifesting the wrong things? Is there a right way to do it? Baeth Davis and her good friend, Daniel John Hanneman, catch up on a spiritual journey of growth and guidance. Dan, a professional counselor, creator of Your Sacred Purpose, and host of Spiritual Rockstar Podcast, is here to shed some light on how to manifest and deepen your awakening. Join us as Dan shares about how he perceives we’ve been conditioned to manifest, how to avoid past mistakes, and how to help people manifest in the way that is right for them.

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Dan Hanneman, Manifesting Generator 2/5: How You Have Been Conditioned Vs. How You Should Manifest

This is where I interview people that I feel are living on purpose and have great insight and wisdom to share. We have a quick look at their human design to see how these wonderful maps known as Human Design Charts can reveal even more about our guest’s purpose as well as your purpose. My hope with this show is that you get inspired and fired up to be the spiritual leader you’re called to be, whether that’s raising your children, being involved in your community, politics, or business. Wherever you’re called to lead your life from the depths of your soul and not from conditioning, not what you think you should be doing, not from your head, but rather from your built-in navigational system, which you came in with.

I’m going to share about our guest and then bring him on. He’s a wonderful person. I think you’re going to enjoy him. Our guest is Daniel John Hanneman. He has an extensive background as a Professional Counselor and Certified Hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy scanning, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, intuitive business coaching, channeling, metaphysics, religious science, hypnosis, psychology, motivational techniques and personal business development systems.

From a best-selling book series, Daniel has co-authored the book, Wake Up… Live the Life You Love: Living in Abundance, which featured internationally renowned legends, including Anthony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Michael Beckwith. Daniel is the Creator of Your Sacred Purpose, unleashing the hidden greatest potential within world-changing empaths, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs by loving all of themselves, including their full power, greatest gifts and truest purpose. Also, the ability to deepen the awakening of consciousness on the planet while enjoying profound money success. With that, let’s bring on our wonderful guest, Dan Hanneman.

It’s great to be here, Baeth. This is so fun.

I’m so excited to have you. How long have we known each other?

I would say since the late 2000s, something like that. 2009 maybe.

It’s an honor to have you on the show. You help people with something you call awakened sales. Can you talk about what that is and what do you mean by that?

We’ve had a lot of conversations in our industry, especially in the coaching healings, spiritual teacher industry and all this. It’s a lot of talk about, let’s be about love and lights, in our heart and all this beautiful stuff, in our divine download. I want to help people and all this stuff. One of the things we often don’t want to be square enough with is sales. When I go into rooms and I ask people, “Do you see a conflict between spirituality, sales and money?” Everybody’s hand goes up and says, “Yes. I feel like there’s a conflict inside of me in that area.” It’s because of all this conditioning. It can’t be about God and spirit and then also be about money.

The coaching industry has been trying to help with some of that. We see a crazy internet marketer, people that are after the money and doing all this stuff. We associate like, “That’s what sales are all about.” You’ve got to create all that and make money that way. We don’t see how there’s this synergy between being fully connected, more deeply present, all that stuff and allowing ourselves to be sharp and clear in our work as well. At the same time, in our marketing, our sales and allowing ourselves to bring our greatest gifts and our greatest awakened self into the world to make the impact that we’re meant to make to increase the awakening for everyone rather we don’t know what to do. We don’t know how to progress.

I work with people that are burned out like the old ways of doing things. I also work with people who are sometimes somewhere else, up and coming, or in the middle, somewhere of their development and their business. They feel like I don’t totally get what I’m here for and what I’m supposed to do. I help them acknowledge and claim those aspects of themselves. We can come up with all the rest, all the usual things, all the marketing, the sales, the tribe, the branding, whatever, all that stuff.

I do it through tuning into them overall. I do it through tuning into their past lives or Chakras and all that stuff. We bring it all together. I love helping people value who they are and love all of who they are and not shelving or hiding any of it. Part of it wants sales or money, so let’s bring that out to play rather than like, “There is something wrong with it.” I utilize different things like the money talk method to help people release those encumbrances and realize what it’s trying to tell them. There’s a truth within that they’re not claiming within any disturbance. Once they claim that truth, there’s more vibrancy and more presence. There’s less being in your head as you both talk about. They’re able to be solid, clear and take the next steps.

Will you share more about the money talk method?

The money talk method is what I say is come tell me what your situation is with your sales, your money and all that stuff. Somebody says, “I’m in $100,000. I wish it’s $250,000.” I’m like, “Tell me how you feel about that.” They say, “I’m working so hard. I can’t seem to get there. Nothing ever changes.” “How does that feel? Let me take it deeper.” I identify it in their energy and their chakras. We allow that energy itself to talk. We say, “You be quiet. Let that energy talk.” I’m listening to what they’re saying as the energy speaks to us.

From my intuitive guidance and what I know about what it’s saying, which I got a talent for overall and I’m able to say, “I know what you’re saying. You’re saying this and that.” What we do is we are able to have it acknowledged and heard for what it’s trying to say because it’s confusing. You’re acting strange. It’s you’re like, “I understand who I am again.” It can be what it already is rather than acting out the way it is, trying to get your attention and say, “We’re not having a good time. We want to make sales, but you’re not letting us. We were sad.” We act in all these different ways like kids do when they’re not getting attention. We give them attention and love so they can play the role the way they want to and take things to the next level of sharpness and their message or relax more or whatever it is that person needs.

A little tip on Zoom. Every time you move your hands in front of the camera, that’s what’s causes the slowness and the bandwidth because our camera has to refocus, FYI. I know it’s hard. I have to sit on my hands now because I realized that was going on. I’m sharing that with all the readers too. Keep your hands out of the Zoom frame and then the thing will go faster.

You’re good at helping people work through their sales stuff and their blocks to sales. To take the conversation to even a larger frame, this is about manifesting. You are good at helping people manifest themselves in the way that is right for them. One of the things you have talked about with me is how surrender is becoming more and more a part of how to manifest and in people’s consciousness rather than the way we’ve been conditioned to manifest. Can you share how you perceive we’ve been conditioned to manage to manifest? How does surrender tie into that?

We’ve been taught, basically, that it is such that conditioning of, “I’m going to win.” I’m looking at something on my vision board tenant. At times, I’ve played tennis a lot in my life and when I go out and play that tennis and I got and I was such angry states, I’m like, I’m going to win no matter why. Watch me manifest. I literally there are times on a court, Baeth, I’d say, “If it kills me, I’m winning this round. I’m winning this game.” I would win, but I would suffer in my body afterward. I’d be like, “My back is hurting,” but I literally was saying I was willing to dive for it.

That is basically what we were seeing in a collective sense so far is no matter what it takes to produce, we will not only survive. We will thrive and we will have more than enough material things to take care of everything. Everybody is all jazzed up about that, but it’s all coming from this wounding that I’m not enough. Nothing is enough. The world is not enough unless we like to get revved up and we’ve been conditioned into the idea that that’s the way it’s supposed to be when the truth is we’re abundant and fulfilled already within ourselves.

We have in our purpose something we’ve come here to do. When we’re not doing it, we’re not going to feel fulfilled. At a foundational level, we already have all the abundance and all of that. It’s nothing new, but we already have that. When we foundationally come from that place and we’re willing to create abundance from abundance and within ourselves and then things work. A lot of times, people are trying to create things in their business from a sense of, “I’m not good enough. I’m Black. Let me try this or that strategy. All these things they are telling me to do.”

They’re trying to create it all from a sense of lack. The surrender comes in and you’re willing to let go of everything. You’d be willing to be surrendered. You’re willing to let what’s true from your abundant natural nature come out and play. What is true for me? If it’s too true to sit and meditate, that will be your truth. I have clients who barely do any outer work to make money, but they still make a bunch of money whenever they need it.

There’s a synergy between being fully connected and being deeply present that allows us to bring our greatest gifts into the world.

I love that reflection back for my clients and me too. It’s like, “I love seeing that in them as well.” It’s their thing there that we get clear on what you want? Overall, how do you want to be in your life? This client wants to be and make money. I’m like, “Let’s create it that way then.” I anchor her in that energy and support her in that. Even when her mind and my mind does it sometimes too is, like, “Where’s the money? I got another deal going on a real estate development deal. I wasn’t expecting that.”

It comes from his surrender stay. This is where the magic happens. It can very consciously manifest even from that place when we’re allowing ourselves to listen. It’s the synchronicities that happen along the way. With people you’re meant to work with, you hear a whisper and then the next day, the offer is on the table, which is the most bizarre way possible. You couldn’t have manufactured it. Those are the kinds of things that want to become commonplace for people in their lives rather than like, “This is an exceptional manifestation experience. That’s how we experience it here. It becomes like a normal, natural state. I want to say that it still includes what I’ve had to learn. For my tribe, I say this is always true.

You still need to be sharp and clear and the bottom line within that energy is well. Getting past all the, “In my heart, it feels good.” After you’re done, you feel like crap, over-giving, evaluating yourself, or whatever needs the world. We have to remember that fire and steel are aspects of our energy. I talked about those elementals, air, water, fire and steel. Those are the elements we’ve disowned the most as spiritual entrepreneurs, light leaders, whatever you want to call all of us.

I have another question for you right on the heels of that. How do you support the light leaders, the coaches, the healers and the entrepreneurs to expand their consciousness and make more sales? Rather than getting caught in pushing, they might hit that goal, but, as you said, with your tennis game example, they feel damaged by the experience rather than lifted up.

I used to be a coach. Back when we met, I was still in that mode. I’m like, “It does work.” My clients, I’d be like, “Come in. I’m having a lovely time. How many offers this week? What did you do?” I was like a pitbull. It works. They hated me and got the real stuff, but it created a lot of unnecessary suffering and drama. It didn’t need to be that way. Instead, what I’m doing now and like I did in my tennis game, is eventually what I understood because I got tired of it.

When I was fully present and not in my head at all, I was in my body fully present. I always say, “If you want to think, think positively.” Use it positively and you’re doing well. That was good what you’re doing there. I’m going to leave my comment. I said, “Give me positive feedback.” I did that for eight weeks in a row, playing all kinds of different partners of matches. I won every single time, but I wasn’t concerned.

I was focused on being present and having fun. I totally was of the alignment of I’m winning, but I don’t care though, at the same time, it’s like that detachment. It’s happening. When I work with clients, it’s much the same. This result that you want is happening and you need to let go of your attachment to it. Number one, you can’t be attached to it, but you can affirm it. You can know if it’s true for you. A lot of times, people come up with intentions that don’t serve them, like, “I’m going to make $1 billion this year.” I can tell you right now you’re not.

The universe has other plans for you.

It’s from the frame of when you’re fully surrendering and practicing his presence through practice. I always have my clients in a meditation practice. Are you meditating? For me, I like meditating 3 times a day, at least 20 minutes each time. For me, that helps to center and ground me. I can always do more. If I miss the session, whatever, you come right back to and I say that with any practice we have. Foundationally meditation, I’m dealing with these aspects inside of people where they maybe need some awakening inside and I’m able to use my gifts to wake that up inside them.

“This is who you are. You’re meant to be a teacher for Mary Magdalene.” They always knew it, but they hadn’t claimed it that. I’m like, “Therefore, these other programs you need.” It wakes up the energy that has latent inside of them. There are not necessarily all these practices to do all the time, but we have the practice of knowing what the truth isn’t keep re-centering on it. We utilize things like the money talk method in the sessions.

In between sessions, they can utilize it for themselves when they’re like, “I’m getting this weird energy.” I’m like, “Did you ask it what it’s trying to tell you? Are you listening?” It’s basic things. If people would write down simple things they want to see manifested and read them even once a day without any concern about it, read it aloud. They will be blown away by how that manifests quicker than they realize. We make it all too complicated.

Instead of getting clear on what we want and aligning it with who we are, we do. With that, why don’t we have a look at your human design? Let’s dive right into your chart. You are always known as a single definition manifesting generator. The energy runs between the G center in the middle down to the sacral and up from the sacral through the rhythm channel. You have the 34-20, which is the charisma channel or the busy-ness channel. It’s the only manifesting generator channel in all of the human design.

It’s a pure manifesting generator channel because you have both a motor, which is the sacral here connected to the throat, which is the manifesting potential. Anyone with a defined sacral is automatically a generator. You have both the manifesting potential of using your voice to inform and the sacral motor to keep going, so you have a lot of power. Gate 34 is pure power. It’s the only gate off of the sacral that doesn’t have a sexual and/or physical aspect to it.

It’s much more about the creative power to take what you say and put it into practice. Typically, people with the 34-20 channel when they’re correct and when I say correct, they’re living their strategy, authority and making decisions as themselves. This energy is very powerful and people want a piece of it. They want to attach to this charisma that you naturally have. It will come alive when you’re on stage and doing any kind of speaking.

My experience is people with a 34-20. When they speak from their vision, it’s profound for the listener. These types of individuals like yourself can have a profound influence, which can be good, better ugly, depending on one’s level of awareness. You had asked me about lead generation and I thought, “What a great question?” For you and all of our readers, let’s look at your human design, lead generation and what that would be about.

One of the places in human design to figure out where someone makes the most money is looking for the three lines. The three-line is about the material world. It’s very physical. When people have a three-line in their profile or major in their chart, they spend a lot of time bumping into things physically until they figure it out. In anyone’s chart, it’s about looking at where are the threes? You have a three up underneath in the deeper part of the DNA. That’s up in the variable and you have another three over in the variable here on the design side. They’re running in a sense behind the scenes. We’ll start on the design side, so I’m going to scan.

You’ve got 46-3, and that’s the only three, except for the one up here in the variable. Over on the personality side, you have Gate 25, Line 3. We won’t worry about this number right now. I could explain that, but it takes up too much time. For all intents and purposes, you have 1-3 on Gate 25. Let’s start with that. This is your personality and part of my list, I got Invisalign and I’m trying to wear it as much as they want me to. I got to get used to talking with the retainers in my mouth.

Gate 25 is connected to your personality moon. The moon is about what drives us. Personality is about how we communicate with others. All this information here is essentially our psychology. It’s the psychology of how our mind works and what we’re here to communicate with people. You’re here to communicate Gate 25, Line 3 as part of what you communicate. It is what people will come to you for and what they want to be motivated by because the moon is the driver.

This is in many ways driving the other. The 25 is about the love of the universe, of the cosmos, the love of God and being initiated into a higher frequency. That’s where your three-line is. It’s the moon. In many ways, you’re helping people use the phases of the moon to initiate things in their life. I would urge you to get a farmer’s Almanac and learn the cycles of the moon. You’re probably fairly aware of them anyways, but understanding people should not start projects except in a new moon period.

If you start a project on the waning moon, I’ve tracked it in my life. It usually won’t work out. This is a very interesting thing. Some people will roll their eyes at this. I don’t care because the moon impacts the tides. The US military has extensively studied the moon, Mars and all these planetary bodies in our solar system. They all act on us magnetically. When people say astrology isn’t real, I often say, “Have you heard about this thing called the moon and how it controls the tides, depending on where it is in its phase?”

AYD 26 | How To Manifest
How To Manifest: If people would just write down simple things they want to see manifested and read them even once a day, they’ll be blown away by how that manifests quicker than they realize.

It’s about the relationship between the Earth and the sun. For you to learn the moon phases and use that as a guide, have it in your calendar, like, “We’re in a new moon face.” This is a great time for people to start things. The moon is waning. It’s a great time to clean things up. Full moons are a great time to set your full intention or set the big picture. Most of what we know about the moon is familiar to most because it’s so ancient.

It’s in our DNA to honor the moon cycles. When you wander this moon energy, you become more prosperous because it’s on your moon. The prosperity in terms of lead generation is about this initiation. One way you can market to generate more leads is to be very specific that you initiate people into a greater consciousness of universal laws and love. You help them sync up their life with the solar system so that they can make great decisions.

Human design is always interacting with what is going on in the solar system. We were being impacted every single moment. For me to say, the word moment has already been infinite moments. There is this constant impact going on. That is one place. Now moving over to your design side, you have a number of times in your chart, which is why it’s striped here. You’ve got 46 Line 3 in Uranus. This is the love of the body. You’ve got three gates off the G center. All the G center gates are about love.

We have the universal love, which you have for your moon. You have a love of the body, which is very much about being in the right place at the right time, Daniel. It’s about the good fortune that comes from honoring your commitments and follow-through but also being flexible enough to be in the right place at the right time. An opportunity comes along and your sacral gets something you’re there, even if it doesn’t make sense.

It’s very important with being a sacral authority that every opportunity comes your way. Have your wife, your coach, a friend, or someone you trust ask you yes or no questions. You can get them “hmmm” because opportunities that come your way that you get “hmmm” to and you are willing to be very flexible, “I have to fly here. I have to do this. I need to get new signage, some new equipment,” whatever it might be to make that opportunity happen. It’s going to generate a lot of gold for you.

That’s where your three-line is. It’s not only about the right place, right time. The 46 is the good fortune gate. It’s almost saying good fortune comes to those who take care of their body. I know I’m stating the obvious. I don’t have Gate 46. I am sure whether I had had it, I would have had maybe no health issues or minor, but I got quite ill because I wasn’t listening to my body. You don’t have a defined spleen here, which is the health center. You have a pretty delicate system, but you’re unlikely to push yourself too hard because you have this love of the body. You know from that tennis lesson that it doesn’t work for you to push.

This isn’t the design of someone who’s here to push. This is a design of someone who’s here to wait to respond. A lot of opportunities can always be coming to you because of your capacity. As a single definition and by that, I mean all the defined areas connected. They’re connected in one fell swoop. This is true for everyone reading with a single definition, you learn things quicker and you want to move faster than the other definitions. They’re are split and triple split and quadruple split. You are a single definition.

You move very quickly and lots of opportunities will come to you. The main thing for you is that it doesn’t throw off your rhythm. You have these 5-15 channels. I meditate three times a day. The rituals you put in place that nurture you and your body bring you more good fortune. That’s one of the things your clients want from you, Daniel. It’s how do I create a healthy, spiritual practice so I can embody universal love. You naturally embody universal love. It’s one of the first things I felt from you. I don’t think I would have called it that, but I remember saying to our mutual friend, Pamela, “Daniel is loving as in deeply loving.”

It’s beyond a love of a friend, a client, or even your wife or children. It goes beyond that to this love of life, humanity, respect and reverence for the magic and the mystery of life itself. Your rhythm channel says, “That’s great and let’s be sure we have a nice schedule to follow.” You need things laid out for you. You like to have a plan. It’s tricky because you’re meant to be in response.

This is more about what in your rhythm keeps you in your body. That’s why you and I have talked about weight training, martial arts, walking and dancing. It’s dancing to move the feminine martial arts to move the masculine. It’s movement. It’s profound for you to have that thing. You’ve always been fit and healthy. I don’t think I’ve ever known you to be ill in the whole time I’ve known you. It may be a cold, but that’s it.

Let’s look at the threes now up in our full reports that we run here at the show. If you want a full report, you can PayPal me, Baeth Davis, for $15 and we’ll send you a report as an aside because we’re licensed with the software. There’s this thing called The Variable. It’s the base tone and color beneath the line. Let me show you what I mean by that in your report. We will use Gate 25 since we talked about it, 25 Line 3 and then we have this number 4.

Let’s go down into your report and it has all the personality and design configurations described. Here we have personality moon, Gate 25 Line 3. The keynote word is sensibility. The recognition that innocent action does not in itself guarantee success. As you were saying, it’s a balance between action and surrender. When you were going at people hard, that wasn’t quite right, but to totally take your hands off the wheel, that doesn’t work either. It’s a very fine balance. Notice how we have Gate 25 Line 3 in the hexagram. The color is the next number. When you look at these reports up top there in the body graph, you will see 25 Line 3, color 4 and then we have the tone and the base.

If you look up DNA, say on Wikipedia, it explains that the DNA has a color, tone and base. This is beneath the line. It’s very important. It influences us because you get percentages. Somebody could be Gate 25 Line 3 Color 4 Tone 4 Base 5 and have different percentages than you, which is what gives us so much variation in humanity, even in twins. If they’re born a minute or two apart, it affects what’s beneath the line. When we look beneath the line, we get the color.

Let’s go back up to your variable, which is determined from the sun, Earth and node locations. Remember, we’ve got a three on this upper row in the variable. We also have a three in the realm of your variable that relates to your everyday living. Let’s look at your chart. The kitchen is your environment. That’s a three-line. Remember, the three-line is where the most money and your sense is action.

You have a very interesting situation for making more money in generating leads. I don’t know if we’ve talked about this before, but it’s best for you to work in a kitchen. It’s not good for you to be isolated in an office. It’s much better if you’re even sitting at the kitchen counter and your kids’ walkthrough. You get the energy and the movement that you need in the kitchen. The kitchen is usually the hub of the house. It’s the first factory there ever was. It’s where they are made. In the town I grew up in, in Plymouth, Massachusetts, there is a bunch of historical houses. My mom works for one of the historical societies. In fact, I believe she’s president of the Plymouth Antiquarian Society.

They maintain a number of these historic houses. She one day took me on a tour of one of the houses and showed me the kitchen. It was remarkable. They did so much in this kitchen. They baked bread and had parties. People would sleep there and they had extra people coming. They would be in the kitchen by the fire where it was warm. The kitchen is the original factory. The kitchen environment would be an open floor plan where you have open offices or people can see each other moving around or in your actual kitchen. It opens up your aura, energy for you and money.

The other thing is the sense, which is here in your personality. What is so interesting about this is your motivation is innocence, which isn’t even a motivation. It’s about being present. Your job is to keep taking action. From a non-thinking place, it’s more checking in with the sacral, “Should I do this? Shouldn’t I? Without having an agenda, it’s a very wild setup. You have where it’s exactly what you teach people. Your sense is, “I got to take action,” but your motivation says, “Yeah, but on what?”

Your body says, “It doesn’t matter. Take action and information will be revealed too.” If you get an idea, say to do something with your marketing, have someone ask you yes or no questions to drill down what’s going to work best and then go into it without an expectation. That’s the main thing for you. If too many goals and metrics drive you, it derails you, which is interesting because it’s not how most of us are trained.

For me, I have the opposite set up for you in my chart. It works the opposite way for me. I have to have my mind on goals all the time. Literally, my mind works best talking to myself something like this. This was, “Get up, go to your chiro. Let’s go drive and get some coffee. When you get back from coffee, you’re going to finish that laundry, going to pick up those papers and make two phone calls. You have that appointment.” I’m so happy when I’m doing the tasks. I’m thinking about the tasks. I know I’ve got to do these things to get to my goal. Whereas for you, you’re moving around doing the things. The best thing for your mind to be thinking is, “I wonder what’s going to happen.”

It’s not how men are trained either in our culture. Men are trained, “Hit the goal, the target and be a hunter.” That’s fine. If you were a hunter, they’d like to put you out to watch for enemies. Daniel, be reconnaissance. The actual be running back and forth. We’re talking like medieval war. When you’re in the medieval war, you’re sitting hidden upon a rock and the hill. They can’t see you, which fits with your design. You’re not visible until you are called out.

Brilliance is getting people to be in alignment with what is true.

Let’s say it’s more modern times. They Walkie-Talkie you, “Over. What’s happening?” You’re like, “Nothing’s happening. We’re fine, proceed,” or whatever. You’re giving the actions and guiding people, but you’re waiting for information to come in. You don’t know what that information will be. You’re very in the moment design. Anything where you’re like, “I need to know and plan.” That’s all conditioning for you.

Someone else could have a chart where I would say, like me, if I’m not planning, I am failing. It happened a little bit to me because I was thinking of how I could bring more of our transformational Shamanic work into what we’re doing. It sounds all simple now. At that time, I was being upgraded. My whole system was going through this awakening. I went into not being focused on what do I need to do? Everything stops. Even my team would stop. They’re like, “What’s happening?” I didn’t understand what was going on. I teach this stuff.

You and I have opposite ways of manifesting our goodness. For you, it’s very much about being open to the outcome, in a place of wonder and then taking the actions and saying, “Whatever unfolds is going to be perfect.” Whereas for me, “I need to know the outcome and a very specific goal. Give me a dollar amount. I can hit it.” I’ve had to learn this with myself. Give me metrics and I can meet them. I’ll meet them in very unconventional ways.

For years, I’ve wanted to lose fifteen pounds. In 2021, I did it with no diet, no nothing, but all the conditions were right. My intention had been there all along. I found the right actions that weren’t a book or someone’s diet plan and the weight came off. There are many factors for that and it wasn’t a diet. I need very clear goals. You do not. You need a universal love intention. Your whole design is how I can be of greater service, universe? How can I be more loving, universe? Show me. Whereas if I do that, nothing happens.

If I do it the way you do it, nothing is going to happen for me.

If you did it my way, what happens is you start irritating all the people around you and they start thinking you’re too pushy. Whereas when I’m pushy, people like it. It’s almost like I’m scratching their back. I’m on them and barking at them. They’re asking and paying me. I don’t do that with people who aren’t asking and paying. My family, my friends, unless they asked me. I prefer not to be involved. If the conditions are right and you want my desire, motivation, that’d be great. Innocence is a 6-line and it transfers to a 3-line. 6 and 3 have a relationship.

You and I are flipped. I have desire, motivation, innocence transference, while you have innocence, motivation, desire transference. Transference is not self, putting you right in frustration. The fastest way to frustration is for you to get into, “What are we doing? What’s the plan? What are my goals?” You even asked me, “Baeth, you have a program coming up. What’s involved in that.” I’m like, “It doesn’t matter to you.” Even if I give it to you, it’s still won’t solve your transference. If I keep trying to fulfill your desire, see I have insider Intel. I can look at your chart. You keep throwing desires at me and I keep backing off. Why does this happen?

I need that from you to make my decision. It’s like, “No, you don’t. All you need is your sacral.” It takes years to decondition from the habit of being incorrect. Our incorrectness is built into the mechanism. It’s built-in, so we stay awake because the whole point of this system is awareness. That’s it? You can do anything when you’re aware of who you are.

When you’re unaware of who you are, you’re in the conditioning field that tells all of us the same things. Success has a seven-figure business or success is driving a sports car. Success is you’re always up perfect with your schedule and so disciplined. Success goes to early risers and then you realize, “That is crap.” Success for each person is based on how they’re designed. I’ve had times in my life, I made millions of dollars and I went about it, not honoring myself and I got sick. This happens a lot to people. You have this incredible way to generate leads. That is all about the Oprah Method of Manifestation.

It doesn’t work the same way for me. I can wake up every morning and do the Oprah Method of Manifestation. If I don’t constantly say, “What do I need to do next?” Nothing happens. Oprah wakes up in the morning, according to Oprah and says, “God, use me for the highest good of all. Show me how to use my gifts and the best application of my abilities.” Now, it’s worked out well for her. I don’t have her chart in front of me. I don’t know her motivation or transference or any of that, but that actual approach, I think, is good for anyone to be open. What does the universe have in store for me?

I asked that question too, but I know that my life goes best when I have a list of stuff to do. It’s not even about what I’m doing. It’s just getting stuff done. That keeps my energy going. Whereas for you, you’re getting stuff done because you’re very good at getting stuff done without a hardcore agenda or a specific metric.

You wake up in the morning and say, “Universe, use me for the highest good.” Wait to respond and see what comes into your field. Have someone ask your sacral a no question or a series of yes or no questions and you know what your actions are, but you have designed. You may not even know where you are going to be in 5 or 10 years or what that service is going to look like. It’s more about you being wowed by the process. Does that make sense?

That’s never worked for me if I try to do those plans, this is who I’ll be and this is where I’m going. It doesn’t make any sense.

If I don’t do that, years can go by and I’ve missed the boat and haven’t fulfilled the goal. That’s how we’re also different. For you, lead generation or anything you put your mind to is more about aligning with universal consciousness and then opening yourself to be guided where you need to go without putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

That phrase keeps coming to me that I got from a chandler once. She kept saying again and again, “Your abundance comes from reading the present conditions.” It was the simplest thing.

What if you did a daily five-minute conditions report to your community?

That would be fun. Give me an example.

Every morning you pop in there and you will hear the conditions. This is what I downloaded. Who knows what it will be? Your motivation is innocence. You can’t plan that out. Remember, everything about you is in the moment. I am not designed at the moment. There are places I can be in the moment, but on a life scale, I’m not. You are in the moment spontaneous design. The more you let yourself flow with the moment, the better your life becomes. The less you control it, the better.

Letting go of control and surrender, it’s what we’re all learning how to do, where we need to let go of control. Some of us, like for me, it’s like where I’ve let go of control was a bad idea. I had to take back control. It’s learning where are the places to open and surrender. Where are the places we need to put some hard control in place?

For you, the hard control is more about having a regular rhythm of doing your downloads. You do your three times a day meditating. Maybe you do your once-a-day or five times a week check-in and then that’s going to generate all the clients you need because they’re going to say, “I need his broad, innocent, huge, expanded perspective to put this in context.” That’s what you do for people. You help people put their life in the context of the rest of their life. Most of us get into bubbles, jail cells and tunnel vision of our own making. You are very good at “wake up.” Stay in the moment, stay here now and don’t spin out.

AYD 26 | How To Manifest
How To Manifest: Full moons are a great time to set your full intention and set the big picture.

There’s a lot of magic. I love to be a magician at the moment. Everybody is worried about this. Everybody is planning and doing whatever they’re doing. I’m like, “Yeah, that’s fine. By the way, I got this thing to share with you that can be of help to you and change someone’s course entirely.” We’re focused entirely. That’s my brilliance getting that foundation set for people to be correct in alignment with what’s more true for them. Basically, it’s the number one thing. People seek me out for that and that universal love vibe you’re talking about. People feel that and like, “I need to work with you.”

I would say that people need to expand their cosmic consciousness and have a better, more regular spiritual practice. They need some rituals, routines and structure. It’s challenging for you to layout programming for everyone and goes, “Here’s the structure.” It’s much better if you can work with people in a more organic and customized way to help them design a structure that works for them.

Out of that, you may find trends and patterns that are consistent with people that allow you to create a program. The program comes out of the experience working with the clients, not you trying to create the program and then deliver it in advance. It happens on the back end, not the front end. You’re a creator that creates in response to what’s coming to you rather than trying to use your mind to force it to happen, which won’t ever work for you. It will make you supremely frustrated.

It’s very liberating. I go through times when I’m fine. Most people are worried like, “What are you doing?” I want to try to plan and everything. It’s like, “No.” When I’m following the wave of energy that’s coming to me, I know in advance, it’s something like you say, “Do you want to check this thing out with me?” I already felt the wind of that coming. I already got that. I already got the memo. I get the memo ahead of time. I’m like, “Yeah, I got that memo earlier today or yesterday or whatever.” It manifests. There it is. It’s right on my plate.

I go to restaurants. I’m even considering something. It’s bringing me exactly what I’m considering. I love a side of fruit with that. They bring it out and it’s not part of the meal. They bring it to me for free. It’s a funny way that life has shown me that this is how I can be so abundant and that I have taught other people to embody that way of being. It doesn’t mean that’s your only way of being but to embody more of that.

It’s incredible what you do and you’re so tuned into it, which is great. Thank you, Daniel. It’s such a pleasure. I hope to have you back. Thank you, everyone. See you next time. I’ll see you around. Bye for now.

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