Are you at the peak of your frustration in your business? Don’t throw in the towel just yet! Today’s guest Kim Kaase, Principal of LEAP Business Coaching, can help you double or triple your revenue in record time. In this episode, Kim discusses with Baeth Davis how working with the right team and focusing on simple strategies gets your business back on track. But how do you find the right team and what are these simple strategies? Tune to find out!

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Double Or Triple Your Revenue With The Right Team With Manifesting Generator Kim Kaase

I am excited about our guest. She is a very innovative, creative, positive thinker and implementer when it comes to creating business success and not just success in a general sense but making leaps, leaps in your business. I’m going to introduce our guest in a moment. I want to let you know what’s on tap and how to make use of this show. We have tried to share this podcast all over the internet. If you like it, we encourage you to leave a review that helps get this information out to more people. Please share it with anyone you think would benefit. We appreciate it.

We also do Human Design training that is free almost every week in our Facebook Group. You can access the Facebook Group by going to That’s where you’re going to want to go to access our free training, meet other people who are using human design in their business and to deepen your relationship with your human design. What we do here in the show is I interview people who I feel are living their design. They are aligned to their design now. Yes, there’s always room for improvement and they’re on purpose so that you can experience the feel, vibration, and sensory experience of encountering a person who’s happy with their life and truly fulfilled. That’s how I choose my guests.

Occasionally, I may bring someone on who’s not feeling on purpose and then we can do a purpose makeover. This show, however, is with my wonderful guest, Kim Kaase. She is the principal of LEAP Business Coaching. She’s a professional business coach. What she does is help small business owners double and triple their revenue in record time. Kim’s clients seek her out when they’re at the peak of frustration in their businesses and they’re often ready to throw in the towel. However, through their work with Kim, they quickly focus on simple strategies to get their business back on track so that they can double or triple their revenue while falling back in love with their business.

Kim’s corporate background includes creating breakthrough sales results which meld perfectly with her coaching career. As the Vice President of Sales, Kim lead sales and sales support teams to grow a company from $14 to $40 million in revenue in four years which is astounding. Kim also owns an ice cream company with her husband, Chef Steve, where she serves as the Brand Manager and Chief Tasting Officer. With that, let us bring on our wonderful guest Kim Kaase. Kim, welcome to the show. It is such a joy to have you here. Thank you for coming to the show.

Thank you for inviting me. I’ve been looking forward to this.

I’m happy to have you here. Let’s dive in. What you’re about to share is going to be powerful for our readers. What do you think is the biggest problem that shows up for the small business owners you work with? What’s the biggest problem that you see?

Put a stake in the ground about who you are. You’re a person in the universe creating what you love.

I tend to work with people who are offline businesses. They tend to have professional services backgrounds. I work with people a lot who are providing high-level services to other businesses. Think of commercial real estate, architecture and design, engineering people who have high-level services that they are selling to other people and most of these business owners. This is out in there in the real world. I do some work online but the focus is these business owners that I help offline and they have started their business because they are highly skilled in their field. They are experts at what they do. They’ve probably gotten to a point in their life where they knew that working for someone else was limiting them.

They started on their own business. They’re in that 5 to 10 years or sometimes 15 to 20 years, when they come to me at this peak of frustration like you mentioned. What they’ve been relying on, which is completely appropriate for first and second-level success, is their skill but there gets to be a point when the success level you can reach with just skill and expertise tops out. What is being called for is for them to step in and truly own their business. Not on the financial books, although they already do that. It’s energetically. Put a stake in the ground about who they are as a person in the universe, creating what they’re creating and that shift is massive for people with causes. When they’re able to do that through working with me, they can step in, change the energy of their business like this and skyrocket their results.

I’ll give you an example, one of my clients in 2020. During the pandemic, he’s a commercial real estate broker. Started his firm about years ago and had topped out at a little over $500,000 in revenue. That’s a great amount of revenue. There’s nothing to sneeze at. He called me in April 2020 and said, “Kim, I want to quadruple it this year.” I thought, “What? You’re serious about this. You know what’s going on in the world, right?” He said, “Yes, but this is the year to do it. This is the year I go big.” I said, “Great. I’m on board for that.” He hired me to help with that.

One of the things it’s interesting that he was being advised by the people around him. Our people love us. They try to keep us safe, protected and give us advice but they don’t always give us the best advice. He likes flashy things. He likes a lot of cars, boats. That’s part of who he is. He was being told in his life to tone that down. I said, give unconventional wisdom like, “This is who you are and you like those things. There’s nothing wrong with liking those things and flaunting them if that’s who you are. I sense that this is who you are. There’s nothing wrong with it. Own it and own that.” That was one of those energetic things. He didn’t start owning it and not being sorry about it. He not only goes back to his goal in seven months, but he got five X of his revenue in seven months. We did other things, too but that was a huge one because when we’re in resistance to a part of ourselves. It dampens our result and it’s hard to see it on our own.

I’m not a real stuff person but there are people that like their cars and like their boats. I always think about how great because it contributes to the economy. Every car they buy is putting money back into the economy. It’s higher ticket purchases. That’s more a class thing and a conditioning thing to do not be too successful. Don’t be too flashy, don’t show other people up who maybe aren’t as motivated.

People filter themselves. Part of his story and he told this in my Facebook Group is that way before the cars and the boats which he loves was him living in the basement of a church with a grocery bag full of clothes, and that’s all he had. People are much more comfortable with that story and, “Here’s my success.” We got to own all of it. When we’re in resistance to something as who we are, it’s going to dampen our results in the universe because our energy is throwing a bucket of water on a fire. It’s hard to do that on our own. We can’t see our stuff. That is hard to see.

Triple Your Revenue: When you’re resisting a part of yourself, it dampens your result.

Why don’t the ways that most entrepreneurs and business owners try to solve their problems not work?

It’s not that they’re using bad strategies or bad ideas. This person that I’m talking about came to me and he was overwhelmed. What he was looking for more was a plan and accountability like a lot of people. They want to plan and accountability to the plan. What I know is if we don’t clean up the places where we’re out of alignment, the plan and the accountability are only moderately successful. It’s not that they don’t work at all. I’m not suggesting that it’s all one thing.

When you put a strategy, plan accountability on top of who you are and who you’re meant to express yourself as in the world, that is huge. If you try to put a plan and strategy on top of not being who you are, hiding parts of yourself and you are not accepting even parts of yourself. People struggle with that. Any planning strategy, any accountability is just going to be very incremental successfully versus exponential which is what tends to happen in my world. For many years, I couldn’t even explain what was happening. Thanks to you and the amazing group I’m in with you, that explored my human design that helped me start to put language in words to what it is I do. To look at it and go, “I see what’s happening now.”

Is what you’re saying is that people tend to pace on these strategies and solutions over their essential self rather than developing a strategy from what’s going to work for them?

Exactly. If one strategy for small business growth in offline services, businesses worked for everyone, then there would be probably ten books written about it. Go look at this book. There are hundreds of thousands which tells us, “There has to be room for your strategy, plan, creativity, wisdom, insight and own experience to come through.” I don’t ever give anyone, “Here are the steps, 1 to 5.” It always starts with, “Let’s find out who you are. Let’s find out what is not being expressed. Let’s find out what you’re not comfortable with and where you are already expressing, let’s figure out your business based on that.” It’s a very little woo and we live in a woo world. We overuse linear thinking type logic and we underuse spiritual logic. I am here to change that in business because it’s the core of who we are.

The linear thinking of the mind is way overrated. It’s much faster to do things intuitively and people need to know how to access intuition and use it so that they’re not confusing it for being impulsive. What’s the biggest turnaround that you’ve seen in a business in the shortest amount of time?

It’s probably the one I just talked about. From a financial standpoint because in a pandemic year, 7 months, 5X revenue. I couldn’t see that coming at all, even though I see miracles in my business every day that when even like, “That’s big.” Even to another point, I was talking to one of my clients who was having a basic problem that sometimes people have, having trouble getting inspiration for Instagram feed. The talk that I had with her in 5 to 10 minutes was, “If it’s feeling like trouble with you, all I know is that you’re not tapped into yourself.”

Don’t expect something out of a person they’re not designed to do.

Who we are, always wants to come through. There’s always inspiration there and we kind of click that in. It’s not about what your audience wants to hear. It’s much more about what wants to come through you and then your people will come out of the woodwork. I got a text from her and she goes, “I completed twelve tiles from my Instagram all in less than 30 minutes.” That’s what you’re talking about. That’s a huge turnaround. That’s a little thing but it’s speaking to something much bigger that when we tap into what’s already there, that essence of who we are, that’s the most efficient and effective way to do business.

It reminds me of that Jim Rohn quote, “Big doors swing on little hinges.” When you can get the little hinges the correct size and installed properly and WD-40. You can swing some big doors and with the story you just shared, she gets those tiles right on her Instagram account. The other places she’s sharing from her authentic self, she’s going start attracting the right kind of people and that’s a big door when you appear to effortlessly attract what is aligned to you.

People can feel it. You have a big following, people can feel when we are tapped into who we are and when we’re not holding anything back. When people just come out of the woodwork, I’ve had that happen in my life a lot. This is a trajectory like, “Are we ever 100% there?” No, I think this is lifelong evolution and growth which is amazing that we get to be in a lifelong evolution and growth.

What do you think is the most important aspect of teamwork as a business grows? One of the questions I get a lot and you see this in the coaching groups, is, “How do I grow my team? Who should I be hiring? How do I manage my team? What do I do with these team issues?” What do you think is the most important aspect of teamwork and teams as the business grows?

As I get business owners owning themselves, the next question is, “How do I do this for my team?” It’s the same answer and it takes a little different process to do this with a team. Most times the reason why business owners get frustrated with their teams is that they’re expecting something out of a person and that person is not designed to do it. Typically, the team members are not sitting there going, “How can I mess this up? How can I not do what they’re asked me to do?” We’re all, as you know through human design, programmed to be amazing at certain things or strategies and not so amazing at others. To me, this is where being exposed to human design and learning about human design has helped. There are some basic things by no means am I this expert on it. There are basic things that we can look at with a person’s human design report and see their energy type and what lines up.

As an example, in a business that I was working in, they had a person who was a projector energy type who needs to wait for the invitation. They had him doing a lot of cold calling that was the expectation, which is the opposite. It’s a terrible idea. Even if that person could master it, it’s not going to be successful for them because energetically, it’s wrong. I feel overarching, having people in the right seats in the canoe ride like I use the canoe as a metaphor. If everyone’s in the right seat, paddling in the same direction, the canoe is going to get to the destination, but if someone’s in the wrong seat or paddling in the wrong direction, this is where human design can help us with that. The canoe is going to go off course and that’s even if just one person in the wrong seat. That’s a big piece. I look at that a couple of different ways within companies but getting the right people. It’s usually not that we don’t have the right person but it’s getting them into the right place, like get them in a place where they can thrive working with their design and that’s where miracles happen.

Triple Your Revenue: It’s not about what your audience wants to hear. It’s about what wants to come through you and then your people will come out of the woodwork.

Will you share with everyone what you’ve got going on because it will be of interest to a lot of our viewers and readers.

I have a Zoom webinar where I talk about what I was talking to you about which is teams in alignment. I talk about some of the strategic ways to understand your team and get them into alignment. This is something that I’ve been working on within the small businesses that I’m working in and it changes dynamics immediately. We had solopreneurs in the audience and people who are not as far along in their business. I do some fantastic work in my Facebook group where we go live and teach every Tuesday. We have a great conversation about inspired action and we have lots of great things coming up in there as well.

What we love to do towards the end of our show is look at the human design chart of our guests. For those of you who are new to Human Design, because you may have not been following the show, this may be the very first episode you’ve ever read. What you’re looking at in the center of this image is the body graph and there are 9 centers, 64 gates, 36 channels. To the right, we have your basic astrological chart from your time, date and location of birth. The design side is information from 88 days before you’re born and combined, this creates this beautiful chart. What we’re looking at here is the chart of Kim, who is a manifesting generator. Manifesting generators are 33% of the population. They always have a defined sacral. Your pelvic region in your body or sex chakra. It’s where the creative energy moves from. A manifesting generator has the sacral. Number one is defined and will always be in this reddish color.

A manifesting generator has a channel from a motor to the throat. I want to show everyone the motors in Human Design. There are four motors. We have the root, sacral, solar plexus and will. You can see that the will is not defined in your chart Kim nor is the route that leaves you with two motors, leaves you with the sacral motor and the solar plexus motor. This makes you a very special manifesting generator because you have not one but two channels for motors to the throat which gives you a lot of manifesting power. You have the 36 that connects to the 35. You have this channel off the solar plexus and then your Gate 14 connects to Gate 2. It goes right through the G Center, which is this middle triangle up to Gate 1 to Gate 8 right into the throat.

A channel from the motor to the throat is manifesting potential. Hence, we have a manifesting generator, the sacral makes you a generator and then another motor to the throat is the manifesting parts of manifesting generators. You have this extraordinary capacity to get results. Of all the types, the manifesting generator has the most potential. Because you have sustainable energy from the sacral, it’s sustainable. As long as you get enough sleep and you expend your energy every day, it reboots.

The best thing for people with a defined sacral is to burn that motor out every day. Doing things you like to do. That’s the key because otherwise, you’ll quit, get sick or go into burnout. We want to avoid that. When someone is as you described yourself, your clients are happy doing what they want to do this has staying power. That’s the staying power of the sacral and then you have these wonderful connections up to the throat that let you manifest by sharing your ideas. This leads me to what we’re going to chat about for a moment.

Understand your team and get them into alignment.

For everyone reading, I asked her at the beginning before our interview what should we talk about. Kim said, “How about Gate 11.” Kim, let’s talk about Gate 11. Gate 11 is up here. It comes off this green triangle called the Ajna, which is your neocortex. This upper triangle is the rest of the brain. We have the front part of the brain, neocortex and then the rest of the brain up here. Gate 11 is the gate of ideas. It represents ideas, makes sense off the neocortex. That’s where ideas arise. It’s one of the aspects that sets humans apart from other living creatures on this planet.

Your Gate 11 happens to be in red, which means it’s coming from the design side. You have 11.4 in your Earth position. Richard Rudd who is a Human Design teacher describes the design of Earth as our core genius. Your core genius happens to be ideas. The challenge is that you’re flooded with ideas, often and then the question becomes, “What do I do with all these ideas?” The first thing to remember is mostly the ideas are not for you with Gate 11. Some of them will be, but you’ll have to wait over time to see. A lot of the ideas are just coming through. Those ideas are for your clients, your family, and friends. It’s good to have a system to collect and organize these ideas. Do you have a system for that?

I don’t have a system. I have about a jillion notebooks. I have so many amazing ideas. I don’t want to get rid of my notebooks but I’ve realized that I need a system. I’m going to try a notecard system so that I can go through my notebooks and put all these different ideas on individual note cards. I can even probably categorize them if I get fancy and then keep them in one place because they do feel scattered. I feel like I’m probably sitting on gold, not only for myself but for my clients for my other business. It can all be very overwhelming when I start to think about all the ideas.

You can even put them in software if you have Slack or Teamwork or Monday because then you can search for your ideas.

That’s a good idea.

Put it in a place where you have a search function so you can find them on command because even if you index them, which is a good idea to start, you might forget what the title is but you would remember the keynote words.

I tend to be old school with how I do things. I’m a Fine Arts major from way back because that was the only way to get a design degree back in the day. I tend to like paper and pens. However, technology could be my friend.

I would probably recommend having both because the index system lets you jot it down as it occurs to you and stores it somewhere. In the event, it doesn’t make it into some kind of software technology. You’ve got system redundancy. There are six lines in Human Design. Every gate always has a line number after and don’t worry about this third number here. You’ll notice the numbers after the decimal point on the right of the decimal point never go higher than six. Line 4 is finding opportunity. It’s about networking, building community and sales. A lot of your ideas are about how to increase sales.

Triple Your Revenue: It’s not that we don’t have the right person. It’s about getting them into the right place where they can thrive.

It’s how I’m wired. It’s almost like that path of sales and using ideas to sell, drew me this. My background is in Commercial Interior Design. I practice Commercial Interior Design for 12 or 15 years and then ended up at a company where I was VP of sales with no sales experience. I used my intuition to figure out how to sell because I didn’t know how to sell as a skill but now, I’m sure I did the whole time. It’s interesting how I ended up in that role and then that’s a lot of what I help people with because the core of any business is a strong sales system.

The key for you is to notice the pressure to fulfill the ideas and resist that pressure to fulfill those ideas. Rather track the ideas and store the ideas for when the time is right to use them and not all of the ideas will be used.

How do you think we know when the right time is? How do you tap into that?

As a manifesting generator, someone will ask you or you’ll get a sign. You’ll see a billboard, hear something on the radio or see a video. There’ll be something for you to respond to, but mostly, someone will ask you, “Can you help me with this? Do you have any ideas about X, Y, Z?” “You’re in luck. I do. Let me take you to my idea chamber. I have a room dedicated to ideas.” It’s resisting the pressure that you get an idea that you’ve got to manifest it. No. It’s being sure to capture the ideas so that you don’t lose them because you can forget them if you don’t write them down. Have them for when you’re asked, knowing that many of the ideas will never be used. They’re just ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen. There are tons of ideas. The ones that will bear fruit and be profitable are those that you deliver in response to something in your environment, preferably someone asking you.

That’s huge because that does happen to me. That’s always successful. The ones where I kind of push an idea and don’t wait on the timing never work.

Before we wrap up any final words of wisdom?

The biggest thing and this is such a theme right now is for anyone reading, the success for your business is closer than you think. It’s not likely what you think it’s in. It’s in you being more of who you are designed to be. The more you can bring that forth, the more your people will come out of the woodwork and find you in whatever way. That’s absolutely a theme in my life and my clients’ lives.

Thank you for your time. This has been wonderful.

I loved it. Thank you so much for having me on.

You’re welcome. Everyone, thanks for tuning in. This has been another episode and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

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