Healing is always easier said than done. For most people, it takes a lot of work, discipline, and self-awareness to be able to move past their emotional and generational traumas in life. Dr. Stephen Bizal joins Baeth Davis to share his own healing experience; how he let go of the things that weighed him down and how he cut ties with the misery that he’s been creating all his life. When Dr. Stephen decided to have a deep conversation with the universe, he realized that the only person who should be held accountable for his actions is himself. He graces us with his presence today to share how his book, The Optimal Life: Empowering Health, Healing & Longevity, contains the answers to how you can redirect your journey and embrace an optimal life. Tune in as Baeth looks into Dr. Stephen’s ¼ generator human design and sees just how his personality allows him to embrace and instill change in others.

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Dr. Stephen Bizal, Generator 1/4

How are you? What an auspicious day. It’s the New Moon in Pisces. The world needs some Pisces, the gentle emotional fish, to temper down the flames of insanity. It’s a very powerful time. I am committed, especially with what’s going on, to helping you address your fears, combat your anxiety, and dig deep into your power so that you’re not being knocked around by the news cycle. You’re not being flummoxed by every shift and move externally, and you are centered in yourself. You’re rooted like a tree. Some of you are oak trees and some of you are willow trees. The important thing is to get those roots down in the ground and let those branches sway in the breeze.

In this show, I interview people that I feel are deeply in their bodies, deeply in their purpose, and deeply of service to humanity. Our guest is an extraordinary man who helps people do the necessary emotional healing. That’s going to be our subject. It’s the necessity for emotional healing. I can testify in my life, the most important thing I have done is to get in touch with my feelings, feel my feelings, validate my feelings, and then learn emotional mastery. In the tarot deck, this would be the Strength card. It’s the pretty goddess holding open the mouth of the lion. There are other versions of this card.

Emotional mastery is the name of the game. I am a Leo in astrology. When we get further into the interview and we look at our guest’s chart, astrology factors in. I keep a little lion on my desk to remind me of my birthright. The Strength card in the tarot is the sign of Leo. One of my goals in life is emotional mastery. I’ve been on a mission for the past couple of years to surround myself with experts who are living emotional mastery and teaching it to others. With that, let’s talk about the necessity for emotional healing, and I’m going to introduce our guest.

Our guest is Dr. Stephen Bizal. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed book, The Optimal Life, Empowering Health, Healing & Longevity. He’s an innovator in the field of healing, human potential, and human performance. He founded the first executive health and fitness coaching company, Personalized Health and Fitness Inc., in Southern California in 1981 after he helped a friend lose 100 pounds in one year. The Optimal Life EmPOWERment program, Wellness/Lifestyle Medicine and Healthy Aging was the first wellness course approved for continuing education in California for both medical and chiropractic health professionals.

His book, The Optimal Life was also an online course approved for continuing education for psychologists, LMFTs, registered nurses, and social workers in California, Texas, Ohio and Florida. He founded WellnessCoachingInstitute.com in 2009, the first university-approved wellness certification program in the US for health, insurance, and human resource professionals. He is a thought-provoking and always entertaining gentleman. He’s America’s wellness go-to guy. He’s going to inspire you to take charge of your life by helping you connect the dots to create optimal health and the optimal life.

He was a former consultant to the largest integrative medicine treatment center in North America, the second-largest hospital chain in America, and a dot-com company that served big pharma. He has an insider’s understanding of both the conventional and alternative medicine models, the challenges that each one faces, and why the consumer is the one that is at risk in this healthcare environment. With that, let’s bring on our tremendous guest, Dr. Stephen. I’m so happy to have you on the show. What a treat. How are you?

Thank you for that wonderful introduction. I sounded absolutely wonderful.

You are. It’s so interesting about bios. I’m a very animated person. I love celebrating people. When I get to read someone’s bio, the receiver or the person whose bio it is gets to hear what they have accomplished. You’ve accomplished a lot of impressive and useful transformations in our world. I have a question for you about that and about your bio. What is it that drives you emotionally to be of such service to humanity and be such a balanced voice for what works and what doesn’t? What is it that drives you?

A good way to put it into context for you and your audience was that as a younger man, I was an achievaholic. I did a lot of stuff. What that looks like in our culture is making money and being successful, whether it was athletics or business. When I was twenty years old, I thought by the time I would be 25, I would have the world by the balls. At 25, I thought I would have it by 30. At 30, by 35. At 40, I was the only one with my testicles in a vice grip.

What that looked like was no matter how successful I was, and no matter how many toys I bought, adventurous vacations, motorcycles, boats, and jumping out of airplanes. You name it and I’ve probably done it. I finally got to a point where I couldn’t distract myself from the underlying pain and the real issue. How it came up was that I had a chiropractic practice at the time. I didn’t feel connected to people at all. I didn’t feel connected to my patients at a personal level.

No matter how much I achieved, there was never a sense of fulfillment. No matter what you achieved, it was like, “You notch that one off. What’s next?” The way I describe it is I finally hit the wall and got to the point looking at everything that I was doing and realizing that if I continue to do at age 40 what I was doing at age 25, 30 and 35, it’s that old adage of doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different outcome. What that looked like for me and how I described it was I got to a point where I couldn’t do it anymore.

I realized everything that I was doing up until that point and how I was approaching it wasn’t working. For whatever reason, I had an intuitive sense that I wasn’t placed on this Earth to be miserable. Whether you call it the universe or God, I don’t think God put me here to be miserable. If I was miserable, it was my own doing. Inherent in that then is understanding the power that if you created, you also have the power to recreate anything and everything in your life that wasn’t working for you.

I had several realizations along with it that came. I say revelations but these are just thoughts that came to me because I’ve always been on a mission to understand why and what’s the truth about whatever it is that’s going on. It’s starting from that place of having a genuine desire to understand what’s the truth about what was going on. A couple of these realizations were number one, I was 100% accountable and responsible for everything I was experiencing in my life.

You can’t do the same thing again and again and expect a different outcome.

I was contributing to all the misery in some way. If I could figure that out and knew what that was, then I could turn it around for myself. I knew that part of the equation of being able to do that meant that I would have to step into a paradigm in my life where I was going to be 100% responsible and accountable for all my thoughts, feelings, actions and words. That had to be an integral part of the journey moving forward from that point. I made a commitment to myself that I was going to do that no matter what without reservation.

Along with that, what I ended up doing was I had a conversation with the universe. Everything I was experiencing in my life, I was contributing to the creation of it in some way. What that meant was I automatically had the power to recreate that. Based upon that willingness and desire to step up to the plate, I invited the universe. The conversation I had was, “What is it that I need to know and understand to be able to turn my life around?” It’s the very first question I asked myself. I call it, “Hit the wall.”

It was my come-to-Jesus meeting about what was and wasn’t working in my life. I asked myself, “Steve, you’ve accomplished a lot of stuff but what do you really want?” It came to me instantaneously. I didn’t even have to think about it. All I wanted to be was at peace with myself and my heart in every situation with everybody at all times. That became the directional guiding light. Everything that I was going to do was going to be trying to find out what’s the truth as it relates to me and how I was creating all the misery in my life.

How did that come about? What was that all about? What did I need to know about myself to turn that around? What are those dark sides of myself that I had to come to the realization of? What I found was moving forward with that level of intention and purity of intention, because I invited the universe to bring it on. I said, “There’s the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ll deal with it.” At that point in my life, what I ended up doing was I realized that my plan A in life from age 20 to 40 didn’t work. You’re talking to Mr. Macho, Mr. Successful, Dr. Perfect and Mr. Control Freak. That’s the persona.

The culture feeds that.

That was overcompensation for the underlying pain and the unresolved emotional business from the past. It’s amazing because if you have obsessive-compulsive behavior and it looks like alcohol or drugs, it’s not acceptable in this society, but if you’re an achievaholic, they root you on.

They root that addiction to your detriment.

From an athletic standpoint, one of the ways I was an achievaholic early on was I was a gymnast at Penn State. I was a walk-on on the gym floor. I had a very good and accomplished career as a late bloomer. What most people don’t realize about that was I was pushing myself as hard as I did to try to prove as valuable as I was to try to fill that emptiness and gap of not feeling loved and valuable. I pushed myself to the point where I ended up on crutches eighteen times. I’ve had two knee surgeries. I ruptured both Achilles once at the same time. What was that all about? I was pushing myself so hard that I broke myself. You wouldn’t necessarily think, “What’s that all about?” I know now what that drive was all about.

What was it about?

It was a self-worth issue. The reason why we’re on planet Earth is that we need to work on our shit. If we didn’t need to, we wouldn’t be here.

We don’t need a body unless we have shit to work on.

We choose our parents. The reason why our parents are on Earth is for the same reasons for themselves. The way I explain it to people is most of our parents never went to God’s school and this is how you raise kids. There’s the emotional healing thing that you were talking about. What most people don’t realize is as adults, we think we’re making decisions, guiding our life and doing things based upon making rational decisions in our conscious mind. Ninety percent of what influences your decision-making comes from the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is all the perceptions and the misperceptions that we created. Coming out of the womb, the only way we related to the world was at a feeling level. It either felt good or it didn’t feel good. If it didn’t feel good, we ended up when our beta brain starts to kick in. We’re in the alpha state initially. We were only relating to the world at a feeling level. Anybody who has kids knows this. You can take an infant and they will be screaming one minute and then laughing the next minute. They will flip back into screaming again because they don’t have any of those gray matter filters that we have accumulated over time.

AYD 31 Stephen | Healing Experience
The Optimal Life: Empowering Health, Healing &

It goes back further than that. Every cell in your body has cellular memory while you were in the womb. What most people don’t understand about where all this started was from the moment of conception, when 2 cells came together, 2 became 4, and 4 became 8 through the entire embryological development. The fetus is exposed to the energy matrix of whatever the mother is going through. That means 24/7 for that entire gestation period of nine months, there’s the anger, fear, guilt and shame. It’s the epigenetic concept. Every cell in physiological development is exposed to that energy matrix. It’s evolving within that energy matrix.

If that energy matrix looks like anger, fear, guilt and shame, that’s restrictive on a cell’s ability to reach its optimal potential. That’s every cell in your body. You even come out of the womb with that backdrop. Every cell in your body has that emotional experiential reality that ends up being cellular memory. What the research has shown is that goes back multiple generations. It isn’t even just in the current one. You come out of the womb with already a sense of whether the world feels good or not. Our parents never went to God’s school and this is how you raise children. They did their best.

Some of them didn’t do a very good job. Some of them did better than others. We all start as victims. I’m going back to a concept that you were talking about. What does being a victim mean? It means inherently, you’ve given up your power because you never realized you’ve had any power. The perceptions that you create about yourself and the world around you when you’re 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 years old are all misperceptions. You don’t have the intellectual capacity, as you and I are talking and explaining about this as adults, to understand the truth about what’s going on.

It’s all felt at the subconscious level. In a way, we’re not at conscious choice. We’re simply being imprinted constantly by the amniotic fluid, everything in it, and the emotional vibrations of the mother, which are energetic forms like radio waves passing through our developing self. We come into the world into another energetic.

To even go back, it isn’t just the mother. It’s the relationship between the mother and the father.

It’s her experience of that.

Also the energy of that. That even sets the stage for what kind of relationship you’re going to attract into your life.

Why did I keep living my parents’ marriage over and over? I’ve finally cracked the code but it took time. I watched it play out. I’m like, “Why am I trying to live my mother’s life? This is weird. I got to get some help.”

They don’t realize it.

They don’t until they do.

It’s because of the perceptions that you create about yourself and the world around you. Believe it or not, when you’re little and when you’re 5 to 12 and into your teenage years, none of it is accurate. The biggest misperception is based upon what doesn’t feel good in the world. It’s human nature. We have a tendency to take on that, “There’s something wrong with me. I don’t fit. I’m not good enough. I’m not lovable.” It’s all misperception. Now, you’re in a place where you don’t have an accurate perception of yourself. You’re now trying to create something of value. There’s a metaphysical concept that two things with different energy cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

It’s the Law of Mirroring. You’re always going to get what you’re giving. It always is a match.

This is all happening at a subconscious level. You don’t even realize that you’re creating the dynamic that’s attracting the negative stuff into your life based upon your perceptions and belief systems, the words that you say and the energy that you come from. Our parents have children. The kind of conversation we’re having now, most people never have with their kids. Our children will never hear this. They don’t understand that the child is not the problem.

You have the power to recreate anything and everything in your life that isn’t working for you.

The way people talk to their children is horrifying to me. They treat their dogs better than they treat their children. These are tiny, innocent, vulnerable and soft-skinned body beings. Parents are yelling at them, smacking them around, and feeding their brains all this toxic garbage. It’s not the parents’ fault because it got fed to them. If they don’t transform it, they just pass along the gift.

Everybody is doing the best they can, even the ones that are being horrendous and the psychopaths.

They just think that’s how it is so that’s how they roll.

It gives you insight into what their life must have been like growing up. I wouldn’t call myself a biblical scholar but the sins of the father are passed down upon the son. The metaphysical manifestation of that is the pain of the parents is passed down upon the children. The beautiful thing about being born human is that you came into the world alone and you’re going to leave the world alone. The implication there is that you have the potential to be whole. You’re all about helping people find their purpose. Your first purpose should be to heal because everything is a springboard from wherever you’re at in your life. If you’re not healed, it’s not possible to reach your optimal human potential.

You will burn out, get sick or die.

Those are all symptoms.

A friend wrote to me and said a close friend of hers but an acquaintance of mine is in the hospital in the end stages of terminal cancer that has riddled her body. I took a moment to tune into the woman’s energy because I had met her a few years ago. I wrote to my friend on Facebook Messenger and said, “Did she do any emotional clearing? Did you talk to her about the remedies that I mentioned to you because there’s no need to die of cancer?” She told me, “Baeth, I pointed out the emotional wounds to my friend and gave her the remedies. She declined.”

I’m like, “She’s either dead or she will be in a few days.” It’s the healing of what you are describing from the wound back. I’ve done a lot of ancestral clearing, past life clearing, birth trauma healing, theta healing, emotion code clearing, acupuncture, ecstatic dance and tantric. You name it, I’ve done it. For years, I’ve been healing. I feel like I’ve turned a corner and shed a lot of layers. There’s always more to learn and heal. What you’re saying is very true.

If we don’t heal profoundly, we’re putting the cart before the horse, as the saying goes. We’re going to run right into that cart. We’re the horse and we’re going to smash that cart hard. It’s going to be a terminal illness, a virulent addiction or an abusive relationship. You’re going to do a Tiger Woods and completely implode your career. It’s all of these things we see in the media with celebrities who hit the wall. Kanye West was on display having a complete mental breakdown. He’s clearly got mental issues. I pray for these people. I feel for them.

It’s time to shut your mouth, go into the cave and do some healing. Each of us must come to this choice on our own. You can’t force the horse to drink the water. I know how I could have helped her heal from her cancer but she was going to have to face things and feel things that she felt were scarier and more disturbing than death. That’s what people are up against. They think feelings will kill them. I always say, “Not feeling your feelings will kill you. You will die before your time.”

One of the things that were not in the profile was the fact that I and a group of folks ran a holistic center out in Missouri. We had a 900-acre ranch in the Southwest corner of Missouri that was a healing center. It was run by a community of folks that understood what healing was all about. It’s the kind of healing we’re talking about here. In contrast to a spa or a retreat, this was a bootcamp of, “Let’s turn your life around.” The father head figure in this was a gentleman by the name of Dr. Stephen Szára. He was a prominent psychiatrist. He has since passed. He had practices in Boston and New York.

He left the healthcare delivery system and psychiatry because he saw the fallacy of how we were treating the underlying emotional issues as mental diseases and mental problems and using drugs. He had an intimate understanding of the human condition. There were two reasons that people came to our center. We did no advertising but they came to the center because the number one reason was relationships were falling apart, whether it was with your parents, brothers, sisters, wife or kids. People would end up on our doorsteps when their lives and relationships were falling apart and they had health issues. What a coincidence. Like Humpty Dumpty, we helped put them back together again.

I say that all the time. I’m Humpty Dumpty and I patch myself back together again. That’s the best we can do. We can stitch ourselves up.

AYD 31 Stephen | Healing Experience
Healing Experience: The reason why you’re on planet earth is because you need to work on your shit. If you didn’t need to, you wouldn’t be here.


Here’s what was interesting. We had a lot of people that would come to us for those reasons. We did a lot of physical detoxes, lifestyle change and intervention stuff. There were plant-based diets. It’s 90% raw, three juices a day and colonic. We cleaned out every orifice.

Get the shit and all the toxin out.

Every day we had groups. The group was an opportunity for people to share about stuff, and for the wiser and more loving and nurturing seniors in the group to be able to give their input to help people connect the dots in their life. Here’s what we found. People would come in and everybody was on the same nutritional regimen. No matter what your health problem was, you got positive results to a certain point and then you hit a plateau. This was a very common denominator.

If you were willing to entertain that there was another dimension of your life or the emotional stuff that needed to be identified and addressed if you were open to allowing us to help you connect the dots and guide the process for yourself, whatever the implementations look like, and that you needed to do for yourself to bring closure to that stuff from the past, and you were willing to go there, have the courage and the desire, and started to go there, you would find that you would continue to make progress.

When you hit the plateau, we suggest, “There’s a whole another thing to look at.” You go, “I’m good. I did this.” They wouldn’t improve. They would run off to the Oklahoma Indian sweat lodges, and then they go to this resort and this retreat. Every disease process has its origin, not just a connection, and unresolved emotional pain in a person’s life. The stuff that we’re talking about at a very practical level is what I’m about when I say I help people connect the dots.

People ask me, “What’s your purpose?” My first purpose was to do whatever the healing journey looked like that I needed to do. I didn’t have a plan. Going back to when I said I hit the wall at age 40 and I didn’t have a plan, I realized, “I can’t do plan A anymore.” My plan B was, “I can’t do plan A anymore.” I cut myself loose from everything. I sold my practice and my home. I disengaged from the most painful relationship with a woman that I had. Everyone got worse. None of them got better.

They will get worse pain-wise until you face the music.

That’s because nobody ever stays constant going through life. If you’re working on yourself, you will go up. If you’re not working on yourself, you don’t stay here. You continue to go down. Realizing I couldn’t do plan A anymore, I cut myself loose. I took the road less traveled and disengaged from everything to free myself up purely from the standpoint of being able to invite the universe to bring it on. I was fortunate because I was single at the time.

I wasn’t raising any children. The money didn’t mean anything anymore. It was inviting the universe to bring it on and then disengaging or separating myself from all the caca I had created under the old paradigm. It allowed me to be in an open space for whatever needed to come in to help me and the gray matter between my ears redirect my life and start addressing issues, which started with healing with family, mom and dad.

If someone comes to you, how do you work with someone? Do you work one-to-one or in a group? Do you do a combination? Do you even work with private clients anymore? How does that work in your life now?

The reason why we’re on this interview is I’m launching my second book through the Itty Bitty process. It’s shameless self-promotion.

It’s The Optimal Life. Go get a copy. We love Suzy Prudden. Shout-out to Suzy Prudden and Itty Bitty Publishing. If any of you need to get started and you want to write a short book that packs a wallop, talk to Itty Bitty Publishing.

What that looks like for me was I played clinical doctor for a bunch of years. I have a freestyle lifestyle and I found the clinic environment very confining. It didn’t match. I’m a half-outdoor dog, half-hotdog.

You’re always going to get what you’re giving.

What does that mean?

For the outdoor dog, I’m an adventurous guy.

What’s the hotdog?

The hotdog is I like to be up on stage preaching the gospel of wellness.

It’s a dog and pony show. There’s an extrovert in the house.

How the book came about was when I was still playing doctor, I started doing a lot of teaching. Going back to the purpose thing, the first purpose was to heal myself. I found my purpose wasn’t in any specific job or form of what anything looked like. The next step up from that is, “What’s the natural expression of your essence?” That can look like many things. What I found was that we all have multiple gifts and multiple dimensions of our essence.

If we can do something that’s in alignment with the natural expression of our essence, then we get natural fulfillment. Simultaneously, without realizing it based upon the Law of Abundance, we have the ability to create abundance in our lives because we’re in alignment. You can do it effortlessly. I haven’t played clinical doctor for a long period of time, but the universe keeps on throwing people in my direction. I run a couple of other companies that I’m a cofounder of.

They have nothing to do with health and fitness, but the universe wants me to get out there and do my thing. I’m in the process of doing a relaunch. That’s why the book. I started doing blogs. My sweet spot is live speaking gigs and seminars. You read the book. The book became a continuing ed program in the state of California for doctors, meaning it was the only wellness offering that was a continuing ed program, even for alternative medicine doctors.

That’s crazy that there was only one. That says a lot.

I’ve always been ahead of the curve. I have a non-conventional lifestyle. Be present. The goal with this ongoing healing thing is, “Every day, can I show up as a higher version of myself than the day before?” It’s my intention when I get up first thing in the morning. Everybody can do this, “What do I want to be? How do I want to show up in life? I want to be as loving, kind, considerate, thoughtful and generous as I can possibly be with everybody at all times.”

That’s always my prayer too in the morning.

Part of my healing process is I did a very deep dive to my entire life going all the way back to the beginning as far as I could. I looked at what happened in my life. Why did that happen? What were the metaphysical principles behind that? What was the pain that was associated and tied with that? What was the outcome? What were the ramifications and consequences of me doing this or that? I also looked at what were all the positive things that happened along the way.

I noticed something interesting. The home runs that I’ve hit in my life, whether it has been financial or business, we’re all tied to me showing up in somebody’s life and being a blessing in some way. That wasn’t necessarily tied to the abundance I pulled into my life 10, 15 or 20 years later. I could tie it back to a situation that I gave without an expectation of anything in return.

AYD 31 Stephen | Healing Experience
Healing Experience: Every cell in physiological development is exposed to and is evolving within that energy matrix. And if that energy matrix looks like anger, fear, guilt, and shame, that’s very restrictive to the cell’s ability to reach this optimal potential.


It’s the reason why I threw the gentleman that lost 100 pounds. It’s the same thing. This was one friend helping another. The story behind that gentleman was we were working together. I have a very eclectic career. I started in public accounting. What I learned working with a big CPA firm was I hated it even though I have a good head for it. Just because you can do it doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy it or you like it.

It’s the Gay Hendricks’ concept of just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just because you have excellence in an area doesn’t mean that you’re a genius. Find your genius and then stick with your genius.

It was torture for me. Along the way, one of the things I did back in 1979 and the early ’80s was I was a commodity broker. I sold gold and silver. The gentleman that I helped lose all the weight, his name was John. At the time, John weighed 365 pounds. I was 24 or 25 years old back there. John was in his early 30s. We were working in an environment where guys are making a lot of money. Over lunch, they were going to the restaurants, snorting coke and drinking in their lunch. I was going to the gym, working out and eating my chicken sandwich.

Was this the late ’70s and early ’80s?

Yeah. John noticed that my lifestyle was entirely different from everybody else’s. He had helped me from a professional development standpoint, just giving freely. At a certain point, John was diagnosed with a terminal condition. The weight and the meds he was on have created a fluid sac around his heart. Your heart sits in a sac called the pericardium. His pericardium was 70% full of fluid. As one friend helped another, he cornered me one day and went, “I went through an extensive set of testing batteries. Can you help me lose weight?”

Back then, I said, “John, I’m no doctor but I understand the basics because I come from an athletic background.” I was working with John over the course of the year. It’s one friend helping another every day and we did it. We didn’t advertise and broadcast. He ended up losing that weight. That was the transition. I remember about a year into it, he goes, “I couldn’t get this attention anywhere else here in Newport Beach. You have to have a company here if you want it.”

I left the financial markets and opened up Personalized Health and Fitness Inc., which was the first executive fitness coaching company in Southern California. I did that for about a year and got bored. I was casually talking to John and I said, “I’m not a babysitter type. I’m too much Rambo. Babysitting doesn’t cut it for me. I would be a whole lot better off as a doctor.” He goes, “That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard you say.” At the ripe age of 30, I researched around. Chiropractic at the time was the only thing that already fit my holistic alternative medicine mentality.

Having been an athlete and having accomplished what I accomplished, I had an intimate understanding of the human body. That’s why I’m in coaching. Apparently, I was good at it. I was like an ace mechanic. Prior to going to chiropractic school, I could take apart a car and put it all back together even though I didn’t know the names of any of the bolts or parts. What chiropractic did was give me the science background that I needed for the depth to be able to take my ability to help people in that capacity to the next level. I practiced from age 35 to 40. At 40, when I hit the wall, I sold the practice.

It has had different iterations moving forward over time. Wellness is my passion. When I say wellness, I’m talking about spiritual, emotional, psychological, as well as physical wellness. It even evolved. What started as athletic and human performance, then got into the healthcare and wellness space. What naturally evolved into the next step up is in the human potential space. To bring this all around full circle, even after I sold my chiropractic practice and did my concierge wellness practice and a bunch of other things, wellness has been relegated to my lifetime passion. I do it because I enjoy it.

There have been times when I’ve made money out of it and there are times where I haven’t, but it doesn’t change the fact that it brings me fulfillment. The abundance comes into my life through these other venues with a business background. I did twenty years of management consulting. It was funny because organizations didn’t want to pay me much money to help make their employees healthy. It’s more profitable but they pay me a lot of money to help them make more sales. The abundance can come in many ways when you’re showing up the way you’re supposed to show up and doing what you’re supposed to do.

The money takes care of itself. What is your new book about if you’re willing to share? I don’t want to push it if you want to keep it under wraps until it comes out.

We have a working title. Suzy and I are working together on this one with a working title. What I do is help people connect the dots. One of the feedback I got from The Optimal Life book is, “This is like the Bible.” It has 365 pages.

I am going to read it. I haven’t read it before the interview. I can’t wait to read it. I’m a good reader.

The secret to abundance is finding ways you can be a blessing in other people’s lives.

I never put it on Amazon but you can buy it used on Amazon. There are two reviews on there. I couldn’t have two more stellar reviews. This is how I know I was on track. The universe will let you know. At the beginning of the book, The Optimal Life, there’s a section there that says, “Praise for The Optimal Life.” It’s three pages of testimonials. These are testimonials of doctors that took my continuing ed program. These were 8 to 12-hour stand-up days. It was brutal. I knew I was on track when every testimonial in there was unsolicited.

Those are the best kind when someone can’t help themselves but let you know the impact that you’ve made.

It gives me fulfillment. I’m on track. It helps other people. The secret to abundance for me is finding ways where I can be a blessing in other people’s lives. A blessing could be as much as smiling at somebody walking down the street. It’s not about business. It has nothing to do with business. I don’t worry about the economics of everything because I keep on getting invited into things. It’s such a nice place to be compared to prior to being 40.

There’s all that pushing the boulder up the hill and having it roll back over you. Should we look at your Design as we go into the home stretch of our talk?

Yeah. That would be fun.

You are delightful. Your life experience is so rich and your wisdom is so profound. This is so enjoyable to connect with you.

Thank you for your kind words.

I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t. I don’t shine people on. Let’s see and get your chart. This is so exciting because you’re so on purpose. You’re 1/4 Generator and Sacral. I had a feeling you were Sacral. Happy belated birthday, Aquarius. Of course, you’re an Aquarian. It couldn’t be anything but an Aquarian. The Aquarians came from the other dimension to bring us new consciousness. I have a lot of Aquarians in my life. The thing about the Aquarius energy is it’s your Sun sign 19. What I want to talk with you about is the Right Angle Cross of the Four Ways, which is your life purpose.

It’s why you’re incarnated and you have so fully embodied it. You’re simply being it. To me, the goal of life is a non-goal. It’s constantly becoming more and more in the cells of the body the destiny that your soul chose, where you just live and breathe and are that wherever you go. Wherever you go, you’re spreading love, kindness and healing. That is your Design. Let’s start with your Personality Sun. The strongest part of everyone’s chart and in our life is the Personality Sun. I call it the Boob or the Donut, whatever you want to call it. This represents the Sun. You’re in Gate 19, Line 1.

Gate 19 is very special. Gate 19 does what you described you did with your friend John back in the trading days. Gate 19 sees the profound suffering and needs of the other. It could be one individual, a group of people, a tribe of people, a certain demographic of people, an entire country or the world. Gate 19 sees the individual, tribal and collective levels, which is what I’m referencing. It’s the three levels of our human interaction. The mutation happens on the individual level.

What you did with John is that individual mutation where he reclaimed his health and therefore his power over his life so that he didn’t die of heart failure, diabetes or whatever else he was going to die of had you not interfaced with him. That individual mutation is what informs the tribe and the collective. Gate 19 sees profound suffering and need. It’s very gentle energy. It’s called the Approach in I Ching. The idea of the Approach with Gate 19 is how you approach anything is how the outcome will be. If you enter in with aggression, it’s going to turn to aggression most likely.

You could maybe stop it but it’s going to create a problem. If you enter into something critically, you’re going to get criticism back. If you enter into something without preparing, you are going to get spotty results. It’s all about the Approach. Gate 19 experiences something that Richard Rudd, who is a Human Design expert, calls synesthesia. Synesthesia is when senses flip around and do different things. For example, you can taste color and smell a sound. The sound has a thought form, color and so on. Gate 19 is where this lives. It’s an energy that comes up from Mother Earth.

Some of the energy that comes into us comes from the solar system, infinity or outer space, in other words. It comes in through the crown. The energy that comes up from the root is down here. It’s interesting because Gate 19 is also very attuned to food, sex, sleep, rest, downtime and tranquility. When those needs are met, it keeps us healthy. It’s right at the bottom of the Design. This is your root chakra, which essentially represents your tailbone down to the tips of your toes. It’s the lower part of the body, right below the pelvis.

AYD 31 Stephen | Healing Experience
Healing Experience: How you approach anything is how the outcome will be. If you enter in with aggression, it’s going to turn to aggression. If you enter into something critically, you’re going to get criticism back. If you enter into something without preparing, you are going to get spotty results.


There is the pelvis, the cradle, and the root. The sex organs are here. For a man, it’s the gonads. For a woman, it’s the ovaries and the uterus. That root is pulling up the mineralization energy frequencies of the Earth. It’s being fed into you. Gate 19 is where there’s attunement to what is needed. It’s also therefore known because you have the synesthesia capability to read energy at such a profound level. It’s the Shaman. You’re a Shaman. Your Sun is 70% of what people respond to in you. It’s the Personality Sun or that Aquarian Sun position. The Age of Aquarius is in the fifth dimension.

The fifth dimension is sound. It’s through our voice that we manifest. We’re being able to do that more rapidly. It’s through the acoustics that we transform. Individual mutation happens through sound primarily. It’s letting out our sounds, wails, screams, cries, laughter, and moving the emotion or energy in motion through sound. The sound frequency activates. You’re a shaman. What’s the purpose of a shaman? From all my studies of shamanism and I’ve worked with shamans all over the world, talk about sweat lodges and Ayahuasca. You name it. I’ve done it.

I haven’t done all the medicines but I’ve done most of them. There are some on my list I want to try and see what comes through. To me, shamanism is the actualization of bliss in human form. It’s moving through life in a state of joy, appreciation, gratitude, love, prosperity, generosity and everything you mentioned at the beginning. That can only happen when the individual has their needs met. You interface with people to show them where their needs aren’t being met, and where they’re out of alignment with their true divine soul’s purpose. How does that land for you?

You’re spot on some of the things that you’ve talked about. Once I could see the truth about myself at a very deep and intimate level and understand all the dimensions of how I had expressed myself, where that came from and what that was about, I could see the truth about everything that was going on around me. I’ve done a lot of stuff in Corporate America as well as playing doctor. Having been in both those kinds of environments was very beneficial to my growth and my higher level of understanding.

When you’re playing doctor, you’re working with people behind closed doors and they’re all struggling. It’s all stress. There’s always an emotional component. Can you show up and reflect back to them that they’re more loving than their perception of themselves at that moment? Sometimes that’s all the healing is. In the corporate side of things, the management consulting I had done was in two areas. It was going in and doing turnarounds or building sales organizations for companies.

I want to show you where that is in your chart. It’s Gate 44, Gate 32-54 and Gate 50. I’ll explain why it’s in your Design. It’s all correct.

At a very fundamental level, it’s about how you relate to other people. It’s all communication and how you relate. Are you 100% available in the present moment to experience the truth about what’s going on so that you know what to do and you don’t need a script or a strategy? I also taught emotional intelligence at leadership training. It’s all the same stuff at a fundamental level. No matter what environments I was in business, inadvertently I would get pulled into technically what we would call a conflict resolution when there were problems with people because of my life path.

It’s so wonderful to have your life story and then have the circuit board. I also can see where you traumatized yourself.

One of the gifts I have that has evolved as a natural concept of my life’s work on myself was no matter what environment I’m in with people, what comes to me is a snapshot of what’s going on with that person at a deep level. It isn’t like I’m looking for it. It’s like when you take a picture, it’s just there.

It’s all on your Design. I want to leave you with a few things. You have an open-wheel center. There are no gates defined. The physical heart represents our will to what we commit to. When it’s open like this, the shadow of it, which you’ve transcended, is trying to prove yourself. I have a defined will and I am fucking competitive. I was a competitive athlete. I almost never injured myself because I didn’t have anything to prove. I was trying to beat my last time.

It was never about the other person. That’s what will is about. It’s not about beating the other team or the other swimmers. I was a swimmer, rower, track athlete and dancer. I did a lot of things. I played soccer, which I was terrible at. Some of the sports I was awful at. Nevertheless, I love to compete because it was always me against myself. That’s what a defined will is for. When the will is undefined and you’re as energetic and athletic as you are, when you’re younger, it’s like, “I got to prove myself. I got to be the man. I got to win and win some more.” It takes a huge toll.

Thank God you figured it out. After snapping both Achilles’ heels at the same time was like, “Maybe my drive is an Achilles’ heel. Maybe Achilles is trying to give me a message.” At any rate, that’s part of it. Here’s the other irony. You have channels 54-32. What’s wild about this channel is it’s ambition. It is such an incredible money channel. Gate 54 is this fuel from the Earth in the root. Anything in the root is fuel. These are nine gates of fuel from Mother Earth. You got healing fuel.

Gate 41, which we won’t get into, is the start code in our DNA. It’s the recognition and the desire for a new experience. What drives you through life is, “I want to have a new experience and see what happens.” You don’t have an agenda. You’re not particularly attached to the outcome. Some people have the outcome in their chart and that’s fine. Yours is like, “Let’s go with the flow.” You’re Sacral. You go with the flow, yes or no. You’re very instinctive. As long as you trust your sex organs and the sound that comes out of your mouth, you’re good.

Leave a legacy where the future’s better than what it was in the past.

Gate 54 is fuel for ambition but Gate 32 is, “What do we keep? What do we get rid of?” It’s about legacy, continuity and duration from the I Ching 3,000 years ago. I Ching was a cosmic download. It probably came to the guy when he was meditating. He wrote it down like Human Design and many things. They came from outer space. Gate 54 is this fuel to improve and help the tribe. It is tribal energy. It’s in the entrepreneurial or ego circuit. It’s part of tribal prosperity.

The money you make isn’t just for you. It’s also for the tribe. It’s to leave a legacy where the future is better than what it was in the past. You decide all the time, “Should this continue or end? Is this a worthwhile thing to do? Do we need to put it to bed, bury it in the ground and burn it up? Where are we going?” You have the whole channel. You’re driven to produce this prosperity that benefits the tribe. You get to keep some for yourself. You pay yourself but it benefits the tribe. There’s that.

Gate 50 is the cosmic cop. Gate 50 is about values. When someone has Gate 50, they’re either a warlord or a peace lord. You get to choose which one you want to be. You can choose peace or malefic and violent destruction to control. Everything in Human Design has the depths of hell and the angels of heaven contained within it. It’s the binary or the oppositions. You chose to be a peace cop and not a warlord. Thank you.

Gate 44 is the sense of smell. It’s sniffing out the right people for the team. This is where organizational consulting comes in. It’s an instinct for the right people and getting rid of the wrong people. You also have the 13-33 channel, which is a massive leadership channel. That’s all about helping people find the right job, purpose and place in the world. Gate 33 is historical. You’re a wonderful historian of life. You see the progression.

You’re able to communicate a timeline to people like you did at the beginning of our interview, “This is where we came from. This is what happens. If you don’t heal it, here’s where you will go. If you heal it, here’s what’s possible. It’s your choice.” Gate 33 does that. It lays it out. It’s nonjudgmental. It’s historical. Gate 13 listens. It’s the listener. Gate 7 is the leader who directs people towards self-love. You can see how everything is right there. I’ll leave you with this thought. The 57-34 channel is pure intuitive power. It’s instinct. There’s no thought associated with it.

That’s where the cosmic healing comes in along with Gate 19. You got the Shaman-Healer Gate in your Aquarian Sun. For 57-34, Gate 57 is the gate of intuition. Intuition lives in the spleen. The spleen is the home of immunity. It’s where T cells get activated. People tell me they’re having their spleen out. People are having all their organs out. They get their gallbladder. I’m like, “What are you doing? Let’s start with a cleanse before you remove an organ because there was a gallstone. Get a grip.”

Most of my friends have their organs out and they still have the problem. Removing the organ won’t heal the problem because it’s emotional. You and I know that. You can’t keep removing all your body parts to heal. You will be dead. There’s a limit to how much you can remove from the body before there’s no body left. For 57-34, Gate 57 is the impulse of intuition. It’s like a pulse. Gate 34 is pure power. It’s not sexual either. This is not a sexual power even though all the other gates on the Sacral are sexual energy.

Gate 34 is the pure power to create. Intuition meets creation. You immediately know like a medical intuitive what’s going on. You know it in your whole body like, “This guy has cancer. This woman is having a psychotic break and it’s because of her childhood.” You see it, feel it and know it. Everything you’re doing is correct. You have transcended the shadows of trying to prove yourself. It’s not a good idea. You never want to compete with people like me with a defined will.

It creates interesting dynamics in our weird gender role society where women are like this and men are like this. There’s so much bullshit. A guy that doesn’t have a defined will with me, I tell him, “I don’t know if you want to play board games with me if you have a fragile ego, which you don’t. I will beat your ass and I will not ever play to let you win because I’m trying to beat my last best Scrabble game or swim time. You name it.” It’s never a good idea for you to compete with anyone.

You’re not built that way. You’re not here to compete. You’re here to help others heal. You’re so embodied. You’re living your Design. Ultimately, I want to leave one more thing. Both your Plutos are in Gate 4, which is up here off the soul crystal or the pineal gland. Gate 4 is about taking risks. Do you know the Fool card in the tarot where the Fool is walking with his dog and he’s about to walk right off the cliff? Have you ever seen that image?


You would love a tarot deck. Get the Rider-Waite classic tarot deck and have a look at those images. The tarot deck tells you the whole story of life. If you translate it, it’s a whole prescription of how to live correctly. Everything is energy. The tarot deck shows you how to manage energy. Gate 4 is the Fool Gate. In the I Ching, it’s about risk-taking. It’s called folly. The high vibration of folly is forgiveness because when you take risks, you’re going to make mistakes. When you take risks, you’re going to win some and lose some. When you take risks, you’re going to mutate and expand.

It’s all for the collective but it’s experiential. It’s not logical. You can’t explain it. You take the risk, chips fall where they may and then you get the insight. Ultimately, the bottom line here is Pluto, which represents our deepest truth. Pluto is making the rounds in the sky. We’re being impacted by Pluto in a very strong way. In essence, what your chart says is that your deepest truth is forgiveness.

AYD 31 Stephen | Healing Experience
Healing Experience: It’s all about communication and how you relate to people. You have to be a hundred percent available in the present moment to experience the truth about what’s going on so that you know what to do.


In forgiving yourself, you teach others how to forgive themselves, have compassion and recognize that we don’t make mistakes. We just are constantly presented with new opportunities to choose differently. If we get the lesson from a mistake, we evolve up. If we refuse to get the lesson and especially refuse to forgive ourselves for what we perceive we did wrong, we go down. You are so aligned with your Design. It’s off the hook. It is such a privilege to meet a King who understands that it’s about the Cups and not the Pentacles. Money is important. It’s a tool.

It’s practical this day and age but that’s not where the essence lies.

The Cups or the Love, using the tarot analogy, trumps everything. The Love is the umbrella. The Love is the frequency starting with self-love and then it ripples out. To me, you embody the Emperor. He’s all the things. He’s love, wisdom, prosperity and creativity.

I should talk to you every day.

You ought to. You can always listen to this replay when you need a little pep talk to remember how magnificent you are. I came up with a title for this episode. I’m going to call it, “Meet a Real King.”

Let me share one thing with you. For my healing journey, I had already cut loose of everything when I said I had hit the wall. I ended up out in Missouri at the holistic center and going out there because my sister was one of the cofounders. I didn’t go out there to heal. I went out there to find out what my sister was up to. What they were about resonated with me. Because I had cut loose of everything else, I ended up out there several months at a time, and then I went back there for a year. I was a clinical staff there and did other things. This was all pro bono. It’s a nonprofit organization.

This gives you an idea. When I ran my chiropractic practice from 35 to 40, on my 40th birthday, my staff got me a birthday present. The birthday present they got me was a life-size statue of a Doberman. My nickname was Doby Doc. People who knew me before or after go, “What book did you read?” My experience out there, and the timing was right, was the paradigm shift in my life if I had to nail it down and my ability to look at everything differently. Dr. Szára, who was the father head figure, embodied the loving father. The difference is having experienced unconditional love, I now know the difference between what love is and what love is not.

Love pours out of you. I feel like I’ve been bathed in love. I don’t want this to end. Thank you so much, Dr. Bizal. Will you come back? Can we have you back on?

Count me in.

Will you let me know when the book is coming out so I can share it with my community? In the meantime, get a copy of The Optimal Life and get rolling on that emotional healing. Are there any final words for our audience?

The only reason you’re stuck is somewhere along the lines, you gave up your power because you don’t even realize you have power but you do have power. It’s your journey to figure it out.

Thank you, dear Emperor. Thank you so much for tuning in. This has been another episode. I’ll see you soon. Thank you again, Dr. Bizal.

Thank you, Baeth. It has been a pleasure.


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