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The only way to share your gift with the world is if you feel safe in your womanhood. Baeth Davis sits with Dr. Valerie Rein, a psychologist and women’s health expert who discovered Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD). There’s nothing wrong with you, and you’re not broken. However, research in Epigenetics shows that traumatic experiences can be transmitted genetically. Trauma keeps the nervous system in a state of hypervigilance causing autoimmune conditions. So, healing intergenerational trauma of oppression is a surefire way to help you have ultimate happiness and fulfillment. Join the conversation to discover how Dr. Valerie helps women feel safe and in love with their bodies. Tune in!

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Dr. Valerie Rein, Generator 4/1: Patriarchy Stress Disorder

This is the show where I invite people who I feel are living their design. We find out about their magnificent work in the world and how you can benefit and transform through this work that these wonderful individuals provide. Towards the end of our interview, we take a look at their human design chart.

We usually cover 1 or 2 aspects in the chart so you can have a sense of comparing a chart, which is simply a map to the actual person that you get to see or listen to or both. We appreciate it if you like it, share it, and subscribe on iTunes and anywhere else you find Align To Your Design. We appreciate you getting the message out.

This show I am so excited about because I am a nerd. I am a 5/1 Profile in human design, which is the Heretic Investigator. You can always count on me for heresy, and I love to learn. I am always reading, researching, and writing. Ask anyone that knows me. That is what I spend the bulk of my time doing. If I am not doing a video, meeting with all of you, or coaching my clients, I am doing my investigating. What we are going to talk about is the concept of Patriarchy Stress Disorder. I have been coming into a relationship with my own stress around this.

There is a great healer. He has passed on now. He calls it tripod rage, being mad at beings who have three legs. I thought to myself, “I do not have tripod rage, AKA Patriarchy Stress Disorder, but yes, indeed I do, and I want to heal it.” I do believe that our guest is part of a profound movement sweeping the globe that is going to help women and men heal because patriarchy does not just hurt women. It hurts everyone. In fact, it is destroying life on this planet as we know it. There is an emergency afoot. There is a real need for us to get to the bottom of this. I am going to share about our guest and bring her to our show.

Our guest is Dr. Valerie Rein. She is a Psychologist and women’s mental health expert who discovered Patriarchy Stress Disorder, PSD for short. She has created the only science-backed system for helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfillment by healing the intergenerational trauma of oppression. She holds an EdM in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University and a PhD in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

Her number one Amazon bestselling book is Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment. It has been heralded by reviewers as the most important body of literary work of our modern times, “It is perhaps the most important book of the century for women.” Dr. Valerie’s cutting-edge programs have helped thousands of women shift from “How much can I bear?” to “How good can it get?” It is from survival to thriving in their work and personal lives. With that, let us welcome Dr. Valerie to the show. I am so happy to have you on the show.

It is so good to be here. I knew I could count on you for heresy, Baeth. It is one of the reasons why we click so well. The heresy is disrupting the status quo.

First of all, what is Patriarchy Stress Disorder? How did you discover it? I am so interested.

I consider that women have been oppressed for thousands of years. Women’s bodies did not belong to us. We could not make our own money. Women did not own property. Women did not even have parental rights as far as their own children were concerned. Women could not marry for love. They could not love who they loved and get a divorce. It is all that stuff and prohibition. Women could not express themselves freely. It is not their opinions, sexuality, and genius in the world. All of that has been deeply traumatic.

What we have now in this day and age is the situation where our biology has not caught up to our opportunity because our nervous system interprets our opportunity to be visible, successful, wealthy, and be in deeply satisfying intimate relationships to fully express ourselves authentically. Our subconscious interprets all those things as unsafe based on this intergenerational trauma. Subconsciously, we may be making choices and decisions that are driving the bus away from what we deeply authentically desire because that is not safe, although we consciously want that.

Trauma keeps the nervous system in a state of hypervigilance causing autoimmune conditions.

It has become my mission to, first of all, understand how it plays out in my system so that my conscious decisions can align with where my subconscious is driving the bus. It changed everything in how I work with high-achieving women in the way that this burden could be lifted. It’s the burden of, “What is wrong with me?” Women have been carrying it for so long. We are trying to fix ourselves through personal development, self-help, therapy, and all good things that help and support us.

If, at the end of the day, we are not fully aligned with our deepest authentic desires and living and fully enjoying that experience, maybe there is something else at play, and that something else has nothing to do with us. We are not broken and we do not need fixing, but there is something that we carry with this intergenerational trauma that we need to uncover and heal.

What would you say are symptoms that someone is suffering from Patriarchy Stress Disorder? How does one know that is what is going on?

Let me paint you a picture of some of the symptoms that I had at the moment that led to me discovering it. I had checked all the boxes of a good life that I worked so hard for. I have two graduate degrees in Psychology. I had a family and home I loved. I loved my work. I had a thriving private practice in New York. One day, I was on the phone with a client when I noticed I was smiling only on the right side of my face. The left side of my face hung in there as in my left arm.

I finished the call and drove myself to the emergency room using my right arm. After scanning me up and down for many hours, they gave me the diagnosis of stress, which was completely relieving and puzzling for me because I did not feel stressed. I felt exactly the way I had felt my entire life. My inquiry became, “I had the level of stress in my system that shut down the left side of my body. Thankfully, temporarily. I wasn’t even aware that I was stressed. That level of stress was normal.”

I got curious about what was creating that stress because from the outside, looking in my life was good. If you had asked me, “Valerie, are you happy?” I would have said, “Yes, Baeth. I’m super happy. I have everything I ever wanted.” I would not be lying. That is what I was aware of, but they are lying on that hospital gurney. In that hospital gown, I finally had time to think and feel. What I felt was very uncomfortable because underneath all the accomplishments and checking off all the boxes, I was not feeling happy and fulfilled. I felt like something was wrong with me.

There was that dissatisfaction and not feeling okay. That was a despairing moment because, by that point, I had tried everything I could get my hands on to fix myself. It is years of therapy. I got into yoga and got certified as a yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher also. It is heaps of self-help books, seminars, personal development galore, and yet I was not feeling happy, fulfilled, and comfortable in my own skin, which was despairing.

Thankfully, at that moment, I had my own clients to look up to because they were shifting out of that disconnection and into the fullness of their lives. I was doing something with them that I was not doing for me. When I looked at what that was, it turned out with all of my clients that I was using mind-body trauma healing tools. Even though they had “normal childhoods and lives,” they would not have identified themselves as having had trauma. However, they all had this number one symptom of any kind of trauma, which is disconnection from parts of their bodies, authentic desires, and their expression.

My disconnection had to get so loud for me to even notice and consider. Maybe I do have trauma, and then the question became, “What kind of trauma could we be carrying without even realizing that?” That is when research in the field of epigenetics was popping up, showing that traumatic experiences are genetically transmitted, and that is when the dots connected you. We are born with this trauma living in our systems. There is this particular study that shows exactly how that happens.

In this study, researchers introduced mice to the smell of cherry blossoms. Simultaneously, they zapped the mice’s feet with mild electric shocks, and then they bred these mice. Their children and grandchildren, whenever exposed to electric shocks the very first time and then ongoingly, they have got exposed to the smell of cherry blossoms. They showed a strong fear and anxiety reaction and it is pretty chilling. They looked at the centers in the mice’s brains. They had more centers to perceive the smell of cherry blossoms specifically.

AYD 28 Dr. Valerie Rein | Share Your Gift
Share Your Gift: We’re not broken, but we need to heal and uncover the intergenerational trauma.

Epigenetic changes happened very quickly, and then they were passed down because of survival. Think about the epigenetic changes that happened for women over thousands of years of patriarchy, “Do not be visible. You will be killed and burned at stake. Do not show your wisdom and knowledge. You will be persecuted, drowned, dead, and punished. No one would marry you.” All these prohibitions around money, self-expression, and everything created deep epigenetic changes.

Talking about the symptoms of how PSD shows up, it shows up through these trauma adaptations. It is the things that develop throughout the trauma being transmitted from generation to generation that is supposed to keep us safe. I refer to PSD as the invisible in prison. I call these adaptation prison guards. They show up in the mind, body, and actions. In mind, they may show up as the inner critic, and the Imposter syndrome, “Who would want to listen to what you have to say? Do not be too big for your britches,” or mental fog and self-doubt, “I do not know what to do.”

We do know what to do, but these prison guards create a lot of sometimes confusion and distraction, “I need to submit that important proposal, but first let me do social media research for five hours,” and the opportunity slips through our fingers. That is the mind. In the body, it is anything from getting a sore throat before your speaking opportunity to anything that has to do with inflammation. Any stress-related health expression, if not created, is then exacerbated by unprocessed trauma because trauma keeps our nervous system constantly in a state of hypervigilance and stress.

It is a real epidemic of autoimmune conditions that affect women disproportionately to men and particularly women of color. It gives us a pause, “What else is going on?” Women of color are dealing with the intergenerational trauma of oppression through patriarchy and racism. It is a big load. Anxiety and depression all start as trauma adaptations. Anxiety keeps our mind hypervigilant and creates safety through that hypervigilance, “If only I track everything that can go wrong, nothing will go wrong.”

That is the narrative of anxiety. It is survival of the anxious, but if trauma keeps running the system, anxiety keeps on running in our system. Depression starts out as that freeze response and last resort, “Let me play dead because I’m so overwhelmed or unsafe.” If it is not addressed, it can become a chronic condition. A lot of addictive behaviors, what we call self-sabotage, are created to either help us numb or cope but help us stay safe. They hold us back. All prison guards know how to keep us safe but at the expense of keeping us invisible and in prison.

What happens when we begin to work with these things? First of all, we unlock so much ease because there is so much resistance from prison guards. Anything that we want to do is second-guessing. They are health expressions, distractions, and addictive behaviors. I talked to high-achieving women about how prison guards show up for them and how much capacity they take up time, energy, and money. The average answer is 90% when they think about it. That is a lot of time and energy.

I would say that is true. If I even look at my past, a lot of it is trying to establish safety and figure out the right timing and way to do things without being attacked by trolls. The list goes on.

It is so exhausting. We have so much genius to share with the world. Unfortunately, because it does not feel safe in our nervous system subconsciously, we know from neuroscience now that our decisions and actions are decided in our subconscious. Consciously, we may know exactly what to do and what we have to offer, but then the subconscious creates this noise and waste of time, energy, and money.

It is painful, and that is why I am so driven on this mission to help women understand. A) There is nothing wrong with you, and what you have been trying to fix in yourself has nothing to do with you. There is that trauma in our systems. B) It is absolutely something that we can heal. In working with this trauma, we work with the nervous system, helping it rewire. We help reprogram the subconscious to perceive success, opportunity, visibility, wealth, and intimacy as safe. It takes some time. In our experience, it also takes a community being on this path with you because it enhances our capacity and safety, and then amazing things become possible.

Can you share with us a story of a client who is a high-achieving woman and identified with your help Patriarchy Stress Disorder? What kind of healing process did she go through? What happened to her on the other side of it? What changed?

Align yourself in the flow of the present moment.

There are so many stories, and there is one that I am thinking of now. This woman came to us. Her name is Erin. She shared with us a public testimonial so I could use her real name. She joined this healing journey with us when she and I had a call when she was at the airport, moving herself and her kids to a different country to get away from her toxic husband. She was in the process of divorce. Her husband was a narcissist. They have been together since she was a teenager and it took such a toll on her self-esteem. She was an attorney, and they had two kids.

All her life, she was plagued by what I call Patriarchy Perfect, “I got to be perfect in all ways, be a good girl and go to that Ivy League school.” Throughout school, she would prefer to take a lower grade than participate and let her opinions be heard. It was such a burden on her. At that particular time, she did not trust herself to be a good mom. She didn’t trust herself to be able to provide for herself and her kids. She was so scared that they would be dependent on this capricious narcissist, and he would continue manipulating them through the process. She was craving freedom and to know who she was.

She kept getting that persistent image of herself as a homeless lady, wearing a heavy wool coat living under the bridge. She was obsessed with that. That is what is going to happen. Being on this journey, first of all, she started creating that basic embodied safety. Most of us do not even know that we do not know and what embodied safety feels like. For me, I had no idea until I experienced the glimpse of it doing trauma healing work. I did not know I had trauma. I did not know I did not feel safe in my body and I was not in my body and my head. I was teaching yoga, and I was like, “Be here now.” I had no idea that I was not. I was not lying on purpose.

I feel you and relate to everything you are saying.

It started with establishing that embodied safety and then, little by little, reclaiming her authentic self and power, rewiring her nervous system and subconscious to perceive success as safe. She tossed away Patriarchy Perfect, compulsive exercise, and eating restrictions. She fell in love with her body and started doing the movement for fun. She got a lot more connected with her kids, having so much fun with them. From feeling like she was inadequate as a mom, she started homeschooling her kids and taking them around the world. Everything improved.

She figured out that she could make money. She taught herself a whole new way to make money. Before she taught herself, she had got in touch with, “Yes, I can,” like that embodied feeling that she could trust herself. Now, she works an hour a day. She makes more than she made in her law practice. Her big win was letting go of her law license that she had worked for so many years because she trusted herself that she could generate a financial resource.

She came back from a month in Paris with her kids. She is in a relationship that reflects her worth. She is unrecognizable to herself, yet all of that had been in her. She did not become a different person but being who she is, authentically became safe, which is so exciting. We do not know what is locked inside. I ask myself that, and I am doing this work. It is the same stuff we teach. I do and work with my life partner, Jeffrey Tambor.

He is wonderful and doing great things in the world too.

He helps me. We keep on working through the layers and we help each other. Every day, I discover deeper stuff. With each layer I am uncovering, there are more opportunities. I could have never imagined that I would be depression-free and anxiety-free one day. My goals were pretty modest, “Can I feel okay? It is not even being happy. Can I not feel like shit?” Things open up. The battle cry of how good it can get is true because we do not know when we are starting the journey where it is going to take us. Your goal may be like, “Can I feel less pain? Can I find a partner? Can I make more money?” It takes you places you never even dreamed of, which is very cool.

We are learning what is possible from our Thrivers women that we work with on this journey, from healing autoimmune conditions, getting out of pain to improving their relationships radically, getting that attraction back in their marriage and sex life revitalized or getting into a new relationship that is amazing. The relationships with their kids are shifting. Their work in the world is flourishing. We do not know what is going to happen for them when they unfold who they truly are when that becomes safer. I love watching that. I get inspired by those stories every day.

Share Your Gift: We help reprogram the subconscious to perceive success, opportunity, visibility, wealth, and intimacy as safe.

Tell us about the book where people can get the book, first of all.

A great place to get it is by going to DrValerie.com/book. You can download the first chapter in both audio and PDF form for free if you like it. I hope you do. You can purchase the audiobook, which comes with the bonus of the PDF right there on the website. Amazon and probably your local bookstore carry that paperback copy.

Before we take a look at your chart, you could share with everyone what you have got going on. Tell people more about this program because many of our readers might be interested and resonate with what you provide. I know for myself that the biggest shift in my life has been healing my trauma. I do not suffer from anxiety or depression anymore. I honestly cannot believe it because it ran in my family for many generations. I am seeing complete healing in my whole family as all of my immediate family have been doing trauma healing. It is remarkable. Will you share more about your work and how it helps people?

It is remarkable. Baeth, congrats on being on this journey that heals. It heals you and your lineage. It is big, and that is the opportunity we have to change the trajectory of our lineage.

I have a card on my desk, and it is Queen of the Ancestors. My friend Outi makes these cards so people can find them if they want. I try to pull a card each day, and this one is Queen of the Ancestors. I have got this very strong message. I put it on my desk and kept it there. Here we are, talking about this very thing.

I have such powerful chills. I am going to look up your friend and her deck. The book we are talking about sets some important frames and creates important awareness. You can begin to understand through the lens of how trauma works in the system and where trauma even is, which I define as any experience that made you feel unsafe physically or emotionally in your fullest authentic expression and created trauma adaptations to keep you safe going forward. It is those prison guards. You can start identifying how that shows up by reading the book. It comes with resources that you can download on my website.

It is very important to go from the level of conscious understanding to the level of a lived experience from information to transformation. To support you in that, we have all progress. You can learn more on our website. We have a powerful event that brings our community together. Both women in our programs attend and women who are new to this work from all over the world to our virtual event, The Thriving Experience. It is powerful enough to change the trajectory of your life. It creates this powerful experience of what thriving feels like.

You know how I shared I had no idea I was not in my body. I had no idea I had trauma. I was trained in Psychology and wrote a ton of books. I was not new to this, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. How I found out is through experience. It is through being in containers that took me through some embodied practices to why I went, “Really? I still feel this from when I was little. I do not even know. It must be from my ancestry.”

The Thriving Experience is where we get to meet face-to-face what is holding us back and start creating a thriving reality and also explore what that feels like. TheThrivingExperience.com is where you can learn more. Tickets start at free, and then you can choose your experience from there. It is big. Our next one is coming up in May 2022. If you cannot wait to play with us sooner, go to DrValerie.com and see what is available and what doors are open.

Before we wrap up here, we are going to look at your human design. I always ask my guests, what is one thing you want some insight around?

Research in Epigenetics shows that traumatic experiences are transmitted genetically.

There are so many things. Alignment and being in the flow are very important for me. How can I get more in alignment and flow with what is present now?

Let me bring up your chart here. This is always so exciting. It is timing and being in the flow. That is a big part of who you are, too, in the flow of things. This is a BodyGraph, and it is essentially a circuit board of a 9-centered being. We are not technically homo sapiens anymore. We are interregnum species. We moved from being 7-centered energetic beings in 1781 to 9-centered. The 11-centered being is coming in 2027. You read it here. That will be interesting when that new being comes in. Hopefully, science will be respectful at any rate.

Looking at your chart, this is the chart of a very talented entrepreneur. It is you. The kind of energy you have in your chart is to bring support to your tribe, which is essentially what you have been sharing about. In this case, it is women who are dealing with this Patriarchy Stress Disorder trauma. There is this channel right here in your chart. It is called the 44/26. It connects the spleen to what is known as the heart center. The spleen and the heart are connected by this channel. This is the entrepreneur channel. You have the entrepreneur channel, and it is called the transmitter.

When you walk into a room, people relax. They feel calmed by you. In part, it is the warmth that comes from having a defined heart. People with a defined heart center typically have a lot of warmth, and it is a fiery kind of energy. You also are very articulate with Gate 26 of the heart. That particular gate is being able to manipulate in a positive way in this instance. You manipulate words so that people can hear what you are trying to say.

You are very good at any kind of negotiation, de-escalating conflict, and finding the right words to say to someone so that they can receive what it is you are bringing to them. It connects over to 44, which is finding the right people and creating a team. It is not just your work team. It is your community and the tribe that you are serving. That is a huge part of your chart. In terms of timing, I wondered before I even brought up your chart, I thought, “Maybe she has got Gate 5,” and you do.

Gate 5 is about timing that is rhythmic and routine. Not everyone has Gate 5, and it comes right up off your sacral or sex chakra. It has got creative energy and a sexual pulse to it. You very much with this gate are supported by daily routines. I do not have this gate, so I never do the morning the same way twice. I do not think I ever have in my whole life. On some days, I get up at 6:00 AM. On some days, I get up at 11:00 AM. It does not matter to me as long as I am true to myself. I do not have Gate 5.

I have been in relationships with two men with Gate 5. One of the healthy adaptations they had was understanding their routine. I had no interest in messing with their routine. I am glad they had a routine. I knew what was in their chart. You yourself are so well served by your morning, lunchtime, naptime, go-to-bed, sexual, and work ritual. Routines and rituals are very important to you. The more they satisfy and fulfill you, the better. It is a huge part of who you are.

You can see that it’s striped. When a gate is striped in black and red, it means that it appears on both the design side and personality side of your chart. The personality side of your chart is essentially the Western astrology chart that an astrologer would throw based on your time of birth, date, and location. The design side of the chart is when this Ajna Center comes in, which is our neocortex. It is called the Soul Crystal. The soul lives up here.

Somebody said something to me. Maybe it was you. There are a lot of things the soul does not understand. It wants to do what it came here to do, which is to help you fulfill your purpose. This is what men and women are here to do is fulfill their purpose. It is so interesting to me all the gender wars and all the nonsense. The highest expression for all of us is to fulfill our purpose and why we incarnate it. That is the game here on Earth. All of this repression, oppression, slavery, torturing one another, and all the things that create trauma for many generations are nonsense. They are a huge distraction and a violation of the natural order of things.

Men and women both have a purpose. Women are not in any way meant to just be maids, mothers, or whores. That is pretty much what we have been relegated to with Patriarchy Stress Disorder. Anything else we attempt to do, it is usually men. I do not want to put this on men, but male energy will attempt to destroy it until it is made conscious. When I look at your chart, your rhythm is in the personality side, which the personality is to help communicate with other people. That is the point of our personality, and you have a wonderful personality.

AYD 28 Dr. Valerie Rein | Share Your Gift
Patriarchy Stress Disorder: The Invisible Inner Barrier to Women’s Happiness and Fulfillment

I say to people, “You got to have a great personality to do your purpose because your personality is not about bitching, moaning, complaining, playing victim, manipulating people, abusing people, or getting power over people.” That is not what it is for. It is not for narcissism or any of that. The personality is to be an alluring character that people want to listen to so that you can transmit your knowledge. The design side is your physical body.

You happen to have your Gate 5 both in the physical body’s operating system and in your personality. It is both in Line 5. I am going to explain what this means. It is in Neptune. Neptune is about hidden feelings and embracing our feelings. It is finding rituals and routines that honor our feelings. It is also about the mystery, “What is hidden behind the veil that we can’t quite access without contact with other people?”

I am smiling here because it is one of the keys that I have been looking for in terms of routines and how to establish supportive routines. This is helping me.

For you, it is very much about using your routines to tune in to what you do not know deeply. It is good for you to intention in the morning, “Please make me a vessel for the mystery. Please allow me to see what is behind the veil,” which, in point of fact, you are doing automatically. The mind is up here. This is where everyone’s mind is. It is the neocortex, which is called the Ajna, and then the head, which is the rest of the gray matter. In the BodyGraph, that is the mind. It is meant to be passenger consciousness, going along for the ride and checking things out. It is not here to make decisions.

The mind is the passenger. The body is the vehicle. This thing called the G-Center in the middle is the driver. It is driving us through life. It is a magnet and it is pulling us through life. We do have a destiny. All of us do. There is a lot we cannot change about who we are. It is very interesting. With epigenetics, we can change the expression because many of us have many of the switches in our DNA turned off. This is essentially a chart of your DNA. There are 64 gates. They relate to the 64 codons of DNA, which relate to the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. The systems repeat.

The genome was decoded in the ’80s. We can flip the DNA on to its highest expression, but the majority of humans live in a fear expression, and that damages the DNA. It limits the DNA and causes illness at any rate. Your Gate 5 is coming up off the sacral or sex chakra. This energy in you wants this routine so that you have space and time to be in the unknown. Not everyone’s five is going to be in Neptune. It could be in a different planetary location. It could be in Pluto, the moon, or something else. It is going to have a different expression.

For you, routine is not so much about being disciplined, although discipline is the result of having routines. You are high achieving and have two PhDs. You are no slouch. It is not a matter of your accomplishment ability. That is inherent in the design you have. You need to keep busy. You are a person that likes to work. You are good at working and it is natural for you to love your work. You are entrepreneurial and a leader. You are highly creative. It is important for you to be working.

Where the routines help, you are in creating spaciousness and openings for more insights to come in. It is much like the awareness of the stress led to the awareness of this disorder and hence, the subsequent healing protocols you have developed and continue to develop with your clients. Your body gave you the message through paralysis. You are paralyzed by the stress. That is one way Neptune talks to us. It talks to us through feeling or, in this case, no feeling.

Numbness is a feeling because we can identify it. Numbness is the absence of feelings, so we know, “I am numb. I cannot feel anything.” Your antidote to numbness is to make a lot of space in your life for the mystery. You have the kind of design and you are very open. All that white space is openness to the outer environment. You need a lot of time to meditate, sit, walk, or dance in silence so you can hear and feel yourself.

In that nothingness space, in the void and spaciousness that you have built into your routine, you are able to descend into the void and then awareness and insight pop and arise for you. That Gate 5 energy wants to create from the awareness and help others understand the mystery. In many ways, you are creating routines that want to help you gain more insights. Secondarily, you help your clients open up to their own mystery and create the spaciousness that is required for healing.

Throw away patriarchy, obsessive exercise, eating restrictions, and fall in love with your body.

That feels so on-point and good.

I will leave you with one last thing before we wrap up here. I love this work because it is so spot-on. Your personality sun is the strongest energy in your chart. We call this our sun sign in Western astrology. Your sun at the moment of your birth was in Gate 42. This stays with you for life, and it is in Line 4. Gate 42 is also off the sacral here. It is about the completion of cycles, and Line 4 is about community. Here is that tribal energy that is in your chart.

I will use the awareness of Patriarchy Stress Disorder because it is your specialty. We are coming to the end of patriarchy. It is disintegrating before our eyes. Richard Rudd is a human design expert who developed a body of work called The Gene Keys. This is not a Gene Keys chart. He developed a body of work that originated from human design. He talks about this concept emerging called Synarchy. It is the merging of masculine and feminine energies into a world whereby every person is given space, latitude, and resources. We do this for one another ideally to fulfill our potential. That is what we are doing here on Earth. That is why we are here.

The Soul Crystal comes in from the universe. When people say they are from other planets, they are. We all are from other dimensions because it’s all stardust. This is proven by science. These neutrinos and tiny bits of data come in and create us as these unique beings. Our job is to differentiate. Whether you are in a male, female or transgender body, it is not about that. That body you chose is so you could learn certain lessons to transform certain dynamics here on Earth. Beyond that, every single person is equal from the standpoint that every single person has incarnated with a very specific purpose.

Your personality sun is in completion of cycles position, which is a very powerful position. When this gate shows up in a chart, there are no escaping cycles. You will repeat things over and over. It is not because you are not getting it, you are a glutton for punishment, or even because of Freudian repetition compulsion. You are repeating it again and again because each time, you get another layer, and then you come to the end of the cycle. That is part of your contribution as a human. It is to live the cycle so you could see the cycle to teach people the cycle because how else are you going to know the cycle if you do not go through it yourself?

To my point to Richard Rudd in Synarchy, what I see for you is your brand and life’s work is to help women heal so that they can emerge into Synarchy and also help the men around them heal so that we can have Synarchy. Any man still attached to a patriarchal, misogynistic, and dominator worldview is done. No more. Enough. It is over. It is not how we are designed to interact with one another. We are here to love and support one another. Love, in fact, is the highest vibration, and it keeps the universe together.

You are an angel of love. You are an angel of putting an end to a distortion system that has been actively and maliciously operating for well over 5,000 years. We could go back to the start of agriculture, where it started picking up steam. Its time is done. Humanity cannot stand for this dysfunction any longer. You are part of a movement and one of the leaders of this awakening, Dr. Valerie. I know that you know it. You came in with such a profound gift to help people overcome their limitations, find their legacy, joy, and prosperity, and do this by ending the cycles of abuse now.

We do not have time to waste. People are dying in droves and you have seen it. It is not just from the pandemic but suicide and drug overdose. Murder is up. People are losing their minds because they are confronting their trauma now. It is all up and no one can hide from it. It is collective on the whole planet. It does not matter if you are in Africa or London, “I am traumatized. I do not want to know the truth.”

People who do not want to know the truth are bouncing, but the people who want to stay, you are one of our angels to help lead us out of this horrific violence and unnecessary way of operating into a real brave new world. It is not one that is medicated in dopamine and addicted to the hilt but a conscious vibrant world. You are so open and I gave you one of those big downloads. Any final words before we wrap up?

AYD 28 Dr. Valerie Rein | Share Your Gift
Share Your Gift: We must see the invisible to do the impossible.

It is so precious. I want to thank you for this gift because it is such a gift to receive. I will be digesting it for a while. Jeffrey and I will read it again. He is big on human design. That is what happened on our first date. He asked me when my birthday was and charted his chart in mind. He was like, “Together, we make a perfect human being.” I was like, “What is with this guy? What is going on?” He was not wrong.

When the chemistry is right, it is right.

It is such a powerful modality. Thank you for helping me and the world unlock the secrets to who they are. The quote I opened my book with goes, “We must see the invisible to do the impossible.” Knowing what our chart says, what is hidden in the traumas, what the gifts are hidden there, how to unlock and express that potential, that is how we do the impossible.

I cannot wait to have you back on the show. There is so much more for us to talk about. Thank you for your time. I appreciate you.

Thank you for having me.

Thank you to everyone reading. This has been another episode. We will see you all next time.

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