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You may have been told that if you want something, you need to fight for it. You need to do the work and attain a certain level of energetic mastery so that you can manifest your desires into reality. However, there is another way to earn your desires without so much extra work. That is what Baeth Davis and her guest Cory Michelle talk about in this conversation. Cory is an author, energetic mastery mentor, and the founder of the UnicornCEO® and Energetic Mastery™ Trainings. She helps unicorns (highly conscious and intuitive women) break through their limitations so that they can achieve their lifelong desires. Join them now so that you, too can also unlock your true potential!

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Energetic Mastery For Creating The Life You Desire With Manifesting Generator Cory Michelle

Our guest is a US citizen who is now living in Australia with her partner. Maybe she’ll share about that magical story and how that came about. Her name is Cory Michelle. She helps highly conscious and intuitive women break through their limitations so they can effortlessly turn their lifelong desires into reality without extra work. Manifestation the easy way is her jam. She teaches you how to be energetically masterful so that you get what you want. As I said, she is from the United States but has indeed created a gorgeous life in beautiful Australia. She loves all things magic, quantum and consciousness. With that, I want to welcome Ms. Cory Michelle to the show. We’re going to have quite the combo for you. How are you?

It is good to be with you. You look amazing. You are radiant. You’re energetically in your jam.

This is one of my favorite things to do is to be with another who is living their purpose as you are. Will you share with everyone in brief what led you to become a teacher of easy, magical manifestation?

I never expected to be a teacher of anything because I had many limitations in my world that said I wasn’t valuable. I didn’t have anything that was spectacular or anything that would even be worth teaching about until I started working with energy. I noticed that I was good at working with energy and then I noticed, “I’m intuitive and I had no idea.” As I continued to step into the unfamiliar, uncomfortable and not know myself because the old myself was not anything of who I am now, I continued to say, “Who am I that I never knew I was?” That’s what led me here and continue to go, “I’m highly intuitive and aware. I can see energy fields. I can see when people are speaking and being incongruent with themselves with their true essence.” When I started to point things out and people would makeshifts, it was like magic. It was, “Instead of taking door 1, take door 2,” All of a sudden, their life would change. I went, “There’s something to this.” That’s been my favorite thing to do in the last few years.

Can you give us an example of someone who came to you and you read their energy? What happened when you read their energy?

There was a client who I was talking to. She showed up and was ready to leave her marriage like an alcoholic husband. She was in the people-pleasing conditioning and was on her way out the door. She was fed up. What we looked at was the reason that the whole situation had happened was not necessarily because he’s bad and she’s the victim because we know that’s not true. We all have a role to play. What it was, she wasn’t owning her power. She wasn’t choosing what she wanted to choose. As we were having that 30-minute conversation in what she was saying, I could see that’s what the issue was. We gave her a few things and she joined one of my programs.

What ended up happening was she took her power back and stopped playing this victim role. She got out of the victim role. Now, I talked to her and they’re having a better relationship than they ever did. I was like, “That was a surprise. Wasn’t it?” She was like, “I thought I was leaving. I thought that was done.” He shifted because she shifted out of that role. I find that a lot of times that’s what’s happening is we’re stuck in some role of who we think we are. When I look at it, I can see that they don’t appear vibrant. It was like what I was saying about you’re in your lane. You’re in your superhighway of creation because I get chills thinking about it.

She was off the path. We got her in her superhighway and then it was like, “Oh, yeah.” She started working on her energy and making some different choices. She also created some space for herself so that she was out of everybody else’s energy field. Along with everything else, she said that was probably one of the things that she never thought would have made a difference that did because she wasn’t meshed in everybody else’s energy all the time.

One of the things we talked about in human design is this concept of, as often as possible, sleeping in your own space so that you can discharge the energy of the other person at night. I have a question for you. You help people manifest and get what they want and desire. What’s going on when the desire isn’t clear?

People continually want things that they can’t get, so they’re taught to not ask in order to not get disappointed.

It depends on the person of how they were receiving their desires. We can look at a number of different areas. The first thing is, “Do you think it can happen? Do you think a desire maybe someday will magically show up?” I work a lot with magic. The magic to me is the nonlinear creation, where you take a right instead of a left and all of a sudden, things are very different. That doesn’t happen magically. It happens on purpose. When you are choosing to be congruent with who you are and choosing to be in harmony, your choices match your energy. One of those elements is if you either believe or know that it can happen for you. Surprisingly, a lot of people think that their desires are supposed to stay in the desire land and not come into full reality.

Why do they feel like they can’t have their desire?

Much of it seems that it goes back to childhood. This is probably one of the most unpopular points of view that I have. A lot of it goes back to something like Christmas. We say we want the bike and Nintendo back in our day or we want all these things. We write our list up. We give it over to Santa and then don’t get it. We start going, “If I want this, I’m not going to get it because we continually want things and then don’t get them at some point.” That happens so much for so many people in these sneaky little ways like, “I want this for my birthday but my parents got me something different. Even if I say, write my list and wish for it, I’m still not going to get it.” That happens a lot with Santa Claus and Christmas time.

We’re taught to, “Don’t ask. You’re never going to get it anyway.” Those things get embedded in our subconscious so that we are functioning from that in the future. When we’re eight years old and we want that thing and don’t get it, we’re disappointed. We start functioning to not disappoint ourselves. The way we all function is when we are looking at what do we desire, those desires our awareness that allow us to pay attention to their energies. If we’re going, “I’m being called to that. I feel like that would be fun, enjoyable or satisfying. I feel like I would be successful if I did that,” then we’re moving towards those energies. There’s always something there for us instead of trying to avoid the disappointment of not getting it.

Do you also think that many times what we think we want isn’t even a pure organic desire as well? I made a list for Santa of these things I think I want but many times it’s because all my friend has one, I want one too, it will make me look cool or whatever the reason is that isn’t authentic or organic. Can you speak to that?

I call it the 5D6. Vibe check that you put your desires through. Those are six questions to ask to make sure your desire is yours and it can happen. I have another unpopular point of view. One of them is that “Infinite possibilities don’t exist for you.” They do exist in the world. The things that are going to show up for you, it’s not that it’s limited, but it’s in that superhighway. When you’re in that superhighway, you don’t want the things that are not meant for you. Like if I wanted to go try to be a neurosurgeon, number one, it’s not possible for me because I don’t want to. That’s not for me. That’s for somebody else.

When we can start tuning into those desires that are for you, then they start showing up quickly. It could be not yours at all. It could be your friends and your end path or have those open gates and you’re picking it up. It seems exciting because somebody else is excited about it. When you ask these particular questions, it gets all the extra stuff out of your way and goes, “Is this yours?” When it is yours, it is meant to be. It already exists. It will happen. Putting that energy into it will be worth it. It won’t be a waste of time, energy or effort.

Can you tell us what one of the questions is on the Vibe Check?

This is good because this is a lot of what I talk about. The very first question is, “Is it a true possibility or desire and not fixing a problem issue or overcoming anything?”

AYD 4 | Energetic Mastery
Energetic Mastery: “The revolution happens on the inside.” What you’re seeing out in the world, especially the chaos, is the result of people not taking responsibility for their emotions.

It’s moving towards the desire rather than coming away from it because there’s that going towards something versus trying to avoid something.

A lot of what I teach too is coming out of the creation or thinking you can create well based on problem-solving, having issues, fixing a problem or an issue or overcoming something. That’s what I would call like the 3D world is, “We’ve got to fix our problems. We’re going to overcome our weaknesses.” That has never worked for me forever. What I started noticing was when I noticed what I don’t want but focus my energy on, “What is calling to me? What is that more expansive energy?” Let that resolve itself, then it will start to show up. If you have a problem like one of my problems was, “I wanted to earn more money because I had a lot of debt.”

If I kept saying, “I’m broke and bad with money, I need to fix myself,” that was creating more wrongness, heaviness and judgment about myself, which was creating more of the problem. When I stepped in and said, “Who would I be if I’m the version of myself who paid off $150,000 of debt?” then immediately it was like a door opened and I said, “That’s available.” I went, “I have no idea how that’s going to happen because I’m $150,000 in debt making $2,500 a month but I’ll go there. I’ll have that version of me,” because I would rather be that version of me than the version of me who works on myself and my money issues and has a problem with money another 50 years. That sounded terrible.

What happened that allowed you to pay off the debt? What were some of the events that unfolded for you?

The first thing was getting honest with myself about how I was being with money because I was avoiding it. The avoidance was coming from a deep insecurity that I wasn’t going to be able to have the kind of money that I knew I wanted. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be wealthy but I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. It went against me. I kept trying things and kept trying to start businesses but I kept failing. It’s getting honest with myself about what my relationship with all of it was and stop avoiding it. I also set up a plan of paying off a certain amount a month with no questions asked. That was what I did.

Whereas what I learned to do was pay off as much as you can, which made me feel like, “Now, I’m having success. I’m making money. Now, I have to give all my money to my past.” That works for a lot of people. My mother is one of them. She was like, “Put every penny towards your debt.” It made me feel like I wasn’t having success. I said, “Here’s the amount that I’m paying until I pay it off. I don’t care if there’s extra interest. I don’t care if I’m paying more. That wasn’t my concern. My concern was doing whatever I could do to create that.” That was my way out. I paid it off in five years.

That’s a great story and five years go fast.

When I paid it off, I was like, “I did that. Cool.”

You did it in a way that was easy and not stressful. It was happening in the background, so it didn’t have to take up space consciously. There were great lessons in what you did. This could be applied to other choices that people make. How can the superconscious assist with creating a magical life? Before you answer that, will you explain to us what super-consciousness means to you?

Infinite possibilities don’t exist because you don’t want to do things that are not meant for you.

The superconscious is the umbrella to all of our levels of consciousness in our particular makeup. We have our ego and conscious mind making sure everything is there. We got food and we’re focused on the needs of life. We have our unconscious or subconscious. That’s where all of the old programs, identities, automatic responses or reactions, all the stories and limitations are held. With the superconscious, they all have consciousness. You can speak to any one of them. I figured it out because I wanted to be able to create that magic faster with people.

One of the things to create the magic is being able to respond differently. If you can stop responding like the old version of you and start responding as the new version of you who already has the thing you want then it’s easy for your quantum field to start re-arranging for you. I was like, “How can we do that better, more effectively and faster?” I came upon some information about the superconscious. We can talk to the superconscious and request the superconscious to transmute the resistance, inner conflict or contrast between two experiences.

One experience could be me being so drowning in debt, not trusting myself, not knowing how I was going to make it, the fear and disappointment in myself, ongoing failure that I thought I was those beliefs and feelings, and the version of me that knows that I can pay off any debt and have plenty of money that “I’m successful. I have something valuable to offer. I can do it.” There’s a big difference between the two experiences. We can talk to the superconscious, transmute and change the energy between the two so that the new version, the upgraded experience, can be placed in the subconscious. In life, you start responding differently because you rewired your brain and put a new program on your subconscious. I used to drink. I’ve been trying to quit for twenty years and all of a sudden, I didn’t want to drink.

Is it possible to create in a world that isn’t chaos? I think I know the answer, but what do you think?

You do know the answer to this because you do it all day long as well. It’s interesting to me, especially with 2020 and what we’re still experiencing in the world. There’s a lot of chaos. Much of what my perspective is that it has created chaos. Things are sussing themselves out. When we’re not in our superhighway, we’re very susceptible to the chaos and that can be going wrong. It’s the manipulation of heightened energies that may not have anything to do with you. When we’re in that superhighway, we can create anything because the universe is always working. No matter what’s going on with anyone else or around the world, you still have the ability to create. Your superhighway is always going.

If you’re having your best and most magical life, it doesn’t mean that circumstances won’t happen or you might not come up against interesting things in your life or maybe not-so-interesting things. It’s how you respond to them that activates a different pathway and experience. If I’m responding as, “Everything in the world is chaos. We’re worried, fearful and everything,” then you’re going to respond in a vibration that’s going to perpetuate that and it’s going to keep it going. If we respond in a way that says, “What else is available for us here? What other experience? How can this work itself out?” then it does. When you start to believe it because it happens all the time, then that’s always your experience. That’s what I experienced a lot of the time of going, “Everybody else is having a lot of hardships, but it’s based on their energy and response. It’s not based on what is or isn’t available to them.”

It’s interesting you’re sharing this because I completed Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Abundance Meditation, which circulates all-year long and it’s free. I had seen it for years and I hadn’t done it. A friend of mine who I respect said he was doing it for the second time. I said, “I will do it again. I will do it this time. I will do it all the way through.” It was wonderful exploring the concepts that we’re talking about here from Deepak’s point of view. The reason I brought it up is, what I was struck by was the amount of drama certain people had around following the instructions, which were this, “Read the task, write it in your journal, listen to a 12 to 15-minute meditation every day, then message the group that you did it. Day three done.”

If you don’t message the group within the time frame of that day, you’re deleted from the group. That’s it. People were writing in, “How much time is this going to take me each day? How much do I have to commit of my energy? Is there an extra place for the files? Can I bring a friend? Can you add me in later? I need to miss a few days.” This went on and on and I said to all of them, “You follow the instructions or you’re out of the group. It’s very simple. That’s how this game is played. There are other games. You can go play those.”

A friend of mine pointed this out to me because she was in one of the groups. She said, “Baeth, the amount of hoops that people put in the way of manifestation.” That’s what you’re speaking, too. This was like a simple, “Listen to the meditation, mark it done and 18,000 reasons why I need special treatment.” I even started saying to people like, “I’m not going to give you special treatment.” I got that blunt with them. I was like, “You need to take a look at why you need special treatment to do this simple task and where else is this showing up in your life. No wonder you’re having trouble manifesting.” It blew my mind. Maybe you can speak to that.

AYD 4 | Energetic Mastery
Energetic Mastery: Magic is the nonlinear creation, where you take a right instead of a left and all of a sudden, things are very different.

They have an abundance of problems. What do you want an abundance of? There’s always abundance where you’re putting your energy. It’s funny that they’re choosing that particular thing and then having that response to it. It goes for in the world, too. A lot of people who seem to be loud want to create a problem. Perpetuate and make their problems or perception of problems everybody else’s which indicates that there’s not a priority of ease. I have a priority of ease and effortlessness. I’m willing to work. Sometimes people say I’m one of the hardest workers that they know, which I’m always like, “I got to back off for that.” I don’t want to be the hardest worker everybody knows but I will do the work because effortlessness isn’t about not working. It’s about not pushing. I know you are very familiar with this.

When you’re in your superhighway, there’s a concept called generative energy. When you’re making generative choices and your energy is regenerating, then you have a sense of effortlessness because it’s like the doorways are opening for you and you’re walking through them instead of a trip going down and knocking on every door. It’s energy, perception, your beliefs and how you perceive the world. It’s all of those things combined. If you have a priority of ease or effortlessness, then you start choosing based on that, it will show up. Those people didn’t have that priority.

They had a different priority and an abundance of problems. That’s what I’m going to say the next time I do the meditation. Let’s just say, “It seems you have an abundance of problems and maybe this isn’t a good fit.”

It’s annoying because they’re not in their essence and they’re off. The reason it’s annoying is because they’re incongruent with themselves and we can feel it. We’re going, “What’s going on over there?” If you stop making excuses for yourself, it would be so much easier. I think so much of when I get annoyed with somebody is either because there’s something incongruent within me energetically, with them or between us. Once we resolve that, then it’s fine.

With that, let’s have a look at your design. I want to ask a question to you about your design before I bring it up. What would be the most abundant question that you could ask about your design? We’ll look at your design from the perspective of that one question.

How could I contribute to even more people with my brand-new podcast?

Let’s bring up your chart and see what pops out at us, “How can you contribute to even more people with your brand-new podcast?” I want to point out to everyone reading what an abundant question is. I’m also thinking that asking abundant questions is going to take us further and faster than high-maintenance limitation questions. I’m going to go right to the Incarnation Cross. We would talk about that because it’s so potent. Everybody has one. Let’s talk about yours, Left Angle Cross of Revolution, and you lead with gate 49 in your personality sun. The Incarnation Cross comes from the sun and earth positions in the personality and the design side. Anyone who has been following this blog, I’m not going to go into a big tutorial about human design at this moment.

The personality side of your chart is your date, time and location of birth. The design side is 88 days before you’re born when your soul comes in and the soul is in the neocortex. This is where our soul is. The soul comes in 88 days before and then it begins to decode and encode the body to become Cory Michelle. These positions of the sun and earth in the sky 88 days before the moment of your birth, those locations give us four locations of the sun and earth that make up this Incarnation Cross. Because there are four, it’s a cross. We can look at that of what it looks like in design terms.

Personality sun is when people ask you, “Cory, what’s your sign?” It comes from that personality sun. You’re in gate 49, line 5. I’m going to show everyone where this is on the chart. You want to remember location. Gate 49 is down off the solar plexus. It’s lower in the body. The solar plexus runs from about the sternum to beneath the belly button. It contains our diaphragm and most of our essential organs. It’s a very special place in our body and the home of our emotions.

Having hardships is based on your energy and response not on what is or isn’t available for you.

Gate 49 is a frequency of emotional revolution. It’s the kind of emotion that’s intense. It can be anything from super sweet and magical to vicious, vengeful and unrelenting because it is a survival frequency gate 49. It’s the emotion of, “We will revolt if the structures do not support our spiritual advancement.” Spiritual advancement occurs emotionally through how we feel. As we feel more and more fulfilled, satisfied and correct, the more our emotions start to have a higher and higher vibration that we then experience as radiance.

Your call to the world is to help people revolt against within themselves or be a stand to not engage with, that which would limit their full expression. You can even use the word revolution frequently to activate people because what you’re saying to them is, “The revolution happens on the inside.” What we’re seeing out in the world, especially the chaos, is the result of people not taking responsibility for their emotions. Emotional murkiness creates chaos, which creates revolutions of a not so helpful sort. We’ve been seeing a lot of them in the United States because the United States likes to be a trailblazer in revolution. That’s what we were known for. Some of the revolutions are all the result of how well the emotions are being managed, so you come into the world.

Here’s what’s wild about this. Your sun is having a revolution within the emotions. The earth energy, which grounds you and lets you bring it down to earth, is gate 4. Gate 4 is a wonderful gate because its frequency is mental risk-taking. “I’m willing to consider a new point of view. I’m willing to try something different.” The image I like to share is the Fool Card from the tarot. The Fool is about to step off the cliff and the dog is looking at barking at him or her saying, “Are you sure you want to take that step?” The thing about it is it’s a card. No one is going to fall to their death. It’s a willingness to go into the unknown.

The revolution that you bring is this energy of risk-taking and good luck because gate 4 is known as youthful folly in the itching. Youthful folly is there aren’t major consequences for experimentation in your case. In many ways, you’re teaching people that they can have much better outcomes if they’re willing to take better risks. The highest frequency of gate 4 is forgiveness, which is what you shared with your debt in a sense. The highest frequency is, “I’m not going to fix my problem because I don’t have a problem. I’m not going to fix this thing that makes me feel like crap and makes me think I’m a bad person. We’re going to forgive all of that and go towards what is revolutionary, which is there never was a problem in the first place. I just need to apply a different behavior,” which is what you did.

We jump over now to the design side, 14 and 8. It’s fourteen in the design sun and eight in the earth. Gate 14 is prosperity. It doesn’t surprise me that is your path and it is in your design sun. The design sun is what keeps our body healthy. Line 1 is research, investigation and solitude. When you spend time alone with yourself, contemplating your abundance, you then have more to bring to the community, which is gate 8. The whole essence of your Incarnation Cross is to be this revolutionary who dares to bring forth this idea of self-forgiveness in order to create prosperity not just for the self but such unlimited prosperity that the individual can bring prosperity to others. Gate 14 and gate 8 are communal.

As an interesting side note here, they are in the same frequency line of the design. Gate 14 is down here off what’s known as the Sacral. Gate 14 is known as power skills. It is the power skills that come with working hard, but working with joyful effort because there’s so much pleasure in the work. It’s like effortless effort. That’s what I call it for myself. I’m doing stuff, but my body is doing it. My head is not involved. My body is doing this thing because it knows what to do. Gate 14 is instinct. Anything below the neck is instinct. Gate 14 says, “I’m going to work hard.” You also have the whole channel bumps up to the 2. I won’t get into that.

You have the 1/8. You have this whole frequency that goes right up to your throat. Those two channels are all about money and creativity, such that it benefits the community. Not only that, anyone with gate 2, you’re directing humanity towards a different consciousness. I’ll leave it at that, suffice to say, without bringing in new human design terms. I do want to put a cap on this. Another aspect of your purpose, Cory Michelle, is to shift consciousness on the global level.

The way you’re going to bring this podcast to more people is to state, “I am a revolutionary for your prosperity. I am a revolutionary for you to experience work that satisfies your soul.” You’re willing to put in the time that it takes to succeed and expend energy to get what you want because it’s all going in the direction of benefiting you, your family and your community. This is very important for you to know and also creates less friction for you. It’s important for you to let people know that if they’re going to work with you, they already have a service mindset.

You might want to make a checklist that you put on the homepage of your website, in your Facebook group or wherever people gather in your world that says to them much like I was sharing about the 21-day meditation, if you can’t abide by these rules, qualities or ways of being, exit yourself because you’re not going to benefit. You’re putting out the call to the service-minded individual, not someone who’s thinking, “Once I make money, then I can be a philanthropist.” You’re still not ready for Cory Michelle. Rather, “I know that it’s not all for me. Some of it’s for me, yay me. There’s all this extra energy, money, time and love that I have for you. I want to share it with you.”

AYD 4 | Energetic Mastery
Energetic Mastery: When you’re not on your superhighway, you’re very susceptible to the chaos.

Those people who show up are always the most grateful. They are like, “I’m so happy that I chose this. This is my life now.”

My experience is, the most successful people are the most grateful and generous without fail. Certainly, there are some nefarious characters that get pressed. On some level, there are forces that benefit from this messaging that being successful somehow is unsavory. Even though people are encouraged to be successful, they’re also bombarded with messages of, “Don’t get too big for your britches. Don’t show off. Stay small. You get a job and pay your taxes. Keep your head down.” There’s all this conflicting messaging out there, which is quite intentional. Many people I speak to who are not feeling successful point to how success corrupts people and look at so-and-so. I said, “But those people are the outliers. They’re the minority.”

The majority of truly successful people, one, you’ll never hear about them because they’re not blowing their own horn. They don’t need to. They’re too busy being successful. They love their work and the people in their life. They’re always giving thanks. They have plenty of money and opportunities. They surround themselves with people who are also of that frequency. I want to offer to you that looking at your design because of the advancement that you bring as consciousness in form to this planet. The thing that helps you go to that next level is to have very rigorous boundaries about who’s ready to move into a higher level of consciousness. They have to be already on some level in that place of appreciation or they’re going to cause trouble for you and the group. You don’t need that.

That is exactly what I’ll require in starting this podcast, the clarity and energy behind what you’re talking about. Thank you for that.

You’re welcome. The podcast has the power to be in the top 10 or 20 podcasts in the world, given who you are and the design you have because of the way energy moves through you. How you’re designed is to move energy from the earth straight up and out your throat to impact people in such a way that their lives are never the same and they’re grateful for it. They’re so happy their lives aren’t the same. I know doing this show with you is going to impact thousands of people because of the frequency you bring. The hair on my arms has been standing up for most of this interview, experiencing your point of view because it’s pure, clean and authentic to Cory Michelle. You’re not trying to be anybody else. You’re not trying to sound like anybody else. You are fully showing up in your design. You are aligned. If you’re crystal clear about the who, you’re looking for love, forgiveness and prosperity revolutionaries. These are people who don’t go to battle. They’re going into service to lift other people up. That’s the revolution.

Much of the time, when they get to me, they’ve got to lift themselves up.

Will you share with everyone what you’ve got cooking that’s hot and newsworthy?

It’s so funny about because I was thinking about you when I was naming this. It’s the Desire Into Reality Revolution. That is a one-day masterclass. It’s about five hours. We’ll take you through a desire. We’re like, “What’s your desire that you haven’t been able to manifest into your life yet?” I’ll take you through the whole process to becoming what you are required to know and act upon to be fully congruent with that being your experience. Pick one desire. There’s a live masterclass. You’ll be able to find whatever is currently on offer with us. The podcast will be starting soon if anybody wants to join for some interesting and possibly very different perspectives.

What are you calling the podcast?

The most successful people are also the most grateful and generous.

Brilliantly Aware with Cory Michelle.

Any final words of wisdom?

I appreciate you, Baeth. You’ve been a contribution to me and my life. Human design has been a game-changer for me in dialing in my energy and knowing how I function on an even higher level. It has taken me to be even clearer about what I do. That’s partly where my work with you started that had me asked, “What do I do with people?” I was like, “How do I promote what I do? It’s all energy.” I could tell you a lot about it, but what was that clarity? I asked myself like, “What do I do with people?” I said, “I help people turn their desires into reality.” That in itself is revolutionary because most of the world doesn’t know how to do that. There’s a percentage of people who do, but there’s still a lot of people who don’t know how to do that. That’s what I can help people do. Thank you for your contribution to me and to everybody who gets to receive it.

You’re welcome. Thank you for being here. It’s such a pleasure. Thank you, everyone, at home. We’ll see you for our next episode. Bye for now.

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AYD 4 | Energetic MasteryCory Michelle left her limitations behind as she discovered her ability to create with energy. Her desire is to inspire others in activating their 5D timeline that fulfills their soul mission.

She is a straight shooter who will not hold back, yet have your back to create your magical life. Her energetic transmissions pass the cognitive mind, and seep into your consciousness, tapping into your personal truth.

Author, Energetic Mastery mentor & coach, and the founder of the UnicornCEO® and Energetic Mastery™ Trainings, she inspires and empowers women like YOU to know you can create anything at any time consistently AND live your magical life.

In the last decade, she has been working with unicorns (highly conscious beings) all over the world, assisting them to upgrade their identity, release limitations & blocks and activate the innate knowing of HOW to create everything you desire and live a fulfilling and magical life.

The tools, processes we use are not for the ordinary person, they are for those who seek the magic, who live on the fringe, who feel like they never fit in, and who just have this knowing that there is so much more possible than what we are taught. We are the light workers, the way showers, the change makers and starseeds.