AYD 20 | Intuition

Many people reject their intuition, either by denying it or calling it recklessness. But intuition is an integral part of us and we need to make use of it to bring us to a better tomorrow. In this episode, Baeth Davis talks with Heather Alice Shea, the CEO and Founder of Atmana Academy, as they discuss intuitiveness in humans. Heather discusses intuition and busts the myths about it that people believe. Want to learn more? Then tune in to this episode.

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Heather Alice Shea, Manifestor 5/1: Myths And Truths About Your Intuition

 … And How To Access Your Intuition For Better Decisions!

I invite people who I observe and experience as being fully physically in their bodies, present, open-hearted, kind, compassionate, generous, passionate, alive, and doing their greatest work in the world, which is what I wish for everyone on this planet, especially the children. If you have children, heads up. Get their charts done. Get them started using their strategy and authority as soon as they understand what you mean about making decisions.

They will not have to deal with eliminating the level of resistance most adults alive on the planet now are facing. We are living in this vast field of frustration, anger, bitterness, and disappointment because people are not correct. I hope that this show exemplifies for you what it looks like when someone is correct, how joyful, and in the flow they are.

Just like every human being is born with the ability to learn a language, you’re born intuiting. You’re just not aware you’re doing it.

I’m so excited about our guest. She is one of the most sparkly, delicious, friendly, fun, and intelligent women I have met in a long time. Her name is Heather Alice Shea and she is the Founder of Atmana Academy, where she trains and certifies emerging intuitive coaches into purpose-first and profit-next businesses that thrive.

Her passion is teaching healers, entrepreneurs, and coaches how to master superior coaching skills and harness the power of their intuition for a bolder business and a bigger bottom line. Using Heather’s resource-supported methodologies that yield faster results, she has helped hundreds of clients across five continents turn their soul’s mission into a movement that elevates everyone they serve.

She is a former psychotherapist turned master coach and her work has been featured in top publications like Spirituality & Health Magazine, mindbodygreen, Brainz Magazine, and Best Self Magazine. When Heather is not working, she loves running on the beach and advocating for mental health and Human Rights via her charity Free Humanity Foundation. With that, let’s welcome the beautiful and amazing Heather Alice Shea to the show.

Baeth, it’s good to see you.

How have you been?

AYD 20 | Intuition
Intuition: Intuition is a baseline human skill that every human being is born with regardless of culture, nationality, race, or socioeconomic status.

I am great. It is wonderful to be serving on your show. You are so gracious to come into my community and do a workshop on design and people raved about it for weeks. Even some of our coaches are now in your community jumping into their design. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

The feeling is very mutual. We are going to talk about one of my favorite subjects, which is intuition. It happens to live in our human design. We are going to look at your chart, which is always a pleasure because you are a manifester. We don’t get that many manifesters on here because you only make up 8% of the population. You are the original kings and queens of humanity. I observe you and it seems you are flowing with what you are here to do. With that, what do you think is one of the biggest myths or misconceptions people have about intuition?

One of the greatest challenges I have in my work is helping people live an intuitive lifestyle, and you and I share that similarly in purpose. What I mean by that is having a person live their life correctly in their energy and truth. To me, the intuitive lifestyle is about saying, “I value the things that I learned in my life and exterior sources of wisdom but at the end of the day, to thy own self be true.” It’s following the dictates of your conscience. To teach people how to tap into that and start doing that, we have to dispel the myths because we don’t understand what this inner technology is. I like to start there.

The most common myth or the most bang for your buck if we focus on this one helps people step into accepting that they do have this inner source of wisdom to follow and that is a lot of people don’t identify as intuitive. The myth is I’m not one of those people. There are some people who are intuitive and some people who aren’t. It’s this categorical thing.

You are either intuitive or not. That’s completely incorrect. Research shows that intuition is a baseline human skill that every human being is born with regardless of culture, nationality, race or socioeconomic status. Like every human being is born with the ability to learn a language, you are born intuiting. You are just not aware you are doing it.

I always love to couch the idea of becoming more “intuitive” as taking currently an unconscious process that you have, learning how to make it conscious, and putting it under your command and control. Blinking is always the analogy I give. How many times have you thought about blinking? Probably not at all but if you wanted to, you could blink. That’s the intuitive faculty and one of the biggest myths about it.

The second one is that intuition is supernatural or spiritual in some way. It isn’t at all. We did think that several years ago because we didn’t have science that was strong enough like instrumentation and methods to explain the intuitive process. We now know through many years of research the exact psychophysiological mechanisms through and by which intuition works. That’s a $10 word for mind and body. We now know exactly how a person intuits, receives intuitive information, picks up on it, deciphers it, and uses it in creative, spontaneous, and practical ways to inform their life in a better direction.

We are one part divine, one part human. We are one part logic, one part intuition.

It’s in our human design. When we look at your chart, it lives right in the body. There are numerous different ways that intuition manifests. What does Atmana mean?

It’s a word I made up. I grew up in a very strict and conservative religious home here in the Southern part of the United States. The true Bible Belt. If you couldn’t see it, touch it, smell it or it wasn’t in the Bible, you did not mess with it. Like so many intuitives, you experienced this traumatic thing. As I began to study other religious disciplines, I fell in love with this concept of the Atman, which is from the Hindu tradition.

The Atman is this concept of the higher self or the soul of your soul. We might say in the Western tradition, it’s the version of yourself that if you were whole, free, expressing yourself as God or a higher power intended you to be in the world. If you were free of all of your programming, who would you be? The Hindus have a word for that and that’s called your Atman. It’s the soul of the soul, who God intended you to be, and your best self.

I’m also fascinated with the concept of nirvana. In the West, we think of nirvana as a heavenly place where there’s no suffering and it’s this reward for living a good life. In the East, they think of nirvana as a state of being without suffering or the sensation of suffering through alignment with one’s higher self. The A, N, and A at the end of Atmana are the last three letters of nirvana and the atman. I wanted my company to stand for what I feel our coaches do.

My core belief in knowing in this world is that as we align to our higher selves and as we are bold, courageous, and daring enough to express the truth of who we are, suffering does end. We do usher in the kingdom of higher consciousness and some would call that God. That is what I live every day of my life doing. It’s what I train my coaches to do in their own unique and on-purpose ways. That’s what it means to be in Atmana.

It is very true that as you listen to your inner guidance, you eliminate resistance and stop suffering. It’s quite an awakening to realize that suffering is mostly optional.

It’s entirely optional. Pain isn’t. We are going to hurt but suffering is something different.

How do you use your intuition to guide your decisions? How does that work for Heather?

To me, it’s the supreme voice and the one that always wins at the end of the day but I also do take an integrated approach. We have to honor who we are as creatures, beings, and our nature. We are one part divine and one part human. We are one part logic and one part intuition. I like to use both my traditional, rational, linear, left-brain, dog with a bone, break it down to its parts, make a list about it, and do a thread, SWOT analysis, pros and cons, and cost-benefit analysis. I love that and I like to use my intuition as well.

I always allow my intuition to lead. It’s the one that ultimately wins in the end. I think of intuition as an inner technology and see it as a right-brain, information-gathering, and analysis tool. It’s not illogical, it’s non-logical. It’s not irrational, it’s non-rational. We use these two operating systems like I have Windows on my computer but I also have Pages for Mac. When I use them both, my business is better. That’s how I see it. I see it as an integrated approach. If I don’t know, I always go with my gut but I like to use both of these processes because they are both a part of me. That’s what’s missing from the intuitive conversation.

Many people are afraid to trust their intuition because they see it as reckless, anti-scientific, woo-woo, and naïve. They are doing it with blind faith and nothing could be further from the truth. That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching it from that research-supported methods. I sit down, tap in, ask myself from a place, and always feel it in my heart. Your heart is your literal sixth sense.

We know what it is now just like your nose smells, your eyes see, your skin touches, your tongue tastes, and your heart intuits. It hits the brain and then the gut. That’s the pathway but it starts in your heart. I focus on my heart and ask myself what I believe to be true. If I wasn’t afraid of being judged, failing, and being blamed, what would I decide? I go with whatever that answer is.

AYD 20 | Intuition
Intuition: We all have very different, unique ways of approaching things. But the one thing that we all hold exactly the same is the vision of what we’re here to create.

As a manifester, you can do that. With your team in your business, how do you support them in trusting their intuition? Do you have reminders at team meetings? Did they go through all your courses? How do your employees learn to function in this way you are teaching your clients?

We have a saying in the company, “Be more,” and then the first name of the person. Be more Baeth, Sharona, Sasha, Amelia, Stephanie, Anne, Brennan, Heather, Akanksha, or whoever. Be more you because I believe in the truth of every single human being in my life. I want them to operate from that truth because I believe from that place of truth comes all the good things. We say, “Be more, Sharona.” If you have a doubt, go with your gut. I trust you.

We operate from that space. The only mistake we can make is to deny our truth. Everything else we can fix but that’s a sacrilege. The second thing is shared vision. We are all very different in the company. We all have unique ways of approaching things. The one thing that we all hold the same is the vision of what we are here to create, the purpose of the company, and what we believe to be true about the future of ourselves and others in the world. This is with respect to intuitive coaching being what I perceive to be what is going to pull this world back from the brink of the chaos that we see. It’s a solution to many problems and so does every person in my team. That shared vision and being more ourselves is how we do it.

Let’s look at your chart and we will circle back, talk about how you train the coaches, and how people can find more if they are interested in joining your open community and potentially working with you. The information in the summary is the main guts and we have this thing called the variable, which is specific to you. What’s so interesting about our human design? I’m going to go down to the body graph. The center and heart of the human design is your body graph.

It is a circuit board of what is you and what isn’t. This is the master human circuit board from 1781. With the discovery of Uranus, we changed from 7-chakra beings to 9-centered beings. A lot of our spirituality, the seventh center chakra itself, and all that is not accurate anymore. We are nine-centered. What is colored in is Heather and what is in white is not Heather.

You had talked about how you use your intuition. This is fascinating because your authority is splenic. Let’s talk about that first and then your life purpose. The home of intuition in the body is the spleen. You have 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 gates off the spleen and 3 full channels of the spleen, which I almost never see 3 channels up the spleen. I see hanging gates and 1 or 2 channels but not 3. You are doing the right work but you know that because your spleen is like, “Yes.” Splenic authority is very fast and it tells you through your senses. The hair may stand up on your arms, you get a bad taste in your mouth, you get a pain in the pit of your stomach or your mind says this.

Spleen awareness is in the now. The thing about it is it only tells you once and doesn’t repeat itself. If you are not listening, you are screwed. The whole point of intuition is so we don’t die. When people say, “That’s woo-woo.” I’m like, “Without it you are dead as a duck.” There are people that lived in nature. Let’s say there’s a Native American tribe. I was thinking about this story my ex-husband told me and I never forgot it because to me, it’s such a story of how intuition worked. When we were together, we lived in this very rural part of Southern Arizona for a couple of months.

Before there were settlers there, the Navajo tribe was there. There were Apaches and they had a woman in one of the tribes. It was the late 1800s. She could smell in the wind when the enemy tribe was coming over the hill. I thought to myself, “That’s what intuition is for. It’s so you don’t die,” but I didn’t understand why. When we look at your chart, you have a couple of things going on. The 57-20 channel is the intuitive channel.

It almost causes you to blurt out the truth. You probably have to bite your tongue sometimes. I have the same channel and people come to us because we know. Anyone that has the 57-20 is the most intuitive person in the room because it is the intuition channel. Some people don’t have any of it. They don’t have the 57-20, and the channel.

People that don’t have it are naturally drawn to us because when they are with us, they can activate it in themselves and experience what that is like. Most people will come to us with questions and our spleen will go, “Here you go.” The 57-20 blurts the truth so you can survive in the now. The 44-26 of the spleen is the intuition to sniff out the right people for the team. It’s about team building.

It is building your community so you don’t have toxic, destructive, manipulative, dangerous, criminal, and corrupt people around you. There are a lot of people that operate that way because it’s the shadow of our DNA. All these gates have shadows. The shadow of your intuition is not listening to it. The shadow of not listening to the smell is a team that will try to destroy you and your business. The whole channel is the entrepreneur channel.

Forty-four picks the team and 26 does the deal. You know the business inside and out. It’s as natural to you as the sun coming up in the morning. It’s there. You have the 32-54, which is very transformational energy, and it’s about ambition. Thirty-two wants to create a legacy and 54 is the energy to build wealth. The 32-54 and the 44-26 are part of the money situation in our human design.

Many people are afraid to trust their intuition because they see it as reckless.

It’s about creating abundance. For you, there isn’t a lot of pressure on you in your design. You have to create wealth for others although you will naturally be charitable because you create so much wealth. You can’t help yourself. It’s like, “What do I do with all this extra?” You better share some of it. You’ve got all that operating.

The 48 is the ability to go deep into subject matters. It is our intuition for knowing ourselves and life deeply. Twenty-eight is the intuition to find our life purpose and fight for our purpose. It’s a fight gate. I’m fond of saying, “The only thing we are fighting for is your purpose.” There you go. That’s intuition. Let’s talk about your incarnation cross or the left-angle cross of education. What do you educate them about? It’s your splenic authority. Not everyone has splenic authority.

In terms of popularity, there are the emotional authority people, which is 50% of humanity, and then the sacral, the splenic, the heart, and the G Center. Other people make decisions from their environment but most people make their decisions emotionally. I grew up with a splenic authority mother. It was a running joke in our family, “She’s never wrong.” You probably make very good decisions and have most of your life because you know. How does this land for you as you hear this?

It’s fascinating because I don’t know a lot about human design outside of what you have taught me when you did our workshop in Atmana. This couldn’t be more fascinating and more on the money. To know those gates, not only does everything resonate but it’s right also where I’m at. I feel like I’m hearing this at the right perfect time. Right down to building the team, in 2020, I had to fire a person for coming in and trying to steal my company. I’m in the middle of a lawsuit for that.

That’s an amazing lesson. It’s cool to hear that it is in my chart and that I do have the ability to make those decisions and trust myself in them. I feel like in my life, I am destined to break from my family and do it so completely that it’s in the opposite direction or 180. It’s wealth generation. I know that I was born to do it. If I give myself permission to be who I am, the easier it gets.

You were born rich. It’s in your body. Your body is designed to generate this tremendous prosperity because you follow your instincts. One of the things that happened to you, like with this person trying to take over a business, I have had that too happen 2 or 3 times. It’s unpleasant. You and I share some similarities in our designs that cause people to look at us as their savior, “She’s going to fix me.” They feel entitled to what we have built like, “She has enough. She can share some with me. I’m not even going to ask her to share it. I will take it.”

What you’ve always got to do, you need to know this, is to never hire people you haven’t met in person because your 44 has to sniff them out. You have to decide if you can handle from your intuition their projections on you because everybody is going to project something on you like expectations that you are going to save and fix them or how you are supposed to lead. People will blame you if things don’t go their way and if you have taken on people who project incorrect things that you can’t solve.

It’s very important. Even if it looks good on paper and the person has been recommended to you, if you are like, “It doesn’t feel right,” it doesn’t matter why. You don’t need a pros and cons list or any mental input at all. Your mind doesn’t know how to make decisions. Look at it. Your head is completely open. What does it know? It gives you all this inspiration and gets you confused. You are thinking about 800 things. It doesn’t matter what Heather is thinking about. Remember that.

Your mind can’t solve your life. Only your intuition can take you in the right direction. I want to share something with you that is very interesting. It’s this book I’m always carrying around. I want to talk with you about your incarnation cross. We will go into the home stretch with that and I want to circle back to ask you about what’s next for Atmana Academy. Your personality sun is your strongest energy. In astrology, this is our sun sign. It’s what people feel from us the most strongly.

You are in gate eleven, which is the gate of ideas. The thing about it is the ideas aren’t for you. They are for other people. That’s why people are hiring you like, “Do you have any ideas for me? Do you have any good ideas? I will pay you for them. I need some ideas.” You’ve got ideas for days, and it’s line five. You are going to love this.

This is the heart of your life’s purpose and what you are here to communicate to others. All of these gates with lines have a keynote word that was downloaded when the system was downloaded. It’s the philanthropist. It’s the motiveless nurturing of the disenfranchised to ensure harmony, philosophic, and humanitarian ideas. One of the things for you to keep in mind is that the people you are here to help need your philanthropic ideas.

It’s very good for you to have people who are philanthropic as clients, want to be more philanthropic, run philanthropies, and teaching systems. I was thinking about that Bill Gates documentary I saw, where he helped create this water treatment plant in this city that had filthy water. They made it all self-containing. The goal was to put these up all over the world so that people weren’t dying of stupid stuff like cholera, MRSA, and Giardia. That’s what philanthropists do. They build these systems and infrastructure to help humanity flow better.

You’ve got these ideas by the dozen of how to improve things. You know how to fix things. You are a 5/1 Profile. You get 5 on the personality and 1 on the right. Out of all the profiles, the 5/1 has the greatest capacity to universalize something globally to be well-known, famous and wealthy. I’m also a 5/1. Part of why this is the five is a natural leader and knows how to fix things and the one is willing to do the research.

We have a very strong advantage with this profile of in most situations knowing how to create success. It’s not a mystery to us. Even in situations that we don’t understand, we can take it in. All you’ve got to do is this and this if you want to get that result. As a result, people are always projecting because they want you to do that for them.

Your personality Earth is 12.5 and the personality Earth is where we are learning on a soul level. It’s a bit akin to our life lesson and it’s where we are being asked to evolve. I’m going to give you the keynote on this. It’s the pragmatist. The success of restraint lies in not abandoning the lessons learned when the phase ends. Light is always conscious of darkness. Caution is an expression of social experience. Once bitten, twice shy, and you won’t have this problem again in your business if someone tries to take your business. You will win this lawsuit because how could it be otherwise?

AYD 20 | Intuition
Intuition: The thing that’s guiding you is your intuition. You can’t fail when you’re listening to it. So go out there and be bold.

They are caught red-handed and it’s foul. You are right. It’s a blessing. What it has done is help me put in those processes like the fixer. It’s like, “This is something I needed to fix. I’m going to fix it and it will never happen again.” Not only that but all my students are going to have their businesses built where this never happens.

I had a bookkeeper forge my name on government documents. She was fudging the numbers and it was stumped for herself. It was her government documents but it needed my signature and she decided not to tell me. I finally looked up the documents that were filed somewhere online. I’m like, “I didn’t sign that.” I fired her the next day. She said to me, “I’m the only person on your team you can trust.” I’m like, “Whatever you are smoking, you need to stop.”

Ironically, that person said the same thing to me.

They are deflecting all that shadow material. For you, you have to be extra careful because you are so powerful as a manifestor. When you speak, you make things happen. That’s what manifestors do. You are here to inform and impact others. Manifestors have such incredible manifestation capacity, hence manifesting because when you speak, things come into being. You don’t need the other types to make stuff happen. You need people to help carry out your instructions and the vision but there’s no neediness there. All the ideas and things come right through you. You are the initiator of your ideas and what you are going to create.

Finally, the design side is two gates off the G Center, the 46, which is the love of the body, and the 25, which is universal love. Any gates off the G Center are about some form of love. If I were to translate these gates, you are here to consciously share your ideas with those that are ready to be initiated into the sacred acts of physical embodiment, commitment, as well as connecting into the larger cosmos. There’s a deeply spiritual aspect to what you are doing. Your business is Atmana Academy, which is about our higher universal love self who can connect to collective love. The body energy is good fortune.

What’s interesting is what keeps you healthy is exercise. What keeps some people healthy is singing, toning or walking but for you, it’s yoga, dancing, even weight training, and adorning the body. Fashion and looking good are going to be important to you and having beautiful jewelry and surroundings. You have embraced it but embrace it as much as you want because being that gorgeous queen is what people are drawn to at first. They see you visually. The 5/1s try to look good. I’m a 5/1 as well.

We want to look good because we know this is the first thing people encounter. We don’t get too freaky with our fashion. We are not too conservative either. It’s right down the middle so that the majority of people we interact with aren’t distracted by our appearance. They are magnetized to it and hopefully, they are looking right at our mouth and eyes to listen to what we say. That’s the whole reason for looking good in terms of career. You naturally do that.

I agree with the exercise. It’s the way I integrate everything. It’s almost like after I go for a run, I feel like everything is in its place and I haven’t had to try to put it there.

What makes me healthy is spending time alone reading, which is what I have done my whole life. I started to read when I was five years old in kindergarten. I was reading those big fat books when I was in the third grade. Being a nerd is what keeps me healthy. Everybody has their thing. Will you please share with our readers what’s next for Atmana Academy and what projects and/or events do you have on the horizon?

What we are up to is going bigger than what we have been up to. I am doubling down on what I know my purpose is. We are setting huge goals for 2022. Our goal is to train 150 coaches and we are on our way to reaching that goal. The way that we do it is through a free workshop called Live Your Purpose Launch Your Practice. It’s free because it is an investment to work with us. A part of our purpose is to try to give intuitive-focused coaches and people who identify as intuitives the tools that they need to become prosperous and well-paid coaches.

I am forever sick and tired of listening to spiritual people talk about how broke they are. Being broke and broken is a choice and I’m not here for it. If you are here to do this work professionally, become a change agent, be a pro at it, and learn the skills just like a surgeon goes to school to learn how to be a surgeon, life coaching is a specific discipline, especially the intuitive piece. That’s what we do better than anybody on the planet.

You can register for that workshop. We run it every couple of months. No matter when you read this, it will apply to you. You can go to HeatherAliceShea.com/intuitive-coach-launch or IntuitiveCoachLaunch.com and get register for it. We have coaches. I probably get an email once a week from somebody telling me, “I took your free workshop and made $4,000. I took your free workshop and signed my first $5,000 package.” You will make money if you come and do the work. If you want to do it and have fun with it, go do the free workshop and begin intuitive coaching. Please do me a favor and do it because my purpose is to help, educate, and empower intuitive life coaches. That’s what we are doing.

The only mistake we can make is to deny our truth.

Any final words of wisdom for our readers?

Go with your gut.

Go with that inner guidance.

No matter what happens, follow that. I have three core values that lead and guide my life. The first is that you are more powerful than you know and can possibly imagine. You were born for a purpose and you are guided every single moment of your life to live that purpose and unlock that power, and the thing that’s guiding you is your intuition. You can’t fail when you are listening to it. Go out there and be bold. The world needs you.

You like to run on the beach. Do you have kids or hobbies? What are some other things to take up your time?

I have a kid. She will be a senior in 2022. I love to run on the beach, spending time with my child. I’m starting painting. I’m going to learn how to do painting as a way to take my mind off of everything. I am an avid reader like you. I read five books at once because I get bored with one so I want to pop to another. There’s exercise too and anything that keeps me and my body out and moving around.

We hope to have you back. It’s a pleasure to be with you. To everybody who has been reading, thank you so much. If you like the show, leave a review, and share it with your friends. We will see you next time.

Thanks for having me.

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