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Transforming your life can be a tall order, but change can be just what you need if you want to start on the road of happiness. Are you ready to start creating success — by recreating the space you live in? Then listen in as Baeth Davis is joined by professional and personal empowerment coach and Feng Shui expert, Tandy Pryor. Tandy explores her path towards her current profession, and what she learned that empowered her to take her own unique path. Baeth also does a reading that sheds light on Tandy and her human design.

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You are reading the show where I interview fascinating, interesting, unusual creative people who I feel are aligned to their design and living their purpose full out in the world, being role models and examples of what that’s like for others. Hopefully, you leave every time inspired with some new data or information that is practical and that you can apply to your everyday life. Our guest has been on quite a journey. She is a powerhouse of a woman who leads other women and men to find their power in their lives, home environments and their businesses. Her name is Tandy Pryor. For decades, she has helped her clients and audiences transform their lives, live more joyfully and make more money through her various skillsets. One of the things she is known for is she empowers her clients to use their home or office as a vehicle for making radical shifts in their life, increasing their wealth, productivity and peace of mind. What’s cool is I’m in the process of working with Tandy. I’m not done with the process.

We’re going to be able to share with you what’s happened in this process in my life which has been pretty amazing since I’ve been working with Tandy. You’re not going to want to miss this. She has amazing intuitive advice and insights to help you set clear boundaries, rediscover your personal power, heal those past experiences and fears that may have stopped you. She has been called the raw, transformative, hilarious, honest, refreshing, innovative, spot on and spookily accurate. I can attest to that. With that, let’s bring on our guest, the incredible Tandy Pryor. Welcome to our show.

Thank you so much. What a nice introduction.

It’s so nice to be with you. I can’t wait to get into what you’ve done for me. Let’s let them wait a little bit more. How did you get started with your coaching business? We have a lot of coaches that read the show and a lot of people that want to get into coaching. Will you talk about how that came about for you?

It was a road. I know it was a lifelong journey. I’m having people that they know I’m doing this talk it about that I used to do it in high school and I didn’t even realize it. The road to doing it was pretty long and arduous. At 50 years old, I had been doing back doing real estate. I was divorced, had a near-death experience, had all kinds of financial issues from the divorce. All along, I’d been taking coaching and doing my own personal development. I had a call with a coach who asked me, “How much longer are you going to hide?” I was in my basement, hiding from my three kids that were upstairs. It was a metaphor. It was like, “I can’t hide anymore.” Within weeks, I had my first paying client. I turned 50. I knew that the time had come.

What’s one thing that people don’t realize about the coaching business?

People don’t understand what true transformation is or they can be lining up. You’ve got all different types of coaches. Not all coaches are transformational coaches. If people understood what coaching is about, had a good coach and how many areas of your life can shift, that is one thing. When you talk about coaches wanting to get into coaching, I remember in a class, the coach was teaching a class. It was David Nagel. He talked about that our job as coaches is to turn a need into a want. It’s the truth. People are walking down the street going, “I want transformation.” They want to be happier. They want to make more money. They’ve got all those but they don’t exactly know how to do it so they go through life tolerating.

What’s the thing that people seem to misunderstand about you?

I have a very strong personality and I came in like that. After working with human design with you, I understand the 34-20 and the 3/5. I can come into a room and split it. Before you understand that, it can be hard. The same thing that people are attracted to, it automatically could be the opposite too. It happens.

We’ll talk about the 34-20 and the 3/5. For those of you who are new to human design, one of the things we do with our guests is we look at every guest chart if they’ll let us sit in course sets. Contingent on them being on the show, we get to look at their chart. Tandy referred to the 34-20 channel and the 3/5 profile. We will touch on that. A lot of the readers will have these things in their design or know people that do. It’s fascinating to me to see the person, you and then look at a chart, which is a map. You’re not the chart. As the saying goes, the map is not the territory. You are the territory. The map is to give you guidance. We’ll have a look at that.

Together we create where you’re going. It shows the present and the past. Together, we create the future using the physical space.

I look at this as a tool. There are other modalities. I’ve seen people use it for dysfunction too. You are always so clear that it is a tool, a guide and a way of living but you can’t use it to stay in your stuff. I see people take things like that. You’re so good about making sure that that doesn’t happen. That’s important for me. It comes down to your personal responsibility and how you take the information.

To not use the information as an excuse to keep learning more information rather than applying it.

Also, to stay stuck.

People can use anything to stay stuck. It’s incredible. I want to talk about what you have been doing with me and so many clients. I’m getting chills. With this process, I could cry. First of all, I’m satisfied, which is my signature as a generator. Everything in my life is satisfying. My health, body, hair is cooperating. I’m having mostly good hair days to be totally superficial. The process that you have undertaken with me and we’re still in the midst of it so we have more to do but will you share with our audience what you’re doing with me in my physical space? Maybe share about one of your other clients where they’ve had something happen they didn’t expect? We can get more into what you’re doing with me.

To give a real background, the basis of what I do is while I was in real estate post-divorce, doing all the coaching training, I was drawn after the near-death experience to do all of this healing work. The feng shui showed up which I didn’t know anything about it. I thought that’s interesting. It’s instinctive feng shui from Denise Linn, who’s the Hay House author. That is how I started. I’ve had many training, BTB, some training, which is Black Hat Sect feng shui and then this innate. I have no idea why I’m so intuitive in physical spaces but that’s the truth. The basis with the guiding thing is this instinctive feng shui. The way I work and apply it is different. It’s not designed.

I connect people to their physical space. It’s an intimate relationship. People in their space are intimately connected. I use it to coach people through. It speaks to me. Your physical space and the things in it are a cluster of items or things that tell a story about who you are, where you’ve been, what you’re about might show values, what you love. It could show your religious background but it will always show me where you’re blocked from what you say you want. I could see the blocks and how to unstick that. Together we create where you’re going. It shows the present and the past. Together, we create the future using the physical space. It also works for business. The business breakthroughs through the office and the home space oftentimes.

When we met around this, I sent you pictures from the entryway into space, the different rooms. I live in a two-bedroom townhome. It’s a pretty good size. It’s about maybe 1,400 square feet of living space but there’s a weird layout. It’s not a perfect rectangle. There’s one room that goes out over the garage next to the stairs. There are the rest of the apartments towards the back because I’m on the top floor. My environment is mountains in human design. I need to live on the top floor of my building, which is great. I’ve always got a view. I walked you through. I showed you the pictures. We did a little walk-through. We got on Zoom. You made suggestions for each of the spaces. “Move this here. Try this color here. Get rid of that stuff. Put this remedy here.” For example, the crystals at the front door.

I got these big 8-inch round balls and hung them by the front door. You can explain what that’s about. My experience is walking through the different aspects of the home, seeing how different parts of the home activate different things in my life. There’s one area at the front office that was the junk room that I hadn’t gotten to was my career and business space which I’m in. It’s a work in progress. One of the things you said to me was to get a map and put it across where I can see it. I went to an antique store. It was $100 at the antique store. The frame alone is a $300 frame. It’s a gold foil, ancient dual circle maps. It has astrology in it. It has Greek gods and goddesses in it. It’s so beautiful. It’s right across from where I’m sitting. I was going to put it behind me but then I realized it would reflect the light and be annoying on Zoom. You said, “Put a map across.” There’s a map there. I’ve got the new black ceramic curtain rod waiting for the new long 108-inch drapes. I’m going piece by piece. I’m checking things off that list. We had a four-page list. I’ve been working my way through the corrections.

The other thing I want to say to the audience and I want you to talk about is this hasn’t been expensive. This hasn’t broken my bank account. Working with you is reasonable. You don’t undercharge but it’s affordable. It’s not like a $20,000 design fee which is where most designers start. It gets $10,000 or $20,000 to get started. It was not with you. It was a very reasonable investment. It was enough of an investment. I’m going to pay attention to what she has to say. Your instructions were crystal clear. I’ll share what’s happened since but I would love for you to talk about how you developed this process. That’s the first question and then we’ll go from there. I have more questions. How did you develop this process you took me through? I love it.

It was overtime and there’s an important distinction here that I need to make. I am not a designer. You do not want me picking colors out. I pay people to pick colors out. Some people talk about my blue behind me. I had to embrace blue. This is the only shade I like. I’m all about the fire. I had to bring the water so it’s a balance which brings me to what I wanted to talk about with your map. It’s beautiful that you put that up. There’s a reason I said a map. Not everybody needs to have a map. We talked about it and I could see that. You brought your intention in, waited and the right thing showed up. That is what’s so critical with this. It’s your intention. I’m a guide with it but the instinctive feng shui honors that you intuitively know what’s best for your space. It’s amazing at teaching that. I’ve taken it and put my own spin on it.

AYD 13 | Creating Success
Creating Success: People are walking down the street going, “I want transformation.” They want to be happier, they want to make more money, but they don’t exactly know how to do it.

It is the personal breakthroughs, the business breakthroughs that come from connecting you with your environment to the degree that I have been shown that is all guided. I got started on this. I went into coaching from doing the feng shui because I could see that every time I was doing that, I was poaching. Here’s a true thing for this interview. I left a lot of the intuition, a lot of my skills that I developed in order to be a coach years ago. I followed what other people told me to do. I had to be a business coach. I left a lot of this. This work with you has given me the next level of permission of bringing this forward even more. It’s been back there. If you followed me for years, you would see it. Instead of that, it’s up and center because it needs to be seen and heard in the world. It’s important. It’s transformational.

Let’s talk about love, money and business. You know about my love life. Most of our readers are aware that it’s a humorous thing. I can laugh about it. My life lesson has been intimacy. Now that I understand my design, I also have compassion for why it’s been my lesson because people project so much stuff on me that I haven’t always made the best choices. I misunderstood the information coming to me from my environment. Everyone needs to learn what we’re talking about here in school. Needless to say, it’s been very challenging. Although I have no regrets, I’ve learned much after the last relationship, which for a lot of it was good and was right for the time in my life but it came to an ending and it needed to end. We had completed our contract. It took me a while to recover from that ending and integrate the lessons.

I want to start dating again. Right around the time I started working with you, I had met someone. I said to you, “I feel good about this connection. I want to ensure that we can deepen the connection.” You had suggested to me to put some things in the romance corner. The color in there was pink and red. I already had a salmon pink couch I had gotten delivered months before so that was helpful but he’d given me this beautiful gift. I put it there in that corner. Not too long after, he and I sat in that very corner and had the conversation about being exclusive right in that corner.

We created the space and it was wonderful. We had turned the flames on the TV because I don’t have my new fireplace installed yet. We had flames on YouTube crackling in the background and candles. Neither one of us drinks alcohol. Occasionally I’ll have a sip. We were drinking our ice coffee at 10:00 at night. We were sitting cross-legged, facing one another on this couch. We had easily a 3 or 4-hour conversation that went all over the place. I said to him at some point where it was natural to ask, “What about Tinder?” He brought up his phone. He showed me the app, took a screenshot and hit delete. He didn’t even say anything. I did the same. We did it right in front of each other. It blew me away.

I could see it in my mind’s eye that room and all of that. There’s a little magic involved. You use your intention and the physical items that represent what you want to bring in. Congratulations.

Thank you. I moved into my new office. The frame on that map has the same matte color as the new carpet. The frame itself is black and gold, as you suggested. It was custom-made. I walked into the antique store, “I have to have that.” I was with the guy I’m dating. He said, “You got to get that. You’re going to buy that.” He’s 6’5”. He carried it to my car like it was a paper bag. It weighs 100 pounds. I moved into this office. We had a launch. I have $85,000 in sales since I moved in. I have some new coaching clients. Private clients have come on board and they wired the money. They go, “I want to keep working with you. I’m ready to start working with you.” It’s been very abundant and inflow since I moved into this space as well. Those two things in particular.

Those are some good results. That’s how it works. You’ve seen those other testimonials. It does. It takes an open mind, clear intention and implementation. It’s not hard implementation but there can be resistance. If you have a room that always has clutter in it, those types of things can be a bigger thing. That is a block. Clutter is anything unloved, unused. It’s stagnant energy.

Tell us about a client that you’ve done this for and they got an unexpected result.

There are so many. I’ll pick one. I helped somebody create another bedroom, another love space, a relationship space. Not only did she bring a partner in but she realized that she did not like men anymore. That was one. It was all part of the whole thing but it was creating a space for that transformation to come through. I was thinking about when you said, “What’s one thing where I helped somebody and something happened?” I was with a client at an event. She had a booth and I had stopped by. I’m standing with someone else that knew her. We didn’t know that each of us knew her. He says to me, “She was completely unrecognizable from years ago.” She did work with me for a few years off and on coaching and transforming.” It wasn’t just the physical change. It was the transformation of powerlessness to empower and how that showed up physically. Everything about her business changed. To have somebody on the outside that didn’t know we were working together say, “She is unrecognizable.” That was a big one.

Congratulations on making that impact. You are making a wonderful impact.

Transformation takes an open mind, clear intention, and implementation. It’s not hard implementation but there can be resistance.

Thank you. Take that in. It’s an interesting work. It’s always sometimes like, “What if it’s not going to work?” It’s never going to work. Every single time, there is formulaic within me but it’s divinely guided.

Why don’t we have a look at your chart? Before we do, I want to tell people where to go. Go to TandyPryorCoaching.com/tribe. It will take you to Tandy’s amazing Facebook Group. You can reach out to Tandy directly if you like to work with her. She does show in there. Anything else you want to say about the Facebook Group and why people want to drop by?

I do all kinds of fun stuff in there. I have a specific feng shui Friday. We talked about feng shui. In Tuesday, I teach about coaching mindset. I answer some Q&A, some questions that people have sent in. I try to give good content in there. I’m super excited about that group. It’s growing because the content is good. People are referring people like crazy. I love that.


Thank you.

You’re welcome. We’re going to look at your human design chart. I always ask a guest what they want to talk about. We’re going to talk about your incarnation cross which includes that 34-20 channel and your profile, the 3/5. For those of you who are new to the show, this advanced rave chart overview is from Maia Mechanics Imaging. It’s software available from the Jovian Archive. I’m licensed to use the software. It runs these detailed reports which are great for doing human design readings and studies. We’re going to talk about Tandy’s profile with Tandy here, which is great so we can get feedback in real-time and her incarnation cross. For all of you in your designs, the profile is what Ra Uru Hu, who downloaded this system calls The Costume of Your Purpose. The incarnation cross is the expression. The profile is the behavioral vehicle that you’re designed to use for this incarnation cross to manifest.

It is not guaranteed that people will fulfill their incarnation cross. However, it is the goal. The writing of the cross is a sleeping phoenix. It’s very interesting. I want to pause for a moment. We’ll come back to the chart. You have the incarnation cross that is the new frequency we’re moving into in 2027. Your incarnation and all of the other people on the planet that have that incarnation cross are already electrically wired to this new frequency coming in. These frequencies move in huge cycles and then smaller cycles, 411-year cycles. We’re ending a cycle of a tribal organization to simplify it. That would include here in the United States things like the postal service, firefighters, police and public school systems. We’re watching all of that disintegrate before our eyes. I hate to break it to people, it’s not coming back. I tried to talk to my sister about this. She kept saying to me, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said, “I’ll send you some audios and it will explain it.”

We’re going through this huge shift. You carry this frequency of the new 411-year cycle we move into in 2027, which is all about individual expression, creative fulfillment and sexual fulfillment. It’s sensual, creative and individual. We’re moving out of tribal, everything for the tribe. “How does this serve the most people? What’s best for the masses?” That’s falling away as a consciousness. All the people born under this cross, which started in 1615, will all carry that frequency even you will carry it because we were born under it. We come to expect that this is how the world is. This is not how the world is all the time. It’s just during this transit, this cycle. You are in the embodiment of individual creative expression, sensual fulfillment, dietary fulfillment. The sleeping phoenix is about the spirit being fulfilled.

It has 55, 59 in there. Gate 55 is the abundance of spirit and Gate 59 is sexuality and all that it can create. It isn’t just about sex. We know sex was set up. The whole way sex works are so well procreated, hence the design of sex to get us to do it a lot. Nature’s ingenious. Do it even when you don’t want children because that’s the nature of the body. It’s very sensual. You’ll have this 34-20 channel which isn’t sensual. It is very much about, “I have to take what I’m thinking and what I’m feeling. I have to turn it into something.” Those thoughts and words must become deeds. Anyone with a 34-20 tends to put their money where their mouth is and they follow through. It’s a rare 34-20 that doesn’t follow through but usually, they’re very conditioned and don’t understand themselves. I know a lot of people with the 34-20. I’ll bring up your chart. You’re all go-getters. Here’s your design.

34-20 goes up like that, 34 off the sacral. It’s a sacral or sex chakra-powered force. It’s the only gate of the sacral that isn’t particularly sexual or sensual interestingly enough. It doesn’t have that sex energy to it. It is a pure creative power that’s driving towards the throat. This is the only manifesting generator channel. It directs the channel from the sacral to the throat. The twenty is the voice of the now. When you speak in the now, when you’re doing an interview, when you’re helping me or another client with their space, there’s a magic that pours through you at the moment from the sacral. It’s an instinct. I don’t think I’ve ever described this well. Gate 34 picks up the sound frequency in the environment. It travels that channel to your throat. You’re able to translate what the sound or the sensation is telling you about the space and then you just say it.

AYD 13 | Creating Success
Creating Success: Your physical space and the things in it are a cluster of items or things that tell a story about who you are, where you’ve been, what you’re about might show values, what you love.

This is not a mental process. You can explain to people how you learn that or how you know that. It isn’t knowing in the normal sense. Knowing is from the neocortex. Knowing is a mental function, which is fine. You can see that your mind is undefined. There’s stuff happening up there. There’s some stuff happening in your mind but that’s not where your power is. Your power is instinctive power. The 34-20 is part of this sleeping phoenix incarnation cross. All the people on this planet have the 34-20, there’s an element to your circuitry where you receive an impulse that you don’t understand until you speak it. Even then you may not understand it but it turns out to be useful, true or highly creative. Remember, 34 is creative power. It wants to create beauty, more symmetry, music in the world and harmony. It wants to make people happy and fill them with laughter.

Thirty-four is this power to come alive at the moment more fully. When you’re with people, your body knows instinctively what will help that person become more alive. The 34 knows that and the 20 can then translate it at the moment. You may find yourself saying things like, “This doesn’t make much sense. I’ve never suggested this to anyone before but I think you need to put X, Y, Z in the corner of that room.” That’s the gift. The 55, which is your core genius, is the abundance of spirit line five, which happens to be the voice according to Richard Rudd and his interpretations of human design. When we’re talking design Earth which he refers to as core genius, the various lines 1 through 6 activate different parts of the body. The gate is the theme.

55 is the abundance of spirit. In line five, it’s the voice. You activate people’s abundance, particularly the abundance of their spirit. Feeling abundant is much more than money. It’s speaking for me. Abundance is a feeling of relaxation, safety and security. Safety and security have never been super high needs of mine except emotionally. I know I’m feeling abundant when I feel emotionally secure in my relationships. That’s abundance for me. If I get that right, my nervous system stays very relaxed and then I’m able to do the other things. I’ve always been pretty good with money. I’ve always had money. I understand how to make money. I’ve known since I was ten years old, you work. You’ll hopefully work at something you’re good at. You will always have money. I’ve always had my own money since I was ten. That wasn’t the biggest issue.

My abundance was this abundance of emotional security. Using your voice has helped me to create that in my life and understand that’s where my abundance comes from. Your genius is helping people through the use of your voice to come to know what makes them feel abundant. Sometimes it’s money for some people. If they’ve had financial insecurity most of their life or they grew up in a poor neighborhood and then they suddenly have money, that feels so abundant. Fifty-nine also in line five this is what keeps you healthy. Let’s say it’s Gina Lollobrigida of the world, Sophia Loren, J.Lo. This gorgeous magnetic beauty that you have and men feel this from you. They feel you when you walk into the room. You can harness it because it’s line five. It’s leadership energy.

This isn’t a coaching session but if I were coaching you, I would encourage you because 55-59 is where it’s at in terms of what you do for people. You help them become abundant in whatever that definition is for them. You help them awaken their sexuality. More than just sex. It is sex plus intimacy. Line five is being a leader. The 34-20 channel is the charisma channel as well or the busyness channel. People are attracted to your busyness and your productivity. The 59-5 is being a leader in this intimacy movement. I would encourage you in your marketing to let people know that you help them activate abundance and intimacy in their lives. Let’s face it. That’s mostly what people want. The majority of humans, 70%, most of the generators and manifesting generators of the world, the two things they want are great work and great love. It’s very straightforward.

Well-meaning friends are usually in relationships. Not single people but people in relationships would always give me useless advice like, “Let it go and it will happen.” I’m like, “Nothing in my life works that way. Thanks so much.” When I let stuff go, nothing happens because of my human design. I have to be super proactive and mega intentional. I’m like, “I’m going to keep kissing frogs. I know there’s someone there for me. I’m not giving up.” Good relationship coaches, on the other hand, would say, “The people who have the most successful relationships approach it like anything else in life where you have success. They try and try again. They don’t quit and don’t settle.” That’s the advice that I took.

All my well-meaning friends are like, “Let it go. You’re too hung up about it.” I’m like, “You don’t understand who I am. That tells me you don’t even know what matters to me.” I feel like a limb is missing when I’m single. I can do it but it’s not correct for me to be single. It’s not correct in my design to be single and yet I’m great at it. I know how to do it. You’re the kind of person that affirms all that for people like the woman who found out, “I don’t want to be with men anymore. I’m going to call in a different kind of partner.” That’s huge. Do you see how you do this? Is this making sense what I’m saying? I’m so excited sharing this with you and the audience because it’s so profound what you do in your purpose.

Seeing it this way affirms that in a different way than the way I see it or have seen it.

I want to finish by talking about the 3/5 profile. The three is the martyr. The five is the heretic. In practical terms, I think of the 3/5 as the strategic leader. People come to you for strategy, exactly what you’ve done with me. Strategy is, “Here’s what we’re going to do and why we’re going to do it. Here’s how you do it. Here are the steps.” What it does then, your strategy activates leadership, power and others. Whatever is true in your design is what you do for the other. It’s what you bring to the other. How you motivate people is how you get motivated. When you’re in your correct energy in your profile, being this strategic leader, you help leaders be more strategic to get that incarnation cross of the sleeping phoenix. The sleeping phoenix wakes up. What you do is you will awaken the firebird. The phoenix is the firebird, others and yourself. The more it awakens in you, the more you awaken it and others.

It’s sleeping until you come along. These things are dormant. The woman had to rearrange a room to realize, “I need a different kind of partner.” I didn’t realize even that I had energy blocked. It was completely unknown to me until you pointed it out to me. “Your office is where your unpacked boxes are sitting. You might want to change that,” and it opens the wings. You might want to bring that firebird into your marketing. You’re so fiery. Let people know, “I activate the phoenix in you. I awaken the sleeping phoenix in you so you can fly.” What’s cool about the firebird is it flies and it burns up but then it rises again. Your life is a series of crash and burn, rise. It’s not even meant to be painful. It’s you disintegrate into ash and then you rise again. That’s what you do for people. You show people endings don’t have to be bad. They turned to ash and then you build something new.

AYD 13 | Creating Success
Creating Success: You use your intention and the physical items that represent what you want to bring in.

I’ve had houses burned down and things flood. People are like, “That’s so terrible.” I’m like, “It wasn’t. I’m not that attached to material things.” One of the houses that burned down was so ugly. I was planning to rebuild it and it burned to the ground. I was like, “Nature took care of it for us.” It was a wildfire. The house obliterated. That’s the phoenix experience. When something happens, people around you might be, “That’s awful.” You are like, “No. It’s fine.” That’s how you are. “It’s just ashes. Let’s see what wants to grow from the mulch.” You do that for people. You awaken the sleeping phoenix in people’s lives so that they can experience abundance and intimacy beyond their wildest dreams.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Any final thoughts for our readers?

Right off the top of my head, I’ve taken in what you said. I love it. I love human design. I love your interpretation of it and how to implement it. It’s wonderful. It’s the same as what I was talking about with you within your space. It comes to intentions. We didn’t talk about Gate 18 but that’s a big part too about removing what’s spoiled, making sure that you don’t have things around you that are energetically not a fit. Thank you. I’m complete with everything. This was wonderful. I hope everybody enjoys it.

I’m sure they will. Share this show. If you like it, leave us a review. Thank you, Tandy, for your time. This was a delight.

Thank you so much for having me for the opportunity. It was wonderful.

You’re so welcome. Bye.

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