AYD 18 | I-Ching Method

If you are at a loss in the direction your life is going, a little energy reading is always a good idea. The unique I-Ching method is something you should try to change your course, tapping deep into yourself to find all the answers you are looking for. Discovering the roots of this practice from Ancient China with Baeth Davis is Mindy Mayhew, Spiritual Ascension Teacher and Akashic Records Practitioner. She explains how a few coin tosses every day can reveal where to direct your energy and how to courageously address your life’s messier parts. Mindy also explains how this reading can impact your overall human design, driving you out of the dull 3D life and towards the freedom-based 5D lifestyle.

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Key Secrets Of The I-Ching And How It Impacts Your Human Design With Projector Mindy Mayhew

This is discovering the key secrets of the I Ching and how it impacts your human design. My special guest is Mindy Mayhew. She is an I Ching specialist and she also specializes in the Akashic records and does channel healings for her clients. She is on a mission to help people bring more of their gifts into the world in a spiritually fulfilling and healthy way. I’m so thrilled that she’s here. She reached out to me about what she does and I said, “We’ve got to do an episode for the community. This would be amazing.” With that, let me bring on our wonderful, beautiful, amazing guest, Mindy Mayhew. Mindy, welcome to our session. I’m so happy that you are with us.

AYD 18 | I-Ching Method
I-Ching Method: I-Ching taps into the concept of unlearning, non-action, and undoing, then shifting back your perspective and opening up to a higher nature.

It’s so good to be here. Thank you for having me. I’m excited about this.

We are so excited, too.

First and foremost, let’s go ahead and dive into how the I Ching or the intro of how we are. As Baeth introduced me, I am a spiritual ascension coach so I work with all sorts of different modalities and I Ching was my first one. It holds a special place in my heart. This was my first way of giving energy readings. I found it when I was sixteen years old. It inspired the tattoo that I have, which I will be talking about. I did get it at sixteen. I was like, “This changed my life. I’ve got to go and document this.” Here I am now, still sharing and loving this concept. That is a little bit about me, who I am and what I do. You guys know Baeth well. She’s a human design expert for many years. Do I have that right?

Twenty-three years with scientific hand analysis and about seven years with human design.

Humans all wander in the unknown. Those who travel beside the sage are protected from harm.

Let’s dive right in on what we are going to learn. This is a little bit of an itinerary. We are going to go over some basic vocabulary that you will find used with the language and a little bit of the language barrier situation with this ancient Chinese concept. It’s going to have an intro as well with the human design gates as the I Ching hexagrams and the gates are the same thing. We are going to have two different perspectives on that, which is going to be amazing. We will go into a little bit of the history of the I Ching, and then the full tutorial on how you guys are going to get an energy reading that you do for yourselves with a step-by-step walkthrough, and then it will be how the I Ching impacts the human design system.

What you will need is the three coins and then a favorite journal that you have, as well as something to write with. You will be drawing a hexagram and an open mind. The I Ching always asks that we meet it halfway. Having that present moment to tap into the gorgeous magic that’s available to us here. This is where we are going, to begin with, human design. I will ask Baeth to intervene a little bit on this topic. We have a blank human design chart with little itty-bitty numbers, which are the gates. This is the first way that people can identify where the gates are, and then the other way is this way of the mandala. This is where we can see that the outer layer of the circle has the hexagrams listed on them.

What I wanted to zoom in here on these images from Jovian is we have the I Ching, and then we have these little notches in here. If we zoom in closely, we see that these are the lines of the I Ching hexagrams. We have the specific hexagram and then broken down to each individual line. You guys will connect a lot of dots when we go through this tutorial as to why that is. Baeth, do you have anything to add about the way of the mandala?

Within the I Ching, there are 64 hexagrams. The 64 hexagrams are each linked to their own unique gate. There are 64 gates and there are 64 codons of DNA. The people who downloaded created and were inspired by the I Ching understood the 64 different frequencies. If you are looking at your human design chart, what is colored in is you or the gates, hexagrams and DNA that pertains to you. Why I wanted to have this session with you, Mindy, and to share with our community is to deepen the understanding of the most ancient part of human design, which is indeed the I Ching. The I Ching is the precursor to the discovery of our DNA that amazingly has 64 primary codons. Within the human genetic code, there are 20,000 different genetic configurations within the human body but they are based upon these 64 codons. The areas that are colored in are the gates, codons or I Ching hexagrams that are linked to you as an individual.

It was interesting as well with the codons. It always so happens when we’re diving into things like this, whether it be the spiritual or the scientific side of things, how many dots connect without us having to worry about it. We have these a-ha moments where it’s coincidentally but of course, there are no coincidences. That’s beautiful. Let’s go ahead. You can see how it goes from that head to the eleven, and then even deeper so that’s zooming in there. We are going to move into the I Ching. We have this symbol in the corner, which is what I took to the tattoo artists who have here on me. That is the word Tao and it means everything and nothing. It means everything is put together in perfect harmony.

In my estimation, the I Ching and the Tao Te Ching go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other. The I Ching is the oldest book, and then the Tao Te Ching being grandfathered in with that entire concept being its foundation. From that, we also see how Osho, Hinduism, and Buddhism stemmed from that. You can start to see the progression but it did all begin with I Ching. Let’s have this little quote here. “We are all wanderers in the Unknown. Those who travel beside the Sage are protected from harm.” This is something that is taken from the I Ching. It perfectly expresses the intention of the I Ching. We are going to get into a little bit more of that when we get into more vocabulary stuff.

This is a little bit of a disclaimer. The I Ching has been translated many times. The first-ever book that was created was in the ninth century so somewhere between 750 and 1000 BC. It’s known as the original beginning process of calligraphy itself so the first language in terms of that Chinese culture. The content that I am sharing is from my personal experience and a translated version of this original text just so everybody is aware of that. Let’s go into a little bit of this history. We see the little DNA movement going through here. This person that we see here is Fu Xi who is known to be the first emperor of China from the Zhou Dynasty.

The original beginning stages of creating calligraphy and we see him with the I Ching lines here. He said that the information came to him from a flying dragon-horse. It’s cool how this could have been a real human and it’s more than likely so but it goes so far back in time that he’s mystical in Chinese mythology. He’s a cultural mythical character if that makes sense. We have some new age translations and I’m going to give you all some examples. These are the texts that I personally have and recommend to you all. We do have a deck of cards here if you are interested in that. This would be the Tao Oracle. I have those cards here with me. They do have those keywords so you will see the hexagram and then two different elements, and then some text that gives you that little bit of a baseline understanding of what each hexagram would mean as a summary.

I mentioned that the Tao Te Ching goes hand in hand with the I Ching so I recommend having them as a partner to one another. We will go deeper as a way for you all to be able to win some of these recommended reading materials as we go along here. Let’s go into a little bit of the progression of the I Ching. I always like to say that this is not for the faint of heart. It’s stoic. It’s like the grumpy old grandpa who only points and grunts at stuff and gives you 1 or 2 little keywords, and then says, “Go figure it out on your own.”

It’s harsh at times. The tone is very straightforward and it will kick you on your butt. It usually will begin with that harsh beginning stage like shaking the snow glow, and then it reminds you to be in the present moment. It softens as it goes and it brings you to that present moment where you can be sitting on your butt and being like, “I get it now. I’m willing to see this differently. Give me this perspective shift.” We go into some of the languages that you will be able to see here so prepare to hear things like relinquishing, withdraw, quiet, remain and maintain. These verbiage choices in my personal estimation are to remember the value of being innately at one with all that is.

AYD 18 | I-Ching Method
I-Ching Method: The 5D life is tapping into a freedom-based lifestyle, bringing the purpose of living into your work or business.

Going back to that present moment, and then expanding your consciousness to being at one with the universe as a whole. It sits you on your butt and then says, “We are going to have this expansive experience.” The best reward that you can hear in the I Ching, the positivity at its peak, would be attaining the aid of the Sage. When you have achieved the present moment, when you are there for the perspective shift, the best possible thing that you can hear from I Ching system is, “You have the support of unified consciousness. You have the ability now to know and that optimal ability there is having that inner knowledge. The goal always is to have that equanimity.

Some of the positive things that you might hear are devotion, enduring, persevering and things like that. Be prepared to hear some of these words. Some of the more negative ones are colorful when it comes down to it. Things like rushing on ice and gluttony. You will see humiliation is to follow, self-indulgence leads to misfortune and things like that. It’s colorful in how it likes to speak to us. A couple more words here, at the top, we have the Sage. The Sage is also verbiage for a higher power. If there was a deity in this cultural system, it would be known as the deity.

Taoism is not considered a religion because there is no God. It’s all much the yin and yang coming together. The two parts, the masculine and feminine meeting and creating harmony because there is no deity, it is not a religion. That’s why this is a cultural theology. You will see a lot of times higher nature, higher power, the Sage and the master. That is who we are tapping into and connecting to, which also is the definition of Tao, which we have the symbol here. They also will have he and she intermingled so it will say, “She is the master. He is the master.” It will intermingle those things.

The other thing is correct and incorrect in terms of action, principles, things that you are doing and things that you are calling in, in the present moment. You will see a lot of these proper principles, modesty and humility. You will see as well superior and inferior situations, inferior and superior human interactions. We do tap into this whole concept of unlearning, non-action and undoing. Taking your perspective to shift back into the now and then open up to that higher nature. It goes into being one with all that is. You are giving away the 3D of the world that we live in and tapping into more of that 5D that everyone is talking about.

The ability to practice non-action and gain intuitive insights is the goal of the entire I Ching system. The words that you will hear are retreat, disengage, unlearn and fall back. Coming back a step, you will see that a lot, and then you will learn, whether you are headed towards fortune or misfortune and in terms of outcomes and events that you are calling in based upon where you are in the present moment. It encourages you to breathe into the positive present moment before we run through the walkthrough so that you ensure that you get a positive response. It is possible to get a negative response from the I Ching.

I do want to add something here, Mindy, to what you shared about how the I Ching starts a little harsh because those same keynotes are used in human design. Often, I find people want to get away from them. They want to go to a happy place. Other authors in human design make things sound rosy and it misses the point. That shadow material is vital to the transformation because it’s the shadow everyone is running from. If you keep running from the negative words, contraction, decrease, humiliation or whatever the word is, you miss the point of this whole experience, which is to grow and to not be in shadow. To not be in shadow, you need to not run from the shadow. I wanted to add that this system is direct and clear like my personality. That’s one of the reasons I like it so much.

With a unified consciousness, you have the ability to know.

Mindy, can you elaborate on what is the 3D versus the 5D world you mentioned? We all know what our 3D world is.

The 3D is living in the world under the realm of corruption. That’s what most people are going to explain this as it’s paying bills, going to work from 9:00 to 5:00 and going through the harshness of the world as we know it. The 5D is tapping into a freedom-based lifestyle, launching that business or whatever it is that is living your purpose. What both Baeth and I do is tap into people’s life purpose and help guide them into that more intuitively led way of being. As you are tapping into 5D, you are at one with all that is and therefore, intuitively guided and living in alignment. 3D is more living by default, is how I like to explain it, which is that things come and take me and weigh me to and from rather than me being the creator of my experience. That’s the duality there as I see it.

Mindy, what’s 4D? I was joking about this with my clients that young people are talking about 5D and we live in a 3D world. To go 5D is quite a feat. Is there a 4D in between the 3D and the 5D?

Yeah, there is. 3D is three-dimensional where we live in a space-time continuum.

It’s cause and effect

4D incorporates and moves through time so it’s a different understanding of how time moves. That is more being direct with how you work with the element of time. You have the physical and the mental aspect of time, and then the 5D is with the unified consciousness and with that intuition leading the way. That’s my interpretation of what that all means.

Teddy, did that help answer your question?

Yes, it did and it made a lot of sense because I’m a former math teacher and the 3D world is length times width times height. I knew that the 4D world adds time and it’s good to know that the 5D is adding consciousness. Thank you.

That was a good explanation of 3D as well. I love that. That’s amazing. I’m going to go ahead and move along here. We have another couple of key phrases, things that I have pulled from the I Ching, to give a little bit more into the language that’s used. In terms of governing and leadership, as I mentioned, Fu Xi was the first emperor of China. We have this understanding of leading people and being a master. Therefore, having this leadership role, it says, “By not dominating, the master leads.” In difficult times, in times of shadow and in times that you don’t know what to do and you consult the I Ching, you may get an answer like, “A dark impulse clings. Do not resist it with violence. Simply decline to express it and wait patiently.”

That would be in a moment where you don’t know what to do and you are feeling and hear the clinging a lot. That’s one of the gates. It’s a detachment to wait for the Sage to come through and give you that direction from a place of quiet, and then the present moment, “One who stays centered is unmoved and unharmed.” You will hear unmoved quite a bit, which means not being at the disposal of other people’s influence. Instead, standing tall in your belief systems and being solid of what you are here to do and who you are here to be, and allowing the opinions of others to fall off your back. In terms of manifesting, you may hear something like, “Remain steady and allow the world to shape itself.” I love that. It’s relinquishing control.

Let’s dive in a little deeper here. We are ready for our demonstration. Go ahead and grab your coins. I’m so excited about this. These here are the actual traditional I Ching coins and we have some quarters here as well because I assume many of you will have quarters. They need to be the same denomination, so 3 nickels, 3 dimes, 3 quarters or whatever you have. We are going to take a second here to breathe and center ourselves. The I Ching asks that we meet it halfway, which is simply to be present. Make sure you don’t have any tabs open in your brain. Make sure you don’t have dishes going or kids scrambling. Take a moment here to center yourself, and then also to set an intention. If you have a specific question in mind, hold that in your center.

Now we are going to let go of perfection. This is something that I did with one of my favorite journals. I had the journal for a long time and didn’t write in it because I was afraid of making it look dirty. I’m here to tell you all, we are going to have some rough drafts. We are going to be scribbling and making notes. It’s going to look messy, and then we will transcribe it afterward to be more of a work of art. Let go of the perfection and let this get messy. We are going to start with the notebook and from the bottom, up on the left-hand side, going from 1 through 6. Making those notes, these will be our lines. The first one is at the bottom and we have a little bit of a gap or space between 3 and 4. We will end up with two trigrams, which will then be put together to be a hexagram. Now we are going to roll the coins. You have three coins in your hand and you want to let them drop.

You will have a combination of heads and tails. Heads are worth 3 and tails are worth 2. We are going to go ahead and add up our denominations. I have one head, which is worth 3, two tails worth 2. Therefore, my grand total is seven. You can only have a 6, 7, 8 or 9 so don’t overthink this. Just add up your denomination and write it on the right-hand column next to line number one. At the end here, we will have a number one, and then whatever number you rolled. We are going to go ahead and continue that up the page. You will roll the coins six times. I know the coins like to roll on the floor and get away from us. We are writing our columns here. How are we doing? Baeth, do you have yours?

I do. Your head gets three points and your tail gets two points. You are only rolling three coins so add them up. They can only be 6, 7, 8 or 9.

I have a question about how to ask the question. Are we asking for I Ching guidance for a yes-no question?

We are not asking any questions. We are just rolling coins.

The way that I like to say it is to hold the intention. If you have an intention for a career, then just be thinking about the career as you are rolling the coins. I would like to give people categories so it’s either love, romance, family, future, career or money. That’s the easiest way. If you have a yes-no question, you can but try to be open-ended with your question so that it’s not too tunnel vision-specific because it’s going to blow that proportion out of the water anyways. Open-ended but you can hold that intention absolutely.

Thank you.

Thank you, Susan.

Are we feeling ready? How do we feel?

Someone says they are confused. If you are confused, let me explain. You have three coins and each coin has a head or a tail. The head is the front of the coin where the face is and then the tail is whatever’s on the back. You can decide what your heads and tails are depending on what coins you have. If it’s the head of the coin, you get three points. If it’s the tails, you get two. You are only using three coins. When you add up the value of heads or tails, it will add up to a 6, 7, 8. You are going to roll the coin six times, starting with number one down at the bottom of the page. You are going to put your score as you go up. That’s how you do it.

AYD 18 | I-Ching Method
I-Ching Method: Do not be at the disposal of other people’s influence. Stand tall in your beliefs and be solid on what you do, allowing the opinions of others to fall off your back.

You will have these numbers here. The left column is numbering. From the first roll is number one. The second time you roll is number two and so forth. Hopefully, that made sense. The instructions will not change. What we are going to do next is identify any number that you rolled that is a 6 or a 9. If it’s a 6 or a 9, circle it and we are going to come back to it later.

Someone is asking, “Why does your example have nines on it?” It’s just an example. If you have three coins and you roll three heads, 3 plus 3 plus 3 equals 9. If you get 3 times 3, you are going to get a 9. You might not have gotten a nine. I didn’t. I’ve only got 7s and 8s. I didn’t get a 6 or a 9. It can only be 6, 7, 8 or 9 as your total if you are using the three coins. If you get 1 tail and 2 heads, that’s 2 plus 3 plus 3, which is 8. If you have three tails, it’s 2 plus 2 plus 2, which is 6. If you have 2 tails and 1 head, that’s 7. If you have 2 heads and 1 tail, that’s 8. If you have three heads or front of the coin, that’s nine. It’s all based on the combinations you will get when you throw the three coins. That’s what you are looking for, adding up the totals.

This is some added background information that I will be diving deeper into in our course that’s coming out. We will be talking and mentioning that throughout. As you tap into this spiritual knowledge, you will be called to the numbers 3, 6 and 9. Nikola Tesla told us that if we were to understand the value of 3, 6 and 9, we would understand the whole universe. Here we are studying something that’s thousands of years old and they also bring significance to the numbers 3, 6 and 9. We are using three coins and if you have a 6 or a 9 on the totals that you have rolled, we are going to circle the number and I will come back to it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a 6 or a 9. Baeth, I love that you don’t because we will have some duality there.

We are going to go ahead and move on. This is where we bring in the lines. Starting from the bottom, if the number on your right-hand column is odd, any odd number gets a solid line that connects over to the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. If it is even, it has a line with a gap in the center. Starting from the bottom, we are going to work our way up the hexagram. If it’s odd, it will always get a solid line. If it is an even number, it has a broken or an open line. We will have an upper trigram and a lower trigram. At this point, we can give some significance to what the energy of the lines is. A solid line is masculine what we call either the broken line or an open line is feminine.

If you have a hexagram with all open lines, that will be the number two, which is all feminine. If you have all solid lines, you would be all masculine. You can see by looking at your hexagram if you are all the way solid or all the way broken. It is masculine versus feminine energy. Now what we are going to do is I like to draw these little brackets because we have the upper and the lower trigram. Now we are going to consult the diagram. This is something I have provided for you here. You can also google this if you wanted to do this again. You can do everything online. This is from the Tao Oracle. We have the upper trigrams across the top of our graph and the lower trigrams are listed along the left column. What we are going to do is find your upper and lower and that will give you your number.

You are going to write that number somewhere on your paper so you can hold that number with your hexagram. Switching here is another way of looking at it and seeing it. Instead of seeing the symbols for each of the elements, we just have a word. If it’s all solid, you will get the number one, which is creative or masculine. If everything is open, you would see here, Earth and Earth, bringing us to the number two, which if we look it up is feminine or receptive. Once you have your number, write it on your page somewhere.

Danny’s asking, “What are the odd numbers?” Danny, the odd numbers we are looking at are when you throw your coins. You need to throw your coins six times and add up the totals from the coin toss, and then you can do this part. You draw a line or a broken line next to whatever numbers you rolled. If it’s a 7 or a 9, it’s a solid line. If it’s a 6 or an 8, it’s a broken line. You wrote in your journal 1, 2, 3 this is the lower trigram. I’m going to put a line there, and then we have 4, 5, 6. Hex means six and gram is a design, the design of six or the map of six. That’s why we have six numbers for the six lines, and then you have three coins.

Sometimes, non-action is the best answer, allowing the solution to come to you while quieting your mind.

The front of the coin gives you three points. The back of your coin equals two points. It’s basic math here. You are going to roll the coins six different times. In the first roll, you are going to add up the front and back for roll number one. I’ve got an eight. Why? I had two fronts and one back, which adds up to eight. On my second roll, I’ve got two backs and one front, which is a seven and it kept going like that for me. Let’s say, Danny, you rolled on your third toss and you had three fronts, that would be a nine. Let’s say on your fourth roll, you had three backs so 2 plus 2 plus 2 is a 6. On your fifth roll, you had two fronts and a back, that would be an eight. On your six tosses, you had two backs and a front so 2 plus 2 is 4, plus 3 is 7.

All you are doing on each of these six rolls of the coins is adding up the totals. The coins have a value. The front has three points and the back has two points. You are always rolling the three coins, and then the question becomes, “Did you roll the front or did you roll the back?” That gives you your total. If it’s a 6 or an 8, it’s a broken line because of that. Even the number is broken. A 7 or 9 is a solid line because the number is odd. Eight would be broken and seven is solid. Nine is solid and six would be broken. Eight would be broken and seven would be solid.

Mindy brought up the chart and the chart shows the trigrams, which are three lines, not six. It’s not a hexagram. It’s a trigram. You are going to have two trigrams in your now-created hexagram. The bottom part would be broken line, solid line, solid line, and then the upper is broken line, broken line, and a solid. Let’s finish this process and then we will bring the questions. You are rolling coins because this is how the I Ching was started. It’s a predictive tool. People threw coins to get these answers. We are doing the most ancient. That’s why we are rolling coins to play the old game. Let me annotate here. From the example I did, my first lower trigram was a broken line, solid, solid. Xun is the lower. The upper one I had was Kan. I’ve got the number eighteen. That’s the number that you are looking for.

I’m so confused about this particular part. When I look at the trigram and I’m factoring in my numbers, I have the one that says Kan, Water and then I have one that’s the Xun, Wind but then there are multiple numbers to the right of it. How do I know what number it is?

What is in the lower trigram? Read out the lines in 1, 2, 3. What did you get for line one? A broken line or a solid line?

Broken line, then line two was a solid and then line three was a broken line.

What did you have in the upper?

I had a broken line, a solid, and then a solid.

You had Xun. This is a lower trigram. This is upper trigram so it’s number 59. That’s your gate.

I’ve got it. Thank you.

It slows us down, and then everybody can catch up a little bit too so that we get to the same point at the same time. Do we have other questions? Are we ready with our numbers?

I’m confused because when I join both numbers, I can’t understand columns because on the lower, I’ve got the number twelve, which is Earth, and then on the upper, I’ve got Heaven, which is one.

You are not pulling the number from here. What’s your lower trigram? Read out the lines. Is it solid or broken?

I have broken, broken, broken.

What’s your upper trigram?

Solid, solid, solid.

Your number would be twelve. You did that right. How many numbers are there, everyone? There are 64 possible combinations of these lines. There aren’t more. If you combine them in a graph like this, it’s the same. There are eight combinations of how those coins can be thrown. You do a lower and an upper, and then you get your number. Hopefully, that makes sense to you all.

AYD 18 | I-Ching Method
I-Ching Method: Smaller details may help empower yourself to make your energy baseline in putting your radiating self out into the world.

Now we have our numbers. For me, I’ve got 55 on my entire hexagram and we have everybody with their own. Now, it would be time to open up the actual book. You guys can google this, which is a chapter essentially for you to read out of the book. This is one that I recommend because it’s easy. If you want to write this down or put it in a tab quickly, it has each of the I Ching passages. They are ready for you to tap into online. I personally do have the book. I’m going to show the graph as well and then you click on the number from the graph itself. This is something you can come back to and bookmark, and then all you need is your coins and that website and you can do this again and again.

Does it have the chart?

Yes, it does.

Someone was asking, “My bottom is water and my top is fire. I don’t know what that means.”

Each of the trigrams is represented by an element. If you have water on the bottom and fire on the upper, you have 64. We have our number and hopefully, we have Divination.com/iching/lookup. That will give you your passage to read. For my example, I did get 55. It will have a passage and also a passage for each individual line, lines 1 through 6. For your first hexagram, the one that we did, you read the passage but no lines. Go ahead and read it if you would like to or you can bookmark that.

I have a question for you. I didn’t set an intention. Somehow, I missed that. I just threw coins. There’s no thought in my head and then I’ve got this reading. I’m like, “I don’t even know what it means.” I probably should do it again with an intention.

It would just be a general message for what you need to hear now. Some people will wake up in the morning and roll coins until they know what energy to bring with them throughout the day. This would be the energy to bring forward in the present moment to then move through the next step of your situation in your life.

It gives descriptions of each of the lines, which is super cool, starting with the bottom line.

They are ignoring that because that’s how it was originally intended. It’s fun because it gives us limitations. I always read the lines anyway because I’m a rebel like that. I hope you guys will, too but there is one more step.

You are saying, “Do not read the passage as individual lines.”

There’s a reason. Do not read the passage unless you have a 6 or a 9. This is where this comes back. Baeth will not have a 6 or a 9 so she is done. However, I have these three lines here and what I want to do is bring attention to which line is now called a changing line. Nikola Tesla has told us that 3, 6 and 9 do not make sense like our world so they are like cosmic energy. This is now called a changing line. Like it sounds, it will become its opposite. For anyone here who has a 6 or a 9, switch that line to its opposite. If it was solid, it will now be broken. I will go ahead and do that on mine. I want to bring attention to which line has changed. In my example, lines number 3, 4 and 5 were the lines that changed, I’m calling them my changing lines. I now have a new set of hexagrams. I will go ahead and give you guys the graph again here so you can have your second changed line hexagram.

A 6 or 9 and you’ve got your second hexagram from those numbers. This is so cool. It’s funny, I used to throw the I Ching in my twenties. I had the book pages and I still have the coins. I didn’t go look for them. They are somewhere in my cabinet in a little red bag, my three points. I’m remembering my twenties, I would read this but it didn’t make much sense to me then. It makes more sense now as an older person. The way you are teaching it is so clear. I wish I had known this when I was younger.

I appreciate that. It has been a lot of years in the making of throwing it against the wall because it can be harsh. It’s funny that way. I’ve got my other hexagram here, which will be hexagram number three for me in particular. It is these lines here that have changed. When we go back to the passage that we are going to read, we are going to read the passage for the lines that were the changed lines. For me, my example was the 3rd, 4th and 5th lines changed so those three little tiny messages are the clarifier to the first passage that I read. I want to make sure I bring up the website here so you guys can see the graph if you need to and the passage itself for the individual lines.

You’ve got these new three lines. How do you create a new hexagram? Can we draw that? Will you show that on a whiteboard because even I don’t understand. I get that the 9, 9, 6 creates broken, broken, solid and that could be a hexagram but what do we do with the other three lines? Do you separate them?

Nope, we don’t separate them necessarily.

It’s not a hexagram then. It’s just a trigram. I’m confused.

This was the original hexagram that I first drew because I have 6s and 9s. Those lines that have a 6 or a 9 next to them will switch to their opposite. I’m redrawing my original hexagram with those couple of key lines having changed to their opposite.

This is the first one, and then it switches to the opposite if it’s a 6 or a 9. It goes from solid to broken or broken to solid and it gives you a new hexagram. Now I understand. Thank you. I hope you all understood that, too.

Darkness breeds multiple people.

This was my number 55, my original hexagram that I was able to create. It’s because I have 6s and 9s and they do not belong in the natural world, they are of cosmic intelligence, then they have the cosmic intelligence to change. In this case, my line number three, changed to broken. Line number four is now broken and line number five is now solid because that is the opposite of what they were previously. This gives me a new hexagram to now go and do the graph again. That gave me number three. At this time, I want to read the passages for those lines, which have changed. On my third roll up the coins, because it was a 6 or a 9, I now get to read passage number three because it was my third line that changed.

The changed lines would be 6s or 9s and you can read those in the specific descriptions of the lines.

We now understand why if we google the word, I Ching, we will see two hexagrams. That is because somebody rolled the coins and got their hexagram, and then proceeded with the changing lines. That gives them two hexagrams to then make into a work of art or that’s going to be what lives in your journal. You can have that number next to it as well if you would like to. I found this fun and interesting. This bottom one here happened to be the exact same hexagram that I rolled as well. The I Ching wanted us to share the number 55.

If people have a 6 or 9 and they get a brand new hexagram, do they read the main description in the lines of that new hexagram? What do they lookup?

It would be the lines of that passage.

Did you start with hexagram 55 but you would read the lines of the new hexagram?


You then read the lines that have changed in the new hexagram. What went from 55, went to hexagram three. You would read the description for three and then read lines 3, 4 and 5. To everyone’s question with the new hexagram, read the full description, and then the lines that changed. If you didn’t have a 6 or a 9, just read the main description of the gate or hexagram but do not bother yourself with the individual line description.

You get to miss out. You don’t get any lines, except you did do one as a random example on your whiteboard so that could be an additional one to practice with.

Allison, you are saying you are confused. If you have a 6 or a 9, the lines flipped to their opposite. You read your new hexagram, and then the lines that have changed in the new hexagram. The only people this applies to are people with 6s and 9s. If you don’t have a 6 or 9 in your original roll of the dice, it doesn’t matter. Nothing changes.

This is a direction for the changing line. Specifying, which line changed. If it’s a six, it would have been even, to begin with, and it will now become solid. For any number nine, it goes from solid to an open line. Now you have two hexagrams side by side. In the first hexagram, you are going to read just the main passage and ignore all of the individual passages for the line. In your second or your changed hexagram, you can read the passage, and then the line passage for those lines that have been changed. It’s in-depth. It’s difficult to follow but this is how the I Ching was originally intended to be used.

Now we see why there could be two hexagrams listed here and now you are ready to transcribe, if you want to, the hexagrams that are about you now. Either just one or if you have 6s and 9s, you have two, and then you can add-in. I have the lotus flower here, Chinese text or whatever it is. You can make a little work of art out of it to remind you of this first-ever introduction to the I Ching. If you were a sixteen-year-old me, you would go get the tattoo. This is the drawing here that I’ve got, my two side by side. I’ve got abundance, which is now number 55, which is, of course, needs being met, material possession. I’ve got to number three, which was a difficulty at the beginning.

It’s a cool duality there. Abundance is my intention of what I’m calling in. Number three is difficulty at the beginning, which is what I’m here to overcome. The 55 happens to be one of the gates in my human design chart. Bonus for you guys, if you rolled something that is also in your human design chart, it is something to give extra attention to and start there. This is also a cool way to learn the gates because there are a lot to learn. There are a lot to understand. Sixty-four different definitions are quite a lot to keep up with. If you were to wake up in the morning, roll some coins, get the definition for what you have rolled, and sit with that energy, you are more likely to remember what that gate means because you have an emotional memory of that gate now.

Of course, seeing it from a different perspective because in human design and correct me if I’m wrong, there’s a little bit of a simplified version of the hexagrams. This is an in-depth way to learn each gate deeply and anciently that brings that ancient energy in. It makes it cool. I did mention that we were going to be talking to you guys about the course that we have. I have the flower of life. This is where we get more into the numbers 3, 6, 9 and Nikola Tesla and how he was able to decode a couple of the cosmic understandings of the universe. Of course, we have Tao, which I mentioned a little bit but I want to dive deeper into that with you.

If you guys wanted to be a part of this three-part course that I am hosting under the understanding of Baeth as well, we are together but I am hosting it. Going into more of that lotus flower of Buddhism and Hinduism chakras and how it doubles back to this I Ching concept. We touched the surface about this ancient concept but I also want to continue that branch and lead into from the I Ching to Lao Tzu and Confucius to Osho, Buddha, Gandhi, Dalai Lama and all of these masters. This is a three-part course that’s going to teach you more about self-mastery, meditation and tapping into your own cosmic ability to find your individual blueprint for success.

It goes beautifully in line with Baeth’s Life Purpose Lab because it’s a different way to look at who you are as a person and tap into your core essence. Also, bringing these other ancient concepts in to help heighten that energy and allow you to tap into that present moment, be in the now, be open and receptive to not only abundance in your life purpose but receptive to divine knowledge. I’m an Akashic records practitioner so this is up to my alley. I want to teach you guys more about that self-mastery. We have a waitlist going for this three-part course.

I can give you the details. Mindy and I are creating it and we would love your feedback. I love how excited you are. If you are in this session, you registered to get the link. As soon as the course rolls out, you will all get a notification and a special early bird deal before each of us sends it out to our main list. Those of you that got here, are on the pre-notification or the pre-course waiting list. We will have that information for you because we want to test it and make sure it works for you. We love how excited you all are. You are all on that pre-notification list before we launch the course to our main subscriber list. You will all get a discount for pre-registering by showing up here. I know you are all super excited about that. Mindy, do you want to take some questions?

AYD 18 | I-Ching Method
I-Ching Method: The more you radiate your experiences to the world, the more people can see you for who you are.

Absolutely. I am here for questions.

One in the Q&A says, “I am confused about the order of the lines versus the chart lines. It’s hard to explain in writing.”

Do you know what she means, Mindy?

I believe so. Let’s go over this one more time. On your original paper, you have written down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Each of those numbers will have a line identified with number one because it’s the first time you rolled the coins. When you roll the coins, you get a total number and that will go next to line number one. If it’s an odd number, you get a solid line, the broken line for those that are even. Once you have rolled all those and gotten your lines, you will have six lines and you want to have a bottom group of three being a trigram that will be called the lower. You have an upper trigram, which is lines 4, 5 and 6. When you see the chart in Divination.com/iching/lookup, you will see the chart there. You have an upper trigram, which is a group of three lines, and then you have a lower trigram, which goes down the graph.

We are going to start the course in July 2021. If you can’t attend, it will be recorded and you can always catch the replay. We will have a group for you to be able to access the replay. Thank you all for being here. Let’s take questions.

When I did that, I was at a point of confusion about something. I figured it out but I don’t know if you are open to this kind of question. I didn’t know we were to have an intention. The first one I’ve got was 29. It was water and water, top and bottom, and then that switched to number fifteen. The 29 is dangerous waters. I feel like I have been under siege so it’s freaky. The other one is humility. If you have anything to say about that, including I’ve got physical things going on.

What’s interesting is I opened the book and I opened it right to that.

In 29, there’s one line in there about making a hasty move. I’m planning on moving soon. I have already had to put it off because of medical stuff. I don’t even know when I can go.

What’s cool is water and water. I want to tell you that element piece because it’s relaxing and flowing. The abysmal, which is 29 is the deep well. It’s like being at the bottom of the ocean and now being overwhelmed with confusion because you are surrounded by the abysmal, the forever going. It does say not to act now. It says, “To get into effortless solutions to the trouble at hand.” It does say emotionally ambitious. Blocking the creative from resolving difficulties in your favor with this emotionally ambitious feeling. This is one of those prime examples of the I Ching tapping into the energy you currently have and feel, which is overwhelmed, feeling a little bit like things are going on. It’s almost like, “How do I make my way through this?” What it’s saying is non-action is the answer now. The answer will come to you as you quiet your mind.

Let’s go through number fifteen being modesty. We have a little quote here I will share with you. “The creative acts to empty what is full and to offer abundance to what is modest.” Modesty being, bringing yourself back to the present moment and saying, “What if I didn’t have control over this situation? What if I allowed the element of water to take over at this point?” It is a soft flow. Rather than feeling I’m at the bottom of the ocean, it’s feeling like I’m a river rock and I am open to the universe softening my surface. Does that make sense?

It makes perfect sense. Thank you.

Thanks, Robin.

I’ve got 36 first, which was the darkening of the light. I’m glad you pre-warned us that it might be a bit of a shock. Thank you. It’s interesting, it says, “When the darkness of stupidity reigns in human affairs, it is best to keep your brilliance hidden under a bushel.” My work is all about not hiding under a bushel and shining bright. Yet, part of our conversation was around all the craziness that’s out there at the moment. Interestingly, that’s what’s come up. I’ve got 3 sixes so that became a nine, which is interesting. That’s a 3, 6, and 9. Within 36 and 9, there’s 3, 6, and 9 again. I don’t normally have 36 or 9 but I check the transits and they are currently activated.

Let me do this little mini-reading here for you because I have it open here. What I’m seeing between the two correlating together, the darkening of the light isn’t so much about the situation at hand trying to dim you. It can be but with the number nine being the taming power of the small, that is an interesting progression. Containment is what I’m hearing. It’s like this ability to take all of the chaos that goes on and put it in your little cauldron here, sees it and be like, “Where is the darkness? How can I see that the shadow side still matters? How can I decode what I’m seeing altogether and seeing it as a blessing in disguise in a way?”

It does say here, “In a time such as this, it is wise to adopt a stance of outer disengagement and inner perseverance.” It’s what is outside of you versus what is within you and what is yours to carry versus what is other people’s burden. That is the message here. It does say, “Darkness reigns in the external world now. Disengage from negative feelings and maintain your inner light.” We have the number nine being the taming power of the small. That is talking about small steps and seeing the beauty in the small things. The darkness being outside of you can penetrate and get into your auric field. The number nine is saying, “Make sure that what you carry along with you is truly yours and honor those small, beautiful moments and seeing the power in what is small.”

It’s like thinking of the butterfly, for example. It goes from flower to flower all day, smelling sweet things and it’s made of rainbows but it’s tiny. It’s such a tiny organism and yet, look at the powerful transformation that it represents. Even though it’s something tiny, it still is such an empowering piece of the natural world. It’s pretending that to you and your situation, what is outside of you looking to try to penetrate your situation? What is maybe some of the smaller details that you can then expand, empower and make that the baseline for the energy that you are putting out into the world and radiating? Does that make sense?

Yeah. It makes so much sense.

We have three more people.

I had a question about the lines versus the chart. What confused me is, the way I read at least, let’s say line 4 is solid, 5 is solid and 6 is broken. Do I read it as broken, solid, solid or solid, solid, broken?

You work from the bottom up so 4, 5 then 6.

The lower trigram would be 1, 2 and 3, from bottom to top. When Baeth read something, she switched it around and that confused me. I just wanted to clear that up. Thank you.

I didn’t switch it around but thank you. I understand your question though. It makes sense. Do you understand now? Is it clear?

Yes, thank you.

You are covering a lot here in a short amount of time and this is new for you but once you get it, you’ve got this wonderful tool always available to you. Two more people.

Thank you, Mindy, for this amazing experience. I’ve got the 26 and that is the mountain and heaven, and then it changed to a 41 and it was line three. Can you say something about the mountain, the heaven and so on? How does that compute with human design?

It’s about the elements. It’s not just fire, water, air and Earth. It expands to be lake, heaven and thunder. It adds a deeper layer to those elements. It’s a good question there. It correlates well with the zodiac signs as well. That’s how we have the way of the mandala and how they are placed. The 41 is mountain and lake, and the 26 is mountain and heaven. You have Earth, air, earth, water. We dive deeper into the elements in the actual course so that might be something that interests you. We can dive into each of those meanings. Essentially, the mountain is about, stand your ground, stay empowered and be unwavering. Heaven is allowing that channel to come through, and then the lake is not quite an ocean. It’s still a body of water that’s quite grand but it’s not quite as grand as the ocean. It’s those different concepts.

For you, a little hot seat here, you started with 26, the taming power of the greats. I love this one. The quote for you is, “In the face of rising tension, keep still. Honor in practice what you have learned from the I Ching.” It’s asking you to sit with the energy for a little longer. Though it is a difficult time, it’s an opportunity for you to express to the outer world your inner principles. It’s that mountain of staying empowered even the darkest of times as transformation unfolds and as we progress through our experience and go down this crazy road that is life. The more we radiate from the experiences that we have encountered, the more people can see what we radiate. As it says, “Darkness breeds beautiful people.”

Let’s go to 21, which is decrease and it is, “Be still. Lessen the power of the ego and misfortune will be avoided.” With the misfortune there but essentially, the decrease is about chopping away what’s no longer serving you. We have a big story. It’s the taming power of the great. Intuitively for your case, the situation at hand is quite great and you can say, “I am more powerful than XYZ situation.” When it comes to decreasing, it’s like, “I have the power to strip away those things that are trying to steal my energy away. It’s your empowerment in terms of the outer situation not being able to get you. Your protection is more powerful than the situation at hand and then the decrease is you are that much more powerful than you can strip away and weed out the weeds of whatever that situation is at hand. You can throw away parts of the concept that is towering over you if that makes sense.

I’m about to launch a book about this stuff. It’s amazing. From hell to heaven and how to rise as a goddess from your ashes from the old life. I had this interview and I was like, “You need to call out your own bullshit and then you can thrive in your own lives.” I’m like, “This is so amazing and just by tossing some coins.”

It’s powerful stuff. I love that it goes hand in hand with what you are going through and talk about so that’s beautiful.

Thank you, Mae. It’s good to hear from you. Last but not least, Elizabeth is up.

Thank you for picking up. I have a couple of questions. When you have the lines, you said 6, 9 and you take the number across, what happens when in number six, you get to number six? What do you do? You have the 6 and the 9. If I understood correctly, what you take is the number across the line.

Let’s do this, and then Mindy can explain it. Elizabeth, tell us your original lines.

It’s just a general question. You roll the coin and you get a six, then what do you do? You cannot use the number across.

What do you mean? If you roll the six, which would be three tails or backs of the coin. Even numbers are broken lines but then this would change to a straight line for the new hexagram. If there were any 6s or 9s, they would change.

You do the opposite.

Let me see if I have been following along correctly. Let’s say we’ve got a 7, an 8, a 9, another 6 and 7. The odd numbers are solid and even numbers are broken. Do I have that right, Mindy?


Wherever you have a 6 or 9, it goes to its opposite. The new hexagram is solid, and then this stays solid. This becomes solid, and then the nine becomes broken.

When you said the opposite, I thought you were referring to the lines on the left. That’s where I’ve got confused. The question that I’m interested in is knowing how you relate it to your human design to the mandala? Do you look at the ones that have columns in human design?

When we do the course, you will be using your human design chart as well. In the human design chart, whatever is colored in is you. Whenever you look at your full mandala where you see those bars of color, they are pointing up to the hexagrams that apply to you. Anything in white doesn’t apply to you. When you throw the coins, you could pull a hexagram that isn’t in your human design. I happen to pull a hexagram that is in my human design but you might not.

A reflector would have nothing.

The reflector doesn’t have channels. The reflector has gates and their hexagrams relate to the gates. The reflector has hexagrams, too. There are 64 gates so there are 64 hexagrams and each gate has a specific hexagram. It doesn’t change. The only thing that changes is what’s after the decimal point in your human design chart and that’s the line description, 1 through 6. I’ve got gate 47 but which line do I have? I have to look at my human design chart. Do I have lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6? It’s because 47.2 is going to be a different frequency than 47.6. The gate is the theme but the lines are the nuance of how that theme plays out in people’s individual lives. Do I have that right, Mindy?


I’ve got number one because I mixed up the values of the chart in the Hexa.

Is that the hexagram you’ve got to number one?


Do you want to share about hexagram number one, Mindy?

That one is easy. It’s all creative. You’ve got all solid lines. That’s 100% male energy, 100% yang energy and it’s the creative action moving forward. It’s a yes answer but it will require you to take action. The receptive if you had all open lines would be 100% feminine energy, 100% open or undefined if you will. Going back to the creative, which is what you have rolled in number one, action moving forward, fiery energy, and then the receptive would be watery energy. It would be open to other influences and it would be prompted to remain open and still. You are being prompted with the masculine energy to remain steadfast, keep on moving and take action on that next step.

Thank you. It has been helpful and interesting. I’m excited about this thing.

Mindy found me through Align to Your Design and then had a brainstorm and reached out. She is a projector. I want you all to know projectors, it doesn’t mean you can’t take action. Put out an invitation. You might get a no. Mindy invited me to discuss this. I was so fascinated, I said, “We’ve got to do a show.” This episode, I’m explaining this to you from a business standpoint, was a beta test. We wanted to see what the interest level happens to be and most of you are interested, which we are so excited about.

In July 2021, we will be rolling out a three-part course. It will be recorded where we are going to go more in-depth into the chakras, Buddhism, Taoism and your human design chart itself. You are all on the pre-notification list. As soon as a sales page is ready, we will send out the link and you will get a special discount. It’s not going to be an expensive course. It’s not going to be super pricey but it will be well worth the investment for all of you. You can add this to your toolbox. Mindy, when I met you, you radiated such purity, innocence and light. I want to be in your energy and learn from you because you are so delightful and such a magnificent guide and teacher. Bright and shiny, incredibly beautiful. Be sure to save the chat, Mindy. If you ever have a down day, you’ve got all these people loving on you. Mindy is a projector. This was a success, wasn’t it, Mindy?

I am so thrilled about this. It has been on my heart for such a long time. Finding you as well as the vegan expert who knows this stuff from that perspective and having the dual way of seeing things from two contrasting ideas is cool. I love human design for bringing attention to the I Ching because I love talking about it. I’ve got the tattoo and I feel so in love and it’s amazing. Human design is bringing attention to it, which breaks my heart so happy because we get to open the conversation again. It helps everyone to understand their unique blueprint and their purpose. It’s so good.

It’s so magical. You are in your purpose. For me, that’s what I look for when someone wants to collaborate with me, how much joy are they exuding? How excited are they? You do. You radiate a lot. At a young age, you have figured out a lot of this stuff that some of us older folks took a bit longer to decondition. The kids coming in now have such an advantage to not be hit with so much conditioning if they’ve got enlightened parents. Mindy, thank you for an incredible presentation. Thank you all for your incredible presence and participation, being so alert, and asking such great questions. We will send out a notice soon here about our July 2021 training. Mindy, any final words of wisdom you want to share before we wrap up?

It was so good. Thank you, guys, for your patience and for working through this. I know it was a lot of steps. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me as well. I’m happy to connect with you. We will be in Baeth’s group so we can open that discussion there as well to continue the questions and connecting. Keep your eyes out for that course. There is a way for you to win some of the reading materials. If you are interested in the I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, the Oracle cards or the gates, definitely keep your eyes on your email from either Baeth or me. We will give you details on how you can receive one of those in your mailbox.

They are going to be part of the bonuses. If you can’t wait, you go and buy everything, you will still get the bonuses and give them to a friend, family member or a client. I know some of you are going to go buy everything and dive in. That’s what I do. I’m like, “I found this new thing.” I’m going to go find all my I Ching stuff and get rolling with it. Thank you all. Thank you to a wonderful team and Gianna for managing this episode. Thank you to all the members of Align to Your Design and thank you all for sending your friends and family to this community.

Mindy and I are on a mission to assist you all in accessing the depth of who you are and living in a free and abundant world of your own creation. We are so committed to helping people find and live their purpose. Anyone you send our way, we thank you. We appreciate you and acknowledge it if you let us know. Mindy, thank you. Thank you, everyone. You will be hearing from us soon. You will get an email with the replay of this session. Feel free to share that replay with people. I’m also going to post the replay in the Align to Your Design group. Lots of love. Thank you, Mindy. Bye for now, everyone. Have a good one.

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