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Does your chart indicate that you’re a slow burn? Then you need to learn how to wait for the right timing. Baeth Davis welcomes Lisa Garcia, the Founder of Cosmic Love Goddess. Slow burns are susceptible to suffering from depression due to the current go-getter environment that surrounds you. But you cannot force mutation to happen in your life. You need to take action when the time is right. Going faster or forcing decisions will not work out for you. Remember, you’re here on this planet for a reason. Follow who you are to discover your bigger purpose. Enjoy this episode!

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Lisa Garcia, Generator 2/4: Learn To Wait For the Right Timing

I’m going to share about our guest. She’s talking about two of my favorite subjects, astrology and numerology. Her name is Lisa Garcia and she is an Intuitive Astrologer and Numerologist who has felt since she was young, she was brought here for a big mission to help people embrace their divine purpose, fully step into their power, and overcome the challenges holding them back from their big mission. Lisa’s company is called Cosmic Love Goddess. When you meet her, you will see how appropriate that is.

She fulfills her mission through her programs and services, including one-on-one astrology, numerology, goddess oracle readings, and her new group program called Divine Timing. It combines all of her mystical wisdom with the tools in her arsenal, including Human Design. You can find her on Instagram @CosmicLoveGoddess where she offers daily and weekly spiritual guidance and inspiration. It is wonderful and I follow her. Let’s welcome to the show, Ms. Lisa Garcia. I’m so happy to be with you.

Baeth, I’m so excited to be here with you. I love you so much and you have been such a huge influence on my life and work. It’s amazing to be here and exciting. Thank you.

You’re so welcome. Please share with everyone how we first met.

This was years ago. I have always been interested in astrology and fascinated with everything mystical and woo-woo, but astrology especially attracted me. I found a teacher named Tania Gabrielle in Los Angeles. I live in San Diego, so we were relatively close. I took all of Tania’s classes online. At the time, she did in-person retreats in a hotel in Los Angeles. I would go to all of her retreats and at one of them, she had you there. You were a guest speaker and you were doing hand analysis. It was offered as a bonus for those of us that signed up for the up-level program.

I had a hand analysis done by you and I’ll never forget it. This was when I was still married. I’m now divorced. I had two young kids and I was a stay-at-home mom trying to find my purpose and myself, knowing that I had this bigger purpose but not aware of what that meant at all. I’ll never forget you did my reading. It was on the phone or Zoom years ago. You said, “You’re a gifted healer in the spotlight.” I was like, “What the hell is that? What does that even mean?” That was telling me like, “You’re going to live on Mars next year, you’re going to build a house, and you won’t need to breathe air anymore.”

That’s what that felt like to me. It was so foreign and crazy at that time, but it’s all finally starting to make sense now. You were the first person who broke open my little closed shell that I was living in and made me see I have potential and possibilities. It was a huge a-ha moment for me and I will forever thank you. We didn’t come back together again until 2020. I saw you on Facebook posting about the show and it immediately connected with me.

I thought, “There’s Baeth.” I have always loved you and I didn’t even know that you were talking about Human Design at this point. I didn’t know, but whatever it was that you were saying resonated with me. I immediately signed up for the free program and then pretty quickly signed up for your paid year-long program, which has been amazing. That has completely changed my trajectory as well. You have been a definite catalyst for me. Thank you.

You’re so welcome. Are you familiar with the woman named Sally Hogshead? Have you heard of her?

I have.

She does the Fascinate Profile. It’s so interesting what you said because my profile is Catalyst. I love when that stuff lines up in real-time. Thank you for that. Being on the other side and observing you, there’s nothing more satisfying for this Generator because my signature is being satisfied and seeing people that I work with step into their greatest work, share their gifts, make good money, and have a blast doing it. You had a very good financial year, even with the pandemic. Things opened up. You’re more relaxed and going with the flow. It’s so good. How did you get started with astrology? How old were you? Were you 5, 6, or 10? When did that start?

It was not until high school. I found a book called Sun Signs and I loved that book and devoured it. When I got into college, I would go into the bookstores because they didn’t have a lot of money. I read every book I could without even buying it. At that time, I didn’t even understand, but my whole purpose was trying to understand myself. On the one hand, I would be like, “I want to be an attorney, make a ton of money, and be super high-powered.” In the next day, I would feel like, “I want to be spiritual, be a fairy, or be this mystical and magical creature.” It wasn’t until later when I found out about my chart that I’m a Capricorn Sun and Moon. They’re right next to each other in my chart. I’m a Pisces rising.

That’s like almost being bipolar. It’s two separate personalities completely. That was so hard for me to figure out. The Human Design part of it helped me put it together. I’m meant to be a successful businessperson, but it has to have a spiritual basis and that I can put those two together. That has been like a huge a-ha for me as well because I always felt like it has to be one or the other, “If I’m spiritual, then I’m going to starve. I have to be this 80-hour a week person who hates their life but has all kinds of money.” It always felt like either/or and now I feel like I can have it all and balance it.

Find your bigger purpose.

How long have you been doing readings? When did you start doing that?

This was after I had taken all of Tania’s astrology and numerology programs. I was doing readings for myself and my immediate family. I was involved in a mom’s group. There were two women who had quit their jobs because they wanted to stay home with their children but be in business. They had been very accomplished before and I started getting involved in that group. I had an opportunity to speak sometimes and people would ask me, “Do you do readings?” I thought, “I do readings.” I got started doing it that way and it has grown over time. I have included more numerology and card readings and now it’s starting to get into Human Design as well. I’m making them multifaceted.

Your astrology sign is Capricorn and you have a Pisces rising, as do I. I am a Leo with a Pisces Moon and a Pisces rising. When people meet me, they think I’m a Pisces until they get to know me, and then they do think I’m bipolar. It’s having these extremes. I have a question for you about that. What I have noticed is not everyone is so extreme in their chart. Some people have more symmetry or there’s more cooperation between the various things in their chart. What’s the craziest thing you have seen in these years of doing readings? Do you remember any real jaw-droppers?

I have been noticing very specific patterns in the last couple of years that I have been doing more readings. There’s a couple. I find women with their Sun, Moon, and Venus altogether conjunct in their chart, which I feel there’s something significant about that. Those people have a specific spiritual purpose. My daughter is one of them. I have been told that she has an astrologist’s very powerful astrology chart. That’s one thing I have been noticing.

Also, even from a high-level perspective, when I look at someone’s chart, I have been seeing a lot of beautiful geometric shapes with lines that show the aspects, which is significant. To me, that indicates a higher spiritual purpose for that person and that they’re meant to be more of a balancing effect on the world. I have seen several of those. Also, this has to do with men I have been meeting. They’re very extreme and have five or more planets in one sign.

I have been seeing a lot of that in other people too, and women as well. That would be a super stellium person. It’s 5 Virgo, 5 Taurus, and 5 Pisces. These are people that are very strong in a particular essence and those people have specific purposes as well. We all do. There are specific flavors of that that are coming out now. Those are the people that are like, “What does this mean? I feel so Virgo, but please tell me what it means for my life and what I’m supposed to do here.”

I know astrology a little bit from the perspective of Human Design. What does conjunct mean for our audience?

Conjunct means that the planets are next to each other in your chart.

They’re in the same house, or there are 12 or 3 houses right next to each other. If someone is a stellium, what do they have?

That’s three or more planets together in the same sign.

When I look at my astrology chart, I have all the energies at 3 or 4 houses right at the bottom and the rest is empty. I have a lot of empty houses.

They still have an effect but where you have the planets is where it’s intensified and magnified.

That’s like it is in Human Design. What would you say is the most important thing would be for people to know about their astrology chart?

AYD 24 | Right Timing
Right Timing: You can both be a successful business and spiritual person.

Traditionally, we look at your big three, which are your Sun, Moon, and rising sign. It knows where those are. A lot of people will say, “What’s your sign?” My Sun sign is Capricorn, but that’s just one facet of me. Having Pisces rising was such an a-ha moment for me and learning about that because it’s such a different energy from Capricorn. It’s almost the exact opposite. That helped me to understand that I’m not bipolar. I just have an interesting chart. Look at the basics, your Sun, Moon, and rising sign.

People tend to even forget about their rising sign, but that is how you show up to the world. Your rising sign is more of your outside. You being Pisces rising is how you appear on the outside, but you have this fiery Leo core inside of you that comes out when it’s called. It’s super important to understand the difference between your Sun and rising sign and dig into the characteristics of both of those and your Moon. Your Moon represents your emotional world. I’m both Capricorn Sun and Moon.

You’re very practical and good with money.

Potentially, yes.

I was in a speaking training once and the trainer went around. There were twenty of us there. He went around the room and he was saying, “You’re bold. You’re not bold.” He came to me and goes, “You’re not bold.” The woman on the break turned to me. I had known her for years back and we happened to be in the same training. She turned and whispered to me, “He hasn’t known you very long.” I thought, “It’s the projection field. He just sees my Pisces.” He sees this soft, ethereal, intuitive, super emotional, moody, poetic, dancer, and music, all of which is part of me. He doesn’t know me for my fire.

Months later, I did a seven-minute speaking gig. He was there and I was on fire and in my Leo. He came up to me afterward and he’s like, “Okay.” We carry all these contradictions. I have one more question for you and then we will look at your chart. Could we do an intuition game? Don’t answer me yet. I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I got this intuitive hit. Could we go through all twelve signs? You could throw out a word or phrase about the sign to give people context. What’s the essence of Capricorn?








The most important thing for people to know about their astrology chart is the big three: sun, moon, and rising sign.















AYD 24 | Right Timing
Right Timing: People having five or more planets in one sign are very strong in a particular kind of essence.



Let’s look at your chart. I ask every guest before they come on, “What do you want to look at?” We’re going to look at your life purpose, which in Human Design is the Incarnation Cross. This is why you are incarnated as a soul in a physical body, which is a scientific process. I found out if the body is not allowed to rest for three days after death, the person is horribly and tragically killed in a fire, or they’re buried too soon, their consciousness or soul crystal doesn’t go back into the fractal correctly. That’s what creates all these floating entities.

They can be moved around, but they can’t get back. It makes sense because I don’t know a person alive that I have met who hasn’t experienced an entity. We all act like, “I don’t believe in that,” but every single person I have ever asked is like, “I have a story.” I’m like, “Do you believe it?” They’re like, “Sure, because not all things that are alive need a body.” Consciousness doesn’t need a body. It’s having this amazing experience. We’re going to talk about why you incarnated, Lisa Garcia.

You are a Generator. Your Incarnation Cross is the Right-Angle Cross of Laws. For everybody new to the show and Human Design, the Incarnation Cross is determined from the position of our Personality Sun and Earth, which is from our regular astrology chart. When we look at the Personality in Human Design, our classic Western human astrology chart is based on the time, location, and date of our birth. Over on the Design side, the Sun and Earth are 88 days before we are born. This is when the Ajna or soul crystal comes in, which informs the building of the body.

I shared about leaving the body and state. Ancient people knew this. Irish people would have a three-day wake. Cultures would leave the body and state before it was burned or buried. The soul crystal comes in and goes back into the neutrino soup. Most of the neutrinos come from the Sun. It’s about 70%. Scientists have now proven they exist, but Human Design proved it before the scientists did because astrology is the original science. I would argue with anyone on that.

There’s a guy I listen to on YouTube. He’s got an IQ of 190 and he’s an amazing psychologist. He’s incredible at what he does, but he’s always slamming astrology. I can’t wait to interview him one day and school him because he’s so arrogant about it. It pisses me off. It’s right in front of you, folks. It’s the solar system. Do you think the solar system isn’t imprinting and controlling you? They’re like, “No, it’s up to me.” I’m like, “It is up to you but not if you don’t understand how you’re being influenced.”

We have your Personality Sun and Earth and Design Sun and Earth and you are the Right-Angle Cross of Laws. There are 64 gates in Human Design related to the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching. The hexagrams have 6 lines. DNA has 6 components and the 64 gates have different themes. Your gates are Personality Sun Gate 60 and Personality Earth Gate 56. We’ve got it right up there in the Incarnation Cross. There’s Design Sun Gate 50 and Design Earth Gate 3.

I am going to read you what Ra downloaded in 1987 and then give you my translation. This is what came through. It’s called the Right-Angle Cross of Laws 4 because those four gates could be in a different order. This is the order of yours, 60/56 and 50/3. People who accept the limitation of assessment and the ramifications of change yet maintain traditional values, which inform our laws like, “Thou shall not kill.” The way I translate that is 60 is about limitation and this happens to be your Sun. It’s your limitation in Gate 2. I’m going to give you the keynote of that.

Understanding our limitations is one of the roots of what helps us manifest. People are always saying, “We’re unlimited and eternal.” I’m like, “No, but our consciousness is.” This goes back to the fractal when we die. All of us are limited. I’m not going to be playing for the LA Lakers anytime soon and not in this lifetime. I’m not going to be a prima ballerina or a famous singer. Gate 60, Line 2 is decisiveness. This is what people feel from you. That’s the keynote.

It’s the understanding of the nature of limitation, accepting its restraints when necessary, and thus taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. It’s energy that can adapt to restraint. That would also be very nice to have as a Capricorn because Capricorns like structure. Richard Rudd was one of the protégés of Ra and has gone on to create an amazing body of work you’re familiar with called The Gene Keys. He calls Personality Earth our evolution or life lesson.

I love that idea because it’s the part of our personality that needs to get grounded, come into 3D reality, put its feet on the ground, and be able to deal with others, conflict, and life. You’re Gate 56, which is off the throat. Gate 60 is all the way down off the route. It’s an energy to be patient with restraint rather than throwing a tantrum. It’s way down here, Gate 60. Gate 56 is up off the throat and it’s Line 2. It’s called linkage.

An isolated genius will eventually find continuity through recognition and support. It’s a genius for stimulating expression that will take time to mature and will need others to recognize it. I want to offer it to you. That’s why it’s so important you don’t give up on your marketing because Line 2, which you have in your Sun and Earth on your Personality side, is mesmerizing. It is the gifted marketer and the natural.

We’re on this planet for a reason, and we need to dig into what the reason is.

The challenge for your evolution is to not give up sharing your adventures. Gate 56 is the voice that shares the adventure and curiosity like, “I’m going to go do this. I learned this and I can’t wait to share this with you.” I wonder if Oprah Winfrey is a 2/4 Generator like you and if she has Gate 56. I’ll have to look. It’s that enthusiasm for the adventure of life. Whereas Gate 60 is the enthusiasm for mastery, Gate 56 is the enthusiasm for adventure.

Your evolution is to embrace the adventure, brace your curiosity, know that you need to be patient, deal with your limitations, and don’t give up. You’re a slow burn. Some people are fast, but this is the chart of someone who’s a slow burn. One of the main reasons is you have the 3-60 Mutation channel. You cannot force the mutation in your life with the 3-60. It’s not up to you. It comes from the environment. You have to wait for the right timing.

We’re so conditioned like, “Make it happen. Go for it. Do it. Why aren’t you taking action?” It’s like, “I will take action when the time is correct.” What can happen is you can get very depressed if you think you’re in charge of it. You will try and make it go faster or force decisions, which backfires. You’re a very slow burn. The tortoise wins for you. It’s a steady and regular routine. It’s scheduling your social media for every month, getting it preloaded, and thinking about how you want to impact people. The following will grow and hit a tipping point.

One of the things I loved to do during the pandemic was to watch those reaction videos on YouTube. These two guys would sit around stoned out of their minds watching comedians. It was more fun sometimes watching them laugh than even the star comedian. They started with a bunch of subscribers and by the end of the pandemic, they were up to 150,000 subscribers. It’s these two stoned guys laughing at videos.

I’m like, “There’s a business in every one of us and it can be easy and fun.” It was a slow burn for them. They had been at it for quite a while, right before they hit the tipping point. The same goes for you. It’s going to be a while before you’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers, but it’s possible because the 2/4s are meant to be out there in their community. Over on the Design side, Gate 50.4 is a whole other energy that comes off the spleen. This serves a couple of purposes.

One of the things about the Design Sun, according to Richard Rudd, is this is what keeps us healthy, and because it’s Gate 50, Line 4, what keeps you healthy is being in communities with shared values like our community Life Purpose Mastery, your astrology or spiritual community, or the Native American communities you have been working with. It’s shared values and a shared desire to keep the traditions that work, evolve the traditions that are no longer working, and do that in the community.

Anything you do in the community is the best thing for you. Let’s pull a random example. You decided, “I want to get mega in shape for this upcoming event.” It would be best for you to do that with a group of people who are going towards a particular goal. If you want to learn a new subject matter and try a new diet, do it with a group. If you want to go on a big trip, go with a group of seekers.

If you’re going to go to Peru and do Ayahuasca, go with fifteen other women. Not only do you feel safe and nurtured by the presence of the community, but it also grows your life because the community is where all the connections and opportunities come from. They’ve got to come from people you already know. That’s why group dynamics make you thrive. You don’t want to do this chart in isolation. It’s not helpful for you.

That’s so interesting because both my Sun and Moon are in the Eleventh House, which is about groups of people. That fits right in the path perfectly.

Ra calls this keynote corruption. I love this one. I know a lot of people with Gate 50, Line 4 and corruption. This is from the I Ching. You’re able to take something that might be considered inferior and turn it into material success. I want to use an example. My partner got this in his chart. I was thinking about him and he’s very much a person that lives in integrity. I thought, “Where does this show up in his life?” It comes out in his comedy. His comedy is shocking, rude, deeply provocative, heretical, and corrupt. It’s laughing at corruption.

I asked him about it. He’s like, “I want to shock people.” The way corruption is used in its highest form is to be able to talk about the darkness and corruption of life in such a way that it’s palatable to other people versus the shadow, which is where you become a criminal. He said, “It would be so much easier for me to be a criminal, but I can’t because I’m too tall. I can’t sneak around.” I said, “Is that the reason?” He’s like, “No. I’m trying to be a good person, but I am well aware that I don’t have any judgment.”

He doesn’t unless the criminals steal his stuff. There’s no judgment. Similarly, Gate 50.4 sees the corruption in the world and is like, “I bet you feel that way. So?” Many people I see on Facebook are saying things like, “We’ve got to help humanity and stop the shit show.” Gate 50.4 is like, “Are you kidding me? You can’t stop and fix that. That’s humanity.” “We’re killer monkeys,” says Ra. “You’re going to fix that.” There’s this levity in Gate 50.4 when it has evolved, which it is in you. Do you like that?

I do. I have never been a joiner or like, “Let’s go protest.” I have never been that person ever. That explains it. I think well about why. I’m more of an observer. I’ll make posts about things, but I’m not showing it or throwing it in people’s faces. I’m like, “Let’s think about why we do this. Why do you think that way?”

AYD 24 | Right Timing
Right Timing: Being an astrologer is like being an anthropologist.

Why do we do what we do?

I’m like an anthropologist, which I was almost going to become one of those. Being an astrologer is like being an anthropologist.

I’m going to talk about Design Earth Gate 3.4 Charisma. Your Design Earth is your core genius, according to Richard Rudd. It’s an innate quality, which attracts valued guidance, a physical attunement that magnetizes nurturing, and psychic energy, which attracts nourishment and ensures order. People see you. They’re drawn to your mesmerizing visage and energy and count on you to help them get their shit in order.

You’re the person like, “I went to Lisa. She helped me get my shit together.” Part of this is because the Design Sun sees the corruption in other people. Everyone’s got it. Even Gandhi had corruption. Martin Luther King was cheating on his wife. Hoover, who was spying on Martin Luther King, was running around too. It’s fascinating to me. I‘m like, “Do we have no discussion about people’s morality here?” That all gets left out like, “He did this,” or like Pablo Picasso.

It’s like, “He’s this great artist.” I’m like, “Yes, but he beat his wife. I don’t want his art on my walls. He’s a violent, mean, and horrible person.” The Gate 50.4 sees all that. If I got a Picasso, I would want to sell it to charity and give all the money to battered women’s shelters like, “Pablo, we’re cleaning up your karma for you. You’re welcome.” He needed therapy too. Do you have any thoughts about this as we go into the home stretch?

It makes perfect sense. Honestly, it does, and at an overall level too. It’s realizing that I’m a Generator and that I have to work with other people. I was trying to do things myself and make things happen for so long. I’m in that slow burn category. I have always felt like I have been a late bloomer and I’m finally blooming at 52. It started in 2020. It all makes perfect sense. In 2020, things started coming together in terms of making a lot more money when I started working with other consulting agencies and other people.

It started happening because people were watching things I was posting and started reaching out to me and saying, “I see what you’re doing. Do you want to work on this?” It all started organically happening. I attest so much of it to learning about Human Design because it stacks so well with astrology and numerology and it’s such an amazing modality. It makes perfect sense for me and I want to dig into the next level. I’m going to be in your certification class for sure because I want to be able to teach it more and incorporate it more in what I do. It’s all super exciting and I’m grateful to you. I had to be in your orbit.

If people want to talk with you or book a reading, should they message you privately on Instagram?

Yes. They can message me privately.

Everyone, if you want to get in touch with Lisa, does amazing readings and readings for the collective that you can find at her Instagram profile. Go to @CosmicLoveGoddess and you can private message her if you would like to have a chat or set up a reading. Do you have any final words of wisdom for our audience?

We’re all here on this planet for a reason and there are so many tools and ways to dig into what that reason is. I’m sure everybody who’s here in your orbit is feeling that cosmic knock on your door to find out, “Why are we here? What is my true purpose?” It’s to step into that. We’re all being pushed to step into that purpose. It’s all divine timing and I’m excited to be part of it.

Keep spreading the love, Cosmic Love Goddess, because you embody it so beautifully. It is such a pleasure knowing you and here’s to more.

Thank you, Baeth. Likewise. It’s such a pleasure to know you as well.

You’re so welcome. Everyone, thanks for reading. This has been another episode of the show and we will see you soon.

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About Lisa Garcia

AYD 24 | Right TimingLisa Garcia is an intuitive astrologer and numerologist who has felt since she was young that she was brought here for a big mission, to help people embrace their divine purpose, to fully step into their power, and to overcome the challenges holding them back from their big mission.

Her company is called Cosmic Love Goddess, and she fulfills her mission through her programs and services which include one-on-one astrology, numerology and Goddess Oracle readings, as well as her new group program, called Divine Timing, which combines all of her mystical wisdom with the tools in her arsenal including Human Design. You can find her on Instagram @cosmiclovegoddess where she offers daily and weekly spiritual guidance and inspiration.