AYD 12 | Visibility Issues

Most people think that you need to be thin and have perfect skin in order to be seen by the world. That couldn’t be any more false. To have visibility is to show your true self to the world. Especially if you’re a woman, achieving visibility is going to be twice as hard. So you really need to remove your inner critic and your vanity-like approach to the world. Join your host, Baeth Davis, and her guest photographer/visibility mentor, Siddiqi Ray. Siddiqi is the founder of Siddiqi Soul Ray & Soul Ray Portraits. She is a believer in the power of showing your true self to the world. Siddiqi is here to inspire entrepreneurial women to find their inner self, power and purpose. Even if you’re a Projector in human design who is filled with bitterness, you can learn how to shape that into something positive. Click here to learn more.

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Solving Your Visibility Issues (Especially For Projectors!) With Generator Siddiqi Ray

This is the show where I interview people who I feel are living their design with gusto and I hope it is an opportunity for you to commit to your purpose more fully and if you are committed to your purpose, to take it to that next level of expression and fulfillment. Our guest specializes in helping women entrepreneurs get visible. Visibility is necessary if you want to make any money and be successful. It is through our throat that we manifest. Therefore, every human being must find the appropriate platform to communicate. For some of you will be communicating worldwide and for others of you, you’re communicating to an intimate niche. You might find your platform on Clubhouse or Twitter.

When things start to open up again, moving about whatever country you live in or moving about the world and speaking. Whatever it is you do, communication is required and this requires you to be seen and heard by others. Our wonderful guest, Siddiqi Ray is going to discuss with us this most important issue which she and I have found comes up again and again for our clients. Siddiqi Ray is a groundbreaking visibility mentor who’s developed her career as a professional photographer and master mentor to women.

She has created a program to support these changemaker women and business owners to master their visibility which enables their success and increases their results in the world. Siddiqi is the Founder and Creator of the groundbreaking Soul Portrait Process. For many years, she has worked with world-leading organizations and leaders including The Mayo Clinic, Target, the Associated Press, the Navy SEALs, The Dalai Lama, who she has photographed at least twelve times, Nelson Mandela, Deepak Chopra and the Kennedys to support the visibility and work in the world.

Siddiqi is also awarded the Icon Award by the International Women’s Economic Forum for her work with women and community leaders. Please, let’s give a warm welcome to our amazing guest, Siddiqi Ray. We’re going to talk about visibility issues with a special emphasis on projectors in human design because they have special visibility issues not seen in the other types. With that, I’m going to bring her on. Siddiqi, welcome to our show.

Thank you for being here, Baeth. It’s such an honor. You’re such an expert in human design and hand analysis. It’s amazing how profoundly your work has impacted the trajectory of my life and my career. I’m so honored to be here with you.

I’m so glad to have you. The other thing I didn’t mention is we’re besties. We’ve been best friends for years. Our association has been such a beautiful exchange of energy. You helped me rehabilitate my body after a bunch of surgeries from cancer. You also helped me rehabilitate my self-image because, after all the surgeries, I was not feeling attractive. I was feeling almost defeminized because I felt I had been mangled. I had been disfigured.

It sounds like you’ve been attacked by a lion.

That’s what it felt like. It looked like a lion had been chomping on my chest. You came to the rescue. I had the good fortune of working with you around your business and your design. Let’s dive into visibility. As we do on every show, towards the end of our interview, I have asked you a question about your human design, I will share that question that you have and we’ll look at your chart for the audience. Let’s start with what you mean by visibility. What does that mean to Siddiqi Ray?

AYD 12 | Visibility Issues
Visibility Issues: Something has to change about how women see themselves. How they are willing to show themselves to the world so that they can be of service.

To me, as a 6/2, it’s a process of living my life as a three for the first part of my life, being in hiding, a lot of trial and errors, failures, dramas, trauma and then going up on the roof. You met me right at the end, right before I went on the roof, then I was on the roof and it was observing women, our issues around our body image, our self-esteem and our inner critic. Having photographed thousands of women throughout my professional career as a photographer, I was able to sit on the roof and observe how many gorgeous, talented, educated, brilliant women are not getting their message out in the world. They’re not feeling significant enough to show themselves to be of service, so they’re not making an impact. From that perspective of the roof, I was like, “Something has to change about how we see ourselves and how we are willing to show ourselves to the world, stand up and speak up so we can be of service.” That’s how I see visibility. It’s an inside job and ultimately, we turn ourselves out into the world to be of service.

Before we talk about projectors, what are the major visibility issues that you see for women entrepreneurs?

The number one visibility issue is technology overwhelm. Not being able to go live, not knowing how to go live, not knowing what they’re going to say, not knowing if anybody’s going to show up and care. That’s number one. The second one is the raging inner critic that editorializes oneself and gets us into perfectionism, procrastination and paralyzes us. Also, the vanity dilemma. Most of the women I work with are 40 plus. We’re getting older and now we see ourselves in this virtual world more than we ever have. We have this whole conversation in our head about, “How do I look younger? How do I look thinner?” The reality is nobody’s waiting for us to look younger and thinner. We need to get ourselves out there. Those are the three main issues. Technology, the inner critic, and vanity.

Projectors in human design are 21% of the population and they are special in that their aura penetrates the other. They have this penetrating understanding of other people. What I see is they’re often working as solopreneurs, which is not correct for their design. They’re meant to be the advisors and guides to humanity and guide organizations to greater productivity and better results. I imagine that you must encounter serious visibility issues with the projectors that come into your world.

I would say great grave visibility issues. They’re working so hard against themselves.

Will you say more about what the projectors are wanting and what’s getting in their way with regards to visibility?

There are three different kinds of visibility that I see and I’m talking about videos online in it. We either educate, entertain, or inspire. It always falls into those. Projectors want to inspire and entertain but sometimes, truth be told, they’re not entertaining. They tend to be serious introspective people. This is what I see. They’re attracted and magnetized to the generators like you and me that we are out there. We are glamorous and outspoken.

They want to be that but they’re somehow, they’re working against themselves, their own energy flow and their design because they’re not meant to be out front, shiny, glamorous and articulate, so they keep saying to themselves, “What’s wrong with me that I can’t get myself out there and do my business?” That’s the other thing. When I have projectors that come into my visibility Facebook challenges, they’re so good at seeing, supporting, and responding to everybody else like they’re the most amazing community builders. When they’re in that role, they excel but when you try to break down business, business structure, what they’re going to sell and clarity around that falls apart.

Visibility is an inside job. It happens when you turn yourself out into the world to be of service.

That’s my experience as well when coaching projectors. They’re often comparing themselves to another type, which isn’t helpful.

Compare and despair to the generators that are out there doing it. They’re like, “I want to be like that.” There’s something deeper to discuss because maybe that’s not their path.

They need to lead organizations and that’s when they get that success which for them is being acknowledged and not getting accolades for their guidance. What happens is they either push for it and get rejected or they pull back, do nothing and then they get bitter. Bitterness becomes this overlay that disguises the humor, wisdom and genius that projectors have. They’re dealing with that bitterness issue. Have you seen that in working with them?

I have and it’s such a great example. I have a client and she has been with me for a couple of years. I’ve met her through you. She is a projector and I tried to get on the path of least resistance which is this visibility formula and it wasn’t taking. I was like, “I’m giving myself an epic fail with her.” Finally, I was like, “What matters to you?” We dug deeper and deeper. It turns out that she was bitter and angry. She loves rock and roll. I’m like, “That’s what you make a video about. Express your anger.”

She started this series of videos on how to express your anger. The first one was her dancing to this loud rock and roll music. The next one was her singing Lzzy Hale and talking about how angry she was at her ex-husband. It unlocked her genius because it was like, “You do you, boo.” She came up with this thing that I would have never even known within her. It was expressing the bitterness and making sense of it.

I know who you’re talking about because in training we had in 2016 or 2017, she was in class and the theme came up with the group how out of touch people were with their anger. I, apropos of nothing, took my arm and cleared everything off the table in front of me onto the floor. Glasses smashed, water flying, papers in the air. I was like, “That feels so much better, doesn’t it? Can we move on, please, from this nitpicking bitterness?” The reaction in the room. Some people were like, “Hallelujah,” and other people were completely freaked. This is how I know where she’s getting the support. She said to me, “I’ve had a breakthrough with that anger. Do you remember in class when you broke the glass and everyone freaked out?” I said, “How can I forget?” She said, “I realized then that I was out of touch with my anger. I had to find a way to get to it and I have.” Good on you.

It’s brilliant when the projectors can let go of the compare and despair and thinking they need to be something other than they are. The thing about generators is we can consistently be visible. We can set a date in the calendar and say, “Every Tuesday and Thursday, I’m going to go live. I’m doing this and I’m doing.” Projectors don’t know where their energy is going to come from and what’s going to inspire them. They’re like sea anemone when you get close to them.

When they unleash and recognize the source of their anger, bitterness and they can turn towards that shadow side of themselves because a lot of the work I do is around the shadow archetypes and owning the voice of the shadow. When they can listen to that voice, it’s trying to get them to say, “You’re not meant to be out there every day. You can’t push yourself. You have to wait for that inspiration. Don’t promise anybody that you’re going to be there every Thursday doing a live. You can’t.”

AYD 12 | Visibility Issues
Visibility Issues: The three main visibility issues for entrepreneurial women are technology, inner critic, and vanity.

When they finally turn inward and look at the gold that’s there, a lot of them are alchemists. They’re in this experimental process of owning their magic and they’ve been trying to do it the way everybody else does it. It’s this divine experiment that they’re meant to have with their visibility, and it’s creative. We have another one that came into a visibility challenge. She’s in your world and she just graduated. She started dancing. She wrote to me and she’s like, “I want to dance.” and I’m like, “Just dance.” She turns on the video camera and twirls. It was so inspiring to everybody to be in their bodies and to be inhabited.

Projectors need to feel their way into their path with visibility, business, expression and allow themselves to be seen and to be celebrated, which is what I try to do with projectors. They’re like, “I feel so seen, hurt and nurtured.” It makes me want to cry how shut down these protectors have been. They make themselves bad, wrong and it’s this monumental hurdle to get them to be themselves. That’s the gift of their visibility. They might be 21% of the population, but they’re almost 100% of my business.

What would you say about using ones designed to get more visible? We know that for projectors, they’re getting visible. Every project I’ve worked with has had to find their way into a unique creative process. It doesn’t follow a formula, whereas we generators can watch what someone else is doing, check in with our authority and go, “That’ll work for me.” If it does work, we try it and it works. We can get a lot out of being in response to what other people are doing but projectors have to be invited or they get the invitations when they’re in the frequency of their creativity. I often say to the projector clients that I have, “Be happily creative while you’re waiting for invitations, not bitterly creative. There has to be no expectation.” Trying to get a projector to let go of their expectations is like trying to get a fresh bone away from a dog. What would you say about using design, in general, to get more visible? That’s going to then lead right into your chart.

Before I started to put together my visibility work and the visibility archetypes with human design, I was doing what everybody else is doing, which is trying to get as many people through and mentor them. I realized that inadvertently I had created a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter approach and that didn’t work. I was like, “I’m going to have to take a step back and realize that these projectors, the generators and the manifesting generators all need something different and they all need to create their own blueprint, own foundation and architecture for how they’re meant to be visible.”

When we create that with them, for them and we keep inviting them, and I’m not talking about projectors, I’m talking about anyone, to go deeper and deeper into they’re craving to be significant and to make a contribution, they’re craving and their deepest, heartfelt desire is to make an impact. We give them more permission to experiment and play. It’s this big visibility playground. It’s like, “Did this work? Try this.” I found that they get there. We all get there eventually but we have to do it backward. Everybody else is like, “Here’s the program. Here’s the offering. Go out in the world and sell yourselves.” For most of us, women entrepreneurs, it doesn’t work to sell ourselves. It’s too much pressure. We’re putting so much energy, emphasis, money and time into trying to figure out the way to do it. There is no one right way. You have to be willing to experiment and play around with it.

To your point, there’s an incredible book that I’m reading called Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow. He is a famous filmmaker. He was a stand-up comedian and it is a series of interviews with other famous comedians. He started doing these interviews at 50. What struck me about this book and why it’s a recommended read to any person who wants to be more successful, my big takeaway is every single person’s creative process is different. That is the one takeaway from that. There’s no one size fits all. What Jerry Seinfeld does is so different from what Chris Rock does which is so different from what Jimmy Fallon does or Sarah Silverman. Much of it hinges on their childhood, their type and the way their energy moves.

What’s cracked me up reading this book is, these masterful creators are learning from one another. They’re burnishing and polishing one another’s work. They’re giving some edits, feedback and, “What if we tried this and that?” Ultimately, the individual has to figure out, “Am I a morning person or am I a night person? Do I like to write alone or in partnership? Do I like this or do I like that?” Every single person has this different way into their creativity. I feel like that’s what you’re saying. Each person you work with needs your support and permission to find their unique creative process and to stop being in compare and despair.

What gets lost in the translation of, “I want to have a business. I need to market myself, so I can get clients and money.” When I break it down with most of these women, yes, they want money and clients but what they want more than anything is to be of service and to make an impact in the world. Even if it’s to 5, 10, 15, 20, 10,000 or 1 million, they want to show up and shine their light in the world. They lose that in other people’s vision of fame, fortune and what’s possible. They lose the simplicity of how amazing and miraculous it can be when you allow your voice and presence to attract and magnetize people to you. You don’t have to push to be visible.

Be in touch with your anger and bitterness because something genius can come from that.

I’m not talking about becoming an influencer here or winning a popularity contest. Go somewhere else and learn the five things you need to do to shine on video if that’s what you want to do. What I’m talking about is deeply accepting your mission and saying yes to your purpose, using the path and the journey of our lives to inform how, when and where we need to show up so the people that were meant to serve can find us. That’s what visibility is. We have to first find ourselves and we need to allow ourselves to be seen and be heard so we can make that impact. At the end of the day, do we want money? Absolutely. Do we need clients? Absolutely but the thing that we want is to help the people that are still stuck by the ten steps back on that journey that we have been walking. That’s what we want.

You have a Facebook group, yes?


Will you tell people what happens in your Facebook group and why they should come over there?

I have this free Archetype Quiz and it helps you see what your superpower is with your visibility and what your shadow side is. The women in that group, Women in Biz: GETTING VISIBLE TOGETHER are practicing getting visible. The projectors dancing or the other projector is expressing her anger. There’s one generator that is in fashion, she dresses up as her character and she speaks as her characters. It’s a safe space to practice and to practice inspiring, educating and informing. They take the Archetype Quiz. We come in and I do many series on their archetypes, what it means to them and I channel for them. It’s a playground for visibility.

All of you in our audience, you can please take the quiz. I’ve taken it and it’s spot on. It’s accurate and I love quizzes. Who doesn’t love a quiz to find out more? Let’s talk about your design. I ask the guests before the show, what is one question you would like to explore with your design so we can focus our discussion? Your question was so apropos and wonderful. How are you, Siddiqi, meant to be visible? Let’s have a look at that, shall we?


December 3rd, 1967, at 9:03 AM. Let’s talk about visibility because you have an interesting design when it comes to visibility. Part of how we communicate how we manifest is through the throat. You can see and you have one gate off the throat and that gate is looking for someone with the 48 to connect into so that you have the whole channel. This presents you with some wonderful gifts and some incredible challenges. Because your throat chakra is undefined, you’re not sure what to talk about most of the time. How would you know? What is my message? What am I supposed to say? That’s not a good question for you to ask ever because it’ll lead you down a depressing rabbit hole that leads to melancholy and possibly depression.

AYD 12 | Visibility Issues
Visibility Issues: Projectors need to feel their way into their own path, with visibility, business, and expression. They need to allow themselves to be seen and to be celebrated.

What that undefined throat is good for is helping determine the voices of others. People that have an open or undefined throat or genius at finding the voice in another. One thing for you that’s so important in your work is that you have a partner when you’re doing videos, things, when you’re visible. This is good because you have someone to play off of and someone to draw you out and streamline what you want to say. I would recommend to you when you’re in your Facebook Group and doing your work, bring on someone into the hot seat, even bring on someone that’s your occasional sidekick.

You could have an arsenal of sidekicks. You could have 3, 4, 5 people who are specialists that you enjoy that you bring on and your audience knows, “It’s a show with Siddiqi and so and so.” You could rotate that with the hot seats. What this does for you is it activates this capacity in you because whatever’s going on in their throat, you click into it easily and you’re able to help them find their voice in real-time, which makes every conversation you have a demo of your genius. The one channel you have, Gate 16 is enthusiasm.

It’s a skill, talent and a voice that knows the score and can quickly lay down the truth of what is going on. That is the essence of your communication. It’s, “What’s the truth in this moment?” When you bring on some additional person in a partnership or dynamic, you excel. That’s why you had to customize your work. I will look at charts where I have said to people, “You need a group program with thousands of people in it. That would be great for your personality.” The nature of who you are is so detailed, precise and highly meticulous that you’re well served having a boutique-type business where you’re opening package prices $5,000 to $7,000 and go up from there. You might want to include, and I know you’ve done this in the past, for your high-level clients, have a retreat built-in or two.

We have one.

Where the clients themselves can meet other like-minded people that have gone through this process with you because then they have a shared language, that’s the first thing with the throat. I want to talk about managing your energy because although you’re a generator and you have 3 out of the 4 motors, you are prone to burnout in a particular way, which you know because you’re not meant to be sick, injured or burnt out but you’ve certainly had your matches in the ring with the bull. You’ve been the matador who survived many bullfights. Part of this is because, yes, you have the undefined throat, so the not-self says, “What am I supposed to say?” You have an undefined G-Center, which is always looking for direction, “Where should I go? What should I be doing? Who loves me?” They’re also not good questions.

What the undefined G-Center does is it lets you feel other people. It’s great for actors because they can channel someone. You can channel your energy. You have an undefined will, so you can’t make promises. You can’t stick to a rigid schedule. It’s not your way. It’s too formulaic and you fall apart because anyone with an undefined will is much more of a go-with-the-flow person than the people with the defined will. I have a defined will so I can put stuff in my calendar years in advance and know that I’m committed to it, “That’s going to happen. I’m going to do that.”

For you, it’s too confining. All this openness, if it’s not handled properly, will take you down energetically. In a sense, what gets in the way of Siddiqi’s visibility isn’t so much that you’re afraid of being visible. It isn’t about that for you. It isn’t about how you look or sound, although you may have had issues with that. Those are more like smokescreen issues where there’s a judgment. There could be a judgment or maybe there was in the past. It’s similar to what your clients have dealt with.

“Why can’t I keep up? Why don’t I know what I’m supposed to say? Why don’t I know my direction? Why can’t I make these commitments?” Instead of, “I don’t work that way.” Siddiqi isn’t wired to do that. You can talk about what you can do well but you are not designed to make promises and then the other thing is you have an undefined spleen. You’ll get sick if you’re not careful and don’t listen to those impulses. This is all much impacted by this 3/60 channel, which is called the Mutation Channel.

Every single person’s creative process is different.

Anyone that has the 3/60 is prone to melancholy. We would now call it clinical depression but your biggest challenge is when the melancholy comes to not give it meaning because all it means is you’re waiting. Your body gets sad waiting for something to happen because you can’t force the mutation. It’s brought to you through the Earth. It’s a matter of proper timing. Everything in your life has to be when you feel like it, if you feel like it and it’s got to feel satisfying to you, furthermore.

The way you’re designed completely goes against modern society. In your variable, you’ve got one left arrow in your environment sector. What this then means is that you’re active in your environment. You’re physically active, like to keep busy and always get a lot of things going on. That’s correct for you because you can sort your thoughts by washing the dishes or going on a trail run. The activity helps your mind sift through things. The rest of the arrows in that variable are right, which means you have a diffuse non-focus way of encountering the world where your eyeballs and your senses take in everything. You see all and it’s a passive process. It’s not an active thing. It comes in and you know things. While you’re waiting for the mutation, similar to these lovely projectors, the best thing for you is to focus on projects you’ve already started and finish them.

There’s this wonderful 59/6 channel which is the sexuality channel. It is about birthing things. It’s not birthing children, which if you wanted to you could have had a lot of children at one point in your life, but you decided not to. I’m going to talk about what we’re dealing with here. We’ve got 59/6 over here in black, in Jupiter. Over here in your design Venus, we have 59/2 and 59 is the sex gate. It’s the sexual fire.

I should tell that to my husband, “It’s in my design. Let’s go.”

The 59/6 energy is called the one-night stand, which means you can have intimacy with someone and never see them again. It isn’t necessarily being promiscuous. If love is there for however long, you’re able to be in it no matter the conditions which is a special thing. You can overcome great difficulties for love is what it’s about. There’s this tenacity with love. If you love somebody, it’s like how that song goes, “There’s no mountain high enough.” You’re going to go over the mountain for this person.

That’s what people feel in you and it’s in Jupiter, which means that in your work what makes you prosperous is celebrating people’s sensuality and their naturalness because line 6 is being natural. It is being one’s true authentic self and Gate 59 as in one’s sexuality. You have this capacity to activate that physical awareness in a person or what we might call embodiment. We’ve got a lot of focus on embodiment. There’s an embodiment piece. Your designed Venus, which is your heart is 59/2. I also have 59/2 in my chart and 59/2 is shyness. Although people would not describe us as shy, when it comes to love, we have to know that person thinks we paint the moon in the stars in the sky, that our beloved thinks we’re the best and they have to draw us out because if we don’t feel we’re number one, the favorite special, we’re like, “Get away from me.”

We have no time for it. It’s like, “You treat me like a queen or go away.” People will have probably accused you as they’ve accused me of saying, “You’re unavailable, unaccessible, too guarded and too masculine.” I’m like, “No. I don’t trust you and I don’t trust most people because they’re not worthy of my trust. If you show yourself, maybe the shields will come down, maybe not.” It’s totally appropriate for you. As it relates to work, you’re going to draw in people who are also guarded and they need to be.

Their guardedness isn’t a problem. That’s part of what you’re teaching them. The bottom line this, you’re meant to be visible if one, when you feel like it. When the mutation comes, it says, “Go do a video. Make a movie. Take some new headshots of yourself or however you want to be visible.” It’s got to come from a deep impulse down here in the 60. The 60 is a limitation. I want you to start paying attention to where you feel limited in your life. Not in the past but now. If anywhere, you might not feel that limited in many places but there might be a few key areas where you’re like, “Am I satisfied as a generator with this situation or not?”

AYD 12 | Visibility Issues
Visibility Issues: Women should want to show up and shine their light in the world. They don’t have to push to be visible.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The limitation is in our DNA to help us strip away everything that isn’t essential. Some people have increased a lot in their design. They’re trying to deal with almost too much. They have too much to deal with and they’re learning how to handle all this stuff but the limitation is asking you to be inventive, so any place you ever feel limited is where the next breakthrough comes from for you. Number one, you’ve got to feel like it.

Two, you have to pay attention to where you feel limited. When you embrace that everybody’s limited or that we all have limits, the mind and consciousness are unlimited but our physical body has limits. There are limits to our energy and how much generosity we have. There are limits on things. There needs to be limits. There are speed limits when we drive. There’s a reason for limits. They’re there to protect us and to make sure that we don’t burn through our resources. You’re learning how to embrace your limitations and help your clients to recognize theirs. Love those limitations. Judging one’s age, how awful is that? There’s nothing you can do about your age. You’re alive, be grateful. You could be dead.

Also, the body image.

The body changes.

We’re even having a hard time embracing that.

People need to embrace that. The fact is, they can do something about it too if they want to. They’re not that limited. People are like, “I feel fat.” I’m like, “Lose the weight. What’s the big deal? If you don’t like something about yourself and you have the capacity to change it then change it.” It’s that simple. Also getting to a place where you decide, “I like my body the way it is. I know, society says I should look this way or be this way but I feel good this way.” That’s the ultimate breakthrough. If the person is finding that they want to be thinner, great. If they want to accept their body as it is, great but you help them figure out and truly that those limits are boundaries. That those limits are there to keep them safe and to make sure they don’t overextend themselves. Number one, you need to be in the mood to put yourself out there. Number two, you need to embrace your limitations. Three, you’re helping a client see that their limits are boundaries.

It is so interesting that you say that it makes so much sense to me. I have this retreat called Safe to be Seen. One of the major unknown problems of the women that I work with is, it doesn’t occur to them to set boundaries online in their social media presence with their visibility. Until they define the parameters and the conditions under which they are willing to be visible like, “Let’s go through your Facebook feed. Let’s filter out and block the people that you’re not meant to speak to, the people that do judge you and shut you down.” It’s all about creating safety and boundaries with our own visibility, which is something that quite frankly doesn’t occur to anybody and I haven’t heard anybody talking about. It’s so paramount to my work. My husband’s like, “Sid, you should teach about intuition and boundaries. You’re the Queen of boundaries.”

You have wonderful boundaries. I’ve learned so much from you about boundaries. You’ve taught me how to fight clean if I’m upset about something, how to express myself in all situations, how to take time for myself to get clear on what I’m wanting out of an interaction. In your incarnation cross, your 6/2 profile, which comes from the lines after the Sun and Earth positions. The 6/2 is what I call the Spiritual Teacher comes down off the roof and teaches people the two energies, which is about marketing, being mesmerizing and visible. It’s about getting called out from your hermit cave and sharing the creativity you’ve been working on in private. It’s the same for you. You have to be called out. You’re not designed to be visible all the time. It’s not your way.

Everyone has limits. They exist to protect you so that you don’t burn through your resources.

For the gates, people are coming to you for these nine energies down here. This is what people feel in you. That nine energy is about focus, the ability to complete things and see the necessary details. You’re going to have a keen eye and a physical sense of what works and what doesn’t. Sixteen is your voice. That’s what grounds you. It’s your enthusiasm and your vocal skill, the detail in your communication. On your design side, we have Gate 64 and Gate 63. We’re dealing with before and after completion with these two gates. You’re dealing a lot with doubt and confusion. You’re helping other people work through their doubt and confusion. The lesson in doubt and confusion is don’t second guess yourself.

If you feel like you’ve made the correct decision, let it be and move on. That’s the learning in that. These gates are also off the crown, so they have a profound access to the environment around you to what we could call cosmic or infinite intelligence. Any of the energy of the gates on the head is drawing inspiration from the cosmos. You bring in all this spiritual wisdom, you ground it down to the essential details and then you verbally are able to share with enthusiasm something that otherwise is abstract to people.

It’s interesting that you say this. I call it practical intuition. The Competently Visible Facebook Challenge is five days long and all these are addressing the technology, inner critic, vanity and the dilemma. On the last day, the hot seat is me channeling for the women that have won the prizes throughout the week. I’m bringing in that divine inspiration and answering their visibility questions from that intuitive place. I got this five-page email from this woman that was on the hot seat. She was like, “I could not believe that you saw this part of me that is so hidden, has been so lost but it’s so essential to my expression into my well-being.”

She said that she fell off the chair during the challenge and her friends were on the call and they were like, “How could she know that?” That’s one of my gifts. I enthusiastically see for people what’s possible. I practically can see the path for them to get to their soul’s expression of who they are with their visibility. It’s exciting but also when they’re not in their not self, I feel it like nails on a chalkboard. I can hear the broken record and what they’re saying. I don’t have a lot of patience for it. I’m like, “There’s no energy in what you’re saying.”

I can help people rapidly move through these things because of my ability to see. It’s interesting to me because I found a way around the, “What do I say?” When people come into the Facebook Group, they’re asked a series of questions. I have this insane spreadsheet of 350 people answering these questions and then telling me exactly where and what they need. I go to the spreadsheet before I do a Facebook Live and I’m like, “What did they say that they needed about technology?” They said that they have a hard time going live. They feel paralyzed when they go to press the go button. I speak directly to that. I’m gathering the evidence of what they need and then I’m speaking to that, which is so much easier than, “Let me try to figure out what I need to say.”

You’re so inspiring and you’ve given me so much permission. I have a video where I’m hiding under the covers. It’s quite depressing. It’s fantastic because it’s me years ago, hiding under the covers and being like, “Who’s going to even want to listen to me and my journey?” When I first put out my videos, I had three followers and then it’s showing the magnitude of the number of videos that I put out there and then the responses that I eventually got. My mission is to help 10,000 women get visible online so they can make an impact and share their gifts with the world. This video separates the wheat from the chaff.

People either look at it and they’re like, “That’s so excruciatingly visible. I’m going away from this person’s world,” or women email me all the time, “I’m in tears. You touched me.” You gave me permission to do that. The times that I was out in the desert in Joshua Tree hiding out on the roof, you’re going to come down and all you need to do is share your journey and inspire people with your journey. That’s all you have to do. It gave me such permission to let go of figuring out the perfect program, “How I’m going to sell it, and how I’m going to market it?” I’m like, “Here I am. This is what’s possible. If you need some of this, come join me and I’ll help you figure out what you need.”

You gave me that because those times when I was up on the roof, it was excruciating waiting for that call on that inspiration. Part of me was like, “I’ve got to get it together already.” You’re like, “Believe me. You’re going to come off the roof, write that book, you’re going to show up and it’s going to be totally different.” You gave me permission to stay there for the long time I was there because I trusted your insight and wisdom. Honestly, I would not be where I am in my life and in my business without your mentorship. You are amazing.

AYD 12 | Visibility Issues
Visibility Issues: Anyone with an undefined will is much more of a go with the flow person than the people with the defined will.

Thank you. I appreciate that. Are there any final words of wisdom for our audience?

If you haven’t worked with Baeth already, you need to work with her already. If you work with her and you need to get those brilliant skills out in the world, whether if you’re projector, generator, reflector or manifesting generator and you need some support, come join the community. We’ll help you take the quiz. It’ll help you see what you can tap into to be more visible and what’s holding you back. It would be my honor and my privilege to support your people because they’re all so amazing.

We have a sweet community, you and I. We attract loving and sweet people.

Brilliant people. I call them Overeducated Olivias.

Get out of their heads and into their bodies. Thank you, Siddiqi, this is wonderful.

Thank you.

Thank you, everyone. This has been another episode of the show. Be sure to join our Facebook group. Siddiqi, thank you again. We’d love to have you back on the show.


Thank you.

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