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What do you do when you want to start a new career? Baeth Davis sits with Manifestor Terry Wildemann, the Founder of Intuitive Leadership U. Terry talks about how important it is for you to recognize your spiritual health. Get rid of the emotional baggage that’s holding you back from success. Live in the present moment because doing so makes you powerful. Then use everything the universe gives you to step into your calling. So you can be who you were meant to be in this lifetime. Tune in!

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Terry Wildemann, Manifestor 3/5

At this point in time, whenever you are reading this, it is perfect. I’m not going to say the actual day because whenever you find this blog post, it is going to be the right moment for you. It is timeless. This particular day in history is moving fast. You can all feel the quickening as the individual awakens, as we move into the right-angle across from the sleeping phoenix. You are the sleeping phoenix. You are waking up. You are discovering you are the firebird of your own life and you are going to soar to unprecedented heights.

As an individual, you are going to have an activated spirit, good prosperity, fabulous health and wonderful love. Remember, love comes first. I have a wonderful guest. You may not like the title of the show. Read it anyways. I am bringing together cosmic galactic people for you. You might go, “I do not care about that title.”

Read the blog post and get the transmission from the guest. The guy I talked to was an emperor. I have met three real emperors in this modern-day world, sadly but there is more and they are going to wake up the other men. Let’s get into our topic. We are going to talk now about how you as an entrepreneur, if you are an entrepreneur or even a career professional and maybe you want to advance your career. You might want to leave that career and start a new career. You might even want to have a new business but what do you do?

My recommendation to most people is you need to start with self-love and self-acceptance. The easiest path to that is through getting support and having your truth reflected to you and awakening spiritually. You can create as a manifestor person, a person that can manifest in the world. We are going to dive into how do you manifest as yourself.

Our guest now, I’m going to tell you about her now. She is truly an incredible healer. I have worked with her personally. Her name is Terry Wildemann. She is an Intuitive Success Navigator and she helps spiritual entrepreneurs connect with her inner guidance to them to awaken the possibilities and create limitless prosperity.

Her clients learn to overcome money blocks, control overwhelm and attract their ideal clients. She also helps people improve their health and happiness in business and life, having personally paid her money and worked with her. She is an experienced entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Winds of Change Holistic Education and Leadership Center. She is the founder of Intuitive Leadership U. She is a speaker author of two solos and seven co-authored books. With that, let’s bring Ms. Terry Wildemann to the show. How are you?

I’m doing great. How are you, Baeth?

I’m good. I’m so happy to be with you.

I’m excited to be here. We have been waiting to do this for a long time. It is going to be so much fun.

The numerology now boils down from a 12 to a 3. Will you talk about what that means for humanity?

The twelve is a master number and these master numbers follow us everywhere. The number 222 follows me everywhere. Now, happens to be a twelve-day, which is a big day. Jesus had twelve apostles. When you break down the number twelve, it is a three, Father son and Holy Spirit. It’s the Trinity, mind, body, spirit. It is about bringing all of it together in a powerful way that elevates us in unison if we surrender and allow it.

The three energy is two forces coming together and creating something. Will you say more about that?

3 are 3 forces coming together if we allow it. As I was saying, “The mind, body and spirit.” The surrender or the allowing part of it elevates us to that space of where we are to be. Unfortunately, a lot of us self-sabotage and push that energy away because we are either in the body or mind. We do not acknowledge the spirit.

The beauty of it all comes in the integration of all three, the mind, body and spirit. In my work, I’m all about integrating the spiritual, the personal and the practical. When we integrate all three as entrepreneurs, we are powerful, focused, integrated, grounded and centered on what it is we are meant to do and how we are meant to do it. The spiritual must come first because if you only focus on the practical and put that first, trust me, through experience, things fall apart because they do not have the support of that deep and wide spiritual foundation and personal foundation to support the practical.

How did you find your way to working with an entrepreneur? Didn’t you use to be in law enforcement?

I was in my twenties.

Surrendering elevates us to the space where we are meant to be. Share on X

Do you want to talk about that from cop to cosmic spiritual cleaner?

I have been an entrepreneur since I was a little kid. I used to sell rides down the hill for pennies in my little red Flyer wagon. When I was in college, I wanted to do something different. I got involved in my first multilevel marketing company when I was eighteen years old. I found out that I love the product. It was called Copper Craft. They are not around anymore.

I ended up working with a lot of brides. When you are doing home parties, which were big in those days, you are going into people’s homes and meeting people. I love meeting people and the bridal industry kept calling me. I got worn out. I could not do school and do that at the same time. It is something that does not feel good anymore so I let that go.

I got my degree in Law Enforcement and I was in a law enforcement career but the whole time I was also teaching, learning, educating and all kinds of stuff. At the same time, I was in hospitality. When I was in my early twenties, I was working 2 or 3 jobs. I was a waitress and dining with my manager. Working with people fed my soul and then I burned out multiple times.

I got married at 31. I owned a manufacturing company at the end of my twenties, from the age of 27 to 30 years of age. We built electrical control panels and baggage racks for the railroad industry. It is all because of the multilevel marketing and all of the other work that I did in these other industries. I knew a lot about marketing and sales. I ended up leading this company and it fell in my lap. It was one of those things the universe provided. I learned so much, a lot of wonderful stuff and about the not-so-good stuff. I got sick, burned out and had to walk away from it.

I got married at 31 and four doctors told me I could never have children but the entire time from the age of eight, I knew I was going to have two and adopt one always. These four doctors are saying, “It is not going to happen.” I’m like, “Yes, it is. Watch me.” Nine months and two days after my wedding date, my daughter was born. She was two weeks early. At the age of three months, I decided I wanted to do something fun.

I went back to school and studied to be an image consultant. I got certified to be an image consultant and that was the beginning of what is now. That was in my early 30s. The business kept evolving and as an entrepreneur, I loved working with professionals. I loved working with men and women, helping them be the best they could be. I studied communications and I got deeply into leadership because I was always in leadership. I was studying leadership and I burned that again. That is when I realized I needed to take control of my health.

In 1998, it was a very fluky thing. My husband is in the Navy. I married a Navy guy. We got transferred up here to where we live now. We have been here for several years. I ended up going to a course called Many Lives, Many Masters. It fed my soul because I had gotten back a few months earlier from Valparaiso, Chile, where I met my husband’s ship.

I’m walking through Valparaiso, Chile, a place I never even knew about. I thought, “I have been here before.” When I went back to Miami to pick up my two-year-old, who was being taken care of by my parents, the guy who lived next door to them said, “I have a book for you.” He handed me the book, Many Lives, Many Masters. It exploded. It validated everything I knew to be true. At that time, I was about 34 or 35 and it validated everything I knew to be true in this lifetime.

My mother thought it was horrific. She is a devout Catholic. I’m like, “I do not care. This book is validating everything I knew.” I knew I was intuitive but things began to crystallize. When we moved up here, the book, I studied with these folks. I studied Many lives, Many Masters. I studied past life regression for several years.

AYD 32 | New Career
Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

From there, I got sick again. The woman who was teaching all of that was a Reiki master. She taught me Reiki and attuned me to Reiki. After my first attunement, all hell broke loose. It was like, “Whoa.” What I was seeing, what I was hearing, what I was doing was like lightning struck. In 1998, I became a Reiki master. That was the beginning of my evolution in learning what I needed to learn at the right time.

I would learn things and I would get certified in them. A while later, the next thing came. You know when we are doing squirrel moves and running after the next thing. That was not what it was like. It was like the universe said, “It is time for you to study this.” That led me to become an EFT practitioner, learning hypnosis, NLP, as I said, EFT, emotion code and body code. I’m getting certified in all these things and tuning in deeply to my intuition.

My last book is called The Enchanted Boardroom. I teach people how to connect with their inner guidance system and how to connect with their spiritual boardroom. I got certified in Law of Attraction training, bringing all of that in. Over and over, all these things kept happening and I integrate them now. What I do is work with entrepreneurial leaders and help them. That is where I bring in the spiritual, the personal and the practical.

I’m sitting on the couch. I had taken some time away from my business because a lot of personal stuff was going on. I always said that I integrated the practical, the personal and the spiritual. The spiritual was last. I remember sitting on the couch going, “You had it backwards. What is wrong with you?” It was one of those beating myself up moments.

I did to myself what I told my clients not to do, “Stop beating yourself up.” It was an illumination of, “The spiritual piece has to come first. It has to and then the personal piece.” I have got these mountains behind me but think of an iceberg. We only see a third of the iceberg. Two-thirds of it is below. With entrepreneurs, what we see is 1/3 but look at everything that we do that is 2/3 below.

That is where the spiritual and the personal lives. Everybody then sees the top 1/3. It is important we recognize that when we are in our spiritual health, we have good spiritual health. Without your health, you have nothing. That includes spirituality. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about spirituality.

That includes your spirituality, which is your values, getting rid of the emotional baggage that is holding you back from success, getting rid of everything that is not working. You can be who you are meant to be in this lifetime. That is where the spiritual and personal stuff comes in. When we get clear on that stuff, the practical business stuff aligns and we can identify our ideal client. We can identify who we want to work with. We can identify the great business that we want to build because the first two parts of the foundation are concrete and solid.

You are a manifestor in human design, which is only 8% of the human population. The manifestor has quite a different structure from the other 92% of people. In that, you are able to get an idea, filter it through your emotions and intuition, take action on it and pretty certainly have it come true. You have it come out, looking the way you would like it even. Whereas the rest of us do not know at all what it is going to look like. We are having to stay open to what the universe is going to bring us and respond accordingly. It is a response mechanism.

You are able to act on ideas and inform people. I’m curious as to how the informing benefits your clients because as one of your clients, which is why you are here now, I said, “You have got to talk to my people.” Shout out to Lee Milteer for introducing me to this one. She is another amazing person. She is the shit empress of truth.

When I say, “The shit,” I’m quoting someone else. I won’t get off on the field but the shit in this context is fertilizer. You are going to grow. She referred you. We cleared ancestral trauma, past life trauma and birth trauma. We cut ties with the toxin. We got focused on where I needed to put my energy. I have been liberated working with you at such a profound level. My gratitude to you is eternal. In this universe, our fractal souls will always have this gratitude between them. My first question to you is how does the informing impact the clients in your observation?

Number two, we were talking about our galactic connections. I want to go there because our community is having these downloads and awarenesses. Some people are able to bring it into 3D. They are able to speak it through the 5D and bring it into their material experience. A lot of people are thinking they are going crazy and imagining things. I did at first. Am I losing my mind? They are fighting themselves and creating enormous resistance. First question, what is the impact of your manifesting and forming? Number two, tell us about your connection to the galactic.

When we live in the present, we are in a powerful place. Share on X

The first thing is, remember I said that I was going to have two and adopt one at the age of eight. Those four doctors kept saying, “No, you are not.” I kept informing them, “Yes, I am.” I did.

I feel that when you say, “Yes, I am.” Will you say that again?

Yes, I am. I did.

Here is what I want you to know. I want to jump in here. I do not mean to interrupt you but I want to get this. In our body, there is a circuit that runs right down the middle and there is a circuit that runs through the middle. It is a middle circuit and it is the individual circuitry. We mutate through sound. We mutate through hearing people’s voices, music, harmonic frequencies, wind. Sound is what mutates us. When we speak from our true voice, it informs us. When you, as a manifestor, say, “I am.” It hits me right in my pineal gland, my third eye. It opens like that. It is feeling like “poof.” It goes straight through my body and it spreads out. I feel it and I go, “Yes, I am.” That is part of your impact.

I was sharing this diagram with a new client. This is a Rocketbook. You are supposed to use these stupid fusion pens that disappear. I was not paying attention and I used a pen that I could not erase.

I’m going to give you a whiteboard and control to annotate. You can teach us now.

Do the circle and a vertical line right down the center all the way from the top and horizontal. Put a circle where they meet in the middle. At the top of the horizontal or the vertical line, put the word “I.” On the left side of the horizontal line, put the word “am.” As you look under the am, where that middle circle is, that is the “I am,” where it crosses, right in the middle. On the left side of the horizontal line, in the end is your past. When we live in the past, it is a life of regret.

Disappointment would be in there.

Extend that horizontal line to the right. This is the future. When we live in the future, we are living a life of worry. What happens here is, if we live in the present and the present is a gift, it is right in the center. If you could put, I am and present, this is the present. When we live in the present, we are in a very powerful place. Underneath the present, put parenthesis and the word gift. When we give ourselves the gift of being in the present, what we do is avoid the bridge and the bridge is going from the past to the future, the future to the past. We completely bypass the present.

When we live in the present especially in the beginning, when we learn this model, when we look in the present, it requires us to look in the mirror. When we first begin to look in the mirror, we see everything we do now like about ourselves. That is where we begin the healing process. When we clear out all the past self-sabotaging stuff, clear out what doesn’t work anymore, clear out all the stuff that we learn in our environment, families, relationships, generations, from all the stuff that we inherited and absorbed.

AYD 32 | New Career
The Enchanted Boardroom

When we clear all of that out, it allows us to shift into the present, wholly and completely, without all that self-sabotaging baggage and allows us to be able to operate on this planet as we are meant to. A lot of us who are healers are being called up at this moment to begin to do the work that we are meant to do in mind, body and spirit, the number three. It assists us in shifting into the future.

The thing with living in the future and the present is where this is what I want. I am this and this. This is what I want my future to look like. We can use a process called segment intending. Every moment of every day, we can intend what the next 15 or 30 minutes are going to look like, what our morning, afternoon or evenings are going to look like. What is my dinner? In magnetic business attraction, I get into all of this and teach folks because this is the Law of Attraction here. The Law of Attraction works 24/7. You can’t run away from it. I laugh when people say, “I tried that Law of Attraction stuff. It does not work for me.” You are right. It is working for you now.

It is the same thing. Look in the mirror at yourself and you see everything you need to see. That is a genius model. I’m thinking, “Why don’t we look at your chart?” The past, present and future live in our design. Some of us are designed to take what we have learned from the past and bring it to the present to mutate. Some of us are here to be focused on a safe future in the present so we can mutate. Some people are designed to inhabit the present and they are the individual types who like yourself, teach us to live as ourselves. Can we look at your chart?

I’m looking forward to it because I have been a manifestor forever but I look at the chart. I have no idea what this means.

What makes someone a manifestor is quite straightforward. The manifestor does not have a defined sacral. That is rule number one. The sex area is not colored in. It is an open area for you. You got one gate off at gate 29, which is the gate of devotion. It is the gate of yes. In the I Ching, it is called the abysmal because if you make the wrong yes, it sucks. It is abysmal. It is important that we master the word no. That gate is about mastering the word no so that you can say, “Yes.”

Four doctors told me, “No.” I said, “Yes.”

The sacral is not defined. The sex area is not defined. One of the other three motors somehow connects to the throat directly. The root cannot directly connect to the throat in this design and that is good because the root is connected to the center of the Earth. That is where we pull all the fuel and mineralization. It is a pressure center from the Earth.

The other pressure center is up there because 70% of humanity has an undefined head and this creates a lot of issues unless you know how to deal with it. It is the pressure of inspiration, which you are not supposed to act on. Unless you are manifestor, you can do that. The pressure comes in from the crown. The pressure comes up from the root. For all of us, we are getting pressured by these two sources.

In human design, there are three motors. There is the root, the solar plexus, which you have defined and the will, which you do not have defined. You have two motors in this design. One of the motors is connected to the throat, which is your solar plexus. In 50% of humanity, there is a defined solar plexus. What this means is 50% of us, you, me and the rest of us who are in this category of defined solar plexus, are the emotional types, drama, feels, emotional waves and energy. It is up and it is down. It is all around.

Your solar plexus connects through this beautiful channel, the 22/12. The 22/12 channel is an individual champ. It is in the circuitry of knowing and the knowing circuitry works on a pulse. It can’t explain itself. It knows things. This channel of the 12/22 is called openness. People that have this channel are typically nonjudgmental. They can talk to anybody from any part of the world. Even if they have to go through a translator, they will make themselves understood.

Use everything the universe gives you to step into your calling. Share on X

The 22 is exceptionally gracious. You have a way of the hostess. You know how to make people feel welcome. You know how to walk them through the steps of things that they feel integrating. Integration and individuation are what the individual circuitry is about. It is keynote and empowerment. One of the ways you power people is to get in touch with grace. 22 is one of the most powerful coat-ons in the whole design.

It follows me everywhere.

I’m not surprised. It is your Mercury in your design. When we look at the chart, the personality side is your Western astrology chart at the moment of birth. The design is 88 days prior to when the pineal gland is activated. That is where the soul crystal comes in from outer space. We get a piece of data from the field and this is the body we inhabit for what that piece of data wants to do through us. It turns the body on like a switch so you can develop.

In your design, which is unconscious but it is called human design, not human personality. The goal is to make the unconscious conscious. Mercury energy is about communicating. On the design side, it is what you instinctively want to communicate. It is what you automatically communicate. It is gate 22, line one and the color underneath it is one.

You have got this energy of simplicity, setting the foundations, helping people get organized. It is a solo path. In many ways is your work. You are here to communicate to people how they can create grace in their lives. Do you remember that character in The Sound of Music? The mother who ran the Abbey and she sings Climbs Every Mountain. It sounds like the nuns are using the 5D, the head nun, to tell Maria, “You may or may not be a nun. Go check this dude out. It sounds like you are in love with this guy. You might want to go see before you commit your life to being a nun.” This is from the head nun. That is grace.

I love that movie. That movie is all about individual empowerment, leading to finding your tribe and impacting the collective by saying no to oppression. That is why I love that movie because it covers all the circuitry. We have individual circuitry, which is your empowerment. We have tribal circuitry, which is getting support, which you do with your clients, “Get a team. Get a VA.”

The tribal creates the support. We all need support. We can impact the collective with our gift. If we do not individuate through self-love and self-trust, we never get the right support because we do not feel worthy. We keep attracting toxins and we can’t get our gift out into the world. When you come in as a manifestor it’s this tremendous acceptance and openness. It is like a goddess. It is like Kuan Yin. It is like, “Who is coming through?” It is like the goddess Guan Yin. She represents grace, compassion, elegance and patience.

She also gets yourself get out. She is a lot of fun and she sits in my Enchanted Boardroom.

Let’s call this the Guan Yin Gate of Compassion and Grace. What happens is, as a manifestor, when you speak from that frequency, it activates grace and others. Suddenly they find, “I want to pray more, meditate more, paint, dance or write.” I always wondered about these adults, when I was younger, who would want to spend all this time alone creating.

They had relationships, sexual partners, jobs, kids and stuff but they would take large chunks of their time to go write a book or say to me, “I’m going to be unavailable in the next few weeks. I have a couple of paintings to finish.” I would always think, “Who are these people who have so much self-worth they can take the time to develop their own empowerment?”

AYD 32 | New Career
New Career: Every moment of every day, we can intend what the next 15 minutes will look like.

I’m like, “I want to be like that when I grow up.” I had to clear through a lot of clutter. What I see you do for people is you activate the grace in them to find their true expression. When I say, “True expression,” we look at gate 30 here, desire. What do they want? What do they deeply desire? The gate 50 is values. What do you value? Gate 50 is a common gate if you were a peacekeeper, a cop, a judge or any person trying to uphold the moral code. It is in the tribal circuitry.

Military spouse and a military mom.

You do not have a lot of tribal stuff in your chart. You got the matriarch 50 and you got to gate 45, the queen. Gate 45 is the teacher. She is the one that gathers up all the resources. It is a wonderful thing. We have gate 45, you are here to teach people about the pentacles and money. It is the work of the 45. All the 45s I know have this fascinating relationship with prosperity. You are here to teach people what creates prosperity, what destroys prosperity and how you pull yourself away from prosperity. You are ultimately a teacher.

As a teacher and a manifestor, you are not meant to work that hard. The 22/12 channel is in the mood channel. You work if you feel like it. Remember that. You have permission. As of now, Terry, only if you feel like it because if you do not feel like it, you do not feel like it. Why would you ever do something you do not feel like. You have emotional authority. You better feel it.

You can put this in your contracts. I tell this to people that have this in the mood or non-committal aspects of their chart that they are meant to have. It is saying to your clients, “I may have to cancel if they are not in the mood because I won’t be able to show up for you. I will reschedule you.” It does not happen that often. I know when I’m typically in the mood and I schedule then but I might not be in the mood and I want to bring you my best. That is what that is about.

I will leave you with this because we are coming into a home stretch. You are a 3-5 profile, which is the energy behind your sun and Earth configurations. It is the lines and the hexagram. The three energy is the pentacles. The three energy is 3D. These numbers are numbers. They mean the same thing everywhere. 3D is the material world. When you have a three in such a potent position, you have three in gate 52. It is the mountain or stillness. It is the ability to focus. What you do is teach people how to strategically focus their grace and their emotions so they can manifest consistently without a lot of drama.

That is what I do. My Facebook group is called Limitless Prosperity. You are talking about all this prosperity.

It is limitless prosperity and the 52 is this energy of like, “Chill, patience or relax.” It’s going to be okay. You got to follow the cycles and your own unique process. That is what you help people get in touch with, how they are. The 22/12 says, “The way you are is a-okay.” Let’s strip away all that isn’t you. That is the work you do. You strip away what is not grace, what is ungraceful. You remove it. What you are learning about your own life lesson is joy. Joy has to be what leads your life. If it isn’t joyful, do not do it. It will backfire for you.

I realized that I had practical, personal, spiritual first and I had to flip it. That is what you are talking about. I had to put the spiritual, the joy and the happiness, I had to put that first. It happened this January 2022. I have been taking care of elderly parents in their late 90s. I went down in October to Miami to take care of them and sure enough, they both fell. Here I am. I have two toddlers with walkers.

My mom passed away on November 15th, 2021. I was stressed out from taking care of them, which was intense. The holidays came and I was sitting on my couch like, “Whatever came, came.” That is when I realized I needed more joy. I wanted more happiness. There was a sense of freedom when my mom passed because she left that body that was so decrepit. It was freedom for her and for me in many ways. I said, “I want somebody else to take care of my father.” My brother moved in with my dad temporarily. That is working out beautifully. I manifested my freedom.

AYD 32 | New Career
New Career: You have to put happiness first.

Here is the other thing too. For next time, hire some nurses.

We did but it was one of those where they did not want the nurses. They wanted a family member there. We did have the nurses there and they are wonderful people. We do have two healthcare providers that come in but the three of us fill the holes. They always know that one of the children is there keeping an eye on him. It makes my dad feel safe.

I’m going to leave you with this thought, “You have the 18/58 channel, which connects joy to correction.” Eighteen corrects what is spoiled. That is your core genius. You’re a leader fixing what is spoiled but it is not correcting people or giving criticism to people. It is for the collective. It is about correcting environments and fixing problems. You are a problem solver. You are here to correct spoiled situations and help people get out of them. That is my experience of working with you. I did not experience you criticizing me.

You said some things to me. I got triggered but I knew I needed to hear it. I was like, “That is going to correct the situation.” That is where you come from. Terry, I want to have you back but will you say a couple of sentences about what you mean by galactic? We will end the show with that. Will you share what galactic is to you?

To me, galactic is using everything that the universe gives us. It’s big and open. It is where you become liquid, where you can listen to mind, body and spirit to bring in all the energies that you need to help you step into your calling, to do the work that you are meant to do in this lifetime.

Thank you for being a guest at the show. I would love to have you back.

I would love to be back. Thank you so much.

This has been another episode. We will see you and hear you real soon. Thank you so much for reading. Bye for now.

Take care.

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