Some people just seem to attract others through their actions, works or art. These manifestors exude energy that draws others to them. Baeth Davis sits down for a scintillating conversation with international award-winning artist, Clara Berta. Baeth and Clara discuss how manifesting has influenced Clara’s art. Baeth also does a reading for Clara, providing insight on her success as an artist and how her human design influences her life.

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The Manifesting Artist: How Human Design Shapes Clara Berta’s Large-Scale Art

Welcome to our new show, Align To Your Design. I am so excited to be rolling out these new episodes with fascinating and exciting people who are aligned to their design and living their purpose. Our guest is Clara Berta, who hails from Romania. She is a passionate international award-winning artist of Hungarian Heritage. Her dynamic abstract paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide. Clara’s art has been featured in high-profile television shows, movies and magazines. She’s going to share with us about her process. She’s known for creating these large-scale art pieces that reflect the soothing colors in organic shapes found in nature, especially the ocean.

Her focus has shifted to express the vibrant colors of the human body’s biological and psychological energy. She studied advanced composition and technique at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy, as well as printmaking in the US. In 2015, she opened BertaArt Studio Gallery and exhibition space working as an artist downtown in her studio. It is also a cultural center in Downtown Los Angeles. We will give you some contact information. With that, I want to bring on our wonderful guest, Clara Berta. Welcome to the show.

Thank you. I’m so excited to be here.

It’s so nice to be with you. Will you share with us how you discovered that you were an artist? When did that start?

It just happened like, “Let me try this and see what happens.” I put it aside and I realized how much I was missing it. Every time I was going through something difficult in my life, I was going back to my art. I realized how much it helped me. It helped me to heal.

You make good money with your art. There’s the archetype of this starving artist. A lot of people I know who are very creative don’t pursue their art because they say there’s no money in it. I wonder if you could respond to that because you’re a very successful working artist.

You need tenacity. That’s something that I have. I’ve inherited that from my parents like working hard, good ethics and having a passion for doing what I love. If you love doing what you are fabulous at, what you’re good at, keep doing it. That’s what happens.

You are a manifestor in human design. One of the things we do in these interviews is talk about design. The manifestor is an unusual type. They are only 8% of the population. When your energy goes out in the world, it makes an impact. Have you become aware since you’ve learned about your human design of how your energy impacts others as a manifestor? Can you speak to that?

I can talk about that for sure. Years ago, I started realizing how people connect to certain people with energy. It wasn’t like I was pushing or doing anything. People started coming to me. I have a young collector in 2020 that came to me and we connected because of our energies, our stories and our background. That was so powerful.

Can you share an example of a transformation that a client has had from purchasing a piece of your art?

If you love doing what you are fabulous at, keep doing it.

He loves the painting because he uses it in Zoom calls. He moved to a bigger place. I love seeing it. It brightens up the place. He’s happy about the collection. A young collector who just started collecting his first painting.

I’ve got some pieces of your work. I thought maybe you could share a bit about the technique that you use and how the pieces came into being. The first one I’m going to bring up is called Talking Heads. How did this come to be? Do you get a visual or does the paint reveal to you?

It was a slow process. The background started first. I have the canvas on the floor. With the top layers, I did those on a table so that I can have a little more control over them. I loved the music by Talking Heads. I feel like it’s a conversation of people talking. That’s what I’m seeing or feeling.

How big is it first of all? How long did it take you to paint it?

It’s 48×72. I did it in a week or so. I have to wait in between. Sometimes you have to wait. Sometimes I’m a little impatient but waiting in between is important. Everything flows together but there’s separation. I think it’s about energy.

You have one called Dreamy Mind. Tell us about it.

This was a collaborative piece that I did with two other artists. They are muralists and graffiti artists. What I love about it is on the bottom left, there are words. There’s the word energy and love. They use spray paint. These two guys were interested in going in my direction and my pouring process but I also see all that they have contributed to the pieces. It was my first piece to collaborate with another artist. The new layers on top happened a little bit later. It looks like a hummingbird on the right side perhaps. They’re all connecting.

I see a lot of animal imagery in here. Your art does speak to nature. It’s quite shamanic in its feel.

I love having this at home. It’s a beauty and this beautiful antique table. Here is energy and love. We’re all connected. It’s about the textures and the beautiful orange. It’s all about the layering, the combination of colors perhaps and the water. It looks like we’re in the water. The bottom part reminds me of the Monet Water Lilies or the feel underwater.

It looks like a photograph from under the ocean. It’s one of those coral reef areas where these different rock formations with living coral come together. It’s striking. As you get closer to it, you can see there’s so much depth in the way that the paint is laid on the canvas. It’s striking.

AYD 5 | Manifesting Artist
The Manifesting Artist: We’re all connected. It’s about the textures and the beautiful orange. It’s all about the layering, the combination of colors perhaps and the water.

It has a gold background, little specks of gold. Have you seen the documentary, My Octopus Teacher?


That’s a beautiful documentary. It’s all about being underwater. This octopus is teaching the videographer about life. I highly recommend it.

I’m going to bring up another painting. It’s called Cosmopolitan. Tell us about this. This is so beautiful and sexy. I love the colors.

I thought of the title because occasionally, we need a Cosmo. It all started with the movement, the background first and then the colors after. I picked it up because I was ready to take a photo of it. I noticed how the paint started dripping down. I put it down. I love the little parts of dripping. I was like, “Leave it alone.” There’s something about three. There are three colors.

It’s as if your hands are channeling these energy frequencies. There’s intelligence in the abstraction. Someone can make an abstract piece and it doesn’t look like much. There’s cohesiveness and originality, as well as integration in the way the paint is laying on this canvas. I love the movement in it. I love that I can see different things within it, the energy of a butterfly and the light of a firefly flying around. I could go on and on interpreting what I see in the abstraction. It’s gorgeous. Let me pull up another beauty. This one is called Thinking of You. Tell us about this. This is a different feel from the other pieces.

This is from my earlier work. This was years ago right before I moved to Downtown. I was in the process of selling my home in Studio City. Back then, I was creating highly textured paintings. The whole background of this painting was blue. I decided to add the reds. That’s why parts are showing in blues. The center is sexy. It’s feminine. It felt like it was thinking of you. Sometimes titles are harder to come by than creating the artwork.

I love the feel the mood of this. It has a different mood than the other pieces. This last piece, I don’t have a name for it. It’s Dreamy.

It’s pretty dreamy. It’s hanging in our bedroom. I love it. They’ve created a wallpaper out of Dreamy. I have a company called Feathr in Finland. They’re making wallpaper with my artwork. It’s so cool to wake up in the morning to Dreamy.

Some of the magic has come out of your body onto the canvas as an artist. Let’s bring up your chart. You are manifestor 6/2, left angle cross of informing. I’m going to go down to the chart itself and show why you’re a manifestor. Genetically, why you have this manifestor ability, the first thing is you do not have a defined sacral. It’s in white. Only generator or manifesting generators have a defined sacral. The reflectors, projectors and manifestors do not. The next thing that you have that makes you a manifestor is you have this 22/12 channel, which connects the solar plexus to the throat.

Sometimes titles are harder to come by than creating the artwork.

There are four motors in human design, the sacral, the root, the solar plexus and the heart. A manifestor needs to have a channel that can travel up from the root through the solar plexus to the throat or it could travel from the pelvis but could travel from the heart to the throat. It could travel from the root to the spleen up to the throat. There are many different pathways. The thing that differentiates you from a manifesting generator or generator is you do not have this sacral motor. With that, there’s a bypass of speed for you in your system. Manifestors are the only type that can create what’s in their mind out in 3D reality to a relative degree of accuracy.

The majority of humans, which are generators and manifesting generators, 70% of humanity. I’m a pure generator. Generators and manifesting generators have to learn to live in response to the sacral. Our life is working when we wake up not knowing what’s going to happen. We might have a general idea of what we got to get done but there’s very much living in response. The manifestor like yourself has this capacity to envision an outcome and direct your energy very laser-like towards that outcome. The only thing for you to keep in mind is that because your solar plexus is the motor that is connected to your throat, you are an emotional being.

The way that you make decisions is through your emotional authority. Thus, even if you get a great idea because you’ve got the 64/47 and then you’ve got the gate of ideas, this is the channel of curiosity. This is a channel of imagery, the 64/47, images and stories. Even if you get a huge download, mentally, you still need to ride out that emotional wave to a place of calm. For anyone with a defined solar plexus, 50% of humanity has a defined solar plexus. I also have a defined solar plexus. This essentially overrides everything else in the decision-making system of your body, including your mind. What this means is for emotional types like you and me, when we’re excited, when we’re upset, when we’re confused, we should wait until we get clarity.

The worst things I’ve done in my life have been snapping at someone angry, sending an angry email, jumping into an opportunity too soon because I was afraid I’d lose it, the fear of missing out. With time, we learn to chill out and wait simply. Once you’ve gone through your emotional wave as a manifestor, you can essentially proceed without needing the input of others. One of the beautiful things for manifestors is that you don’t need consensus. You don’t have to be in response to other people, places and things. You just need to be in tune with your emotional wave, as it relates to whatever ideas you have of what you want to create. As I share this with you, does that make sense to you as I explain it?

It does. I get excited. I did this and I was like, “I’m going to go for a walk. Get out and release it.” I felt so much better.

You’re also a 6/2 profile. For anyone reading who’s a 6/2, there are only twelve profiles. The 6/2 is the spiritual teacher. That’s how I call the 6/2. 6/2s are profoundly visionary. That’s the energy of the 6 because the 6 is the roof of the house. You’re sitting on the roof. You can see the big picture. The 2 is your talent. Anyone with a 2 in their profile has natural creative talent that they didn’t have to train to get. It’s in you. You teach through this talent. You’re a role model through this talent. They’re role models through their incredible creative gifts, which you are doing. Kudos for being aligned with your design, Clara.

I love teaching. I’ve been teaching for years also. I love giving back to my students and to share with artists. It makes me feel so good and empowers women.

What’s the best way for people to reach you?

You can reach me at my website, Instagram is @BertaArt. I opened a gallery in Dubai. I’m super excited and I just got representation in China. I had a group show.

I’m so happy to hear how well things are going and I’m not surprised because you’re a manifestor. That’s how you roll. It’s so exciting to me to see someone who has your integrity, your spirit and your kindness be so successful with creating beauty in this world.

AYD 5 | Manifesting Artist
The Manifesting Artist: Energy connects with energy.

Thank you. I love what I do and it shows.

I would encourage people reading this to consider getting a commission from you because one thing I know about things that manifestors create is if another individual brings that manifestor creation into their office or home, it activates manifesting energy. There’s a frequency. The frequency of your paintings is an expression of your frequency as a manifestor. If someone contemplates it, they’re being impacted by it. There’s so much movement, joy and light in your art. I would say to anyone who wants more movement, joy, light and prosperity in their lives to bring your work into their life.

Thank you. Energy connects with energy.

Are there any final words of wisdom for our audience?

I want to say, thank you. I love being with you and with everyone. I loved following you over many years. I love how you have blossomed as well.

Thank you so much. To be continued. Bye for now.

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About Clara Berta

AYD 5 | Manifesting ArtistClara Berta is a Hungarian-American contemporary abstract painter based in Los Angeles, USA. She has been practicing art since 2000 and has become known for her large-scale paintings that embody the vibrancy and tranquility of the natural world through her use of organic forms and layering of harmonious colors.

The dynamic movement and restorative potential of water are an enduring source of inspiration for Berta. Water draws a connection between her heritage in Hungary, where thermal springs are known for their healing properties, and her chosen home on the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles.

With an academic background in psychology, Berta is fascinated by the human emotional response to color and abstract forms. In her work, she recognizes the transformative power of art and its potential for self-expression. These are the central themes of her teachings as an art educator and her creative workshops for women. The physical process of creating her large paintings also ties in with her interest in movement and the body and traces a lineage to her earlier exploration of performance art.

Berta studied advanced composition and technique at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy, and printmaking in the US. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including in Europe, China, and Dubai, and has been featured in high-profile film and television productions.