AYD 2 | Unleashing Your Voice

Finding your voice is important for your personal growth. Don’t listen to what others say about you. Stop trying to fit in with the status quo and just be yourself. Find your wild voice. This is what transformational coach, writer, speaker, and the Founder of StorySchool and Wild Voices, Kate Wolf believes in. Kate teaches entrepreneurs how to stop bowing at the altar of what other people think and dare to share their own unique voice. Join Baeth Davis as she sits down with Kate to talk about her business and how to achieve self-love. Tune in and find joy in your unique self-expression that speaks straight to the heart of your real ideal client so that you can make a life-changing income with your world-shaping work.  

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Unleash Your Wild Voice With Generator Kate Wolf 

We are going to talk about the magic of words in a language to be able to communicate what you do especially if it’s difficult to describe, if you do deep transformational work as many of our readers do. You go very deep with clients. You’re not messing around on the surface. You’re guiding people to deep transformation. Our guest, Kate Wolf is an expert in helping people find their true voice, which she would call your wild voice and bringing that forth into the world. We’re going to explore that. We’re going to have a conversation about how she got into her work and what she does. We’re going to look at her human design chart. I always ask every guest before they come on, what’s one thing in their chart do they want to explore, which is illuminating for me to see where people’s minds are about their designs and hopefully, illuminating and enticing to you. I do free training nearly every week, unless I’m on vacation, in my Facebook group called Align To Your Design. You can go to YourPurpose.com/community and join our Facebook group. You can come to the training. We would love to have you. It’s been life-altering. 

Kate’s going to share a bit about what’s happened to her with human design and her business as well. She has had some remarkable results of applying what we teach in our community along with her incredible expertise. Let me tell you a bit about our guests and then I’ll bring her on. We’ll have a deep conversation. Kate Wolf is a transformational coach, writer and speaker. She’s the Founder of Spirited Business. Spirited Business offers an incredible program called StorySchool. She’s going to tell you more about the StorySchool program that she created and delivers. She does the Wild Voices Facilitation Process to help you discover, elicit and communicate your wild voice. As a catalyst for joyful self-expression, Kate helps highly sensitive entrepreneurs to stop bowing at the altar of what other people think and dare to share their own unique voice. The dare to you is to find your voice. If you do deep work that’s hard to explain, Kate will guide you to find joy in your unique self-expression that speaks straight to the heart of your real ideal client so you can make life-changing income for your world-shaping work. With that, let’s bring on our wonderful guest, Miss Kate Wolf, hailing from the UK. I’m so happy to be with you. 

Stop grabbing onto answers when you don’t even know the problem that you’re trying to solve. 

Me too. What a delicious introduction. Thank you. 

How did you end up doing what you’re doing? Helping people find their wild voice isn’t something you hear every day, which is also what makes it so special. 

That’s a journey with many ups and downs. For a long while, I was walking this twofold path. On one side, I was immersed in the world of theater, writing, performing and directing. I was the artistic director of a theatre company. We did lots of amazing, fulfilling work, particularly with children and adults with special needs. We partnered with the National Autistic Society and Mencap. It’s exquisite, exciting, exploratory, playful, performative work. 

On the other side, I was diving into the world of spirituality and healing. I was working as an energy healer and as a yoga teacher and trying everything out there. You name it, I’ve done it. Reiki, Theta, Taoism, tantra, breathwork, rebirthing. I was diving deep. What I realized as a result of being immersed in these two worlds was that the most healing thing I saw happen was when people allowed themselves to express who they are. It was that simple. I also witnessed the difficulty and struggles of a lot of the amazing people who are doing the healing work, rebirthing, breathwork, yoga teaching and meditation, the difficulty they were having in communicating its power, owning its value, receiving lots of money, stories in those communities. I realized that I could bring these worlds together and use my expertise in the world of theatre and communication to support the amazing healers of the world to communicate their magic. 

Nothing goes to waste. It all factors in there. Tell us about your business. What’s happening in your business now in terms of your success? What do you put your success down to? What do you attribute it to? 

My business now is such a delight. I have an amazing team. We have our weekly team meetings. There are four of us altogether. It feels very stable. I now have my high-level year-long program called Mesmerise with the most on the nail, ideal clients inside for whom is a joy to turn up for, to teach, to serve and to guide. I am about to launch StorySchool for either the 7th or 8th time. We are about to relaunch and deliver StorySchool. I have a year-long program. The team is in place. In April 2021, the business was past the six-figure mark. We totaled out at £112,000, which I looked up in the US it’s about $155,000. 

That is feeling satisfying and fulfilling. It also makes a lot more possible. I’m seeing that the practical side of what money coming into a business makes having the team possible. Although I did invest in a team before the money was coming in, that is an intelligent decision to make if you’re doing the right things. The money coming in now feels very easy. I’m not like, “How am I going to pay my team.” I’m on peace. I sleep well at night. It’s fun. I’m no longer doing it by myself or feeling responsible for it all. I have my amazing right-hand woman who I’ve had for a long time. She was fantastic to have. Suddenly, with the four of us, it feels much more solid and possible. There’s more joy. I agreed that I get to turn up to my online office with people I’ve chosen and create wonderful things for people. 

What I put that down to is the power of good communication and this might seem like a contradiction, showing up and sharing before I knew what the hell I was talking about. The only way to know, as in not just trying to figure it out by yourself up in your head, is to do it. Showing up before I was ready and then observing, not making it mean horrible things about me but taking it as learnings, shifting, growing. Doing the inner work required to keep going when there was seemingly little stuff happening as a result, doing the inner work to feel essentially loving enough of myself, who I am and where I am that I could choose to let myself be seen and doing the crafting work. People often try to do the crafting work, shaping and finessing before they know what they’re trying to shape and finesseI noticed that with the questions people sometimes bring up. They are going to try to name something, “What do we name it?” 

When you know the essence of something, what you’re doing, why and who it’s for, I find that the name just emerges. If you’re struggling to find a name, it’s because you don’t know what you’re yet naming. I would put my success down to showing up before I was ready, doing the inner work, doing the crafting work, the finessing to more speaks specifically to people who I recognize as my real ideal clients, the ones that bring me alive, a joy to serve and then having a good offer. This is looping back to whether it’s the 7th or 8th time I’m delivering StorySchool, is having a good offer and then doing it again until I became known for it. I’ve had the experience of being at events or networking. People come up to me who I don’t know and saying, “I’ve got to do StorySchool.” It started to take on a life of its own because of my devotion to it instead of the old version of me who would have done something thought, “That was fun. What’s next?” 

You are a generator in human design as I am. Generators, we are 37% of the human population. Our mastery in life falls into two areas, our work and in intimacy. That’s what the generator seeks. In order to experience that mastery, repetition is required more so than a manifesting generator or any other type. We are reliable builders. When we have that consistency and we go over it again and again, it does lead to mastery, which it seems to me you’re moving into now with this program. Your reputation precedes you as a result. That’s very powerful. What have you observed with your own clients that get in the way of their success and satisfaction? 

AYD 2 | Unleashing Your Voice
Unleashing Your Voice: Most people make the mistake of skipping the how. They immediately go to the strategy before being clear on what they want.

I alluded to it a little bit that there’s a desire to know the answers before we could possibly know the answers. The desire to know what the program’s called, what’s in it, what we hold on before having gone out, shared your voice, let yourself be seen, notice who responds, what are they asking for and what are they wanting for. Trying to skip that phase. The other pattern, in general, is trying to skip steps, skipping the how and going immediately to strategy and, “I could do this.” The strategy might be great, “I could build a Facebook group or do some ads,” before being clear on what do you want. What are you building? What kind of life do you want for yourself? Listening to lots of different advice and grabbing on to things that appear to be answered when you don’t yet know what the problem is you’re trying to solve. 

They don’t even have a question like, “What’s the objective here?” The trial and error then are often missing and jumping to the how. Those are two things. Was there a third thing? 

Yes. It’s what you talked about in my bio. It’s my main thing. When we look at my work from a personal growth aspect, which is putting other people’s opinions over your own goddamn joy, let it not stop you. We have those fears but that in itself isn’t the problem. It’s choosing to let them be more important than living your purpose, being joyful and feeling fulfilled then falling asleep at night satisfied with how you lived your life. 

Tell me more about this bowing at the altar of what other people think. Say more about what that means to you. It’s a funny thing with language, everybody has their own interpretation of every single word. We understand each other. I often wonder, “Do we?” When you said the altar of what other people think, what does that mean to you? 

First of all, it’s true that we do that. If you think about that action, it is genuflecting and you’re putting yourself beneath someone. How they may or may not, seeing you or think about you, it’s mostly imaginary. The piece that is important to say is I understand that desire to be thought well of. I want to be thought well of, liked and loved. The main reason that’s right up there in my bio and is a big piece of the work I do is because of the amount of work I’ve had to do to let go of the need to be liked and letting other people’s opinions of me stop me from growing and shining as much as I know I could and can. I think of a lot of things or experiencing things energetically. This feels like the sideways energy of trying to get something. We’re trying to sneakily get being liked or loved. It’s not real. The only way to have that need fulfilled is to dare to show up as who you are because then the love that you receive is real and true. 

Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you from your own joy.  

The connection and the intimacy that you get to feel whether it’s in what we think of as intimate relationships or relationships with our clients or our team, Those connections are real and fulfilling only when we first let ourselves be who we are, as opposed to acting from a shadow place, from a tactic place. It’s not conscious. It’s all the unconscious stuff that has two sideways grab for love. That isn’t loved because we’re not being ourselves. This is what’s underneath all my work. On the surface, my work is about getting the right eyes on your business, attracting real ideal clients. It’s no secret. I very much talk about it openly. It’s about self-love. 

That is the foundation. One of my business partners, Pamela Landers, often said in our teachings, “Self-love is the bottom line.” That is the bottom line for most of us. What is your absolute favorite thing to do with business owners when they show up in your world? It’s a special world they show up in. 

One of them is making the shift from what will other people think and having that as their kind of go-to, ”What do I think? What do I want? What do I care about?” There’s so much energy there and capacity for joy. That is one of my favorite things, is helping business owners make that shift, admit what they want whether it’s diamond rings or life off the grid. “Admit it.” 

Take ownership of what you want. 

I often find that that simple act of admitting what you want unlocks so much energy. All the communication and marketing becomes easier because we all know how to speak. When we’re blocking it with, ”What other people think about me?” You think it’s focused on the other but it’s not. It’s focused on yourself. That’s the ironic twist. People think that they’re thinking about other people quite regularly being scared of being seen as selfish. They’re being selfish because they’re letting their own feelings, essentially, be more important than being of service. I love helping people see that and make that switch from, “I’m going to be living my purpose, showing up for others, be more important than whether some random stranger on the internet happens to agree with me or not.” 

Sometimes I post things, a conversation and I’ll read the comments but I often won’t comment. Sometimes people can get rowdy. In the past, that would bother me. Now, I don’t care. I feel like I’m quoting Ricky Gervais speak. I love him. I think he’s so irreverent. I love how he says, “I don’t care. I don’t.” Not that I don’t care about the humans, I do. To reach that place of, “You’re going to say what you need to say, that’s not about me. I said what I needed to say. Your response to it is about you.” I’m clear on that now. I care about what my mother thinks. I care about what you think. I care about the man I’m dating. There are people in my life I care about what they think. Getting to that place where you can stop bowing is profound. What would you recommend to someone, a business owner in this case, who would want to find or finesse, tweak, perfect their wild voice? 

AYD 2 | Unleashing Your Voice
Unleashing Your Voice: When you bow at the altar of what other people think, you’re letting other people’s opinions of you stop you from growing as much as you could.

I’m glad you asked that because that’s my other favorite thing to do. Help them get worldly on purpose and technically admit what you want. It says peace around voice and messaging. If someone wants to find and finesse their wild voice, the first thing to know and understand is that two very different steps. We talked about trying to skip steps. If someone doesn’t yet have the internal freedom to speak about what they want, to say when they’re angry, to set boundaries, to tell their partner what’s pleasurable for them, that’s a step, a big one. That person shouldn’t skip to finessing. Think of a sculptor, they don’t yet know what they’re working with. If someone were at that place, I would recommend writing every single day. One of my favorite practices for myself and to recommend for my clients is the Morning Pages practice of Julia Cameron’s from The Artist’s Way because it’s so freeing to write. Read homepages, not start. If you find yourself pausing and daydreaming like, “That’s the stuff I’m supposed to be writing.” It’s a real freeing up of energy. 

For some people, years of suppression of not being honest with their emotions. That is one of my favorite practices to recommend if someone’s wanting to find their voice. Coming to a Wild Voices class. It’s a lovingly crafted process, which I’ve honed and finessed over many years. If someone comes to a Wild Voices class, the writing is only one stage of it. There are other stages of it where you get to share, feel and hear yourself speaking then experience yourself reflected by another. No critiquing. It’s not about how it could be better. It’s about what someone is seeing in you. It’s so powerful. Doing that month after month, I see amazing shifts happening in people that come regularly to the Wild Voices classes. Finish finessing, there are lots of people who will help you free your voice and will help you craft marketing messages. I don’t know many people who helped you, first, dive to the truth, clear all the crap, get to the essence and then craft that into a communicable form for your ideal client. 

You offer a very special service that fills a gap. That’s much needed because you’re addressing the person prior to this process of finding the voice leading them through it, helping them find ways to express it and then finessing it over time, which is the process. You’ve been at this so long, you have a strong structure in which the creativity can float around. One of my polarity teachers, embodiment teacher, John Wineland, posted something on Instagram where he was sharing about how you have a successful business, from his point of view. What he was saying was, “Number one, You need work that goes deep. That was his first command in a way. He’s a manifesto in human design or manifesting generator. You need to go deep. 

The simple act of admitting what you want unlocks so much energy. 

Two, you need a super-strong container or structure to hold people as they go through that deep work. He said, “If you communicate the depth of the work and then create an impeccable container” which I’ve been working on in my business. I know you’ve been working on in your business, “There’s a lot of trial and error with grading that container.” Especially we have a lot of people because not everybody reads the agreement. Not everyone follows the instructions. It could be repeated twenty times and someone still misses it. Continuing to work on that container so that the creativity can flow through. I see you as someone who has achieved that at a remarkable level. You provide both this impeccable container and this depth of work that goes to the soul level of the individual so they truly can show up and serve. 

I was thinking when I read that like, ”Who do I know that’s achieved that?” It’s not a lot of people but maybe it will become more people if we keep doing our work. I don’t like that it’s rare for people to know what to say. I don’t like it that a lot of people are afraid of what everybody thinks of them. This is disappointing and frustrating to me. I want people to love themselves. With that, I want to share with everyone where they can find out more and then we’re going to look at your human design. If you’d like to join Kate’s Facebook group, I’m going to give you the link. I want you to share about the group. If you go to KateWolf.global/community, that’ll take you over to Kate’s Facebook group. Let’s talk about that first and then we’ll talk a bit about StorySchool and then we’ll look at your design. What is the name of your Facebook group? What happens there? 

The name is Highly Sensitive Wildly Successful because the two do not need to be mutually exclusive. My clients are people who do the deep work because when you’re highly sensitive, you have access to more information and ways of knowing than the other 80% of the population. We don’t want those people to be fitting themselves in, to models that work for other people. It squashes the magic. It’s for magical business owners doing deep work, you want to learn how to communicate it. You mentioned containers, that’s something I’ll one day bring into my teachings, which is how to create containers for your magical deep work. I do a class called Mesmerising Messaging so make sure you come into the community. Come and join those training. I’m very open and responsive. If you have questions for me about showing up and shining as a highly sensitive entrepreneur, about finding the right words, energy, please do ask these questions inside the group. 

You have StorySchool coming around the bend again. Tell us a bit about what’s coming up with StorySchool. 

StorySchool is for business owners who are ready to put their purpose and their magic center stage through storytelling. Revealing why they do what they do, why they, as an individual, do what they do. There’s a slight difference. There’s the big why like the vision, “This is what I dream of. This is my life story. This is what I’ve experienced. This is why it makes complete unquestionable sense that I would be the person to be delivering this deep work.” I guide you through processes inside StoriySchool to find the story of your vision and the story of why you and then craft them and make them as succinct as feels right for you. Everyone’s different. Some people are going to come out with a five-sentence, potent story. Other people are going to be a bit more flirty or around houses even but for them, that’s correct. We help you find your voice, your way to share about why you do what you do. It’s a very simple format. It’s for five weeks. We do go deep. 

I invite all of you reading if you are ready to take your voice to the next level and find its wildness, reach out to Ms. Wolf and get on board. With that, let’s look at your human design. We’ve got a generator, a defined sacral. Nothing in the solar plexus so we know you’re not emotional authority. You’re a sacral authority. You find things out through your yes or no sound. Have you found as a sacral being that you’ve reclaimed more of your sounds? More of your voice makes the sound. 

I’ve been singing more. Who knows? It’s because I live by myself. Essentially, it’s been a year of lockdown. I’m now singing more in tune. I learn singing for many years. I’m singing a lot more and feeling my voice, knowing my body now. 

AYD 2 | Unleashing Your Voice
Unleashing Your Voice: Pick your battles and make sure that the battle is you loving your life and enjoying your precious time here on this planet.

I had asked you what you wanted to look at in your chart. You said Gate 28. It’s off the spleen. The spleen is our home of health and intuition. Intuition is here in our bodies to help us survive. That’s the point of being intuitive. The spleen gives us signals through our senses. It tends not to repeat itself. The hair will stand up in the back of your neck or you’ll smell something. I went with my guide to a new restaurant, new to us, that we hadn’t been to. We drove by one place and we both were like, “No.” We found another place. We opened the door. The smell was so good. I was like, “It smells good.” We had great food there. I can always tell by the smell of the restaurant. I’ve been known to walk away when the door opens to a restaurant. I’d be like, “We’re not eating here unless you want food poisoning,” or mediocre food. 

The spleen understands this instinctively to protect the body. We get out of tune because we get so in our heads. We don’t listen to it. Any of the gates of the spleen have to do with intuition. You got four gates and 2 channels off the spleen. This is going to give a strong spleenic skill to you as a person, which is intuition. Gate 28 is interesting because it’s called The Game Player, from the I Ching You have Gate 28 in both of your Pluto positions. For people new to Human Design, we have Kate’s Astro chart. We have her design side, 88 days before one is born. This is when the Ajna comes in or the soul crystal that informs the building of the body in utero. You have it in both Pluto’s and then you also have it in your personality Mars. It shows up in three places. Anytime you see this stripe situation, you know that it’s showing up in multiple places. 

You have five gates that double or triple in your design. That gives you intensity. When things double up, triple up, quadruple up in a design, that’s intensity. You’ll notice that in people. They may have a lot of openness in the chart but where they’ve got things colored in, which is essentially you, there’s this intensity. To have 28-3 times and you have 28-6 twice, that’s intense. The Game Player, the way I described this, Kate, is that life his game. People that don’t get that newsflash miss out because you determine how to play the game. There are no rules. There are rules. They’re karmic. You’ll find them out through trial and error quickly. 

I don’t know who said it, it was Michael Beckwith or Bob Proctor, “Gravity affects everyone the same way.” If you jump off the building, everyone’s going to hit the ground. There are laws. Many of them are taught to us, fortunately. “Don’t eat the poisonous mushroom. Don’t jump off the building. Don’t play with knives.” We learn these things and yet, we get conditioned right through all the openness about what we’re supposed to do for approval so people will like us. In our family, people marry this way. There are even people still in arranged marriages, which have their pluses and minuses. They’re in someone else’s game. It’s not their game. The majority of humanity is still in a tribal mindset, fulfilling someone else’s game. There are laws of the universe and then there’s your game. You instinctively and intuitively know, Kate, that it is a game. 

In life, there will be struggles, but it’s mainly meant to be a grand adventure. 

When someone has Gate 28, they realize, “This is a game. I’m going to play to win. I’m going to play for keeps. I’m going to play full out. I am going to bring it because why not.” The beauty of this game is if you can intention it and it’s correct for you, you’re going to have it. It is a candy store but you’ve got to first recognize you’re in a game and a lot of people are out for blood. It’s like a paintball, only with real weapons half the time. 

It’s understanding all that. You do. The other energy in Gate 28 is life purpose. I also look to Gate 13 because I consider Gate 28, Gate 13, the two primary life purpose gates in the design. You have both. Twenty-eight is what game are you playing. You better be playing the only game that matters, which is to find and live your life purpose. That is the game. I often say the only fight that matters are the fight for your life purpose. There is no other fight. If you get caught in other people’s fights, you’re not in the right game. You’re not here to fight for other people. You can advocate for them if they want you to but you’re here to fight for your purpose. Understanding that’s the fight, that matters. 

It is a fight because there are so many forces pulling on people to not do their purpose. Conform, ”You can’t make money at that. That’s too much of a risk. What will people say? You’re going to look like a fool.” The Game Player is like, “I don’t care. I’m going to win this mother effing game for myself.” You have it there. I’m going to just pull up Ra Uru Hu’s book. For those of you that are new to the community, it is The Definitive Book of Human Design. It’s the book I recommend. We give out our affiliate link. We appreciate you using our affiliate link. It helps pay for our free training, the little commissions we get from Amazon. We appreciate you using the link. In the back of this book, you can look up a gate and a line.  

I want to start with Line 6. We’re not going to worry about this. This is another line beneath the line, 28-6, we’ve got the gate of The Game Player in Mars and Pluto. You’ve got the up arrow in Mars. Line six, ”Blaze of glory. Sacrifice rather than capitulation to the Law of Deterioration. Regeneration or renewal no matter what the price. The deep intuitive drive to win no matter what the cost. The shadow is self-destruction, the deep intuitive fear of defeat and potentially profound hopelessness in times of struggle.” The main thing for you is when you’re in a struggle, to recognize, “This is part of the game.” There was a great book, Things Fall Apart. They fall apart and then you build something new. Everything falls apart eventually. That’s the nature of this gate, the transitoriness of power and influence. It’s transitory. You don’t have it all the time.  

When you do have it, use it. Gate 28, a preponderance of the great, The Game Player. It’s this greatness that lives in us. If you have Gate 28, it’s playing to win. People may not understand this in you, like, “Where does this drive come from? What is she going for?” It’s a blaze of glory. You won’t stop. You’ve got it twice. You have it on Mars. I wish it’s positively aspected. It’s got the up arrows. It’s a positive attribution. Mars is about our energy, our drive. It’s also the youngest or immature part of us on both sides. When we’re talking on the personality side, it’s more how others experience you. The experience is driving you. It’s a part of you that wants to mature. It’s to use that energy for something great. That’s the desire. I want to not only find my life purpose, I want to create something great. Do you resonate with that? 

Yes. I know that’s the drive, quite literally, that set me on this journey in the first place. This is why I talk about showing up and sharing before you’re ready because I didn’t know anything about what my message was. All I had was this inner urge in a calling and a drive to create a life and a financial living. I understood that if I didn’t do it from this, I’d have to do something else. That felt like a waste of time, energy and your lifeforce. This drive to create a living from sharing my gifts before I knew what my gifts were to create something great with them. 

You design Pluto is your deepest truth. The deepest truth for the other is, “Better go down in blaze and glory than not try. Go for it.” That is the message. Sacrifice rather than capitulation to the Law of Deterioration. Regeneration, renewal, no matter what the price. The drive to win no matter the cost. Line 2, shaking hands with the devil, “This tasteful alliance means however unsavory that is justified by its end when the game turns to a struggle, the intuitive acceptance of any alliance in order to win.” 

I’ve seen this in my own life. I don’t have Gate 28 but the way that I look at it is you’re able to find the good in even the most difficult of people. There’s a capacity to understand when you can have an alliance even if it’s not ideal if it’s going to bring your work out into the world in a greater way without compromising your ethics. That’s the thing. Sometimes, we have these distasteful alliances. I’ve had them in my life. I would check in and my body said, “It’s not worth letting this person go. They’re just difficult but what they bring to you, that’s positive far outweighs the difficulty of their personality.” You will intuitively understand that. As long as you win this game, you’re going to have to deal with some difficult people. 

It’s because you have this Line 2, you’re able to finesse, negotiate and navigate that relationship in a way that’s quite elegant without creating conflict because you’re not a conflictive type of person. You’ll speak up. You’re not combative. Unless someone’s questioning your ethics, coming after your work or not doing the work then they’ll see that side of you that’s quite direct. You’re very direct and disciplined. This is the chart of someone who’s disciplined, who has a great deal of protocol that you apply to things. It’s not loosey-goosey with you. People need to know that they are coming into a fairly tight structure. Within that structure, they’re held, supported and safe to win the game. It is real freedom.  

That’s the thing for you, I would encourage you to talk to people. I encourage you to bring more of that language even into your work, that life’s a game. Playing to win means playing to express yourself. Without the voice, nothing happens. It’s communication. Especially now that we’re all online so much and things are always shifting. For the time being, being online, you’ve got to be able to communicate. That body language piece is diminished when you’re not in person with someone. 

One of the things I love and appreciate so much about human design is all these pieces that I was aware of intuitively full stopped. The chart and your ability, you’re translating data, you’re looking at some lines and numbers and then translate it in a way where I’m like, “That piece that I’ve been allowing to be a piece, I need to make the piece.” It shifts a little but powerfully. 

Pluto was way out there in the solar system. It was the distant deep part of us. It’s often unconscious. We’re usually aware of our sun and Earth configurations. We can feel it. People recognize it but the deepest part of us is often obscured. Making it conscious, bringing it forth, communicating that to people is so profound. 

Having that affirmation of things, I’d felt intuited, suspected then also been questioned because I’m like, “Can I really claim that I am all about purpose and helping people find their purpose? Maybe I think that because I’ve been hanging out with them or maybe I think that because of another teacher who’s seeing his purpose.” Having it in the chart to affirm that instinctive knowing is so helpful. 

I’m so glad. It’s been a pleasure having you. Any final words of wisdom for our readers? 

AYD 2 | Unleashing Your Voice
Unleashing Your Voice: If you find yourself pausing and daydreaming, it’s a real freeing up of energy.

What else could it be other than play your own game and enjoy it? Life is not all meant to be, whatever the phrase is. There’s going to be struggling but it’s mainly meant to be a grand adventure. Pick your battles and make sure that that battle is you loving your life and enjoying your precious time here on this planet living through space. 

I feel like we’re being such heretics, telling people that the point is one’s happiness because so much of the conditioning is, “You’re here to serve God, serve others and do all these things externally.” What about serving and honoring yourself? This is tricky. We’re breaking new ground. It’s quite a heresy. Thank you. If you want to go to her Facebook group, go to KateWolf.Global/community. You can join Highly Sensitive Wildly Successful and experience incredible training with Kate. If any of you have people you want to share it with, please reach out to Kate. If you would like to share this in your community, to your coaches and you may have students who need StorySchool, send them over to Kate. Anything else before we go? 

I want to thank you, Baeth, for your work in the world, your willingness to be a heretic, loudly and to find delight in it. I love witnessing the delight that you find. It’s freeing in itself. 

We’d love to have you back on. Keep us posted on everything. It’s been such a pleasure. Until we meet again. 

Until then. 

Thanks for reading. Keep your eye out, you’ll get notifications for our next episode. 

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