AYD 11 | Wayfinding The Cosmos

Our lives have purpose. Self-discovery helps us find that purpose. Join Baeth Davis as she sits down for a talk with the founder of Wayfinding the CosmosMargi Haas. Margi talks about self-discovery, our consciousness, and the eternal being of each person. Margi and Baeth also discuss past lives, karma, and do a reading on Margi’s human design.

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Wayfinding The Cosmos With Manifesting Generator Margi Haas

Why Wait Another Lifetime?

Our guest is a fascinating woman. She has a 6/2 profile. She helps people wayfind the cosmos, which in of itself is fascinating. If you’re new to our show, I interview a guest about their work, and then we look at their Human Design chart. Our guest today has graciously volunteered her time in her human design chart so that we can explore her design with all of you. Our guest is Margi Haas. She’s a long-time entrepreneur, shamanic energy healer, psychotherapist, coach, explorer, and teacher of many cultures and spiritual traditions on and off the planet.

Maybe we’re not supposed to really know how to connect because it’s hard enough to just get through the day sometimes.

Margi ran her own successful recruiting business between New York and Japan for many years, finding Japanese bilingual, senior executives for Western companies, and yes, she can speak Japanese. Margi’s work now is taking people on soul journeys of self-discovery to clear up stuck places and find deeper meaning and magic in their lives. You can find her in her private Facebook group and website, Wayfinding the Cosmos. With that, let’s bring our wonderful, fabulous guests, Mari Haas, to the show. Welcome to the show, Margi.

Baeth, it’s always good to talk to you.

I’m so happy to be with you. You’ve been described as a very cosmic person. Your Facebook group is Wayfinding the Cosmos. What does Wayfinding the Cosmos mean to you?

Wayfinding is a more traditional way of navigating, in other words, not necessarily using GPS or any of that stuff. It means navigating our full being or eternal selves. That includes who we are talking about right now and what we are internally. To me, that’s the way we are. Cosmic is looking at the bigger questions. Who am I? Who have I been? Where have I been? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What’s the point of any of this? Is there a point in any of this? Including our internal being, not this lifetime.

AYD 11 | Wayfinding The Cosmos
Wayfinding The Cosmos: All of us are essentially perfect beings and there’s a lot of gunk sometimes, or a lot of clouds out. So let’s get rid of the clouds and get to who this person really is, who you really are.

What is an eternal being to you as you understand it? How would you describe an eternal being?

When we’re not incarnate in these bodies, we’re consciousness. Consciousness as I understand it for my high teachers isn’t so easy to explain because we are all consciousness. When I say we all, it’s plants and animals. Even planets are living beings. Consciousness is the base. It never was born, it never dies. It is consciousness itself. In a way, it’s ineffable. It’s unexplainable because we’re in it, we are of it. There’s a never-ending sense of consciousness and that’s what I’m trying to say. I remember when I was studying Tibet and Buddhism, I used to think, “There’s a beginning to an end to everything.” No, there isn’t. Consciousness is a continuum without beginning and without end. It took me a while to get that. In that sense, we’re eternal and so are plants, the DNA. This is ineffable. It’s pretty hard to explain, but it’s fascinating. We keep learning more and there’s more to learn. I’m not talking about scientists, but there’s a learning edge to the universe, especially to us with humans or maybe ET’s that we don’t even know about, all of that. That’s the cosmos.

What was your earliest memory or encounter or awareness of this consciousness about the cosmos?

I was pretty linear and my dad has PhD in Biophysics and Biochemistry at MIT. He was this super brain. I was raised to try to prove to him that I was linear, smart, or whatever. I took the S training and my friends thought I was loopy. I wasn’t sure whether I was getting loopy or whether the program is loopy. I went to do something with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, who’s this amazing healer out there, a person who has was passed away. She talked a lot about supporting people when they were dying, especially men with AIDS. That was when it was.

I was in my mid-thirties and went to this wackadoodle weekend and somebody started talking about reincarnation. I had this profound sense sitting in my chair. “How did I forget that?” We’re all reincarnated and that life goes on for all of us. When we die, if we’re smart enough, we don’t even lose consciousness. It’s like, “Where did my body go?” I don’t mean to make light of the soul journey of death. Where did the third-dimensional body go? Although in our mind and our emotions, they’re not in the third dimension either. DNA is not entirely in this dimension. I think that’s how people have memories of other times and maybe other ways of being.

What do you think of the concept that time, in a way, doesn’t exist and everything’s happening all at once simultaneously?

When I think about it, I think I can accept it because I can vaguely understand enough quantum physics to get that. When I talk to people or when I’m doing past life work with them, it’s all happening like I pictured it. It’s like a layer of cake and everything’s happening at the same time. It’s hard to get emotionally. Maybe we’re not supposed to know how to connect that because it’s hard enough getting through the day sometimes. To think about, “Do you mean I’m back there as an American Indian still in the Plains of the West and White men hasn’t come yet?” If that’s the case, then all of our layer cake lifetimes we’re growing in all of them at once or were seeding. We’re not growing. It’s hard to get. I’ve got new physics books, but sometimes I’m like, “Thank you. I’ve had enough right now.”

Karma is us not being the best that we can be before we die.

Your clients come to you for many different kinds of issues. They might be unhappy about something or they’re struggling. They want to explore their past lives, they have trauma they want to release or maybe they want inspiration or create deeper meaning in their lives. There are lots of different reasons why people would work with you. How does this bigger cosmic perspective we’re talking about inform the work that you do with these clients?

It’s hard to articulate, but when I’m talking to someone even in a bar or I’m usually drinking ice tea. When I’m talking to clients or would-be clients, I have this hunger to find out who they are. That’s why I started my executive recruiting business. I’m intrinsically nosy, but it’s more like, I want to know who you are, Baeth. What makes you tick and where is it? Maybe it comes to mind, my mother’s Christian Science background in which I was partially raised, where I feel like all of us are essentially perfect beings and there’s a lot of gunk sometimes or a lot of clouds out. Let’s get rid of the clouds and get to who this person is, who you are and how can I reach in and support you to find your growing edge, to wayfind you into all your essence, your perfection as a human and as a soul.

I get excited and sometimes I think it’s a little harder to tell people what I do than to do it, but it’s so exciting to talk to people. I saw a picture and it’s almost like I’m a dolphin and there’s a sonar device and I’m going in. It’s that shamanic following the energy wherever it goes. I don’t even like to say I’m a psychotherapist or a shaman as much as tracking the energy of the particular person I’m talking to. For me, it’s an endless adventure and I love it when people can break through.

Can you give us an example of someone you worked with on their past lives, what came up and what happened for them?

I offered a session to a famous Broadway publicist. It actually wasn’t for him, it was for a benefit and I offered a free past life reading. He was frantic to get the session and the person who won it was like, “I don’t want to do that.” He bartered two top tickets to the Broadway show of their choice, so he could work with me. He came in, and frankly, he wasn’t too articulate about his emotions. Normally, I try to lead people in with their emotions, but he was so excited and so sure he should do this. He said his dad was scolding him. He was in Scarsdale, which is suburban New York City, as you probably know. Hid dad was like, “Don’t talk to me about Honolulu, we’re in the backyard in Scarsdale. What is this?”

It turns out that he had been a whack of army women. After Pearl Harbor, he went there, as a very attractive blonde young woman taking care of the men that came back from the Pacific Theater and helped them. He was so fascinated and he loved his work in Honolulu. He got on a plane because the war was over and he had to go back to wherever. He got on the plane and he had a feeling he shouldn’t leave and he shouldn’t get on the plane and the plane blew up. That was the end of that lifetime.

I have to say for him, I thought, “Let’s process getting on this plane and this horrendous, what seemed to me, not a great way to go.” He knew he might die that way before he got on the plane, but no, it wasn’t about that for him. He was thrilled to find out, why Honolulu? Why he had this strong image of himself as this lovely young woman? He’s a gay man and there’s nothing at all wrong with that, but I think he was a little gender-confused. It’s like, “This helps me so much to know who I was before.”

It’s like a missing puzzle piece in self-understanding. To me, that’s the beauty of past lives. It isn’t even so much to recreate them or revisit them, although that’s lovely if that happens, rather that they can give a deeper meaning and more clarity to this lifetime, to what we’re here to do this lifetime and what’s led us to this lifetime.

AYD 11 | Wayfinding The Cosmos
Wayfinding The Cosmos: We need to focus on our perfection because we are eternal. We have endless possibility for growth and learning.

I had another client. He came in and he was twitching and jumping on the sofa. It’s a long story but it turned out that he was Chinese and was forced to help the marauding Japanese army during World War II. He hated it, so he slipped in and blew up the ammo depot of the Japanese, and he had no memory of this. That’s why the jumping because he blew himself up in the process. What was fascinating to me, was this is horrendous and confronting death and all of that, but what made him sob on the sofa was, I said to him, “Charles, you need to be acknowledged that you did this.”

It was very clear he hated the Japanese and being forced to do this. He said, “Yes,” and he started to sob. I said, “I’m acknowledging you for the dignity you had to take back your sense of honor and purpose.” That’s what the whole session was. Nobody ever knew he did it. He had physical memories of certain things, which he immediately cleared. They went away forever. He stopped doing that. It never happened again. Just feeling so thrilled, “Yes, I did that and I’m proud of myself that I recovered my dignity.” Frankly, my mind’s going, “Really?” It doesn’t matter what I think. It was crucial for him.

You like to say, “Why wait another lifetime?” Will you share about where that came from and what that means to you?

I do a lot of therapy and counseling. If people are open, I weave in past life work whenever it feels like it’s important. Anyway, I was working with this client for a long time, a very young woman. She was really boring, very smart, and stuck in her head. She kept coming in having the same recurring job problems and boyfriend problems. To be frank, maybe it’s almost out of a sense of personal desperation on my part. “Do you want to keep doing this?” Do you want to have another lifetime where the boyfriends are always like, “Oh no,” and the jobs are like, “Oh my gosh?” When I said it, she snapped. She started working on shifting who she was. We started getting onto a much more profound level of all of that, because there is karma and karma is such a loaded word. What I want to say about it is, karma comes from us since we’re eternal beings.

Wherever we are when we die, it sounds awful to say this in a way, but it feels like we put life on a hold button. I have a friend who died and he died because he gave up. He was my age, but I could see everywhere where he was giving up. I don’t want people to give up. That’s karma. He wasn’t a mean guy, he gave up. Karma is us. It’s being all we can be or do the best that we can be before we die or not. It’s not outside there. It’s not this looming thing or God with a beard or the goddess with wings. It’s us. We are God. I don’t mean that by any means in a profane or a demeaning sense. We are so powerful because we’re consciousness. I had a dog that had a human soul. It was amazing, but that’s very clear. Consciousness isn’t just us as humans, but I digress.

Let’s have a look at your Human Design. For those of you who are new to the show, I always ask the guests before they come on, what their Human Design question is. Margi asked about her incarnation cross. We’re going to talk about what an incarnation cross is and Margi’s in particular. We’ll tie it back to what she’s been talking about because it’s definitely related. Left angle cross of revolution. This is about someone who has the know-how, the answers, and the resources to create a revolution, to fund a revolution, even.

As you said to me, Margi, a revolution in consciousness. This is particularly appropriate for you because your profile is a 6/2. There are only twelve profiles. The 6/2, in my opinion, is the spiritual teacher. That’s my shorthand name for the 6/2. It’s also known as the Role Model Hermit. You’re role modeling those two energies, which is the hermit that needs time alone to be naturally creative and then the creativity, reveals what is wanting to be revealed, and then the six energies, the role model, brings out this wisdom to the other, to the group.

Consciousness is ineffable. It’s unexplainable because we’re in it. We are of it.

It is a capacity to see what others don’t because the six energy is up on the roof. It’s up on the roof, looking down and seeing the people and the places and the things moving about. The two naturally know what to do with that information, that scene from the roof. With the left-angle cross of revolution, you’re here to teach people in many ways how to forgive their past transgressions and that is your personality. You are a leader in forgiveness.

The forgiveness, like your client who needed to be acknowledged for what he’d done, that he didn’t want to do, but felt he needed to do. Often that lack of forgiveness can keep the trauma intact. It can keep it recirculating through the person’s life. What people see in you is you have this capacity to help them not feel like fools or to be okay about feeling like a fool. The risk attendant was being foolish, but the fool is often the wise one at the end of it all, and therein lies the paradox. People know that they can come to you to be that fool for them, the fool on the hill, and to help them express appreciation for the risk-taker within themselves and forgiveness, particularly. It’s forgiveness for the risk-taking that maybe doesn’t go the way we’d hoped or was poorly thought out or not thought out at all. I was totally impulsive.

To me, the revolution that you are providing is a revolution and cleaning up karma, because that’s what 6/2s do. They’re transpersonal. The personal profiles make the karma and the transpersonal profiles clean it up. You are helping people to clean up their lack of forgiveness, such that they can have a revolution around their work in the world which is over on the design side. Does that make sense?

Totally. In fact, I’m thinking of a good friend who did a talk for the Sarasota Audubon Program and a Program Director. It’s exactly that and she’s very powerful.

That’s the revolution. The revolution is to clean up karma by forgiving and acknowledging yourself. You help facilitate that because as you showed in those two stories that you shared with us, the individual themselves is dealing with so much data input, the one dealing with the past lives. They don’t necessarily know what to focus on or what the point of the story is or what’s an important detail or what’s an unimportant detail. You have these eyes from up above that see the matrix within them, that see the patterns, that see where the person is off the mark in terms of their self-respect and self-love. You essentially help them course-correct. This is going to create revolutions in people’s lives because you unburden them in your work. There’s a laying down of the burden.

This is so inspiring. It feels like it penetrates right to the heart of who I am. I’m also a school of service in the hand readings. When you say that I feel so moved and inspired, that to me is what the revolution is. I’m not into bombs or blowing things up unless things are completely destroyed, but I hope I’ll never see that. This is fabulous. I love how you’ve interpreted this. Thank you.

We need a different kind of revolution now. We need the revolution of forgiveness. We need a revolution that teaches people how to manage their minds better. That is ultimately what you’re helping people do. If they want to access the awareness center that is the neocortex and harness that power, one can’t be swimming in a bunch of past trauma. They can’t get to the now if the past keeps reliving itself.

It’s like they’re throwing the railroad tracks that are supposed to take them forward. They are throwing them over their heads and going backward.

When I think about this concept of everything happening at once, if you’re in trauma and you are not released during the past, it does become your now and it reinforces itself. People stay stuck because new input can’t get past the barrier of that trauma wall or the unforgiveness wall or the judgment wall or whatever wall the person has up. You dismantle that wall.

We’re in a time where we’re obsessed with the trauma, with the wall and with the lack of forgiveness. It’s so important and pithy and so key that we need to focus on our perfection, not arrogantly, but because we are eternal, we have an endless possibility for growth and learning. That’s such a turn-on. There’s so much that we can shed that isn’t us as we grow.

Any final words of wisdom for our audience?

I’d love to have people come wayfind the cosmos with me. I’m excited to teach, to keep learning, and keep teaching. I’m going to be starting the State of the Cosmos Podcast where I’ll be talking more on specific topics in depth. Please wayfind the cosmos with me. I’d love to have you join my Facebook group and come to my website. I’d love to keep learning and growing with all of you, so please come join me. It’s such a privilege to be alive right now, even with all its challenges. I’m so thrilled to have done this with you, Baeth. You are so good at pulling out the essence. I feel so inspired and moved by that, to know more and more about my design. I study Human Design before, but I didn’t get it until I started studying so closely with you. I’m thrilled. I’ve learned a lot from this. Thank you so much.

You’re so welcome. Thank you for being on the show. It’s been such a pleasure. To all of you reading wherever you may be, we’ll see you next time. Thank you, Margi.

Thank you.

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AYD 11 | Wayfinding The CosmosMy journeys in life began early. After spending a post-graduate high school year in Switzerland traveling through Europe and the U.S.S.R, I went to college in California majoring in East Asian Religions and Philosophy at Stanford. I became intrigued with Japan, spent two years there immersed in the language and two years more learning I didn’t want a Ph.D. from Harvard in Japanese history. I then spent seven years on Wall Street to learn that I was really an entrepreneur so I started my own 15-year headhunting business mostly finding bilingual Japanese in Tokyo for Western companies.

Along the way, I learned many alternative healing arts, did much coaching and counseling, got Gestalt training and a New York license in psychotherapy, taught past life therapy and coaching, and became a Tibetan Buddhist. One of my latest adventures is birdwatching , doing research on and writing a book about her observations of America’s beautiful hawk, the Swallow-tailed kite.

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