AYD 22 | Develop Intuition

How do you develop your intuition for life and business? Baeth Davis welcomes Lisa LaJoie, an intuitive business strategist for entrepreneurs and business owners. When you build your intuition, you’ll understand the obstructions that keep you from reaching your full potential. Join in the conversation to explore:

  • Discovering your intuitive abilities
  • The power of transformational coaching
  • Intuition as a business strategy
  • How to get started using your intuition in your business

Do these things interest you? If you say “YES!” then this episode’s for you. Enjoy!

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Why Developing Your Intuition Makes You Powerful In Life And Business With Lisa LaJoie

I frequently interview people that I have deemed using my strategy and authority as people living their purpose. What do I mean by living one’s purpose? It means you are fulfilled in your work and you’re generally fulfilled in your life. Your relationships are stable and healthy. Your health is in a manageable, good place. You like your friends and you’ve worked out your childhood crap. That’s the deal. You got to do the inner work if you want the prizes. I interviewed people that I see as differentiated. They’re in their uniqueness living as themselves.

Are they perfect at it? Of course, not. Do they still make wrong decisions? Of course but they make a lot less and now, they’re correct. That is what the show is about. I will tell you about our guest in this episode and we’re going to dive right in. We are going to talk about some fun things and the nature of using your intuition, which biologically comes from your spleen. That is the home of your intuition and the point of your intuition is to keep you alive. It is a very nuanced awareness center in the body. It’s an area of awareness. It is not mental. It is knowing. You can’t explain it. That’s the thing about intuition. There isn’t an explanation. The information comes to you energetically and you simply know.

We’re going to talk about the nature of intuition with our wonderful guest. She is a projector. We’re going to look at the projector dilemma of how to wait for that invitation, especially if that’s a new skill for you and how that impacts positively and negatively your relationship with money. Towards the end of the show, we will look at our guest chart. I don’t do that every show but we do at most shows. Welcome if you’re new to the show. If you’ve been with us, thank you for all the downloads and the awesome reviews. Please share the show.

If you liked it, please leave a positive review and share it with other people. We appreciate that. My mission is to get the consciousness of having a life purpose out to as many people on this planet as are interested, particularly to help the ambitious healing artist types of the world to know that they don’t have to be starving artists. They can make money doing what they love. The point of this show is to inspire you to live as yourself.

With that, let me tell you about our guest. Her name is Lisa LaJoie. She is an intuitive business strategist for entrepreneurs and business owners, a spiritual mentor to high-performance achievers. She is the owner of Tapping Into It. Tapping Into It uses tapping and she’s a tapping expert. It’s one of the tools in her toolbox. For decades, Lisa has been utilizing her gift of heightened intuition and fierce faith in her human potential to help you and businesses build and sustain more success.

Lisa is a dynamic force who empowers her clients to help them unlock their innate power by learning to trust and tap into their intuitive intelligence. Lisa also uses her gift to tune in and help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions. Easily navigate life’s changing experiences, negotiate like a boss, master partnerships, reach new business potentials, purpose, passion and profits. She also helps people develop solid business boundaries and connects individuals to their higher calling.

Lisa LaJoie is the creator and host of Unstoppable Consciousness and up-levelling podcast showcasing conscious evolutionary leaders. Be sure to go listen to her podcast, leave a review and subscribe, if you like it. Lisa’s podcast highlights the impact people make in the world with their purpose and how they manifest their magnificence daily. You can see that Lisa and I are very aligned. With that, let’s bring the amazing, incomparable and dynamic Lisa LaJoie, projector and intuitive business strategist, to the show and welcome her. I’m so excited about this episode.

I’m so happy to be here. I love listening to you. There’s a smile on my face the whole time.

It’s wonderful to have you with us. I’m happy that we get to have this conversation. When did you first realize or have that moment where you recognized you had special gifts? Can you tell us about that?

AYD 22 | Develop Intuition
Develop Intuition: You have to be cautious when you feel someone’s energy coming at you because you may retaliate energetically.

It happened right away. I came down the pipeline. My first memory is of knowing things weren’t correct in my environment and not okay with my surroundings. I always knew. I was like, “Something’s not right.” Knowing this place was different. Those are my first memories of feeling like, “Where am I? What is this that I’m in?”

How receptive or not was your family to your abilities?

I can tell you some fun stories about that but I’ll say it this way. My father was a Lebanese man, a traditional man orthodox. My mother was a Roman Catholic. I don’t know how they even got together but that’s how it started for me. I always told them later, “Why do you even do that? I don’t even understand.”

I was born in the lack of awareness that you were allowed to be yourself. Faith and intuition didn’t belong to me. It wasn’t something that I could live or communicate inside. I find it difficult trying to figure out how to manage all that. I used to go to church and would have an outburst in the church because I knew what the priest was saying was not aligned with what I knew was true. It was hysterical.

My whole growing up years, I always totally confused why people were doing what they do, saying what they said and what they were doing in the church. I have nothing against that. I had another level of knowingness about being ourselves. That is important and we all are universal consciousness. It wasn’t specific people that had that skill or ability. It was interesting. My mother figured it out sooner or later. She became a metaphysical interest and knew something was up with me.

She helped me by getting me to an astrologer who could sit down and explain to me through my chart, as you do, Hindu astrology, Vedic astrology so she could show me that this is was something that was inside me. My mother was like, “How do you know these things?” I would see projections and things all the time and then say them. She couldn’t figure out where the intel was coming from.

One of the things about being the projector-type in human design, which makes up 21% of the human population, the projectors see the truth the most clearly. Your aura is focused and absorbing. Do you experience that you have this very focused, absorbing energy that’s both projecting out the energy but also absorbing in data?

Yes. I’ve always been like that too. I didn’t understand what was happening and how that worked. I would look at things and stuff would come at me related to whatever was happening. If I read articles or talk to a person in school, I could feel what the teachers were thinking and feeling, even at home, my parents, what was going on there and the things that were not right. I knew all these things and had no understanding of what that meant. I have to be very cautious because when I feel someone’s energy or I feel something coming at me, I retaliate too, energetically.

If I feel things, I’m digesting what I’m seeing and that also sends those signals. I’ve noticed that at times, people can feel extremely overwhelmed by my presence without words or voice, nothing. Often this happens, people get very uncomfortable. It’s like they know I’m penetrating something and they don’t know what, especially if they haven’t hired me to work with me or they don’t know me well. They’re like, “I don’t know what’s happening but I feel uncomfortable.”

Don’t make decisions that would break your life apart. Instead, make decisions that would open your life up.

In your design, the nature of what you’re here to do is to provoke and cause people to see where they’re out of alignment. You’re like the “let’s tighten up and tidy the ship” person. When you come into a space, people are automatically penetrated by the aura. You have a particular design as a projector because each projector has its design. In your chart, you provoke people and this naturally creates tension. The tension you create is to cause the person to look at the tension in their own life that they’ve been ignoring. Where are they tense? Maybe they’re tense about that business negotiation I’ve got coming up, that business they want to sell or that business they want to buy.

I’m using those examples because you specialize in helping people in a sense with mergers and acquisitions and prepping their business to sell. You’re working with people who are business owners operating at a pretty high level who are looking at how they can leverage the resources they’ve got and created. You naturally are going to create tension. For many of those individuals, they’re used to living with tension but if they’re not the right person for you to serve, I would imagine they’d be pretty freaked out by what they start feeling being in your presence.

It’s very real and true. What’s interesting in my experience is often when I’m in that circumstance and that tension is being created by whatever, the interaction of energy, people will often try to turn it around because it makes them uncomfortable. I remember when I was young, I realized that the gift of knowing could be useful to others because it was always so personal my whole growing up. I knew why my parents got separated, my brother was mentally ill and many things. I used to protect my father from my mother and my mother from my father because I could see and feel them and what they were experiencing. When you’re young, you can’t discern that that’s not yours to figure out.

Over time as a projector, I started thinking I had to fix things and do things that were not my job ever to do. I didn’t understand. I had to become deconditioned and understand that that was not my job because I saw it. It didn’t mean I had to fix it. I had to have permission to ask the invitation to be involved in helping people see the truth, rearrange truth in their own life, heal themselves and make sure they weren’t making decisions that would break their life apart but instead open their life up. That was very difficult because I’m like a warrior. I always felt like I had to fight for all these things that weren’t mine ever. I didn’t understand the invitation part and I ended up in a lot of challenging conflicts because of that.

It’s there in my chart. I’m an energy projector. I’m very fired up also. I could see things. You can’t get involved with people like that until I started to understand more about how that process worked and that I worked best and had the best results with people that wanted my intel, who could take it. My intel isn’t like, “I’m going to make you comfortable.” I’ve never made people comfortable. I can be loving and kind. That’s true but I’m always hitting the truth as hard as I can because, to me, that’s what pops people open. That’s the way it comes to me. At one point, you can’t try to be somebody else. You got to be yourself and then people will find you.

That challenge of realizing, “That’s not mine. This is mine. I have the intel if you want it but I don’t know how to give it to you unless you ask me.” Making a business out of these gifts and the capacities that I had was one of the best things I could do because it created an opportunity for an invitation. Also, it made more sense to me that that’s the best way to make a partnership to be able to help people move their things along the way they need to. It’s not easy to be a projector.

Will you walk us through working with one of your ideal clients and how your transformational coaching works? Essentially, what is the process and the general outcome that people are seeking?

My system goes like this. A person will come to me. It’s often word of mouth or online more because I pivoted over there. They’ll come to me and have a session where I gather intel about them. They come, sit and give me their birthday. I started accessing and seeing all these things in their life. I understand more what’s happening. I look at areas in a person’s energy system. From that space and place, I start understanding what’s breaking down for them. Usually, they’ll tell me, “These are things I want to work on in my life. Here’s where I’m getting obstructed to.”

People in business are more aware of what’s going on because they have goals in general and reasons to do what they’re doing. I tell them, “I’m going to gather information about what’s obstructing you and then you can ask me anything that you want.” I do that process because 99% of the time, a business person is coming to me because they want more success. That’s it. It’s very clear. Our interaction is, “I want to rise higher, uplevel, scale myself, my business and something’s obstructing me.” That’s often what people will come to me for.

AYD 22 | Develop Intuition
Develop Intuition: Work on things that are obstructing you from building your business.

I started unpacking the intel to them then we started ranging strategies around how to make those changes. Sometimes it’s the person’s personal life and sometimes what’s going on in the business. My ideal client is that high performer who wants to get it done, who’s able to take intel and evaluate if that sounds correct or not. They’re able to hear me. I don’t have to fight with them about listening to the knowledge because they already have an overview that something is broken. Once the intel starts rolling, there’s this instant trust that happens because I shouldn’t know what I know about what’s going on in the intricate details of their business, themselves or their life.

My favorite part about working with businesspeople is they know. I teach them how to work with me and they come to me because they already are in charge of what’s going on in their business world. They know how to get the best out of our time together and work on the things that are obstructing them, building their business. I’ve helped people sell their businesses, helped them see what was going with the other people involved that was causing a negative ripple effect in the south and helped them find strategies to rearrange those things so they can have a successful outcome. I’ve shown timing.

There are all kinds of things that we can find out through intuition, guidance and knowing how to read energies and energy patterns in a person, their life and surroundings. Every business has energy and I’m able to tap into that energy and see what’s going on in it. The circle of events happens that way and from there, usually, there’s a beautiful build that happens.

I never work well with people who don’t want to take accountability and responsibility. It doesn’t happen because the intel’s too hard for them and they’re pushing against it. Once you start pushing against the truth, things that I’m finding that are true I know instantly that I’m not going to be able to help them because they want to stay small. That always breaks my heart but it’s real. You got to want your truth or you’re never going to go anywhere.

It’s amazing to me that we’re not trained to take in the truth or have honest feedback in part because we’re lied to from the earliest age. The programming and deception start at a very young age and then we’re told don’t lie. I always found that fascinating like you. At a young age, 5, 6 years old, I would think to myself, “They’re telling me not to lie but they lie,” from Santa Claus, to where dad was, to where the money’s going. Parents, church, school lie. Staying true to oneself through all that deception and not second-guessing oneself is a great power you possess. It’s this certainty in knowing that you’ve never lost.

I’m blessed that I fought for that and never lost it through the programs I teach or the clients that I have. It’s funny to me that we talk spiritually about all these things that masters have mentioned and the truth will set you free but I’m like, “You do have to want it before it’s going to set you anywhere.” I don’t understand what the disconnect is once people understand that once they know the truth, no matter what it is, whatever pain they’re in, it starts to dissolve from the truth being known.

Why don’t we run to seek it with all our might? To me, that’s the work that I have to do because it breaks my heart that people are constantly seeking external, not even validation. They’re looking for external reasons not to know their truth. Your truth is who you are. Everything about you is sitting in it, even the stuff you don’t like but that can be dissolved instantly because you see it for what it is.

Don’t you think though that there are huge consequences for living your truth? You might be rejected, have to change relationships or jobs. People are very afraid of the rejection or isolation they perceive will happen. They’ve made that more important than living their truth. For me, I’m like you. From the youngest age, I’m like, “I’m doing this life on my terms.” I still got conditioned and caught up in things but my last real interest in a guru, I was maybe 27 years old and I met this guy. Someone says, “You should meet this guy.”

I sat with him and remember thinking the whole time like, “What a complete racket charlatan this guy is.” He was like, “You need to buy this thing and wear this outfit. Prey on my image.” I’m like, “You’re joking. I have to go. It’s what I have to do.” I’m like, “No more gurus. We’re all teachers and I need to find mine.” For your high-level business owners, what’s the biggest problem they run into in their business that you see that they have the hardest time dealing with? If you had to pick maybe 1 or 2 things that business owners struggle with dealing with effectively, what would you say?

Your truth is who you are.

It’s their deficit. When you’re very successful, you don’t realize that sometimes you’re a problem. They’re thinking at this high level of success so they don’t see the little details of their deficits. Sometimes they don’t even see their mindset. I’m going after that target so much so that they don’t realize these little obstructions internally that they can’t confess to, the things that they’re living behind the scenes or the way they’ve been doing it has hit a certain level of success but they’re not going to go any higher because they’re disrupting their potential. It’s hard for a successful businessperson to see that it could be them.

It’s an easy fix because them being driven, brought them to this great level and they don’t know how to stop being that way. They don’t realize that the driving force is limiting them at the same time. I have to reveal that. Often what will happen to me is I reveal the problem in the business and they’re like, “How do we fix that?” A very successful person will ask me that question always. “We have to fix you because you’re the problem.” “What?” This is the reaction.

I explain it because normally, they’re making patterns that have always worked and they don’t know how to turn their head in another direction. They get stuck there. At that level of success, it’s simple things but things that will destroy the business potential and keep them at the ceiling for a very long time. It’s hard for them if they’ve already had success. The reason why they’re with me is that they want to. They’re interested in, “How can I correct my energy, the way I’m managing, the way I’m doing things and the way I’m thinking? How do I get back to vision?”

They also get stuck in, “I don’t have another vision. Why not?” They get obstructed in the doing of what’s next then they forget what they gave birth to. There’s another thing wanting to give birth. You need to stop what your doing, focus on the one thing and allow the other thing to come forward. Sometimes, they don’t know how to do that. Often, they are not happy in their lives outside of business. They’re using business as a way to camouflage their life.

Oftentimes, to have real success, they have to leave the things that they know, fire the people they don’t want to, look at their relationships and realize they’re hungry, starving and not nurtured. That often happens too. They’re very hungry. They’re not getting what they need because there’s a superhuman to people. People are not knowing how to serve them and they like it that way or are used to it that way. Those are the real common problems that I come up against.

Before we go to your chart, what do you have cooking? If people want to find out more about what you do and working with you, share it with us.

I have two wonderful experiences where I have a coaching program called High-Performance Ascension. It’s to help high performers learn about their ascension, build the mindset, energy understanding and intuition understanding to help people, hook back uptight, get all fully hooked up, how do you do that and what’s the process of doing that. I have a spiritual mastery experience for people that want to learn about how to work with all their energy systems. Those are the two programs that I have that are getting ready to go out that are available.

Spiritual mastery is awesome because I help people learn about how to use their shocker system and intuition at another level and scale. Often, people understand their energy system but they do not know how to communicate with it and realize that we’re made of this energy system that has all kinds of intel. My spiritual mastery program is only for people who want the truth because all the answers are right there if you know how to navigate them, ask questions and stuff like that. Those are the things going on.

Before we bring your chart up, I want to talk about the projector’s dilemma once they realize they have to wait for the invitation and how this impacts their relationship with money. I would love to hear your thoughts about that because you are a projector.

AYD 22 | Develop Intuition
Develop Intuition: People understand their energy system, but they do not know how to communicate with it.

For me, it was a very interesting and painful struggle, to be honest. How do you figure out how to wait for an invitation and provoke one too? For me, to wait was difficult and to understand how to do that is difficult to do until I started realizing that the things that are for you invite themselves into your life.

When you start working on your internal energy, on your intention and you let it go like, “This is what is next for me. I started listening to the things that were coming at me. How does that feel,” they start to unpack and unravel themselves. The dilemma that got resolved is when I sat and realized, “Manifestation is going on, Lisa. You just have to listen.” As a projector, listening to that energy that we’re getting is an invitation. I can feel the difference between a real one and not a real one. I didn’t understand that. It doesn’t have to be verbal. It can be energetic and can be from the universe. I made many programs for clients asking me for stuff where I said, “Let’s go.”

That helped me a lot to understand how to work with this idea. It’s like an elegant dance. It’s not as painful. Going after things when it’s not aligned with you is very painful because it’s hard to fight for an invitation. If you think about, “I’m going to fight to get invited to a party where they don’t want me to be invited,” how much humiliation, embarrassment and degradation that is? Me being like, “I don’t want to do that,” helped me so I was like, “I’m not doing that.”

I was young when I met this guy at a film festival. I had a little crush on him. I was like, “We should go to dinner.” He was like, “Oh.” I’m like, “I’ll join you for dinner.” He didn’t say no. I go to dinner and I realize he, his buddies and women were the other people at the dinner. I’m like, “These guys already have their sights set on these women.” They were like, “We’re all going back to our place.” I went back to their place and used the bathroom. I’m like, “I’m going to go. I’m so sorry.” I even said to the guy like, “I invited myself to this thing and you tried to gently shove me off because you already liked someone else. I’m sorry.” I’m embarrassing. I still remember thinking to myself like, “It feels much better when I’m asked.”

With women’s empowerment, we’re encouraged correctly sometimes. It feels so much better to be wanted. Generators are 70% of the population. Projectors are 21% and reflectors are 1%. Ninety-two percent of us are not designed to pursue or initiate. We are designed to ask each other questions. “Would you like to come to the party?” This is what I always ask my clients, “Were you asked? Who asked you?” “No one asked me.” There is the problem.

Let’s look at your chart and talk about this a little bit more. The thing we’ve been talking about in terms of how you operate comes from the personality, sun and earth and the design of sun and earth, which makes up about 70% of what we are. There’s a lot of data in there but there are two key pieces. One is your profile and you’re the 1.3, which is the expert. The one after the decimal here in your sun and earth personality is your conscious self who investigates and practices. You’ve been investigating intuition for business owners.

The three is called the martyr. You get called the martyr because a lot of your life, especially up until age 30 is bumping into things. It’s what doesn’t work. It’s trial and error. Two steps forward, one step back. You go up the stairs, fall down the stairs. Go up the stairs a little higher, fall again. It’s akin to trying to climb a big mountain where you climb up to a level one base camp then you get a climb back down to acclimate. That’s what the three energy is.

Once you hit age 50, that information that you have, the three becomes strategy and a sense of humor. You’re the how-to person and you take together data from the one, the humor that comes from been there done that with the three. There’s wisdom. That’s why the 1.3’s are the expert because you’re so focused on unraveling your process and how you work so that you can share it with others. It’s very detailed.

The gates themselves, 48, 21, 38, 39, all of this energy here is very intense. Twenty-one, don’t mess with the warrior. The brand is the huntress in line one and the foundation of, “Do not mess with Lisa LaJoie.” You teach other people how to be not messed with and set boundaries. Forty-eight is the depth of your incredible talent and wisdom. Whenever gate 48 shows up, the person’s deep. Not superficial. You don’t have time for that.

When you’re thinking at a high level of success, you may not see the little details of your deficits.

Thirty-eight is the fuel to fight for what matters and you have the whole channel, the 28, 38, which is the fight for purpose then 39 provokes down here and people’s spirits. You have the whole channel. I find this very interesting if three channels are down to connect the root to the solar plexus. You got two and then a channel of connection to the spleen. This is the chart. You have two motors, the solar plexus and the root. The other two motors, which you don’t have, would be the sacred and the heart. They’re essentially four motors in the chart. You are an energy projector.

This is the chart of someone who creates money. You create money through your creativity. The 1.8 channel is about contribution. The one in you knows what creative projects are viable. The eight in you know how to lead to fulfilling them. One thing I would encourage you in as you keep moving forward in your career is you need to be leading creative teams.

I would encourage you to look into having a TV show in Canada on the major network. They’re ready for this but there’s an element of production here, having a publishing company or a TV production company. I don’t know if you’ve thought about doing that but I invite you to consider it because you would be amazing at it.

You have gate 61, which is the inner mystery. A lot of what you’ve been talking about is truth and 61 is the mental component of true-not-true. We’re living in a time where 61 has been hanging out in Pluto, which is the deepest truth. All of humanity, what’s been happening? Truth coming out. For you and I, we’re not surprised. We’re like, “This is news to people? This is how the system works.”

As my boyfriend said to me, “The system works perfectly. The system is set up the way it’s supposed to be set up by the people who set it up. Make no mistake. The system isn’t broken for the people who designed it. The system doesn’t work, unfortunately for most of the people but for the people who designed it, it works great.” He’s very smart. It’s like, “That’s true.”

Sixty-one for you is operating in your design Mars, which is everyone’s location of their deskwork or their day-to-day work and vocation. Your vocation is partnering with people on line two to find their inner mystery. It’s what you do for a living. The structure of it is to partner also on line two. This gives you a lot of ease in what you do. It’s to understand that the best setups for you are one-to-one, particularly with the decision-maker. You’re here to show them in a sense how to hunt and get those results correctly. That’s great.

Money for you comes relatively easily if you’re helping other people be prosperous from a place of truth. If they’re trying to prosper from a place of inauthenticity, it’s going to be bad news. One last thought before we wrap up. This gate 55 is pretty significant because, in 2027, the wheel of the solar system clicks into a new 411-year cycle. The cycle that we’re in is very tribal. The tribal structure is about everything for the people. Tribal frequency is about support, public schools, libraries, firefighters, police, underground sewers and the internet. All those systems are collapsing because the frequency is fading that supports them. The new energy coming in is about individuation.

One of the gates that becomes prominent as of 2027 is gate 55. In 2027, we move into gate 55, line 6. All of humanity does, which is the line of greed and selfishness. The good news is it isn’t directly beneficial to others but if people see in their heart to be generous, it can be very beneficial. The shadow is people don’t share. I’m concerned about the shadow because you’ll always be better off sharing but because you carry this in your design, you’ve been living with this frequency of 55 from the womb.

Your 55 is in Saturn. It’s in your Saturn personality. Saturn is about enforcing the law. It’s on the personality side so it’s about helping others enforce their spiritual laws. Life only punishes us if we’re incorrect with our internal law. This is what people don’t understand. They’re like, “Why am I not being rewarded?” “It’s because you’re going against yourself. You’re trying to follow this other person and do what they’re doing. It’s not going to work for you.” Though, we’re conditioned to follow the leader. 55.1 is where you’re at.

AYD 22 | Develop Intuition
Develop Intuition: Start working on your internal energy and intention.

I want to give you the keynote on this. Each of the gates has lines associated with them. You have 55 in your chart and gate 55 is the abundance of spirit. Line one is cooperation. How you enforce the law is through cooperation. The expansion of activity through cooperation with powerful forces through principled actions that guarantee continued support and gendered prosperity. The potential to find the spirit through cooperation with powerful forces.

The thing for you that I would encourage you around is the more high-powered the leaders you work with, the better. How could you start advising the people in government? Figure out who the biggest businesses are where you’re at. I would invite you to intentionally line up with those organizations because the more powerful, the more effective you are. You’re welcome and it’s in your design. Anything you want to comment on before we wrap up our show?

First of all, that was amazing. Thank you so much for that. It’s an honor. Human design is pretty mind-blowing. It’s been an honor to be here, have this time with you and always work with you. I’m up to the stuff that you’re up to always. Thank you so much for all that you do for us as human beings because we need it.

Thanks, Lisa. We’d love to have you back on the show.


Thank you. This has been another episode of the show. We’ll see you all soon.

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