Your business and family are both important. However, it can be difficult sometimes to find the balance between the two, especially as work gets in the way. This episode’s guest tells you to not get caught up in your mind! After all, she is a manifesting generator, with a journey that will show you that work-life balance is possible. Join your host Baeth Davis as she sits down for a conversation with Yelena Kalendareva on balancing professional and personal life. Yelena is a licensed cosmetologist and she founder of the makeup line called Aneley Cosmetics, which is natural, vegan, PETA certified cruelty free and organic. She takes us in her story of starting her business in such an oversaturated field, highlighting what makes her line different from other mineral lines. Tune in to this conversation to learn about innovation, business growth, and work-life balance.

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Yelena Kalendareva, Manifesting Generator 1/3: Don’t Get Caught Up In Your Mind

Our guest is an amazing woman, Yelena Kalendareva. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist. As she began her career, she noticed there was a need not being addressed. As the oldest child and having the responsibility to solve every problem, she founded a makeup line called Aneley Cosmetics. Aneley is her name spelled backward. This cosmetic line is natural, vegan, PETA certified, cruelty-free and organic. It is specially formulated to be safe enough to apply after facials and waxing.

As it has become a favorite to women throughout the world, including yours truly, I love her cosmetics line and I use it every day, she took it even further and she created a private Facebook community called Aneley Cosmetics Beauty, where she teaches busy women, how to apply their own makeup in under five minutes. Aneley is a busy mom of four, a wife to an amazing man, and a businesswoman that makes the world revolve around her family. With that, let’s bring on Aneley. Welcome to the show. I’m so happy to have you with us. It’s such a pleasure to be with you.

Thanks for having me. I’m so excited.

I’m so glad you’re here. I love your cosmetics.

AYD 23 | Manifesting Generator
Manifesting Generator: When you get into an industry that you’re passionate about, you just can’t help it wanting to push yourself. But it’s important to take a pause and spend time with your family.

I love you. Baeth is such a sweet person inside out. It’s such an honor knowing you.

Thank you. I have some questions for you. We’re going to look at your human design and that’s going to be great because you are in the process of building an empire. How did you start a business in what could be considered a pretty oversaturated field, the world of cosmetics? There are more cosmetic lines coming out all the time. What made you decide to start a business in such a busy field?

I never thought I was going to have a makeup line. This is something people don’t know about me. I never dreamed of having a makeup line. I wanted to be a cosmetologist and hairdresser, but when I started in the field, I was doing a lot of facials and I noticed that women were asking the same question, “Can I put makeup on?” The answer was always no.

I am such a people pleaser, especially my clients. I love them much. I’m a problem solver being the oldest child. That’s what we do. I started Googling. I said, “There has to be something out there,” and I couldn’t find it. The idea came to me. “I’ll have to research and find how I can get a line of foundations at least so that women can cover their face when they leave.”

It took years, it wasn’t overnight, but when it happened, I was ecstatic. I was like, “Oh, my God.” I brought foundations to my customers. I said, “Here. Try this.” When one woman tried it and said, “I love it,” and another one. As time grew, they were asking, “Can we have lipsticks in the line and this on the line?” I said, “I need to register the brand. I need to make a brand.”

It was such a strange feeling and that imposter syndrome kicked in, “Do I really have a brand? Am I allowed to have a brand? Is this something I can do?” It was huge. I had babies at the time. From the problem, I created a solution. That was the only reason that brand again was born. It took a completely different turn and they evolved later on, which was amazing too. It started out with solving a simple problem.

It seems that the problem you were solving was very much in response to the people in your environment asking for this solution.

That was the only reason.

You didn’t even have to think it up. It was presented to you.

Another big reason is I worked with women that were busy at corporate work. When they had events at night and they needed that facial done, they would cover everything up with their makeup because after the facial you’re red and exposed. Now, they were free to get a little mini facial or waxing during their lunch break, apply the makeup on and they were fine throughout the day. It pushed them to do more services during the day instead of coming in on the weekends or in the evenings. It’s like a small problem from facial turned into this whole phenomenon. It was crazy.

It created more business for you because they weren’t putting it off.

I didn’t have to stay out too late in the salon and I didn’t have to sacrifice the weekends. It all worked out together. All I had to do was push the limits a little bit above my limited beliefs that I could do it and solve that problem. It helped me, in the end as well, which is interesting.

Women are too busy with corporate work and watching over the kids so businesses should start looking for solutions to ease some of their hardships.

Tell us a bit about what makes your line different from other natural mineral cosmetic lines. I’m very curious about this. What makes it different?

I get compared to so many brands. A lot of brands are doing the best they can, but for me, it was important to find out what minerals are. Is there an ethically sourced mineral or non-ethical sourced minerals? When I discovered there are so many unethically sourced like there is child labor involved and horror stories. If you google unethically sourced minerals, you will never wear another mineral line. We took it further. It costs much more to make sure everybody’s over eighteen and in a safe environment to mine it. That’s number one.

Number two, it’s a pharmaceutical grade. You cannot apply cosmetic grade on your face when you’re doing such treatments as facials, microdermabrasion. Your skin is exposed, so you definitely need something that is pharmaceutical grade. It’s a higher grade, the way that we clean it. We have medical professionals on board as well when we’re testing everything. There are no nanoparticles, which are very toxic. There are no artificial colors. It seems like it’s not enough. We don’t have like a million colors, but all of these colors are naturally from mining. It’s mica.

We don’t test on animals. We’ve never tested on animals. We don’t have any animal-derived ingredients. I don’t have any animals, but I have kids. I feel like they’re all babies and no one should be touching them. I test them on myself, on my staff and we’re only testing the pigments and the formulation. If you have to test the cosmetics on an animal, it is that toxic. Why are you even producing it? You need to find out if it’s safe enough to put on a human, why are you even producing it? That was a big thing for me.

Another thing is when I started out, I called the FDA. This is something a lot of people in the world don’t know. I said, “I want it certified, whatever you were certifying. I have a cosmetic line that I opened.” They said, “We don’t do the certify. You have to do your thing.” I said, “It’s impossible. You’re the FDA.” I got upset and I started googling stuff.

I found the European Union. The European Union at that time had 1,376 banned ingredients. I printed all of them. It was a lot of pages. The whole night, me and my mom, we were sitting and looking through all the ingredients and making sure we didn’t have even one of them in the line. Not only are we compliant and safe in the United States, but also the Japanese Union and European Union. We got PETA certification, which was amazing. We’re part of the Environmental Working Group. I wanted people to trust me, but I know people don’t know me personally. The only way to trust me is to get certifications in reputable places.

One of the biggest things that differentiate me from many other brands is I take it personally. If I’m not wearing it, no one’s wearing it. I pulled a couple of products off the market because we had cross-contamination of something that we brought in as a source ingredient. I’m very on top of it. Another thing is I am connected with my customers. I love listening to them. I created this group because people were, “I want more access. I don’t just want the videos.”

When I go live, I am able to hear back. I’m able to see everyone. I want to know what issue you’re trying to solve. Can I help you? I have a salon. I’ve had it for many years. I am such a people person and I wanted the same thing with my makeup clients because I can’t physically be with them because they’re everywhere all over the world. Thank God for the internet. I’m able to connect with them on a more personal level. Those things are what make me very much unique from many other brands.

I have a question for you. You have four children who are young. How do you manage being a good partner to your husband, the mother of four children and running this fast-growing business? How do you stay sane and look as rested as you do now?

I still nurse my son. I always say this to any new business owner, your first business is your family. There are no sacrifices. Your child should always see you. I’ve never missed an event ever of my kids. That’s number one. Number two, you need support, your husband, wife, grandma and mom. There’s got to be somebody there that will help you. If you have an event and you need to be there, somebody’s going to come and watch the kids. Also, you need to create some boundaries.

When you get into an industry that you’re passionate about, you can’t help yourself. You want to be everywhere. You’re so excited. “I want to fly there.” I get a lot of people that want to fly me here and there. I’ve done it sometimes, but I’m not pushing it. I give myself boundaries. My kids have to see their mother. They have to know their mom. Until my kids were six years old, they didn’t even know that I was at work because I would make sure that I picked them up from daycare. I made sure that they see me at home. I would come home and I would sit with them.

My older ones are twelve months apart by choice. We wanted that. I came home with them. I would shut off the phone and sit with them. We would be rocking a chair and telling stories. As I got busier in the business, I have a lot of lives. I have a lot of events, red carpet, Golden Globes, I sat my husband down and I said, “I’m going to need you to step it up. Otherwise, we’ll never be where I want to be.” He’s also busy. He has real estate. He’s doing his own thing.

It was hard, but you got to bring in your family. It takes a village. You need to set the boundaries. You got to have some hours. Sundays are my family days. Shabbat, which is Saturday, we’re at home. It’s a holy day. When I got married, I was like, “No, I’m not keeping Shabbat. It’s not going to work.” With time I realized that, “Thank God I have this day. Otherwise, I’d be working that day too.” There’s a reason for it and I needed it. You have to prioritize.

AYD 23 | Manifesting Generator
Manifesting Generator: The manifesting generator has been known as a defined sacral. It’s this box down here and the sacral is essentially our sex chakra.

We will take a look at your human design now and we’ll tie that in with where your company’s going. This is known as the body graph and it’s a circuit board of the major energies running you through your body. Anything in white, Aneley is not you. It’s essentially not activated. Whatever’s in color is what you’re meant to express, feel and actualize.

Before I even saw your chart, my hunch was that you are a manifesting generator. Let’s talk about what that is for anyone who’s new to the show and you’re new to human design. This is your first introduction. The Manifesting Generator has what’s known as a defined sacral. The sacral is our sex chakra. It’s the warehouse of energy in the physical body. You can see that yours is in red. It’s lit up. About 70% of humanity has this definition in the sacral.

There are four motors in human design, including the sacral are connected up here to the throat. We’ve got what’s called a manifesting generator. The only pure manifesting generator channel is this 34, 20. Imagine in your body, there’s a channel of energy that runs from your ovaries and uterus and it runs right up to your throat.

It’s the energy where when you say you’re going to do something, you then have to do it. Words become deeds. It’s an incredibly powerful energy. I felt it in you before I ever saw your chart. I’m like, “She’s a manifesting generator because only a manifesting generator could get as much done as you do and still look well-rested, even if it’s the makeup.”

There’s no one that can get things done quite like a manifesting generator because that sacral is a powerhouse of energy. It’s the generator in your body. Sometimes during a storm, the power will go out and restaurants and hotels have those giant generators that come on to keep the power going and keep the air conditioning on or the heat on.

You can hear it humming in the background. You have one of those motors in your body. Your job every day is to get up, burn down all the energy and pass out asleep. The battery builds back up while you’re sleeping and then you get up the next day and you get back at it. You have this incredible sustaining power with this design. It is phenomenal.

The other thing you have going for you is that all the centers of definition are connected to each other. The solar plexus is the emotional center. It connects right through the mating channel and you’ve got four children. That’s perfectly appropriate for someone having the mating channel. It’s about children and creating other things too. It’s about creation. You’re here to create. Babies, books, businesses and money, that’s what you do.

Everything is connected. The mating channel goes into the sacral. It connects to this amazing manifesting generator channel. This G center in the middle is a magnet. Think of it as the gravitational force of your body. It also connects up to the throat. What you’ve got here is something called a single definition. Meaning anything defined is all connected.

Single definition people can move faster than all the other types because there’s not a break in your internal energy. You’re a single definition manifesting generator. The thing is, people may try to keep up with you but they should not because they won’t succeed unless they’re built like you. There are other people built like you. There are other single definitions manifesting generators, but for the rest of us, we can watch in awe as you juggle all these different things going on in your life.

I always ask guests before the interview, what’s up that you want to focus on in the reading, so we can hone in because I’m not going to explain the whole Human Design System. There isn’t time. I’m going to try to give you information that you can use and our audience can use. You’re already quite successful. You have thousands of customers. You have a wonderful following. I’m a regular customer. I love your products. I try to tell everybody to use them. I like promoting you. It’s a joy. I like being an ambassador for Aneley Cosmetics.

You asked me, is there a block to scaling? You said something very important to me before the interview. You said, “In my mind, I have a giant manufacturing facility and I’m living in a bigger, grander house with my husband and my children. In my mind, I’m internationally wholesaling to the world and we can drop ship from anywhere and it’s really fast. In my mind, I have a team that is completely dedicated to the way you are to what you are creating. How can I be faster and efficient?” Then you said, “Why am I not there yet?”

There are two things going on here. The why you’re not there yet, it’s not exactly true. I’m going to explain to you where that question comes from and then I’m going to show you that you’re going to get there. You will get there. It’s in your design to get there but you’ve got to be patient. At the top of the design, we have what’s called the Ajna, which I’ve checked off. That’s your frontal cortex. It’s the front part of the brain. This represents the head, which is the rest of the gray matter behind your forehead. Taken together, those two centers equal the physical mind. You can see that you have both of them in white. They’re not defined.

Your first business is your family. Your child should always see you. Shut your phone and sit with them. You have to prioritize.

Your head is totally open and your mind is undefined. It has one gate. Anything in white will either be open or undefined. For example, your heart here is undefined. It has gate 26. If it didn’t have gate 26, it would be considered open. Up at your head, there are no gates at all. This is open. Your Ajna is what we call undefined. As a result of this, what can happen is your mind gets a picture of what things should look like. Your body starts to feel agitated, frustrated and annoyed that life isn’t matching the picture in your mind, but here’s the deal. Your mind doesn’t know anything.

Think about how your cosmetic line came into being. You didn’t think that up. People came to you and said, “I need something I can put on after a facial because I have this work event tonight. What do you have?” “We’ll have to create something.” How you’re designed is to be in response to your environment and wait for things to come to you, so then you can take action.

If you try to use your mind to control your life, you will get exhausted, which isn’t to say the pictures in your mind are incorrect. They’re showing you a future that you desire. The challenge is to stay in the moment and trust this process. Enjoy its unfolding because the mind for all of us doesn’t know what’s going on because your head is open, you’re always being flooded with a million inspirations. Plus, your neocortex has gate eleven, which is the gate of ideas. You have more ideas than anybody.

It doesn’t mean you need to fulfill all of them. Write them down. Some of them will be for other people. Some of them you will fulfill. The whole thing for you is to not get caught up in what your mind is telling you and say, “I got to do what’s going on right here.” You will have this international business and a bigger manufacturing facility, and all of it will unfold. If you try to move at the pace of your mind, you’ll always feel behind because the mind is dealing in the air. It’s dealing in pictures.

Your physical body can’t move that fast, even though you move faster than everyone else unless they’re built like you. You are the fastest horse, but the fastest horse wants to go even faster. Remember, you’ve got four children, a husband and a business. It’s not like you’re some single person who’s devoted to the business and doesn’t have any other obligations. Then maybe you could move a little bit faster, but you might be lonely, especially since you have this mating channel. You’re made to be in a relationship and have children. It’s correct for you.

You’re doing all the right things. It’s just that your mind is always saying more and what I would suggest to you is to start noticing that. You’re very smart. You’re so fast. Develop a discipline where you say, “Thanks for sharing. I’m doing fine,” because the more you relax and slow down, the faster the success will come. For you slow and patience is fast, being very intentional, “There is another idea, that’s fine. I’m going to write it in my idea journal and forget about it for now. I have these things right in front of me to do.” Does that make sense?

It makes sense. It’s fighting me now.

You’re not fighting yourself. You’re fighting your mind. The mind thinks it’s in control. What’s interesting about the history of human design and the evolution of the physical body is that up until 1781, human beings did use their mind for decision-making. We went from being 7 chakra beings to 9 centered beings. We mutated in 1781. We have another mutation coming. Living creatures are always mutating. In this mutation, the decision-making move, not from the mind, but down into the body. For some people, it moved out into the environment.

For you, this is the key piece. You make your decisions emotionally. 50% of people have a defined solar plexus. I’m also an emotional decision-maker. The beautiful thing about being an emotional type is that we’re warm, friendly and vivacious. If we’re sad, we cry. If we’re angry, we get mad. People pretty much know how we feel because we can’t hide it.

The challenge is this emotional center gives you these emotional waves. If you try to make a decision to stop the emotional wave, it’s not going to be the right decision. For you, everything is about waiting until you’re calm. Let the wave settle out. Notice in your gut, how you feel and that’s how you make the decision.

You’ve been doing that correctly already. People came to you with a suggestion for this new makeup line. You were listening. People kept asking. You did something about it. That’s being correct. As a manifesting generator, you’re built to be in response to your environment and in response to your emotional wave.

When the wave is quiet, you can make a decision, but you don’t want to get caught up in your mind, going more because you’ll never get to enjoy what’s happening now. I have a solution for you. It’s very simple. All you need to do is ask yourself in any given situation, “Am I satisfied? Am I satisfied with how I look now? Am I satisfied with this meal? Am I satisfied with this new product we’re adding to the product line? Am I satisfied with how my kids are doing?”

It’s a feeling of satisfaction. As long as you let satisfaction guide you and not frustration, you’ll be golden. How do I know you’re going to get there? You have gate 45, which is one of the money gates. Gate 45 is big money. I call this the gold toilet money. It’s the queen energy. In a man, it would be the king. These days, people have been calling themselves whatever they want. It’s either queen or king. I’m assuming you’d go with the queen.

As the queen, you are here to teach your community what you know, which is exactly what you’re doing. In teaching them, you help them become inspired and more prosperous. That’s one of your gifts. It’s like that cornucopia that’s overflowing. You have a natural affinity to build big things and to make them very profitable. You have to be patient with it.

You also have gate 26, which is the ability to do the deal. To figure out what’s necessary for the deal to be successful. Those are very strong business energies. The other thing you have going for you is that you are a 1-3 profile. There are twelve profiles and the 1-3 profile is known as the expert. You’re an expert at what you do. The 1 is the researcher. It’s like you talking about and figuring out what chemical shouldn’t be in the makeup and printing out all those pages. That’s what the 1 does. The 3 is the strategist that shows people how.

You’re already doing your purpose. That’s why I wanted you on the show because you’re already successful. You’re already there. It’s reminding yourself, “I’m already there.” Let your head watch. I call it the bobblehead. Let your head observe your life and be amazed as it unfolds in this magnificent way. In ways you couldn’t even imagine because manifesting generators don’t get to know what their life’s going to look like. All that matters is that it satisfies you. It’s not how much money you make and not how powerful you are, although that’s all in your design to be wealthy and be powerful. It’s going to happen because it’s built into the mechanism.

AYD 23 | Manifesting Generator
Manifesting Generator: There’s something that a lot of businesspeople don’t realize: their image. They have the product, they have the service, but branding is not there.

The main thing for you is to enjoy the journey, so you don’t miss the moments being up in your head going, “It’s not enough. I need it bigger.” It’s like, “I’m doing great.” That’s what you need to remind yourself. You’re doing all the right things. You do the research, teach people how and you are building the brand. As you know, it hits a tipping point where then it goes international, but first, you’re building up the brand awareness.

You’re building up your brand ambassadors to spread the word about what you’re doing. You’re doing all the right things. The only thing I might encourage you to do is start building the team out more and get more help before you need it. For example, if you have a goal or a dollar amount, say in the next twelve months. I would encourage you to ask yourself, “Who do I need on my team to make that happen?”

Get those people now. You’ve got to get them before you get that busy. The best thing for you when your mind is going “more and more,” is to take a step back and look at the whole operation and say to yourself, “If I want to get to that goal, that’s wonderful, but who do I need right now to support me?” How is this landing for you? Does this all make sense?

It does, especially with the 1-3.

You’re the expert.

That’s exactly what I do. I dig up the information, and then I share it away in a very simple way, so people can actually understand it. I love doing that.

It’s like how to put on your makeup in five minutes or less, which I’m able to do now. It’s amazing to me. It used to take me 20, 30 minutes but not anymore. Thanks to you. It’s great. You have such a gift. You inspired me. In your business structure, you’re designed to communicate systems to people, a whole system of makeup applications. That’s why it’s good if people buy your whole system if they get the primer, foundation, and they get the different things because then they’ve got all the tools, they need to achieve that look and that feel.

The other thing you’ve got going for you is you’re naturally an entrepreneur. You’re great with focus and details, and the staying power. When I look at this chart, it’s like, “Wow.” It doesn’t surprise me because from where I sit, I think of you as one of the most successful people I know on a life scale. Success isn’t bigger and better. Success is your children, husband and you are happy. You’re satisfied. That is a crowning achievement. Not everybody is able to do that. Kudos to you.

I was not expecting this.

No, most people don’t. It’s pretty amazing.

I’m amazed. I am pleasantly surprised. I’m much calmer. I will take all those and stop listening to my mind so much.

Don’t trust your mind. It doesn’t know what’s up. Take notes and then watch your emotions and wait for the calmness to kick in before you make a decision.

My biggest thing is education.

You’re here to educate. The more you educate, the more successful you become. I would encourage you to build out a YouTube channel. You were probably already doing it. All the social media, Instagram, all of them, be on there with all your content or your show.

You have to be able to listen and respond always with grace, always with respect.

I created nine modules. I didn’t launch it because I’m in my head. It’s a perfect little mini tutorial on how to do your makeup and whatever and it’s just sitting there. I already sent it out to a few people to test out and they’re like, “You’ve got to launch it. It’s so good.” In my head, “Did I put enough in there? Is it enough? Will people be wowed?” I’m always in my head.

You could make that program a bonus if they buy a certain amount of cosmetics. You spend this dollar amount, you get access to the course, otherwise charged for the course. You don’t have to charge a lot but charge for it. You have an event coming up with our wonderful friend, Claire Chen. Would you like to share with everyone about this event?

Claire is in fashion and I’m in the beauty industry. We’ve been working with so many women, especially in business, we realized that there’s a huge gap. There’s something that a lot of business people don’t realize and that’s their image. What do they look like? How do people see them? I know so many women who go through YouTube, Google things and Instagram.

They can’t figure out their style. They can’t figure out their signature makeup, signature style, where they need to wear. The presentation is not there. The branding is not there. They have the product and service, but they don’t have the walking billboard. We decided to do a masterclass. It’s for two hours. We’re going to do more of those in the future. If somebody read this late, that’s okay.

We teach you how to put on your makeup and create your signature style. How to dress for your body type? How to do a little contouring that’s presentable enough and don’t spend 70 hours doing it? We put it in a two-hour, very intense and hands-on masterclass. It’s going to be on Zoom. This is open internationally because it’s virtual. It’s going to be 12:00 PM Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific, and 5:00 PM UK. The timing we chose was pretty accessible and it’s on a Sunday. We’ll be very happy to have you there. It’s only open to twenty people at a time. If you’d like to get on it, then please feel free to reach out.

I would invite all of you reading this to please join Aneley’s Facebook group because you’ll get all the updates on upcoming events and you’ll know when the next event is happening. Do you have any final words of wisdom for our audience?

You have to be able to listen and always respond with grace and respect. We’re losing it now with a lot of these cancel cultures and it’s very sad. I want to say to prioritize family. I’ve always prioritized my family and that’s the key to my success. For any beginning business person, who’s curious about how to even do this, think of it as help. You’re helping someone. The more you want to help, the more you’re going to succeed. Thank you so much for having me. I’m speechless. I’m so thankful.

You’re welcome. It’s been great having you on. This is a delight. This has been another episode. Be sure to subscribe. Leave a review if you liked it. Please share it with your friends. Spread the good news. Help Aneley’s message get out to more people. If you’re looking for some fabulous, good stuff to put on your skin, check out her cosmetic line. I’ll see you all soon.

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